► Community Forge.. Mess (Halo 4)

► Community Forge.. Mess (Halo 4)

do you will for community forge playlist
is a pretty good addition to he’ll four
it brings forth some uh… some pretty
great community forge maps
which this came as needed
and it’s also brought forward
uh… some rumble fifteen times
here before has also needed
the problem is held for
has needed it
since the start of the game
something that personally i and i know
many other people
expects when
in new hailed income there
is a pretty solid
old san ramon quickly list those
playlists are necessary to just have fun
in the game
which the multiplayer should be about
first is having fun
an intel
people who don’t have parties
can actually given the game and still
have fun when
even though a lot of other people have
teams the join up with all the time and
and we feel for you can just jump in the
team playing
on a roll
nast any fun whatsoever and iran
designed his own really much of a
free for all playlist
compared to the other
playlists their commitment like and
removed midora lone wolves in previous
table games
it’s still just doesn’t feel right it
was enough to bring them back for alike
i think it was five games
but then i was still gone after those
five games and it’s really disappointing
to see that becoming a trend with
anything then ill for pops out at this
point it’s enough to bring me back for
just a few games
to tease me making me think that
when i had a fantastic time with this
playlist i’m gonna love this game him
the majestic nampak come that came out
and the community ford flavor sticking
around a couple of them playlists
my first game in the playlist was like
the best game error which is actually
what you’re watching right now
i go absolutely beast mode i enjoy
myself it feels like a lot of fun
but by the fourth or fifth game it’s
already dole that’s already back there’s
already the same annoyances
started the same issues that me i was
present everywhere else in a row four
and it’s no longer fun anymore messages
coming on a popular free back in
which of course i can do understand on a
sun and the mood to play halo right now
that’s just
as one of the seaway bill for was like
germiston new play list was like
it’s unfair
and don’t like species into thinking
that i’m going to be really well on them
or into a little love in the mountains
of um…
responds in
mostly what i played was rumble perot
and infinity rumble
and the sponsor in infinity rumble
and rumble produce and the rumble
and salute evelyn on things in this game
in the game right after this
i literally spying facing people at the
start of this video you want to come
back from a host migration and be dead i
was building up a really good streak i
had a power weapon
and ice for mike dead because while my
xbox was unveiling generating lining
somebody else who managed to kill me
burning my power eleven which really
screws you over
in a free for all of them emitting in
the bill was there any more than a free
i was just fucked
and that
men really threw me off for the
delegate to me too much
the organs drums on top of our weapons
already on the map link
uh… rome all the rumble players has a
lot of on weapon how our weapons
montague have rockets you have soared
you have sniper almost maps
friendly to the point that you have to
meet our weapons
it becomes a little too chaotic but on
top of that
you have or not structure personal
ordnance is
which really make it
just kind of a chaotic mess and if
you’re somebody like sandy ravage from
the old
column thirty days
you can make sense of the chaos and have
fun with it for a little bit
but after that it still gets really
really frustrating
community forcefully was worth infinity
rumble normal broke
brought him back for a little bit
when they have fun firm just a little
amount of time
but now long enough to keep him there
for good
i’ll be in for this video guidance was
of course my first match on the
community for chess playlists not
testing or community for spoilers and
infinity rumble when twenty five any
your watching they should have a nice
day and i will show you guys letter
probably not in a room for them

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  1. Wait, you play with one Kontrol Freek, that doesn't feel weird? I feel cheap using KF so I dont use them, I have them off my controller

  2. I miss playing halo… I use to be darn good at forge. My xbox account got hacked (Idk who did it, its not like I like to make people rage :/ )

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