10 False Memories Everyone Believes

10 False Memories Everyone Believes

ten false memories everyone believes
number ten Nelson Mandela Nelson Mandela
did some undeniably great things in his
life but his resume gets even more
impressive when you add time warping
don’t mention traveler to the bottom in
1964 Mandela was thrown in jail and to
lots of people that’s where the story
ends you see a stunning number of people
claiming to distinctly remember Nelson
Mandela dying in the 80s while still in
jail even more unbelievably there are
people who claim to have strong memories
of Mandela’s funeral and even remember
rioting occurring afterwards spoiler
Mandela didn’t die in jail he left jail
in 1988 and kept right on being alive
until 2013 although to be fair to people
it’s not like Mandela did much after
leaving jail like becoming the president
of South Africa or winning a Nobel Peace
Prize or anything despite how odd it
sounds the delusion about Mandela’s
death is so popular it spawned its own
conspiracy theory the Mandela effect
some channel called all-time
conspiracies even did a video on it
according to the theories founder Fiona
Broome people are constantly sliding
between parallel universes as they
travel they carry over memories from
different worlds with them yep there is
actually a whole theory devoted to
saying no I’m not wrong it’s the
universe that’s wrong number 9 brands
remember that great old show Looney
Tunes we used to watch it while chucking
chick-fil-a jiffy peanut butter or Froot
Loops down our food holes
well actually we used to have Jif peanut
butter fruit loops and chick-fil-a and
that show we watch was called Looney
Tunes these are just a few of the
countless iconic brands that huge
numbers of people seem to misremember
others include for breeze with two E’s
The Flintstones without a tea and even
McDonald’s with an A the most likely
explanation is that childhood memories
are incredibly unreliable studies have
repeatedly shown that things remembered
from our earliest years are often wildly
inaccurate one study even proved that
completely made-up memories can be
implanted tricking subjects into
believing that they’ve been in a hot air
balloon as a kid when they never had
with our childhood memories already so
frail and a few more important things to
worry about it’s hardly surprising that
plenty of people add a hyphen to kick at
number eight Neil Armstrong the
culmination of years of interstellar
dick-measuring between America and the
USSR the moon landing remains one of
humanity’s greatest achievements
planting a man onto a rock in space
became a world-changing statement about
humanity’s place in the universe and
what does history remember Neil
Armstrong the man given the monumental
honor of being the first person on the
moon doing as soon as he stepped out of
his pod screwing up instead of
announcing that’s one small step for a
man one giant leap for mankind
Armstrong said that’s one small step for
man so Neil got the line wrong and
gaffed in front of millions of people
right well maybe not Armstrong maintains
that he did say for a man he blames the
fact that people didn’t hear it on his
Midwestern accent the noisy radio link
and the fact that landing a rocket ship
tends to take priority over clear
diction what’s more in 2006 a computer
programmer ran Armstrong’s audio through
a spectrogram designed to make disabled
people’s speech easier to understand and
to most people surprised the machine did
detect a sound spike in between four and
man number seven
Sinbad movie from good burger to jingle
all the way
Sinbad has appeared in some pretty
average films in fact he was literally
in a film called that’s adequate his
filmography is so men that his most
beloved film doesn’t even exist in
recent years the internet has become
obsessed with a film called Shazam a
family comedy in which Sinbad plays a
magical genie there’s only one problem
it’s not real despite fake video boxes
and posters being made online Sinbad
denies the film’s existence and there’s
no evidence to suggest the actor ever
appeared in any movies with genies the
reality is that people are confusing
Sinbad with Shaquille O’Neal Shaq did
make a film in the 90s called Kazaam in
which he plays a genie sari in which he
plays a rapping genie with an attitude
who’s ready for slam dunk fun which we
all agree is the best kind of genie this
slight similarity has convinced huge
sways of the internet into believing in
a movie that never existed
number six Humpty Dumpty we all know the
story of hunty Dumpty some cocky egg
starts sitting around on wolves like he
owns the place
but gravity isn’t having any of it and
pip slapped Humpty to the ground
this simple tale has inspired countless
adaptations includes ones where Humpty
hangs out with giant chickens rides rats
and stars in a stranger danger ad but
the famous slapstick shell was never
supposed to be an egg at all according
to nursery rhyme historians and yes
that’s a real job that people do Humpty
Dumpty is actually meant to be a cannon
and not even a wacky talking cannon that
plays a banjo in 1648 in Britain an army
of pro monarchy Royalists were under
siege from the anti-monarchy
parliamentarians at Saint Mary on the
wall a cannon shot from team Parliament
knocked the royalist largest cannon
nicknamed Humpty Dumpty off the castle
despite the royalist efforts to move the
cannon Humpty Dumpty was too heavy and
so all the king’s men couldn’t put
Humpty Dumpty back together again
though some dismissed this idea as a
hoax historian Albert Jack claims to
have uncovered proof of a preceding
