10 Bizarre Things That Washed Up On Land

10 Bizarre Things That Washed Up On Land

ten bizarre things that washed up on
land number test something of Burt the
start of 2019 saw the continuation of a
disturbing trend along the shores of
British Columbia a strange phenomenon in
the Canadian province sees shoes carried
ashore with the disembodied foot of the
owner still safe inside since 2007
British Columbia has seen 15 instances
of the haunting occurrence with no other
human remains ever found nearby
naturally these rather morbid findings
have captured the imaginations of
everyone who hears about them but sadly
the explanation isn’t anything
supernatural extraterrestrial or the
stuff of horror the majority had been
traced back to their owners who are
believed to have drowned in the
surrounding waters in the ensuing
decomposition the first parts of the
human body to disconnect themselves tend
to be the hands and feet which would
typically continue to decay however
people tend to tie their shoelaces so
tightly that the feet remain firmly in
the shoe
combine this with buoyancy abomb
trainers and the epidemic starts to make
sense although widespread and so common
in Canada remains something of a mystery
number 9 ego Leonard anybody who’s ever
owned Lego will know that they get
everywhere the plastic little building
blocks are so easy to lose that it’s
never a huge surprise to find a piece
wherever you go that said it is a bit
harder to explain when that Lego is 6
feet tall which was the case in 2007
when a giant Lego man washed up in San
Fort the Netherlands dressed in blue the
fiberglass figure also bought the
cryptic phrase no real than you are
across its torso this would have been
strange enough if a second Lego man
hadn’t washed up a year later on a beach
in the English town of Brighton and yes
it bore the same creepy slogan the
yellow behemoths have since become a
globe-trotting phenomenon washing up in
Florida California Japan and a sixth was
found in 2015 floating in the de nube in
Australia so where are all these coming
from well the giant minifigures are
believed to be the work of the anonymous
Banksy s artist ego Leonard or ego L oh
yeah that’s right you got there first
Lego although the purpose it’s still
quite unclear but hopefully we haven’t
seen the last of them yet number 8
Siamese fins gym teacher Terrell met em
was holidaying in Izmir Turkey in 2014
when he
a dolphin washed up on the beach perhaps
that’s not so surprising given the
location but something was different and
upon a closer inspection
Metin realized that this dolphin had two
heads measuring about one meter long the
mutated calf was taken in to be studied
by marine biologists at arc Denny’s
University they estimated that the
dolphin was just one year old suffering
from a rare condition known as policy
Foley this comes from the incomplete
splitting of a fertilized egg which
results in conjoined twins in a range of
animals from dogs and snakes to humans
in very rare cases this leads to Paula
sefa Lee and the creature is born with
two heads often both with her own
thoughts and behaviors however in this
case one of said heads never fully
developed researchers reported instead
that the eyes and blowhole of one of
them never completely opened it’s
believed that this physical setback
ultimately made it too difficult for the
calf to survive in ocean conditions
number seven explosive findings in March
2011 the moon was the closest it had
been to Earth since 1993 resulting in
what’s known as a super moon this makes
the moon appear much larger from down
here but can also have a significant
gravitational effect on the world’s
tides in 2011 this led to the disturbing
discovery at cow shot beach in Hampshire
England added the tide receded
excessively it uncovered a connection of
active second world war mortar shells
which were then pushed ashore when the
tide came in again a total of 87 of the
dangerous explosives washed up on the
shore requiring bomb disposal experts to
be called to the beach the 17 year-old
mortars were unstable from years of
corrosion so the five-person team dealt
with them in groups of ten more
explosives were attached to them a vein
removed 300 meters offshore when the
tide went out again once the tired
covered them the mortars were detonated
under the cover of water causing a
mighty splash but no huge damage no more
of the weapons have been found in the
area since although as of recording
another super moon is scheduled for
February 19th so he might be to you
another wave number 6 friendly floatees
in 1992 a shipping container ship left
Hong Kong however the ship was subdued
by a storm in the North Pacific Ocean
where it lost 12 containers of its cargo
so far so standard one of these held 28
thousand rubber ducks which as you
probably know
and afloat so while the rest of the
containers were lost to the sea these
Ducks continued to traverse the world
oceans as an admittedly terrifying
Legion these bath toys have traveled
over 17,000 miles all tolled
having shown up in Hawaii UK South
Africa and Australia to name just a few
countries wherever they land they tend
to conquer the native people the camp
just kidding the Ducks actually become
collectors items with manufacturers the
first years offering around $80 per toy
at one stage their travels have been so
extensively mapped that scientists even
use the appearance of the friendly
floatees to gain information about the
great ocean currents which affect
climate so they could be seen as a
useful addition to the ocean but David
Attenborough’s Blue Planet 2 also used
the toys and the fact that they’ve never
been recovered to show how far our
plastic waste can travel and pollute the
world number 5 alien invasion
police on the coast guard were called to
the beach in the English city of
Portsmouth late in 2011 they were
responding to a call from a walker who
believed they could see a body floating
in the water by the shore but when they
pulled out the body from the water
expecting the worst
it wasn’t a human body at all but
instead something more extraterrestrial
that sounds exciting but actually it
turned out to be a life-sized replica of
the eponymous alien from Steven
Spielberg’s 1982 sci-fi classic 80 the
extra-terrestrial while police were
inclined to let their minds wander the
story was actually pretty easily solved
only one person reported a to-scale
alien Model missing and it was quickly
traced back 5 miles down the coast to
Margaret wells the model had been made
by wells his daughter 9 years earlier
for a stage makeup course then it was
gifted to Margaret she was heartbroken
