hey guys welcome back so after my last
video on Kodi 18 lots of you are asking
for the exact steps you need to follow
to configure Kody 18 for retro-gaming so
in this video today I’ll give you a step
by step guide on firstly how you can
install Kodi 18 as a fresh install then
all of the steps you need to follow to
actually configure it for retro-gaming
including I can get all of the emulators
with just one click and I can download
any of the rom from the internet
directly into your kodi so you don’t
need to install lots of custom repos or
download roms manually the method I’m
going to show you is very very easy to
do on top of that I’ll actually show you
how you can tweet the emulators and do
things like improve the graphics how you
can configure your booty’s controllers
you can should play these games with
like a joystick and I can get the best
possible performance so I’m doing my
demonstration on the latest forecast ik
from Amazon but you can follow these
steps on any Android device so as per
normal the first thing we need to do is
go to your settings go into your Wi-Fi
TV going to developer options and just
make sure both these are set to on once
you’ve done that press the HOME key and
let’s now open up download o so just to
confirm I don’t have cody or anything
like that installed on my device this
literally is going to be a start from
scratch or a clean installation so you
have nothing on your device and will end
up with an amazing retro gaming
experience through Kodi 18 so the first
thing we’re gonna do in here is is
navigate to my website and your dress
for that is HTTP colon four slash four
slash bit door ly ford slash and guys
just once again because a couple of you
have said I’m talking to you faster I’m
going too far so I’m going to try my
best to speak a little bit slower and
also to minimize the cutting so you’ll
be able to see in real time exactly how
long each process will take so once
again the address for my website is HTTP
colon forward slash forward slash bit
door ly /td UK 2019
let’s type that in
and then click on go or press the play
button on your remote now when you get
to the website and once again this
website is a work in progress I’m trying
my best to develop here to add some
stuff and just give you guys the best
possible one-stop shop where you can get
all of the good stuff so let’s go down
into the hamburger menu which is one of
the three lines let’s click on that and
scroll down to downloads so we’re gonna
be downloading two things from website
we’re gonna download the latest version
of Kodi 18 and we’re also going to
download a special repo which is what
we’re going to use to launch our games
so I scroll down again so let’s get
let’s get the smaller file first which
is this thing here at the Internet
Archive Games launcher let’s click on
that and click on the green download
button and let me just take a moment to
give a big shout out to Zack Morris
this is his repo and it’s his amazing
add-on so if you want to say a big
shout-out to him let’s click on done so
down into the repo let’s press back once
and we now want to get the latest
version of Kodi 18 now because I’m
Lina’s on a fire stake I’m going to be
downloading the 32-bit version which is
a top one here if you have a 64-bit
device you can use this one your Venus
or Windows you got some other options
here as well so so for now let’s click
on the first one
and let’s press the green download
button so we’ve already downloaded the
repo we’re now going to download a fresh
installation of Kodi okay let’s give
that a second and there we go case we
can now click on install do leave me a
comment below if you’ve already upgraded
to Kodi 18 or if you’re gonna hold down
still encoding 17.6 for a bit longer
tries click on done let’s now delete the
apk tree so we can get that space back
here that’s now all done so we’ve got
cody installed and we’ve downloaded a
repo let’s now put that into action
let’s press the HOME key let’s hold down
the home key to bring up the apps
library let’s click on apps let’s go to
the bottom up pressing left here is new
Kodi installation let’s press the
contacts key on that and select move to
front there is any application there
let’s open that up
okay we need to give it permission so
let’s click on continue and then click
on allow okay so this is now Kody 18
starting for the very first time okay so
the way emulators work is just in case
you guys don’t know so you have an
emulator which actually emulates the
console or the arcade or where we’re
trying to play then you have the actual
ROM files which I like the game
cartridges the disk or you know if the
arcade cabinet PCB of the circuit board
so the first thing I’m gonna show you in
Cody guys is just to show you how stuff
is now built in is we just go into the
settings menu which is the COG wheel
let’s go into add-ons we can now click
on install from repository we can scroll
down to game add-ons and we now have a
section called emulators so right at the
boxcars without us installing anything
you know separately with us doing any
kind of like changes I can go into this
menu here and now I have a massive
library of emulators I can install so
everything from you know we got MAME on
here we got Atari we got a game boy we
go Sega Saturn and so and so forth so
lots of emulators now there’s two ways
of actually doing this guys either we
can say you know I’m interested in
playing for example MAME so I can click
on that and click on install and I’ll
install the emulator or the other way
which I actually prefer is is we install
