#1 Group Play Lottery Scratch Off Tickets Video Nevada Arcade Winners

Good Sunday evening to everybody especially those in our group
Scratch club let’s call it
Yoshi’s Club, anyways we’ve got one two three four we’ve got seven people involved here. This is going to be a
Challenge, and we are yet to determine?
Put it here
Reason, I’m writing with felt panelist because it’s a little bit easier to see so anyways we have
We bear Chris
Seth Chucky, Maria
me and Yoshi rounded out with his five dollars in even 100 so obviously if your Chucky and
We get let’s say three hundred dollars. He’s in for twenty percent, so he wouldn’t win sixty
we bear she would be in for ten percent being has just got ten percent of the
The buy in here so anyways we’re gonna put down
On the bottom here the tickets. I think we’re gonna scratch
We’re not we just came back from the store. We’ve got show you a little bit about what we’ve got for this week
We’ve got ten dollar mystery crosswords. We’ve got
some triple jackpots
Got some big bins
They finally had multipliers in again. We haven’t had these in weeks, so
Pure gold though. This is kind of our signature
ticket here
That I had talked about doing on the scratch video, so we’re definitely gonna do some of those and we all know the sevens game
We Bears favorite poker game got red-hot crosswords. I think that was the first
First week we had those was last week. We got a bunch of ace in the holes and
My crosswords Yoshi’s new favorite the Apes game
Struck by luck and then underneath our head here. We’ve got
Let’s see how these are gonna pan out. These are the MMO gold sir emerald tens
I should say now when I bought these there was two rings
So I got a three off each frame and as you can see I’m gonna be sure everybody knows
everything’s fair here
this is
See these are different numbers here on the bottom
The first set of digits that means are out of a different range so rather than getting six in a row
we’ve got three and three so let’s
Let’s see if we can do let’s add these up
Three mo tens would be thirty
Your goals, let’s do it. Let’s do 30 bucks worth of these and that’s gonna be
Let’s see one two three
four five six
so six
Pierre Gold’s part of this
Batch, that’s 60 bucks
Let’s throw in these two multipliers
Either said of either set up to evening meeting miney moe, so that’s $70
Let’s do
I’ll do the first set of struck by Lux or the last. I don’t know what we’ll do but
I’m gonna spin this penny
the first
Group of two is gonna be hits
Bottom group of two is gonna. Be tails, and it is heads as you see
So we’re gonna take off the first two
Which is those
So here are the first two
That makes what 80 bucks so far
Double check that’s 10 20 30 40 50 60
70 80
I’m not gonna do any crosswords cuz you know it takes quite a while
Let’s do let’s do
I don’t know what we’ll do 80 you’ll do two of the big bands and then two of the red sevens that’ll make a hundred
So that’s kind of a good cross-section of stuff there we won’t do any of your shoes dollar ones
we’ll scratch those in our regular videos so guys we have got I
Better write these down here, too. They will put down here what we’ve won. All right. We’ve got
The seven
We have the bends
We have emerald
10m tens we all know what that means struck by luck
Multipliers okay, and then the pier goals
So what we’ll do is we go this is gonna be a little bit of a of a I
Don’t want to say at night in there for bookkeeping, but we have to keep it straight. All right
So we’re guys we have our tickets here, and you set this aside
We’re gonna do here is we are gonna start with a multiplier game
the simple fact that we haven’t had one of these in a long time and
They are kind of a great ticket because when you do win you get to multiply
all right, let the fun begin here a
scratcher the group for the Nevada arcade channel number one
And we have one two three four five six seven of us involved so all right
21 boy all that more the opposite look at this 31 and 21
829 know single digits
7-eleven right next to each other we need lucky 13s what we need oh, I thought we had it too
All right, we’d have 44 not
23:37 another opposite
22 16
14 and number eights okay, no good there unfortunately our first ticket
it’s worth nothing but
second chance
These numbers are in the middle
Look at that forum in the 20s and a 31
So if it’s not a 31 it’s got to be in the 20s
There’s your 20s, but not the right one it’s another 20s right next to 29
Another 20s, but zigged and zagged
27 hours of course
26 oh yeah winner
There we go guys
26 26 we are on the board
Yeah, come on 31 another 20s, but a 25 I knew we were gonna get one of those 20
I love them when they’re close like that
Most like that all right no more winners except 26
So here’s our prize
6 bucks now
Multiplier says
Yeah, all right so