verse about a gunner that proves the
true meaning of the verse number 5
inception sound anyone who’s seen
inception will remember this sound
yes when Christopher Nolan made his film
about the wolf of Wall Street stealing
people’s dreams or whatever
he didn’t just create another movie he
also gave the world the infamous it’s
since been used in trailers for
Prometheus the Avengers GI Joe –
battleship Tron Legacy and wrath of the
Titans basically if the film has robots
aliens or superheroes fighting it’s got
the inception horn but here’s the thing
everyone’s favorite foghorn noise never
actually appeared in Inception sure the
trailer is full of it but the movie
itself is completely horn free what’s
more inception didn’t even invent the
sound it’s very clearly used in the
advert for district 9 which predates
inception by about a year it could even
be argued that the horn blasts
originally makes an appearance in the
first Transformers trailer yet that
sound Hollywood keeps shoving down your
eardrums isn’t from an innovative
groundbreaking nolan film but a dumb
robot punch him up son of a
number four kidneys this is a bit of a
weird one but your kidneys aren’t where
you think they are you might think that
it would be hard for people to lose
track of something like a kidney after
all it’s not exactly going anywhere
yet there is still mass confusion as to
where the to life-saving little organs
are many people believe that the kidneys
are located low down on the back of the
body somewhere just above the hip but
that’s just what Big Pharma wants you to
think in fact your kidneys are much
higher than that they’re actually just
under the heart in the upper abdominal
area some conspiracy theorists blame
this kidney migration on the same
interworld slippage that makes the
incredible dimension-hopping Nelson
Mandela so hard to pin down but a more
plausible explanation is that old
medical charts were just inaccurately
drawn or the kidney troubles often
caused pain in the lower back which
makes people assume they must be their
number 3 Bologna I should probably warn
you this entries not as much fun as
made-up genie films or Humpty Dumpty
conspiracy theories on August the 2nd
1980 Bologna train station in Italy was
hit by a terrorist explosion the bomb
which was planted by neo-fascist
terrorists killed 85 people making it
the fourth deadliest terror attack in
Western Europe the bombing also severely
damaged the station including breaking
its iconic clock although the clock was
fixed city authorities decided in 1996
to stop the clock as a symbolic memorial
to those who lost their lives in the
terror strike 16 years earlier this is
where the story turns from horrifying to
weird you see in 2010 a group of
Scottish psychologists decided to
perform a study in which they asked
locals when the clock had been stopped
to their surprise the psychologists
found that 92 percent of locals
incorrectly thought the clock had never
been restarted after the attack that
number alone is surprising but it
becomes shocking when you know that
several of the railways own staff
remembered the clock never being
restarted that’s despite seeing the
working clock every day for 16 years
number 2 film quotes I hate to tell you
this but that Star Trek quote you love
to repeat at parties is probably wrong
stop saying Star Trek quotes at parties
your friends all think it’s kind of
weird the point is that most of the
iconic quo
people like to take from movies and TV
are remembered wrong in fact let’s put
30 seconds on the clock and do a speed
no one says play again salmon Casablanca
it’s know I am your father
not Luke I am your father Clint Eastwood
never said do you feel lucky punk and
Dirty Harry it’s not mirror mirror on
the wall it’s magic mirror Sherlock
Holmes never said elementary my dear
Watson and no matter how many times you
repeat it no one says beam me up Scotty
in Star Trek the reason is simple enough
most quotes need tweaking or condensing
to make sense outside of the film after
all greed is good is a better quote than
greed for lack of a better word is good
over time these tighten quotes become
confused for the real thing and we all
start saying the wrong lines number one
Tiananmen Square Google Tiananmen Square
and you’ll get images of one of the
world’s most iconic protests that’s
unless you live in China in which case
you’ll get put on a government watch
list regardless on the 4th of June 1989
Tiananmen Square was flooded with
students protesting government
suppression of free expression
unsurprisingly the government wasn’t too
happy and responded by suppressing free
expression trying to send the army in
and around 2,600 protesters and other
civilians were massacred but one student
wasn’t having any of it after the
protesters had been wiped out one
unknown figure was ballsy enough to
stand down for tanks this is where the
inaccuracies appear many people remember
the tank simply mowing down the
protester and continuing on their parade
in reality though the protester was not
run over he was taken off by a group of
soldiers and no one knows what happened
to him
this false memory is hardly surprising
considering the brutality the Chinese
army had already shown towards the
protesters in some ways it even seems a
more fitting end for a hero
experts believe was probably
unceremoniously killed off in private so
that was 10 false memories that everyone
believes which misinformed memories did
you hold are there any we left out of
the list let us know in the comments
and if you want more mental mystery
check out 10 ways your mind plays tricks
on you playing on screen right now