the internet library games launcher then
through that are done we can actually
download any room that we want and any
emulators that we need it’ll
automatically pull it from here so
because I prefer to use that method let
me show you that method instead so let’s
back out of this back again so just to
confirm we have actually installed any
emulators yet let’s go up here again go
back one more time now we’re going to
install from zip file okay so by default
Kodi out the box won’t allow you to
install any third-party add-ons unless
you enable this unknown sources just
like a fire sticks and adamas in devices
so let’s go to settings and let’s now
click here for unknown sources and then
click on yes okay so we now have the
ability to install from unknown sources
let’s back up again let’s
on install from zip file let’s go to
external storage which in the case of
the fire stick is actually the on-board
storage so let’s click on that now
because we downloaded that repo in to
download anything you downloaded through
download gets stored in the Downloads
folder so if you go down to that now if
we go down to download uh let’s click on
that and you can see the repos actually
called the repository dot Zack Morris
let’s click on that
ok so we’ve now installed a Zack Morris
repository we now want to install from
it so if we click on install from
repository we now choose the brand-new
Zack Morris repository yeah this guy
just tell me what show did this guy star
in because it really was funny ok let’s
click on that again let’s go to game
add-ons go to game providers and we want
to install the internet archive games
launcher so using a single add-on we can
actually download or pull roms from the
internet archive directly into our Kodi
on top of that we can actually tweak it
so either you can store the games
locally or you can just stream the game
so which basically means that I download
the game I play when I exit out of Kodi
that game is gone so you know if you are
concerned about storage or if you don’t
necessarily want to store your games
that will give you the best experience
so let’s click on that now let’s click
on install ok so this is just telling us
these additional things will be
installed let’s click on OK and that’s
now installing ok so we can see the
add-ons that are needed for this are now
being installed ok so the Internet
Archive games launcher because it has a
tick there is now installed now how do
we configure this let’s click on that
now let’s go over to configure funny
enough ok so some of the key things we
want to look at in here if we go down to
so you do have some things in it that
you might want to change like how many
things you want to display on the same
page how many items you wanted to
remember for the history so this is the
key once if the game already exists you
should select this is the default in any
way but don’t download it again let’s
scroll more down see here we can see we
have the cache size so by default out
the box
the cache size is zero which means
nothing is stored for you you want to
play a game this will download the game
for you
you can play that game once you exhale
the Cody or Excel to emulator that game
is gone so again you know if you are
concerned about storage then this may be
the best way to do it however if you
don’t care about that you can click on
this let’s say we’ll have a cache of 50
Meg’s so I mean most of the smaller
games will gain from you at 8-bit days
with arcade days they’re only like you
know a few Meg max in size anyway so if
we set the cache to 50 Meg I should be
able to download you know a couple of
games so the next time I want to play
them they should start very very quickly
so let’s leave that to 50 make for me
but again depending on your situation
you may just want to leave that 0 so
nothing is stored for you let’s scroll
down here that’s done let’s get to the
left now this does have the ability to
link it to an external emulator like for
example retroarch but because I’m
looking for the simplest and easy way to
play retro games we can leave this as
default now if you scroll to the right
and they should really say Android so a
couple of times when I was testing this
it did actually come up with Android
already but if yours doesn’t say Android
for whatever reason make sure you set
the Android and now if you are doing
this on the windows box then leave that
as Windows but for us on a fire stick
let’s change that to Android and we can
see we have options here for retroarch
but we can leave that and the rest of
stuff we can just ignore so let’s click
on OK
ok that’s now all done so we can now
actually before we launch this guys
because I think 99% in fact I think all
of the games on this you will have to
have some kind of controller so the next
thing I want to do is we want to pair up
a controller onto our fire stake then we
can use that controller inside the
internet archive games launcher so let’s
do that now so in this demonstration I’m
just going to pair up and Xbox one
Bluetooth controller but in reality you
can’t use any Bluetooth controller on
your device so for us to pair this we
just go to your settings
controllers and Bluetooth devices let’s
click on that lets go down to game
controllers and click on add new game
controller actually before we do that
let’s start our Xbox controller let’s
power that on and let’s press the
Bluetooth key or the pairing key let’s
hold that down Wiki CI starts flashing
fast let’s now click on add green
let’s see if that pairs up first time v
