1 Million Subscribers

1 Million Subscribers

[This is our journey]
[To 1 million subscribers]
How it all started
I think what many of our viewers
also don’t know
seven years ago when we made our first video
it was actually on a
channel called EditingSports
Emil wanted to try out his editing skills
I had got like an interest
to do some editing on videos
So the first video
it was only me and Emil
we were filming our training session
we were doing all sorts of fun trick shots
Emil was trying out a lot of things
with all sorts of effects…
It was very interesting
you can say the first video
it became quite evident
that people were more impressed by the
actual tricks
than my editing skills
I think it didn’t take many videos
when I started to leave out those special effects
and we were actually more focusing on the tricks themselves
We realised that it was the trick shots
people liked
we did another one
and that’s where Otto came in for the first
I was impressed by the editing
editing of the videos but
the tricks weren’t so good
so I figured I had to jump in
and show Sensei skills
Me and Emil we played in the same club
when we we’re juniors
and Otto he was from
a different city
but we have also known
known Otto for a long time
Our first viral video
was the ping pong
The candle…
The candle shot!
Shutting down the candle
Before 100k
our biggest focus was on
the challenge Pongfinity series
This is the series where you challenge us
with your craziest ideas related to table tennis
which is a super nice way to interact
with the audience
You get crazy ideas
Some of them are absolutely ridiculous
We get so much inspiration and ideas
from the comments
Some of them are actually really difficult to pull off
even for us
I think the fact that we all play table tennis at high level
really makes it possible for us to
do some of the challenges we get
I think it was 2018
That’s when we
started to make videos almost weekly
Before that it was…
We had no plan
we were just… whenever we felt like it
We posted a video.
Which was not very often
Then we were thinking that let’s give this channel a chance
And let’s see where it takes us.
When we reached 100k subscribers
It was really massive for us
We never really thought we could possibly reach 100,000 subscribers
It felt really good and special
And like we achieved something big
That really was a big thing for us
We made a really special video for that
And the idea was to play
One rally with 100 different items
We knew that it’s going to be hard
First of all to find a hundred items
And bring them to the hall
And then.. Yeah filming it was…
It was a nightmare.
It took so long!
It wasn’t really fun
There were a few tries
Where we messed up
at like 90+ items
We had only three items left!
And because it took so long to organize the things
So after every attempt it took at least 15 minutes
to get everything back on the table
And then when it was the last shot…
The racket cover was on the table and…
The ball dropped on the racket cover
We thought that we missed it
We thought:
“No! That was 99 and we have ruined it!”
We thought it was 99 but it was actually
In the end we got it
It was only
Just over a year ago when we
hit 100,000.
So it has been really fast
Yeah, it’s crazy!
It’s insane to think about it…
The goal for 2019
was to hit 1 million
We had about 230,000
So it was a long way to 1 million
We mentioned in one of our videos in the beginning of 2019 that:
Don’t forget to subscribe
to help us reach 1 million subscribers
Yeah to be honest it was quite ambitious
Then we hit 300K
And it was time for mine and Miikka’s one set showdown
We had a lot of requests
To see us playing against each other
because we hadn’t shown that in a video yet
So that was the first match
As you know
I lost that one
But I have to say it was on purpose
So that Miikka would accept the challenge for the 500K
So I lost this one
but I’m sure I’ll beat you in a best-of-seven
Yeah I won that set
And that set the challenge for the 500K big match
And to make things a bit more
If Otto loses
I will cut his beard
And if I loose
He will get to shave my head
I think he wouldn’t have
accepted it if I would have won him
so I had to lose on purpose
I can always lose one set to Miikka
We hadn’t done that sort of stuff before
Sort of scetches and comedy stuff
So we had been postponing the idea for some time
But then we eventually got the courage
To try out something totally different and something totally new
We were not quite sure how it would work out
But it was really fun to film
You really need to get out of your comfort zone and
Do something special
For example screaming
I can’t do this
I’m not really a screamer
I’m not ready.
I need some water
Hit me.
I remember it was a super fun video to film
And we were laughing all the
time when we were filming the video
We had a really fun idea to do the
intros in different languages
It was fun at first
Everybody obviously wanted us to do
our intro in your language
So the comment-section was literally flooded
With comments that:
Do the intro in German
Do the intro in Polish
Do the intro in my language
And we stopped getting
actual challenge requests!
Everything was just about the language
So we thought – Okay this has to stop!
We have to stop doing this
Now the comment-section has calmed down
And we are getting good challenge ideas again
Then came 500K and the big match
Between me and Miikka
We had a big punishment for the loser
Which was
For me it was to shave my head
And for Otto it was to shave his beard
I have to say I was
I was rooting for Miikka
Just because I think it’s worse to lose the hair
Than it’s losing the beard
I have played Otto so many times
And this time it was just different
Miikka really likes to get nervous on those big matches
So I knew that I would not really have any huge problems beating him
What a shot!
I have probably never been so nervous in a table tennis match in my whole life
I didn’t want to lose my hair!
And I wanted to see Otto without a beard