I’d like to say we’ve made the collar, but we really almost completely lost for all right, so here’s how we’re gonna do it
We are gonna write in the multiplier that we have
six dollars
it may seem like a crude method, and I think it really is kind of crude method but
We’re gonna make it work for our channel because we’re not formal around here. All right. Let’s do our
Struck by Lux get two of these
Multiplier had a no
Fast spot, so well nobody cannot
Scream too loud all right we got a 27 in a 28 it’s just good for nothing
All right
Let’s make this the first time we find that 10x
Come on our shoes we are waiting patiently
All right
Third and final row maybe this is gonna be the ticket where the last and one has the symbol
Well about that bottom row got a winner right here guys
Give us the last one – wouldn’t that be exciting
Would be for me right. Oh, you know how many times. We’ve got that last one all right $5 struck by luck
All right, it’s a ticket. We’re gonna take it
So five bucks there our second
Struck by luck not bad guys. We got three tickets scratched and two of them gave us something back
Lucky spot is 23 and 29 so
Once again
looking for the 10x
I guess I failed to mention where you’re gonna try and every week
Do one of these videos and we’re gonna post it on Sunday evenings?
Somewhere between 5:00 and 7:00 Pacific which is my time here in Nevada so?
We’ll do like this it will do weekly Sunday. Evenings this will be our video
On the very outside chance. I can’t post it
It’s because I’m either traveling over that weekend and didn’t get back in time so all right so once again
We’ve got one of the tickets
There’s a winner
So we will
put down $5 and he
Struck by a lot
All right $11 returns so far
anyways, if next week we’d get more people and we have
$200 worth I’m going to think I’m gonna try and keep min hundred hour increments. Can I do these innermost ends on the end?
They’re the biggest tickets anyways. I’m gonna try and keep this thing in hundred dollar increments
I mean we might get to the point where we’re scratching us it’s none of our video
Which is great? Everybody be in for you know so much
Now uncover a wind we’ve never uncovered a wind
Big Ben bonus hundred dollar or what does that mean? I think it has to say win, I don’t think that’s a win big guy
All right, Oh to
1609 32 33 then this is a game we’ve never won a bans on
All right
Tallest two numbers are 30 2 & 3
Everything else is lower
32 and 33 and then little guys
Got a 16 there
Oh, I thought we had our 33
Six teens on it. We got a 15 all right no 20
Well we got a 16 right here could be the hundred
What do you win on this game? Anyways up to?
Well we’ve got one win in now the anticipation of what it is
726 well
16 let’s see oh
The Dirty Birds gave us a ticket. Well. We’ll take it better than nothing
There’s a hundred thousand wouldn’t that be something?
Alright Big Ben bonus is a kite
All right
And these numbers are a little bit more spread out look at that
The pose the teens the 20s the 30s and the 40s we got one in each group so
Whatever we uncover has a chance
1745 right next to 44
22 right next to 23 killing us
It’s lucky number one, but we don’t have it
331 all right one more row bring us a bin please look at that
That’s worth something and wasn’t you expecting that all right look at this. Let’s read the directions
Sorry, if it’s not all in there
All right uncover a money bag
I didn’t know they had these and you want you win that prize so boy two bends in a row a winner suite
All right
back to basics 27
37 now how about 36
33 we got 23 okay, not bad guys
– oh
Okay, those dirty Birds. We got six bucks
Well we got six bucks and we got the ticket so Benz
It’s a good start you guys Benz has 11
I’m kind of liking this
All right put those with our winners before winning tickets here already
All right save the emeralds. Let’s do the pure pardon me. Let’s do the sevens your girls are coming up
I’m kind of liking this
Yo, she is standing by by the way
He is official security watching these winning tickets
all right, 12:28
22 and guys if obviously if you’re not a part of this group this time you certainly can be next time lots of people
Lots of people about half have sent in their money snail mail just contact me. I always have my
Email address down below there and just contact me. I’ll give you the address
You can send in a ten spot or of twenty or five or whatever
Now if you want to send in more than twenty
We ask that we just put you in for twenty each video
So if you send it in to 20s you’ll be in for two weeks in a row
We just didn’t want somebody to dominate you know one video say a hundred dollars, and you know it may come to that later
But for starting out now. We’ll keep everybody – including myself –
All right, no winners yet
Lucky 13 oh we got 12 and 31
23 look at this 22 24, how close can you get without hit?
