10 Biggest Video Game Glitches

10 Biggest Video Game Glitches

Who says a video game has to actually work
to be unforgettable? No matter how many hours
developers spend making a game as polished
as possible, some technical bugs are bound
to make it through. Newer games, like the
PC version of Arkham Knight, may take those
glitches to a new level, but sometimes, the
most unbelievable errors can be found in the
games of yesterday. Make sure to let us know
in the comments below if we missed any big
ones! Here are Screen Rant’s 10 Worst Video
Game Glitches.
Dragon’s Dogma
These days, no triple-A role playing game
is complete without the chance to romance
an in-game character. But not all games deal
with love the way you would think. The RPG
Dragon’s Dogma let players choose who would
be their romantic target, only to see them
taken hostage before the final battle. What
players didn’t know was that no matter how
many hours spent chatting up a local barmaid,
the game just chose a romance based on time
spent in conversation. Players were stunned
when the final battle saw a general store
owner, blacksmith, or even court jester revealed
as their true love – the love scene that
followed made this mistake one for the ages.
Assassin’s Creed Unity
No next-gen game is without some flaws, but
AC Unity’s mistakes ranged from tiny to
game-breaking. Players could laugh when enraged
NPCs stumbled into dramatic cut scenes, but
the most widespread glitch had to do with
character’s faces… or the lack of them.
It eventually became a famous online joke
among players, but no player will forget the
first time they witnessed the real horrors
of the digital French Revolution.
Red Dead Redemption
As open worlds get bigger and bigger, the
unpredictable mistakes become more and more
frequent. For Rockstar Games western mega-hit,
the most unforgettable glitch occurred when,
an animal in the world wouldn’t be rendered
with its own skin, but appear with a human
model grafted onto it. The result was donkey
women that could be ridden through the countryside,
human beings flying like birds, and our personal
favorite, the hilarious but deadly man-cougar.
They’re freakish, but Red Dead’s “Manimals”
are the kind of glitch we can live with.
Call of Duty
In the world of Call of Duty multiplayer,
anything that CAN happen, WILL happen. But
players of Modern Warfare 3 were confused
to realize that if a flag carrier in an online
match managed to kill an opposing player,
they would respawn without their head. That
was a funny enough glitch, but the other soldiers
clearly disagreed. Apparently the horror of
the headless soldier was too much for his
teammates to handle: ANY player who witnessed
him without a head was booted from the game.
Not all battle scars are physical.
Madden NFL 15
Sports simulations pride themselves on recreating
a game down to blades of grass, but somehow,
Christian Kirksey, the rookie linebacker for
the Cleveland Browns was too much to handle.
For some reason, the 6’2”, 235-pound player
was rendered just shy of a foot tall in one
of the game’s online challenge. Rather than
fix the bug, the developers embraced the tale
of the Tiny Titan, and so did Kirksey. The
glitch was taken with a sense of humor, probably
due to the fact that despite his size, the
Tiny Titan still had the hitting power of
his real-life counterpart.
No video game has skyrocketed to global popularity
like Minecraft, where players build entire
empires on randomly-generated and populated
online servers. But as simple as the cube-based
game may be, thing start to get a bit… weird
when you head to the game world’s borders.
Early players who headed for the edges of
the game’s map – now known as the Far
Lands – soon saw reality itself start to
break, as layers of Earth hovered in the air,
constantly, flowing sand from the sky made
frame rates drop to game-breaking levels,
and every step risked dropping players into
the black Void below. There’s never been
an Inception game, but Minecraft’s outer
limits come pretty darn close.
Battlefield 3
EA claimed it had a true rival for Call of
Duty when it began to roll out Battlefield
3 for beta testers around the world. But it
wasn’t the graphics, the physics, or even
the game modes that captured the spotlight.
It was a strange glitch that occurred when
players crawled. One second they were deadly
soldiers, the next, they were long-necked,
grotesquely proportioned human worms. The
developers eventually patched out the bug
in the animation, but as far as we’re concerned
they should have probably left it in.
The developers of this stellar online shooter
may have put hours into the lore behind the
game’s races and Guardians, but players
had other priorities. Able to make their characters
dance, and ride their Sparrow hover vehicles
across the game’s maps, it was only a matter
of time before the two were combined into
one ridiculous time-killer. “Sparrow surfing”
was every troll’s dream, but honestly, who
would care about saving humanity from the
brink, or taking on epic Raids when there
are enemies on Mars who haven’t seen a Guardian
bust a move at 50 miles an hour? We’re surprised
the game survived at all.
Grand Theft Auto 5
In game design, ever perk comes at a price.
In the case of GTA5, that meant the decision
to keep every cut-scene playing in real time,
in the real, active game world had a surprise
hitch. If players triggered a cut-scene while
the police were on their tail, the cops didn’t
back off until their scene was over. Players
watched through tears of laughter as intense
scenes played out as cops fired round after
round into the on-screen figures. Where glitches
like these can break the tone of serious games,
it all fit inside the madness of Grand Theft
Auto, becoming a glitch to hope for, not one
to avoid.
N64 Cartridge Tilting
Modern glitches may have complicated routines
and AI to blame, but in the days of the Nintendo
64, just tilting the game cartridge was enough
to create some instant glitch entertainment.
By misaligning the pins with those of the
system, entire games became hellish nightmares.
GoldenEye turned people into writhing masses
of limbs. Mario 64 became a limbless jumper
set to the sounds of limbo. But the Legend
of Zelda was the worst. Forget glitches – the
game began to scream in terror, before a black
screen revealed messages of “I love you”
hidden between lines of code. We’ll take
broken physics over these nightmares any day.
So what do you think of our list? Did we miss
any of your favorite video game glitches,
errors, or game-breaking bugs? Let us know
in our comment section and don’t forget to
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  1. how about the GTA 5 glitch where you stand on top of Michaels house and snipe cars to see them fall through the ground.

