$1/$2/$5 Pot Limit Omaha

$1/$2/$5 Pot Limit Omaha

just running some errands around town
and figure I got some time to hop in the
little one three No Limit game at the
let’s win enough money to pay for all
the stuff we got to buy today the plan
is to play for one hour I’m fresh
they’re probably not gonna buy in for
300 try to get to a thousand one hour
let’s get with blinds at one dollar two
dollar with a five dollar bring in and
occasional $10 under the gun straddle
for six handed with a reduced rake of
only $2 shout out to the Encore playing
the great game of pop up up up up a pot
limit Omaha I fold the first couple
orbits to fill out the table we don’t
really get any hands we’re in for $200
and then I raise under the gun to ten I
have the ace six six four with diamonds
get three callers flop comes Jack nine
four one flush draw not mine we don’t
have any flush draws back door or front
door I check in her bills checks the
turn is a beautiful six putting to flush
draws on the board small blind bets
twenty five big blind calls 25 I got to
protect my set and if they got a bigger
set good luck to him but this is the
most draw heavy board ever so iPod it
130 maybe 140 button folds small blind
calls and big blind folds were heads up
and I got $60 behind let’s hope for a
brick the rivers in aw suit 5 he checks
I think he’s gonna jam if he hit his
draw this will be jam all in $60 for
value he puts in the call and shows king
queen jack 9 for top 2 on lucky turn bro
and we now have over $400
like lucky turn 275
I lose almost every pot I try to win
dwindling down from 4:30 to about 175
there’s a few limps I limp the cut off
with Jack 1077 one suit I believe button
makes it 25 gets 2 calls definitely not
the best hand but these guys are
gambling let’s see what the flop brings
hundred in the middle the flop comes ace
queen 7 we hit our set with the nut
gutshot draw only hands that beat us our
aces and queens one of the blinds just
leads out for a hundred he’s all-in
I go all-in for 150 and the button also
shoves all and we got a 3-way they want
to run it twice
I’m not down to do all that math and
shot pot so let’s just run it once the
turn and river are bricks first guy
shows a Miss flush draw I show my set
and button shows a set of Queens look
and we were out of the encore one hour
of pop pop up up up up up of pot limit
Omaha unfortunately we only lost $200
but hey the game was good so that’s how
I know about it it was nothing else but
the friend of Mines a bartender
the win one two five pot limit Omaha
game we’re gonna buy it for 200 run it
up to a thousand and call it a night
with blinds at one dollar two dollar
with a five dollar bring in a buy-in for
200 with 200 to reload with in my pocket
I’m in the big blind action goes limp
asian chick under the gun plus one makes
it 20 button calls small blind calls I
look down at Queen Queen 1010 double
suited let’s squeeze it up and make it
105 to go fold asian chick calls button
folds small blind and calls for three
ways to a flop jamming I guess any flop
flop comes jack 10x with our flush draw
so we’re all in for $95 asian chick
makes it 300 small blind flat calls
turns a brick back should goes check
shove call river comes bringing in the
backdoor heart draw small blind says
flush thought my set was good but it’s
not he has Queen Queen nine deuce I
here’s the video
we’d read nine boosts oh my god
so I instantly reload $200 that was a
fun she wondered all our hand and I fold
for quite a few orbits tables playing
pretty aggressive but no one’s talking
there’s just like a stiff vibe in the
room it’s not a very fun table
it’s the must move table there’s a main
game and there’s a secondary one to PLO
tables I’m on the good news is I do have
my favorite seat the five seat max
legroom for us tall Americans bad news
is I get no playable hands and I just
I’m sitting on my $200 losing you know
five bucks here two bucks there
eventually I pick up pocket kings double
suited to the nine and the three not the
two best cards to go with their Kings
I’ll tell you that but we make it 15 to
purse on my left calls asian chick calls
and big blind calls were four ways to a
flop the flop comes ten six four I got
the front door flush draw
I got the backdoor flush draw and we got
an overpair stacked upon Tracey oh is
perfect for a check jam we check asian
chick has been very very aggressive but
the guy to my left bets 55 asian chick
flat calls blind folds and I’m all-in
for 175 guy in my left eye so Stu 500
asian chick folds great that’s an extra
55 dead and the money that were probably
flipping against his range on this board
turn is a brick and the river is a deuce
of diamonds he says do you have the
flush since he called my all-in I am
first to show I show the king-high flush
and he shows nothing we scooped a pod we
now have 450 dollars
in a small pot and actions pretty dead
at the table and I’m really full from
that excellent dinner shout out to the
viewer the vlog for treating me to surf
and turf some nice wine and of course
some apple pie for dessert at Charlie
Palmer’s at the Four Seasons excellent
conversation I look forward to having
dinner with you again when you come out
here in a year thank you sir
offers always open to any viewers of the
vlog if you want to take me out to
dinner $100 minimum I don’t get mad
every dinner I’ve had has been
exceptional some very professional
businessmen different fields doctors
good times are had and everybody wins in
this situation get to meet and greet
with Jeff Boesky we end up racking up
five hundred and twenty eight dollars
for a net win of one hundred and twenty
eight dollars
all in all not a bad PLO session the
game is very swingy equities run very
close but we got to keep practicing to
get better for the $5,000 live cage and
Costa Rica at the end of the month
preparedness is next to godliness they
say so let’s get prepared see you guys
next time

65 thoughts on “$1/$2/$5 Pot Limit Omaha”

  1. I can assure you when I come to Vegas where going to Wynn’s steakhouse. I want a piece of 10/10 steak with “The Boski”

  2. Filet!!!, Stuffed Lobster!!!, Apple Pie!!! Say it Ain't So….Welcome To BoskieVille!!! Population: You…😎❤🍸♣🍤♦🍝♠ #WhenYouGetzPaidzYouMustGetzLaidz

  3. Heads up Jeff word floating around the Encore is you are on a scared money bank roll now so some people are cruising the room often to see if they can jump in your game.keep your eyes out for those PLO sharks with unlimited Bank rolls good luck

  4. Dang superstar, you get nice dinners too😂

    Must be nice being a BOSKI! Do they also try to set you up with their daughters?😉

    Nice session 👍🏼

  5. Was that a black piece of paper your Steak and lobster was served on?
    You are fast moving up the vlog polls. You and Kraut offer the most entertaining poker vlogs By FAR
    Still a little escort-esque to require a certain dollar amount for a dinner date

  6. Yes, that’s gambling! In PLO, when you have BOTTOM set and are facing a 3 way all-in after the flop, you’re likely crushed by at LEAST one other player. Hold’em players don’t get that. Hero calls. Hero dies. All too familiar.

  7. Take Jeff for dinner or me for a pint. I’ll settle for a 5c beer at Flamingo. My poker isn’t as good and my moustache is worse though

  8. If you ever go back to Lucille's, you should try their BBQ Beef Ribs. It's the only thing I ever get there because I can't ever convince myself to get something else because it would probably be worse.
    I'd run it twice in the future because there's value in lower variance and it's free, or in some cases profitable if the dealer makes an error.

  9. I played a set in a tourney and the guy and me were all in and he rivered a gutter ball on me then tried to brag about how a set isn't good in this game yada yada. Needless to say I wanted to bitch slap him for suckout trash talk

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