My favorite double 33
25 and hey guys think’ll lives
Obviously not in California because we have access to all those tickets and you want to send us any tickets
We’re not asking you no to keep them, but we will scratch them on our channel we have
actually one viewer here in this group that is traveling, and he is in Japan and
He has sent us
Some Japanese lottery tickets we have not received him yet
But we will hear in a week or two takes kind of a long time from Japan apparently so
Anyways, that’ll be kind of fun
we don’t know if we’re gonna be able to tell if we won or not because we don’t speak Japanese but they’re
but guess what we’re getting here getting that here is we really want to make you guys a
Part of this channel as you’ve helped us all build it to the the fact that we’re over
2,000 viewers now
And guys I know you know this everybody mentions it in their videos
We don’t in every video, but you know every time you share this video
It brings it in front of people that would never find our channel, and we always pick up a slew
And I get a notification. It’ll say you know Chucky shared this video
Whether it be on his Twitter or YouTube or something honey in that Facebook and we can a slew of new
subscribers, so
obviously the more subscribers
For more of these videos and the more participants and who knows we might scratch. You know a whole packet of what Evers
You know for a couple $300 or $400 or all right sevens is
They’ve done to us in the past
Did nothing so
Unfortunately the sevens have a big year
So now we have a ton since it ton. How many pure goals do we have
This is the one I’ve always said we’re gonna include in our first video. It’s not our second or third or fourth
because this is the one we hit back-to-back big wins on here if you looks back if you remember the
Flamer our first one and then back. We’re back with another 500 so
Clean off some of these feelings here
All right, we’ve got six
Here golds and then and these are all off the same roller I didn’t have two sets of these rollers, so
All right anybody remember what our first winning number was on that first
That’ll give you a clue it’s not on here, but it was number three, and we did it right here. Well five
all right forty-three
And 25 or no good now. This is the important ones because this is a triple
We got lots of threes but not by themselves one two and three all right
26:46 is 528
All right, this is another one. This is a multiplier of
five times
Do that we’ve got one two three four, but we need number
Number nine
Twenty two we’ve got twenty one and twenty three so that’s and 20 my gosh twenty-nine
I’m gonna move it in a little closer here. I know you can’t see the winning numbers, but I
Will be the first one to tell you
Ten for next door
16:31 we have a twenty-one and a
137 we have a 27 so anyways guys here
See up top there. Those are your winning numbers if you want to scan and just take a double peak we don’t blame ya
Last thing we need is somebody writing saying we won
$500 and we didn’t catch us, but we won’t do that too
It’s only in the crosswords. That’s why I think we’ll save those
Small mistakes for ourselves, okay look at this number three right here
Listen it wasn’t close all right one and
2838 my number
Nine twelve and forty-one nothing there
27 at seven darn it we have 17 10 and 16
11 and 43
6 – Whitney – 3 oh I thought we had it 33, nope it’s too many threes
42 and
2913 and 35 36 so close
14 and 32 no good
21 and
1840 and
1537 we got 36 38 and 17, but no 37 so all right second your gold
Is not a winner
All right look at that two and three again. I love those numbers
Well 1916 is our closest Mantua tree 15 and 20
Six at 16 32 and
46:31 and 12
11 and 14
17:18 we got
1627 got 37 get 27, I mean not a match 39 we have 29 good three how can they do this to us?