100 thoughts on “10 False Memories Everyone Believes”

  1. Interesting! My early childhood… Spiderman costume always remember being all black, and the record cover of Michael Jackson Thriller album I have memories him wearing a dinner suit 😂😂 could never been so

  2. This has nothing to do with the Mandela Effect. People confuse "Looney Tunes" because nobody who still watches it knows it was a split off from "Merry Melodies". They assume "Looney Toons" because they're cartoons, and because of "Tiny Toons" later on. It's just a misappropriation of information over generations.

  3. I have always been interested in South Africa and Mandela so I was thrilled when he was freed from jail and became president so I don't get this stuff.

  4. You also got something wrong: Mandela was released from prison on the 11th of February 1990 and NOT 1988!

  5. You are incorrect about the Sinbad movie, and NO, I am not getting it mixed up with that other one….the clothing was completely different, and O'Neal is much much taller and looks completely different than Sinbad…I recall seeing both videos on the shelves at the video store, pondering at the time, why they made two seemingly similar movies…I didn't watch the O'Neal one, but my oldest daughter and I most assuredly saw Shazaam.

  6. I remember the short cartoon series very well being spelled as "Looney Tunes". The title is spelled this way, because this and Merrie Melodies were originally Warner's answers to Disney's Silly Symphonies. Like Silly Symphonies, the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies shorts were musical comedies early on, but later became less music-driven and made more comedy-driven of various kinds. Even after that and the arrival of Bug Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, and others, there were some music-themed shorts still being made, such as What's Opera, Doc, though it's interesting how the spelling of the second word in the title has a double reference.

  7. It seems like, at least, some of these can be simply lies someone started to cover up something else.
    Motive? Who knows?

  8. It was looney toons, fruit loops, and i remember looking up beam me up scotty on youtube years ago and watching the part of the tv show when they say it. Also saw a video of that guy being run over by the tank at the end a long time ago as well

  9. I actually remember most of these accurately (some I do not know). That proves that I didn´t switched universes or time lines. But I also have a good memory.

  10. How can you confuse looney tunes with looney toons?!
    Even as a kid i made the connection of looney tunes/merry melodies because they had classical music in most of them.

  11. I am one of those absent-minded fools who gets everything wrong, so now-days, if I make a fool of myself…
    …I blame the "Mandala Affect"!

    I therefore, sincerely wish to thank the person or people who invented that wonderful excuse!

  12. It doesn't make sense "The Flintstones" would not have two Ts. We're looking at a cartoon depicting "Stone Age" culture. Flint is a type of stone, commonly used to strike a spark and create a fire or set a musket off, i.e.a "flintlock musket". So, it would be "flint stone", not "flin stone" or anything else.

  13. How many of you believe the Biblical quote, "Money is the root of all evil?" That's not what it says. I've heard it misquoted my entire life and I'm 60 years old.

  14. 7:49 this terror attack was commited by individuals of operation gladio a secret group operating within nato territory to cause some disturbance within the country to alter elections and not by some neo-fascists

  15. Well bubba, you just shot a whole lot of credibility with the Humpty Dumpty thing. The cannon story is just bullshit. The rhyme itself is meant as a riddle, so of course HD's identity is not specified in it. That's all.