  2. N64 glitches… yeah right, you had to physically touch the software for it to glitch… Nowadays, glitches comes inlcuded with the game… Let's release a broken product, developers don't care, they can patch it up.

  3. The whole "I love you" in Zelda was probably the game developers proving they were aware of the popularity of cartridge tilting

  4. I've seen that glitch in minecraft so many times, and always thought it was just my computer not loading it right. lol

  5. What about the glitch in gta as where you go to this house jump in the wall and go to a demonic underworld.

  6. I had legend of zelda glitch on me. link teleported everywhere and the words came up as blocks and models eyes were protruding outword

  7. Sometimes the game developers find the glitch and keep it in there perilously. 'cause they can. 😛 by the way IT'S TRUE

  8. Skyrim Horse Glitch. It's where a person is riding a horse while standing on it, and when it faces a bear… well… find out yourself.

  9. There is this game where this detective is supposed to follow you but they forgot to add walking animations so he just teleports and stares at you

  10. Where is Arma 3?? Star Wars Battlefront (2015) ? Rust ? Space Engineers ?? planetary annihilation?? chivalry medieval warfare?? Dayz?? !! Top 1. Star Wars Battlefront !

  11. The GTA V cutscene glitch looks like a movie scene where two superheroes having an argument while being shot at lmao 😂

  12. How could he put In the minecraft glitch by the time this video was made that glitch wasn't up to date and was also just a world chunk loading error that was added from the game not being strong enough to render the game no computer could do so and still cant

  13. In Minecraft the sea was grey and blue and every living things and me had a weird transparent black shade. I got it in a video

  14. Please help me!!!!!!!!If glitches happen in games does that mean my console is broken or has a problem???????? cuz when i play gta 5 and other games sometimes im doing a mission and then all of a sudden when i do the mission the game does not progress it doesnt say mission completed as if i havent done the mission plz answer me

  15. PLZ HELP SOMEONE!!!!!!If your game malfunctions like if its not playing like it should normally, does that mean your console has a problem or is broken?????

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