✅ TOP 5: Best Gaming Desk 2020

✅ TOP 5: Best Gaming Desk 2020

Looking for the best gaming desk?
In this video we’ll break down the top gaming
desks available whilst comparing them for
price versus performance.
Before we get started with our video detailing
the best gaming desks on the market, we have
included links in the description for each
product mentioned, so make sure you check
those out to see which one is in your budget
Starting off at number 1 we have the EUREKA
Z1-S Gaming Computer Desk.
The Eureka Z1-S gaming computer desk is a
new edition to our list.
It’s lightweight, stylish, roomy, and has
some great features too.
And as a bonus, it comes in at a reasonable
With a surface area of 44.5” long and 24.2”
wide, it has plenty of room for all your gaming
accessories and will happily fit two gaming
To add to the cool factor and durability,
the top of this desk is made from a laminated
Carbon Fiber texture.
The top of this desk also features an extra
large keyboard / mouse pad, cup holder, headphone
stand and controller stand, meeting all your
gamer needs.
The Z1-S has a Z-Shape design and four levelling
feet, meaning it’s sturdy and less likely
to wobble when things get a little intense
during a gaming session.
To top things off, the Z1-S features Blue
LED Lighting, making this desk look awesome,
even in the dark.
This gaming desk is a great overall option,
it has the cool factor and meets all your
gaming needs, whilst not being too pricey.
At number 2 we have the DXRacer Newedge Gaming
Computer Desk.
DXRacer established themselves as a premium
gaming brand by making top-notch furniture,
specifically with their ultra-comfortable
gaming chairs.
The mixed materials that go into the construction
of the DXRacer DGD/1000/NE Edition desks ensure
there’s no compromise on the build quality.
The assembly of this desk is a little on the
tricky side for some people who may not be
natural DIY enthusiasts.
That said, the instructions are clear and
easy to follow.
The materials used to make this desk consist
of wood, metal, and carbon fiber.
They’ve all been fastened together using only
the strongest and most durable hardware nuts
and bolts.
This is an insanely strong and stable desk
surface that can carry all of your gaming
hardware, keeping it safe while looking great
at the same time.
The quality of this unit is instantly apparent.
There’s no doubt that whoever owns this desk
means business.
Serious business.
Because of this desk’s unconventional style
and shape, many people find it hard to believe
that it can withstand the heavy weight of
a standard gamer’s hardware catalog.
However, the DXRacer DGD/1000/NE Edition desk
is a premium range of gaming desks won’t let
you down.
Many people might not like a desk that is
so blatantly ready for you to sit down at
and start playing your favorite game, but
that’s okay.
We don’t like those people anyway.
Overall, this premium gaming desk has fantastic
features and great cable management facilities
as well.
At number 3 we have the GreenForest L-Shaped
Gaming Desk.
This is a fantastic looking, modernly styled
desk that is sure to please anybody that wants
to have a sophisticated, modern looking desk,
or a few as office desks.
The darker color looks really good for anyone
that wants to have a decent gaming setup that
doesn’t look like it belongs only in an
accountant’s office, or any other drab and
boring kind of setup like that.
There are many great features to appreciate,
such as the shelving units to the right hand
side of the shelf, which is more than enough
for any gamer that has a few different consoles
lying around to stack them together and create
an awesome console storage area.
The open ended sides of the shelves provides
access from 3 different angles, including
an open area that leads to the back of the
desk, so that some cable management can start
to be formulated for all of your various gaming
As with so many gaming furniture examples
for PC and console enthusiasts in our review,
the GreenForest L-Shape Corner Computer Desk
is just as at home in the office as it is
in the home.
This is a great feature on these products.
Where and how you use the desk is entirely
at your own discretion, but it is great to
know that you Versatility appears to be one
of this unit’s strong points, although, users
with a need for storage may need to purchase
additional shelving to have this addressed,
which is not necessarily going to be the case
for everyone.
Trying to find the best when it comes to finding
a desk is always tricky, but this L-Shaped
desk is bound to deliver the goods for anyone
that is looking to get themselves a high quality
desk with some decent features, without breaking
the bank or going outside of their budget
by too much.
Gamers will be pleased to know that the sturdiness
of this desk will mean that the load of your
PC and consoles plus displays will be more
than catered for with this well-constructed
gaming desk, and the premium materials that
went into the construction are sure to give
you many years of trouble free playing as
you get in all of your gaming action while
seated at this fantastic desk.
Other Positives include the small adjustment
legs under the desk that are screw operated,
the spacious, triple shelving units where
your games, consoles and collectables can
be displayed, and the solid L-shaped surface
that is built and designed for you to work
or play while sitting at it.
All in all, we have a great desk for gaming