  16. lol i wasn't caught out by any of them! Here is one for you tho that will totally ruin your childhood <G> the classic childrens circle rhyme Ring Around A Rosey was actually a warning song sung from town to town during the black plague. The actual lyrics are A Ring a wreath of roses. Pocket full of posies. Atachoo atachoo all fall down. …. The ring of roses denotes the classic rash on the chests of plague victims, the pocket of posies were herbs and flowers thought to protect people from the disease and atachoo atachoo all fall down- implying you sneeze twice and drop dead! pretty macabre!

  17. a guy getting run over by a tank at a Chinese protest would not have been reported upon by the media. Ppl aren't too bright …

  18. 4:19–4:21 no. Robin Williams will always be the best genie. He is in a "kind" all his own cause no one can touch his greatness. 💓💔

  19. Nelson Mandela did die in the 80s, as did Lue Farigno, and Laura Mackenzie Phillips in fake news stories. Later in the news Jimmy Hoffa was found in the 1990's. All my friends like Star Trek. Yes this looks mostly right, How do people get by with such bad memories. Thank you for something I can post rather than explain one at a time.

  20. This video is a perfect example of why you don't just #believe people without having tangible proof. I always remember it being "tunes". I thought it was named as such because it started out as short musical skits.

  21. in Ireland it's called macdonalds because mic is a slang so this video is wrong and others have actual occurrences because of sales pitching or other things like that so like the rest of thier videos, this one is also shit because they have a team or crayon eating window lickers on their team!!!!

  22. ok please explain why the young lady in the james bond film "moonraker" hasnt got any braces in? Jaws "villanous metal toothed henchman" falls in love with her because of the fact " like him she also has metal in her mouth in the form of braces"…… they apparently were never there in the first place ?

  23. I don't have any problems with false memories about Mandela. What I have issue with is his name was Mandela, not Mandeler. Get that shit straightened out Brits. Please, you don't own half the world any longer, so we don't have to put up with that crap any longer.

  24. some of these are a little dumb. Like Kirk does says "Beam US up, Scotty" several times as well as "Scotty, beam me up". So I'd personally say that "beam me up, scotty" shouldn't be here. In fact in the Christopher Pine trilogy Kirk says "Beam me up, Scotty" In all three films, the line was just never spoken in the old tv show. Just as the Sherlock Holmes quote, he did in fact say the exact words "Elementary, my dear Watson." In multiple films, BUT the words were never written by the author of the books. Too many technicalities. If it was said in the films/new films but not in the books/old shows, you can't say the characters never spoke those lines.

  25. Humpty Dumpty was not a cannon as the second part of this nursery rhyme isn't even in the same speech as the first (same language, different time usage).

  26. That childhood memories being unreliable thing makes me wonder if I really was almost struck by lightening or not, if I wasn't then I've been telling people that lie since the day it "happened" when I was around 12-13.

  27. Number 1. It says in my schoolbook that the tanks just drove around him… Thats weird that the guys making to books also thought that….

  28. No sinbad said he was on crack and that he use to work for the CIA and they went around trying to get rid of the movie.. yall are really trying to change my childhood… my memories are real.

  29. My Rabbi told us Nelson Mandela was a Communist who loved and praised Yasser Arafat, and Mr. Mandela went to prison for murdering many people.

  30. "elementary my dear Watson" was said by the first actor to play him. The actor felt he needed a catch phrase.

  31. The humpty dumpty one is not a false memory considering some people may have portrayed him as an egg instead of it being a false memory.

  32. This is dumb. Everyone is assuming that. It's hard to explain but we are assuming that the locals really didn't kno if the clock had been restarted but the truth is that they only stopped knowing when they were asked. Why dont we flip it and look at this from a diff angle. The brain can forget things in an instant

  33. this list should be called "assumptions that i assume you get wrong but i might be wrong aswell on some of them" …the horn was in war of the worlds in 05 2 years before transformers and that chinaman was lead away by other protesters not the army theres footage of this how can you be so wrong plus humpty dumpty is drawn as egg in every kids book so not actually our fault there

  34. Don't forget, our angel Nelson Mandela put tires over the heads of his enemies and set them on fire. Charming prick, huh?

