✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working Guard Dog

✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working Guard Dog

Hi everyone!
Today I got a great idea!
It’s a really cool way to secure your house! 😀
First, we build a little dog house..
We also need a house so we have something to secure..
It’s important we place the door correctly. :]
You should also make sure you have walls, so people can’t walk in with a closed door..
It’s also a good idea to have a roof, so people can’t jump in from above.
You can call me captain obvious from now on.
Sorry, I had made a calculation mistake somewhere, but I’m back with the slab. :]
We’re pretty much done though!
Remember to make it look natural..
Time to test the system!
You obviously need a dog..
What’s important here, is that you’re the only player that can control this dog. :]
When you are out and about, make the dog sit in its house.
If the dog in inside its house, there’s no way to push in out.
Other players can’t get in without destroying blocks.
But of course, your dog has no problem letting you in.. 😀
It’s surprisingly usable!
You can match the color of the collar and the carpet..
Maybe blue is more your color…
Lookin’ snazzy!
Thank you for watching, I hope you like the idea!

100 thoughts on “✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working Guard Dog”

  1. That is not just a guard dog its just like there is a presure plate and an red stone so thedor can open .-.

  2. Um did you think this through bc what if it's night and mobs come how do you get in with closing the door when your inside

  3. Am I the only one who gets mad when MagmaMusen doesn't pick up the blocks that were dropped.
    It's probably my OCD

  4. I feel ya buddy I make mistakes in survival too like FORGETTING A HOW BIG YOUR HOUSE IS TO BUILD but I’m a huge fan :3

  5. LOL RIGHT AFTER I SAID “no kidding captain obvious.” He’s like “call me captain obvious for now on!” LOL 😂

  6. I'm playing on a server where you can't destroy buildings by other players and you can only open the wood-doors. This is a very good hack for a secret room, tysm

  7. Yay Cant Wait To Make My Poodle A Guard Dog I'll Keep My Beagals And Dalmations In I Have To Say The Poodle Will Be Oldest

  8. I love your channel soooo much! It helps me very good with my house in Minecraft, it’s fun tho because it also works! Keep going and keep enjoying your work. ❤️

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