there you go
we can see there is the Xbox wireless
let’s click on that okay that’s now been
paired so for example if I press the B
button press B again brick you see
that’s now simulating me pressing back
and we can see I’m now able to control
my fire stick using the Xbox game
controller let’s go back to Cody now
Cody should actually detect now that
we’ve actually plugged in a game
controller I’m hoping we’ll get a prompt
now saying do you want to configure it
and we can see it’s not on that and
going to settings going to system and
going to inputs and let’s click on
configure attached controllers ok so we
can see this is the controller I’m using
but you can use different controllers we
just need to map the buttons now to map
the buttons we go over to a now as soon
as you click that that’s gonna start the
mapping procedure where you’ll go
through the buttons and I’ll ask you to
press the corresponding buttons on your
joypad so let’s do that now let’s click
on this I can says press a so I want to
press a press B press X press Y press
Start press back
ok so press guide which I use for go
ahead let’s use this one and let’s let’s
ignore guide let’s go down one ok so up
so in press up right down left this is
press the left stick press the right
stick press the left shoulder right
shoulder press the left trigger right
trigger nearly the okay so press the
left stick move the left stick right
down left up move the right stick right
down left ok that’s now configured and
we can confirm that’s now configured
because I’m able to navigate round using
the controller let’s click on OK
ok so we’ve now configured a controller
to use inside Kodi
let’s now get on to the actual gaming ok
let’s now open Kodi and here we can see
the new ad on there let’s open that up
ok so we can accept the Terms of Use
let’s click on agree
so now when this starts for the very
first time it will actually download a
list just to make things a bit quicker
so we can give that a few seconds just
for that to update and once that’s done
we should be good to go
so just while it’s updating we can see
this add-on from the top level does have
a very simple menu but as previously
mentioned I will show you how you can
actually update some of the emulator
settings to get the best possible
performance especially on some of the
old arcade games you’ll see the graphics
can be very pixelated especially if
you’re doing this on a widescreen and
I’ll show you how you can actually
smooth out some of those graphics and
also do things like alter the would
change the screen size as well depending
on what game or platform you’re using ok
so that uh play has now finished
so let’s first go to category ok so here
we can see guys so we can choose whether
we looking for 8-bit games 16-bit a
right up to 64 bit or you can actually
break the categories down into what year
it was so games from the seventies and
you can see in the background some of
the consoles that supports your eighties
nineties and then the 2000s then also
you’ve got things like best of so for
example click on best off now we got
some great sections here like in a
best-of amigo best of arcade now as
previously mentioned guys because this
is an all-in-one add-on to actually play
games from there it’s very very easy you
don’t need to install any other repo or
fine roms yourself you can actually pull
all of this down directly from this
add-on so for example if we’re saying
we’re looking for the best of arcade
let’s click on that now within that you
have the option to see a one big list
you can do it by year by number of
players or by Studios so let’s go with
one big list ok so you got the classics
here like Donkey Kong Space Invaders you
got Star Wars or Gallagher let’s just
try good old Street Fighter so let’s
click on that now now when you do click
on any game you get to see a really nice
contract summary about what the game is
you could see some of the stats about
the games like you know what studio made
there what year it was released what
genre is here you could see some of the
artwork and you can even see the
original joysticks from the arcade
cabinet so lots of great information
which is all automatically pulled from
the internet and here we have options to
launch the game to see a trailer or just
download there so for now I’m going to
go to launch let’s click on that ok so
it’s now actually in the process of Dan
sf2 which is obvious treat fire too now
we have a couple of different emulators
that we can actually play with this and
as previously mentioned guys I’ve not
she downloaded any of these emulators in
advance so I’m going to be doing that
right now so for this one one go for an
FBI offer so let’s click on that so we
can see it’s now installing that
emulator for me let’s give that a second
okay so it says press select plus X to
get the in-game menu for now and just
press a let’s click on resume and there
we have it guys we’ve now downloaded
this rom directly from the internet into
our cody and that’s working fine let’s
add a coin which is select okay we just
have the credits go in let’s add some
okay let’s press Start Keller says
choose a character so once this starts
I’ll actually pauses let me show you
some of the emulator settings just for
this particular emulator but we can see
guys that’s working amazingly and there
we have it guys we are now playing the
original Street Fighter 2 on Cody 18 I’m
just about to destroy a blank our or
kind of and there we have it guys we’ve
now destroyed blank our let me show you
options menu so let’s go back to our
