✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working Vending Machine

✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working Vending Machine

How to make a vending machine
(calming music)
Today I’ll make a working vending machine selling delicious cookies.
As always, I’ve made a super simple design.
Throwing in an item will give the buyer an item of your choice.
With this design, I don’t think there’s a way to decide what the customer has to throw in.
If I find a simple way to do that i’ll let you know, if your subscribed.
As you can see, throwing an item in the hopper now activates the dispenser.
Whatever you want to sell should be in the dispenser.
Now, lets make it look like a vending machine.
(Undertale “ruins” theme)
You can of course choose the materials you want! :]
An item frame or sign on top should make it clear what this has to offer!
(more calming music)
Let’s test it!
Mmm.. Delicious! :]
I hope you enjoyed this as well!
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100 thoughts on “✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working Vending Machine”

  1. [Magyarul]

    hallod U2Row ezt kopizta le és még csak jele nem volt a leírásban az eredeti videónak! Úgy állítottak be mintha ők találták volna ki! Hát mekkora faszok voltak már nem?

    [in English]

    You hear that U2Row copied it and there was no sign of the original video! They were set as if they had found out! How big were the cocks?

  2. I sold Cookies, Cakes, Enchanted Apple, Pie and Baked Potatoes in that machine, it really worked

  3. Another way is to place a chest down hook it up to a Hopper and put an observer block in front then a dispenser filled with snacks then when ever you throw an item in the Hopper it will go to the chest the observer block will observe change and give a Redstone output to the dispenser therefore dispensing the snacks!

  4. MagmaMusen its been about 3 years but can you show how to make a vending machine that can trade something like: 32irons for 1 diamond? Because i am not good at redstone these days i forgot them all XD

  5. "Keks" is the german word for "cookie" so my english name is "gamigcookie284LP" and this machine sells me and my family

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