23 but we have two and three
28 and 43
10 and 30 8
13 and 21 as zoom in here on the bottom are only little help
26:36 darn it. We’ve got 16 24 44
And seven all right nothing there, maybe they’re getting ready to give us the big one here
All right winning numbers are
Like that number one
But we’ll take 27, that’s a winner dish as I put it out of the picture for you – all right 27
Will check mark there?
27 first one out of the gate is a winner
And get any better than that there would be
So close
Six nothing that big it’s our biggest number 27, oh
Yeah 26
Who 717
3 there’s my number 3, but we needed it about three games ago, or came
Not from that big nothing that big
Come on. We need 27 and below. It’s a little too low
I’ll take a number one
– not quite low enough
5th row no pardon me 1 2 3 6 7 throw
19 and I’m dying of anticipation what we’ve done our winters box there
33 we have 23 in case you’re wondering 31
all right, let me give you a scan of the ticket so you can double-check me here and
always guys, and we
we make mistakes too, but let’s
some cover our winner number 27
Its cash and it’s 10 bucks
We will take it
So our fourth pure gold ticket is ten dollars, so
We’re running a little behind schedule here on that one, but
Doesn’t mean we can’t catch up
All right another up your goals. Let’s do our winning numbers
All right haven’t seen number one come in but I’m also partial to
Our biggest number is 40
113 or how about 36 15
Oh six
21:29 right, can you guys still see these on this row?
543 24
1644 all right sixth game
22 we don’t have any doubles do it
820 number one Oh
Too many ones
18 9 x2 1746
2030 26 we’ve got 36
Thirty-eight got 36 come on now 40
41 and
14 we got 41 d’arnot all right nothing on card number five
Let’s hope this one’s got a nice little a nice win for us. This is our six year old
Still have three
Of those emerald tens that I have had dreams and dreams and dreams of hitting
Just like our friend here that hit the big one in Arizona. All right
hmm 5 10 11 12 22, I’m going with 22 and
Biggest number is 22
9 and 20 say it’s close it is close
6 thirty
All right nothing higher than 20 whoops 22, please
That’s been higher than 22 the whole role putting the win alright, maybe they’re saving it for the five times here
Keep coming into high
Alright sixth game or a row
17 rows of tees
15 you got 12
8 and 30 okay last row last ticket, let’s hope
Who worried next two five
Two big
One pimple above 22 in 29 all right, so here’s our scan guys at this ticket
That’s ticket number six so unfortunately
We only had one little winner here, and that’s our $10 card
so let’s
Clean up a little bit here, and we will put for pure gold a
$10 bill that’s just better than a $5 bill
All right, so we left we have the Emerald tens. We’ve got 21 31
32 dollars, but we have 30 dollars in tickets to scan
So because we have a have several winning tickets here
three four five I
know the total is not that big but
I’m still optimistic
You guys ever want to be in a group where we scratch all pure
Gold’s all ace in the holes and or whatever we’re we’re pretty loose around here. All right. Let’s do our best
fifties first
All right guys you know what we’re looking for here anything with a ten a dollar symbol or an emerald
Now if we get it ten that’s green we get twenty times the prize
Now I’m gonna keep this one kind of close in guys, but I’ll move the ticket down
If we don’t catch an emerald we’d love to get a dream 10. Oh my gosh look at this a winner
We win this prize whatever that may be
Nice nice nice. I think you guys are bringing us luck here Yoshi, and I
Last week we had a little bit of a sour week as far as tickets. We cashed in
Doesn’t mean the next week. It’s not gonna be a good one so all right first time row of 10
We have one winner, but it could certainly be
It could be another one
Still haven’t seen that 10 dollar sign. We’ll take it, but have not seen a 10-4 there’s another one how sweet it is
Now here’s my thinking and my thinking is worth noting
This is a $10 ticket. I mean do you really think they’d ever have the audacity to give us less than 10 per square
Huh, how about that?