fire stick let’s press the select button
and let’s go down to settings okay so
the first you want to look at is the
video filter so let’s click on that now
ok so we can see by default is set to
nearest neighbor which is a bit
pixelated as we can see with the pixels
here if I go across to bilinear so
depending on how you prefer the graphics
some of you may prefer the originals of
Arcade pixelated look but but when
you’re viewing this on a bigger monitor
you can see it does look quite pixelated
so I personally will change that to
bilinear so it looks a lot more smoother
so we just look at the difference again
so it’s pixelated we can see how if you
look at the K&O and if i go across to
smooth so just kind of smoothes out a
bit so let’s select that so that’s the
first thing I will change now the other
option you have is depending on what
monitor you using if you go down to
stretch mode so this is normal for me
but can also go to this because we know
the arcade cabinets they used to use a 4
by 3 or you know square TVs or square
monitors so so this session a lot more
closer to the original this is a bit
stretch so if you do prefer the original
4 by 3 look you can go to that and
select that so I think that also looks a
bit better so rotation is to change the
rotation of the picture so if you want
to do it you know vertical or
upside-down you can change that in here
volume is up see the volume that
controls we’ve already configured but if
we do want to change them you can go
into that the adoption to remap the
buttons again but we’re happy with the
controls anyways let’s back off that now
the Advanced Settings will allow you to
do things like change your CPU overclock
you can enable the high scores if you
want to use a different control scheme
you can do that like from the default
gamepad you can change it to arcade but
by Percy don’t change anything in
advance I think so let’s back out after
it’s back again so we can now play this
now in four by three resolution with the
bilinear graphics smoothed out so let’s
click on that let’s see how I perform
take that ah it’s amazing how accurate
the ROM is because even the slight lag
you see like when you slid the fireball
used to see that also in your Kate so it
literally is a one to one emulation
people dragon punch and there we have it
ok let’s back out of that – let’s try
some snares let’s click on that let’s
give one big list let’s try a good old
control let’s click on that
let’s go across to launch so once again
I’m not done at the emulator in advance
I’ve just picked a game from a list I’m
gonna click on launch we can see that’s
not downloading the game for me and now
tells me that this is an emulator that’s
supported for the SFC Falls so this is
the file format that the rooms are
coming in for the Super Nintendo and
this is the emulator that supports it so
let’s click on that now that’s what’s
downloading the emulator for us so we
can see guys it’s been made very very
easy for us to use now within a few
seconds we should see the Nintendo
screen so what the Konami screen okay
let’s click on start the other thing
I’ll show you guys I can actually create
favorites so you don’t have to go
through a big list every time if there
are a couple of games or certain types
of games that you always play because
your game is also working absolutely
fine well until I died ok let’s back out
of this so if you don’t add in some
games into your favorites so this way
you won’t have to go through you know
multiple different menus to get to your
games let me show you can do that so
let’s say for example I want to add in
double dragon to my favorites I just
hold down the select button on that we
get the option to add to favorites so
not the internet archive games launcher
buy into the Kodi favorites so let’s add
that in there now
ok that’s now done and let’s also add in
Metal Slug so
geillis hold on the select button on
that and select add to favorites so what
this means now is if you are actually in
the home screen of Cody let’s back out
of this so you know in any add-ons you
now go to the standard Cody favorites
menu let’s go to that now and here we
can see guys we now can directly access
all of our favorite games directly from
the Cody menu itself so we don’t need to
go into the add dorm we don’t need to go
into categories and type of games and
everything else the games that regularly
play we can add them into our favorites
and access them directly on the home
screen so let’s choose one of these now
let’s try this one over here and let’s
click on launch key let’s use the first
emulator the FBA alpha let’s add in some
credits press Start
and there we have it guys we’re now
doing some classic RPG retro gaming all
inside our Kodi 18 and let’s fire some
arrows take that and just once again we
can see having the games directly into
our favorites does make it very easy to
access and it means we can use all of
that content without going through the
original add on itself so artena works
really well well that’s all for this
video guys many thanks for watching and
let me just apologize that the video was
a bit long but I just want to make sure
I did cover all of the steps if you did
find it useful then do give it a thumbs
up if you have any questions about this
or anything you want to know then d
leave me a comment below as always I do
really appreciate your likes your shares
your comments so once again many thanks
for watching and I’ll hopefully catch up
with you guys real soon thanks

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