That would have been fun
Of course
I won it
Pretty easily
But I just remembered one point
He somehow fell down on the floor
I have never seen Otto
Move so fast
It was so funny to see
That it was serious business for him too that match!
You see that sometimes from me when I really fight
And didn’t want to lose my beard
During the whole match
It felt like Otto was on top all the time
Miikka just didn’t have
Any chance
He was so scared to lose his hair
So I got my head shaved off
Looks pretty nice!
Yeah free haircut!
One of the many cool ideas we have got
Was the synchronized table tennis
I think that’s one of the
coolest videos
That we have actually done on our channel
Something that we had never seen
and never tried before
That’s actually one of the most interesting
things about doing these videos
is getting to try stuff that’s never been
tried before
And not knowing how it’s going to work
This synchronized table tennis was one of those things
It’s one of those videos that we thought
would be super cool
For the audience to watch
But it just didn’t turn out so popular
In addition to this sync
One of the videos that we thought would do really well
Was the bubble bursting video
That was again super cool to make
But for some reason it wasn’t so popular
And then on the other hand
There are those
videos that we think that:
“This is not even worth publishing”
And then that gets like millions of views
So you never really know for sure
What’s a good video
At 600K we did triangular table tennis
The triangular table tennis
Is one of those examples that
We were thinking that should we even publish this video
We had messed up the microphones
so the audio quality was really bad
And I think it has maybe a couple of million views
Up to date
Yeah… that was interesting
And I think that also proves that
it’s good to sometimes try out some new stuff on the channel
Because it might do well
And even start a series for the channel
Then we hit 700k subscribers
And the lake ping pong was quite a big project
By far one of the funniest projects we have
It was first of all super cool
But it was super difficult also to arrange
We spent there actually one week
The amount of time it took to film
one trick shot on the lake
It was so much longer than a normal trick shot because
We had the sun
it was always shining from the wrong direction
Now the sun is coming…
So you couldn’t see anything
And then we had the wind
We have to wait a bit for the wind
So here we are
on a lake
waiting for the wind to blow away
Because if there is even a bit of wind
in the middle of the lake
There is no possibility to actually play there
It’s just Emil’s back spin – it’s so strong!
We had the raft drifting away all the time
We had to get it to the same spot again
We had one camera on a boat
and the wind was blowing the boat this direction
the raft this direction
It was just…
Yeah it’s blowing you away
Don’t go!
We kept on having to go pick up the balls from the lake
There were so many things that were just
doing it very difficult for us to film the video
Now the floor is slippery!
Luckily we had our friend Patrick helping us out
It was really really cool
When we were able to play in the middle of the lake
That was so much fun
We did a lot of filming
And then we had a sauna every night
We had a lot of fun at the cottage that week
Super cool project
Really happy that we made it!
Then we hit 800K
And then we made the 2 vs 1 on giant table
We thought if me and Emil both play at the same time
against Otto
Then we’re gonna have a chance to win
I would like to say that
That I was sure that I’m going to beat them
But to be honest
I really thought that I would lose that one
Going in to that match
I didn’t believe that Otto would have any chance
To win that match against me and Miikka
But how wrong can a person be…
We didn’t have any chance
We thought it would be like a crazy advantage to have
two against one
But it ended up we just messing each other up
Otto was just playing to the middle
And neither of us knew who would take the ball
It was interesting to try out
But yeah surprised about the result
We realized that 1 million is coming a lot faster than we thought
We really wanted to make this
video special
So hope you guys don’t mind that we are posting it a few weeks late
Yeah all these years there has been so many fun moments
Or at least…
Most of the time
Bring it on!
It’s been some painful jackpot moments
Yeah things don’t always go as planned…
Here we are
1 million subscribers!
Reaching 1 million subscribers
Felt really
special and incredible
It felt really amazing hitting 1 million
I think there is two parts reaching that
The first one being that
When you have worked for something really hard
so many years
And when you eventually reach that goal
It feels really incredible that you have managed to pull it off
There has been a lot of hard work
put to these videos
during the years
But I think even more
The fact that
Seeing so many
People being happy for us
Made it really really memorable
And it was also…
It was touching to see that the channel means so much
To so many others too
Than just us three
Huge thanks to you guys
Because it’s really special to hear
All these positive comments from you
And that it means so much to you as well as us
Thank you so much everybody for your continued support
For watching our videos
Commenting your ideas
That has been such a big inspiration for us
That really is the reason why we make these videos
It’s amazing to have one million of you guys
Following our channel
We are really happy if you guys have enjoyed this video
The next target…
Let’s say target for 2020 is…
16 million
I think it’s possible!
Just remember to subscribe!
We can do it!
We can make 16 million!
Okay but…
50 million
Okay okay… let’s stop it
And now that we have reached 1 million
doesn’t mean that we are going to stop
We are going to keep doing videos
Try to come up with new ideas
And we are really looking forward to the future

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