now I
Know this could be
Less to be more to be the same
And I bet it’s not five want to bet it’s a two under there fifty bucks oh sweet
This is the one
Yoshi was darting to and I think I know why he was guarding it so
twenty thirty
two were up to eighty two dollars guys
And we have two ten dollar tickets to scratch so we are effectively
Right now on the $80 of scratch for winners a small win, but a win is a win
Now let’s hope these
Bring us way into the winners problem
Is not a winner so all right guys, let’s maybe think we’re gonna find that green 10 the MMO might be a little greedy, but
To dream 10 will sure be sweet
Now the one thing we haven’t talked about and I don’t want to assume but
Here’s my thinking any time anybody after any video wants their
Share even if it’s saved just their $10 back or their 8 bucks or 22 bucks
Absolutely no problem. Just message me however if you want to read go again for the next video, which we’re hoping for
You don’t have to say anything
Probably on this first video though
we should tell me to read roll the money just so we know I don’t want anybody after we have a
Good or bad session to say they’re working or they were not but anyways anytime anybody wants to opt out
It’s absolutely up to you
Let’s see what happens after this
Whoa another winner two of three emerald tens, and we haven’t had an emerald ten winner in a month guys seriously
Alright you know what I think we better do guys just in all fairness to the other scratchers
After you see this video, and there is one two three four there’s seven of us
Let us know that you are in the next video in a week or out and
Just so we know that way the other viewers know it’s only fair to them ooh second dollar sign
Maybe these are the big ones guys. Oh, I didn’t do the fast 50 spot
free 50 spot pretty close oh
If we average them we’d have 50 each
If they let us do that anyways guys like I said, we’re callous
But we are playing with real money is where you’ll just say in the poker world
after each video
Let us know if you’re in just say yeah, I’m in or I’m out
All right ten bucks
Not as big as our 25, but if you realize that this is ten dollars for its 15
twenty-five dollars
We are winning seven bucks in our first video out of our hundred now that is the kind of action we’re looking for
Because you realize any one of these tickets could be a hundred thousand a million dollars or nothing alright, so we have
50 and 25 we have $75 in
The MMO tens so 75
86 97
Okay, this video is worth 107. Okay
Everybody is in
For basically their same amount, but we’ve won
Seven percent so Maria you technically of your twenty dollars have
21:40 because you won
Seven percent of that which is a dollar forty so anyways we’re gonna have to keep a running total of
Of the pennies here in the sense. That’s why we’re kind of doing our videos
in increments of a hundred so
Guys our next Sunday video it might be a hundred it might be two hundred it might be four hundred
But it’s always going to be in increments of a hundred so before we ever start scratching
We will always have our names, and as course you see we put our
We put our scratch ticket winners
So not bad guys to come out of the gates here first time around look at the tickets we have
That’s one two
Six seven now I think just for kicks
I think I’m gonna go through these in case somebody wants to react and I’m gonna tell you what the tickets are worth
$5 six dollars
Five dollars six dollars
25 anybody wants to read me I came up with a hundred and seven dollars for a seven dollar net winner on our first
Group scratch and I tell you what this was a ton of fun
This is gonna be a weekly thing who knows it could build up into every other week
We could do it or pardon me twice a week. We could do it on Wednesdays as well, but I would think our next
Draw or our next video. It’s probably gonna be next Sunday, which would be the 15th of
April of 2018
So guys if you want to get involved. We are happy if you mail us a fiver at 10 or a 20
Like I said if you want to do say $20, but you want to do three weeks in a row
Put in 60 bucks you get the picture we will also take
paypal as friends and family, so there’s no Commission and
We will let you know what our address is there so anyways guys big win
we are definitely celebrating tonight going to our favorite spaghetti house here and
We will be we will be maybe having a glass of wine as well so guys
We appreciate everybody watching we appreciate the seven including myself and Yoshi
That we’re in this video and had money invested
And hey you never know this could be the channel that hits that million dollars
We do have a friend that hit three point five million. That’s a follower here, so it does happen guys
You don’t just see it on TV
so guys for now Yoshi, and I
Nevada arcade

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