with good styling and mass appeal for the
average PC or console user.
There are more gaming specific desks out there
on the market, but this is a really good choice
for gamers that are looking for a touch more
of the traditional styling that this desk
has to offer.
At number 4 we have the Arozzi Arena Height
Adjustable Gaming Desk.
This is a desk that pulls no punches about
what it designed for, and it’s right there
in its name: Gaming.
The desk ships disassembled, but the installation
instructions are quite easy to follow, so
after a bit of assembly, you will have the
gaming desk of your dreams.
There is a color manual with detailed diagrams
for you to follow perfectly with step by step
guides on what to do with your new found set
of desk pieces.
There is a lot to like about this spacious
desk, chief feature of which is the greatly
spacious layout of the gaming surface.
The overall dimensions of this unit are 36.25-inches
x 25-inches x 10.35-inches, and the solid
frame and desktop comes in at around 100-pounds
when packed in its box.
There is a slight height adjustability feature
here as well, so you don’t have to be stuck
with a desk height that doesn’t suit you.
This is a great feature on these products.
Once it has been setup and assembled, this
gaming desk unit weighs around 85.5-pounds,
meaning that it has enough mass to allow you
to put all of your favorite console or PC
equipment on top of the desk.
A solid desk all round with excellent build
quality and high quality looks.
Desks like this are the best for many different
Having this desk available in different colors
is also a bonus as well, meaning that gamers
can find the right desk to suit their color
scheme to look good in the house.
Finding a desk like this can be tricky, especially
when you start to zoom in on the details.
There are many great features in these console
and PC desks, so finding out what could work
optimally for you is essential.
The cloth for gaming peripherals offers good
tracking for gaming mice, and the cloth also
acts as a grip for your keyboard, but the
cloth is completely removable so it can be
washed and changed when and if you feel the
need to go on and do that.
As a gaming desk, there aren’t many other
features to best talk about other than the
stabilizing bar and the removable gaming cloth.
That is until you notice that there is a cable
management net that is made from a synthetic
netting under the desk, along with two routed
cable holes for every single cable and wire
that you need to connect up to your peripherals
for decent cable tidying and neatness.
This creates a less cluttered gaming area
so you can kick back and relax whenever you
feel the need to game, which is always the
best outcome when trying to relax.
At number 5 we have the Atlantic 33950212
Gaming Desk Pro.
As the best gaming desk on a budget, the Atlantic
33950212 Gaming Desk Pro offers a decent desktop
to play all of your favorite titles on.
Gamers will be satisfied with the storage
capabilities of this piece, and there is also
a power strip holder for electrical plugs.
Flanked on the left and right hand sides of
the desk are DVD holders that can fit in 5
cases each, making for a decent packing space
of around 10 DVDs or Blu-ray for avid collectors
to enjoy.
Desks like this are great for anything that
needs a surface to work at.
There is a decent drink holder on the side
of the desk as well, which is good for those
who have a tendency to spill things on occasion,
so this should keep things nice and dry, and
out of the way on the side of the desk.
Directly on the opposite end of the desk and
in the same spot is a headphone or game set
holder for you to hang your audio kit from.
This is the best for big pairs of headphones
that need to be put away after use.
Other great finishing touches to the desk
also include a mobile device holder where
you can place 2 phones or a tablet while they
charge or while you game.
The bottom of the phone holder has a slight
lip, meaning that your digital devices won’t
be able to slip down and fall onto the desk,
which is a good idea.
Better still is the inclusion of 2 cut out
sections of that lip that allow the charging
cable to pass through with no problems, meaning
that you can charge your phone in an upright
position and perfectly balanced.
There is also a raised TV platform section
that your viewing device can rest on nicely,
with a maximum weight support of around 44
pounds for that platform.
That means that if your TV is at or under
that weight, you will still have a good chance
that your TV will be able to fit up there
on that stand in any case.
Next to the platform are 2 console controller
holders that will allow your PlayStation or
Xbox console controls to rest where they can
plug in and charge while staying out of the
way of everything else.
The light weight construction of this desk
is a bonus for anyone that doesn’t like
to have a bulky desk in their home.
Light weight gaming desks are at best, a great
idea if you find yourself rearranging the
house quite often.
No back ache or strained muscles as the effort
of lifting gaming desks with lower weights
is much better for you.
That is where this desk really shows its strengths.
So that sums up our top gaming desks of 2019.
We hope you enjoyed.
If you did please leave a like on the video
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Until next time have a great day.

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