when it was burgled from her house which
is a weird item to steal but sure along
with some other items that never
resurfaced but after just a few months
and minimal damage 80 got back to
Margaret who claimed she always knew 80
would come home not quite the quote
Margaret but still good for you number 4
Brooklyn Keyes in 2014 social media in
Brooklyn was ablaze with discussions
about a peculiar addition to the
Manhattan side of the East River
just up from the Brooklyn Bridge a baby
grand piano seemingly appeared out of
nowhere submerged on the banks of the
river at low tide the instrument was
exposed and curious locals went to
explore surprisingly the piano was in
relatively good shape other than these
all important detail that he couldn’t
make any sound that didn’t stop social
media being inundated with photos of
locals and tourists of like playing the
aquatic piano this brought the mystery
to the Internet where speculations
varied from an art project to a strange
viral marketing campaign upon further
investigation another story was
uncovered about another grand piano this
one appeared in Miami’s Biscayne Bay
back in 2011 but the two occurrences
seemed too far apart to be linked and no
one has claimed responsibility for
either of them the last reports of the
piano in 2014 claimed that the city
parks department wouldn’t remove the
piano as the beach was not under their
jurisdiction is it still there if you’re
from Brooklyn let us know in the
comments down below number three
gambling gods in 2017 Idaho appeared to
be the home of an almighty game of
chance when a giant die washed up on the
shores of a lake in Coeur d’Alene the
rusty metal Cube was around six feet by
six feet and had pipes protruding from
it the only curious element apartment’s
sheer size was the addition of bright
white spots numbering from 1 to 6
shortly after it arrived city workers
came to remove the oversized game piece
and its origins looked like they may
never be uncovered but the story of the
dye routes the news and those
responsible stepped forward rather than
a monopoly loving deity the diamond was
actually the work of Chris Gridley
in 2008 a rusty tank had washed up on
the nearby garden of Bradley’s
mother-in-law’s next-door neighbor
eventually he and his wife who
conveniently owned a sign shop got sick
of the eyesore and printed the vinyl
dice markings to spruce it up the dice
stayed on the property for about five
earning at the local nickname dice beach
before the time to get away to confuse
the hell out of people downstream number
2 the circuit in town in a city like New
York any number of strange things can
wash up from the various bodies of water
but surely the weirdest thing to ever
emerge from the waters of the Big Apple
came in 1981 because according to a
story from the New York Times
chronicling items discovered in the area
that’s the gear at giraffe showed up in
the New York Harbor now you may be aware
but two rafts are not native to New York
or even America in general so there was
understandably confusion it was pulled
out from the water by the Army Corps of
Engineers who believed that the animal
had been bound for a zoo on a boat not
by itself this was confirmed what it was
revealed that the giraffe had
disappeared several years earlier up
in doc during a shipping transfer the
giraffe had fallen into the harbor
possibly in an escape attempt
but it’s sadly drowned in the water
since then the large mammal had simply
been drifting through the New York
waters until its discovery from there
it’s most likely it was incinerated
bringing a tragic end to this real-life
Madagascar story number one the st.
Augustine monster in 1896 two young boys
were walking along the beach on
Anastasia Island Florida when they
stumbled upon what appeared to be the
washed up body of a large sea creature
at 21 feet long and 7 feet wide the st.
Augustine monster became one of the
earliest examples of globster an
unidentified organic mass that washes up
on a body of water the boys thought it
was probably just a whale which is quite
sensible really once when they recruited
local physician dr. DeWitt Webb he
quickly corrected the diagnosis and
declared the creature was a mythical
gigantic octopus this identification of
the legendary sea monster was later
retracted but that didn’t stop the story
in fact as late as 1971 a report
published in natural history confirmed
the existence of octopus giganteus it
wasn’t until 100 years after its
discovery that tests confirmed what the
two boys had originally thought the
monster was the heavily decomposed skin
and blubber of a whale heart this was
confirmed in 2004 by another DNA
analysis bringing the 108 year saga of a
st. Augustine monster to a slightly
anticlimactic close so that was 10
bizarre things that washed up on land
are we missing any have you ever
discovered something odd or strange on
the beach let us know in the comments
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  1. I would have put the dead "soldier" with false information on him – used to confuse axis powers about D-day as one of them. I always thought that story was neat.

  2. I imagine that ET got thefted by a couple of pissed lads who thought they'd have a proper laugh. I wonder how visible it was from the street, a specific abduction like that is usually planned by a relative/friend or is just a random drunken mishap.

  3. « A sUpeR MoON! This makes the moon appears much larger from down here […] »
    Yeah… no. Stop propagating this bullshit fact. The moon is larger about 10% in the sky during a so-called «super moon». Which is not that much at all… In fact you wouldn't even notice it if you weren't aware of the «super moon» before hand…

  4. I walk the beach almost daily. Lots of unsettling things wash up. I’ve found the middle third of an elephant seal, a baby harp seal still articulated skeleton with the entire skin “degloved”, attached at the skull, and most of a sunfish, all on the same day. Other finds, various whale bones, flowers, a dead raccoon, a dead sea otter, a steer skull complete with horns, etc., etc., etc.

  5. I haven't found anything strange on the beach, but I did find something absolutely adorable! Someone had carved into a large rock their wedding date and the names of the people wed. Apparently, they were married on that beach, and they wanted everyone to know.

  6. Hate to break the news but the Brooklyn piano is no longer there. It was removed awhile ago. But he is correct, the parks dept actually does not have jurisdiction at Brooklyn bridge . It’s a private owned park.

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