✅ TOP 5: Best Gaming Earbuds 2020

Are you looking for the best gaming earbuds?
In this video, we will breakdown the top gaming
earbuds on the market.
Before we get started with our video detailing
the best gaming earbuds on the market, we
have included links in the description for
each product mentioned, so make sure you check
those out to see which one is in your budget
Starting off at number 1 we have the HyperX
Cloud Earbuds.
HyperX are a house hold name when it comes
to gaming headsets and audio devices.
What we have today however, is their latest
offering in the earbud category.
The Cloud’s ,as we like to call them, come
to the table with a bunch of features and
benefits which allow for effortless sessions
of gaming.
They have a 90degree angled plug and tangle
free cable which allows for obstructive free
gameplay which is always welcomed.
The design is strictly red with black accents
around the controls and earbuds.
The patented silicone ear inserts come in
3 different sizes helping to cater these buds
to all consumers.
We found them particularly comfortable but
we prone to slipping out occasionally.
The built in mic worked very efficiently and
provided excellent audio playback with mid/low
outside noise pickup.
The actual sound output is pretty decent offering
good high’s and bass respectively, whereas
spacial awareness which was pretty decent,
was ultimately nothing to write home about
Overall, if you’re looking for a budget set
of earbuds with decent audio output and a
solid built in mic, the HyperX cloud’s could
be the pick for you.
At number 2 we have the Razer Hammerhead Pro
We initially anticipated the Razer Hammerhead
Pro V2 to be our top pick in this best of
guide, however, build and quality control
issues have ultimately cost these earbuds
that crown.
No, it’s not because these don’t have RGB
We’ll cover the negatives in more detail
For now, let’s talk about the things we
actually like about these buds.
The design is classic of Razer and makes use
of their signature neon green for the tangle
free, ultra durable cables.
The earbuds are formed of high quality aluminium
for extreme robustness and a lightweight feel
in the ear.
Bigger drivers have been implemented into
the V2’s for increased bass performance and
superior acoustic clarity making them excellent
for in game feedback.
Overall spacial awareness was very accurate
and made pin pointing where enemies were.
The Hammerhead Pro V2 aren’t just for gamer’s
either, they’ve been designed with smartphones
in mind as well and come with a number of
different adapters variations.
On the flipside, whilst the build quality
felt decent, longevity was an area which left
more to be desired.
Everything felt a little tacky after a while
and I couldn’t imagine these lasting years
down the line.
Fairly typical with Razer products, just take
their mice range as a prime example.
If you’re a fan of Razer then you’ll probably
really enjoy these.
The sound was great and the mic worked perfectly.
However, if you’re looking for a product which
is future proof i’d advice looking elsewhere.
At number 3 we have the Cooler Master Masterpulse
MH710 Gaming Earbuds.
Cooler Master are better known for their range
of excellent cases and fans, however, they’ve
developed some cool keyboards, mice and now
earbuds for the consumer to get their teeth
They have a cool design which offers a sleek
metallic finish with 3 different sized ear
inserts to accommodate all types of users.
The braided cable feels robust and light and
has the ability to adapt to different device
platforms which include PC, Xbox one, Playstation
4, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.
The audio output is very pleasing and works
excellently in game to give pin point spacial
awareness in games such as fortnight, CS:GO
and PUB:G.
A fantastic feature Cooler Master have implemented
is the new FocusFX 2.0 switch which when pressed
alters the audio output between stronger bass
to a more balanced, cleaner sound.
The microphone is works well and provides
solid voice output, it does pick up some background
noise but nothing too crazy.
They come to shelves in the mid/high price
range so be ready to splash over $50 for these
ear buds.
This being said, we feel they justify that
pricetag and offer decent value for money.
At number 4 we have the Shure SE215-CL Earphones.
The Shure SE215-CL earbuds signify the start
of the premium offerings in this best of guide.
They are the first of the IEM’s (Inner ear
monitors) which provide superior audio playback
and comfort over the gamer specific choices.
The professional series comes in clear shell
which shows off the intricate inner technology
The cable is also clear creating a really
unusual design which we loved here at WEPC.
The single dynamic driver helps product great
sound output which is brilliant for both in
game audio and music playback.
They provide excellent sound isolation to
help users become immersed in their gameplay.
Crucial for tournament level gamers.
Unfortunately the mic these headphones have
been equipped with can only be used alongside
phones meaning you would have to purchase
a standalone microphone for gaming purposes.
What you lose in microphone accommodation
is made up for with superior audio playback
and comfort.
With great sound and comfort naturally comes
a higher price tag and these currently sit
at $100.
However, for IEM’s this is considered good
And for our final pick at number 5 we have
the Sennheiser IE800S in-Ear Headphones.
Finally we come to what can only be described
as our luxury pick, the Sennheiser IE800S
in-ear headphones.
Sennheiser have classed these earbuds as the
ultimate experience in true audio immersion,
at almost $1000 we would expect nothing less.
You get the sense no stone has been left un-turned
in Sennheisers quest to provide the consumer
with the absolute best product possible.
Dynamic linear-phase drivers with extremely
wide bandwidth have been used in these premium
ear buds.
The 7mm diameter boasts the smallest extra
wide-band sound transducer available and promises
distortion-free sound across a huge range
of sound pressure levels.
Audio output is unmatched across the board
and provides a sublime frequency response
of 8Hz-41Khz.
These IEM’s provide the ultimate audio listening
experience and smash everything else out of
the park in this list.
However this comes at a price unfortunately.
The design is made up of sleek, quality products
which only add to the luxurious feel of these
Two protective meshes can be found within
the earbud to protect them from any dirt or
dust infiltration.
Everything is packaged in a premium leather
carrying case for your convenience.
Ultimately, the IE800s earbuds are a luxury
However, if you have the budget and are in
the market for the best possible audio experience,
look no further.
So that sums up our top gaming earbuds of
We hope you enjoyed.
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