  35. It's a bad idea to use the word 'everyone'. Those of us who closely followed the struggle against apartheid knew very well that Nelson Mandela was in jail and had not died. We read his books, and we kept up to date with what he was doing. Some people might have a 'false memory' but don't go claiming that everyone has. I've never heard of anybody thinking that 'Tank Man' was run over by a tank; on the contrary, he was known for standing up to them. Some of your ideas are a bit tenuous, to put it mildly.

  36. It's proven fact that shazam or whatever existed. I know this because he finally admitted it not to mention my one family members collected vhs tapes and owns that tape. You need a better fact checker. This was proven that it did happen

  37. I am South African and nobody in this country ever thought Mr Mandela died in prison. We had a massive funeral. Some people in this country did however and still do believe that he is a god.

  38. The Mandella that freaks me out:
    I KNOW Ed McMahon was the one giving the publishers clearing house checks on tv… And plenty of "residual" proof of that

    Plenty could be from misremembering/false memories but some just can't be explained… If they are false memories then how come such a large group has the SAME ones… Not ten different versions there are 2…

    With CERN, quantum computing, AI and any other future time travel, along with us not knowing how many parallel realities dimensions etc there could be who knows what kind of things could be made up… Also the Bible changes… There's no lion and the Lamb… Check it out… There are MANY other examples but these are some that freak me out

  39. This is the dumbest video I have ever seen, I never ever heard of anyone saying these things, I stopped the video at 1:55 because I couldn't go any further.

  40. I have a different theory about tank man—people make assumptions about why a piece of film is cut where it is. Because the news tended to cut the scene before he was taken away, many viewers inferred that this must be because the rest of the scene is too violent. It is a false, context based, inference.

  41. I have a false memory that Christopher Lloyd of Taxi and Back to the Future fame died in the early 90's and even though I know its false I'm always still surprised to see him on tv after that…..weird!!

  42. Slow the playback speed down to 0.5 on the Neil Armstrong thing and you can hear the "a" between "for" and "man".

  43. Well pretty sure I also got here from a parallel universe where it's not only it was "Looney Toons", but also where Inception is a lot older movie than both District9 and Transformers

  44. When the woman described parrell universe it reminded me of an episode of The Twilight Zone. It was where this astronaut came back from his trip to outer space and he wound up in a parrell universe where he was a colonel instead of a major. And JFK was never president of the United States. He did go back to his own universe where it was as he remembered it.

  45. I was alive in the 80’s & don’t remember any death or funeral of Nelson Mandela the reason being if Nelson Mandela had died it would have been world news everybody including myself would have got that news… his funeral would have been televised & as for riots in South Africa there would have been riots in England & USA to. Not forgetting songs that would have come out of South Africa USA & England about his death & the injustice of his imprisonment… People need to stay off the crack & coke it does funny things to your brain & your perception of real life gets vivid.. R.I.P Nelson Mandela… 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  46. By everyone you mean a few people, or all people who live in the USA , no Ska Fan suffers from the Mandela Effect thats for sure

  47. Lol. Shows a coronal CT view of the abdomen demonstrating the kidneys below the liver, spleen and stomach… Then says they're right below your heart. Since you showed you were wrong I don't have to – but how is that a false memory? Now where did I leave that kidney….?

  48. Ok, regarding the kidney's thing.
    In Karate training we were taught that the kidney's were low
    & in boxing, a punch there used to be illegal, like rabbit punches
    to the head, because it was the kidneys.

    Explain how an ancient martial art & boxing are also wrong then.?
    Oh & I have another one for ya while I'm at it.
    They NOW say that our little solar system is almost centrally placed
    in the Milkyway when it used to be on the outer edges before & it isn't
    just me who says so, but in the Monty Python 'universe song,' by Eric Idle,
    it states it position as part of the song lyrics, lyrics that are as accurate
    as they are funny.

    Now while I can accept that they may have been a bit off, but the
    amount of difference we are talking is immense here.
    & if they were THAT FAR WRONG then & yet all smug & certain,
    how can we trust they are any more accurate now.?

  49. iam not going deeper or talk about conspiracy shit but how the hell thousand or even million peoples has the same memories that claimed to be false memories? 🤔

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