10 Insane Glitches that Actually Made Video Games Better

10 Insane Glitches that Actually Made Video Games Better

10 Insane Video Game Glitches That Made the
Game Better When video games were in their infancy, glitches
were rare. It’s hard to screw up the programming in Pong. But as games grow in size and complexity,
errors pop up that leave gamers scratching their heads. These are ten of craziest, most mind-bending
glitches that somehow actually made the games better. Grand Theft Auto V — Flying Sharks
Water environments in video games are always terrifying. You’re usually struggling against a limited
air supply, slow movement, and the fact that you’re no longer top of the food chain. Grand Theft Auto V brings that same horror
to you…out of the water. The sharks in GTA V couldn’t care less about
the laws of physics. Nature’s perfect killing machine will swim
right up out of the water and into the air, and this isn’t just an amusing glitch. The sharks won’t hesitate to take a bite out
of you. It’s like the universe decided to avenge all
those poor innocents you ran down instead of doing the missions. Halo 2 — Super Jumping
We’re convinced there’s a perfectly technical explanation for why certain locations in Halo
2 had the potential to send you soaring into the air, but a far more reasonable answer
is that the earth decided to reject you for sucking. Certain multiplayer maps allowed players to
‘super jump’ to otherwise unreachable locations. A common strategy was to grab a sniper rifle
and run for the jump site, then spend the rest of the map tidily picking off the enemy
team. The only problem was when players didn’t know
how, and instead handed off the power weapons to the enemy team instead of paying attention
to what’s around them. Looking at you, XxSniperxX420. World of Warcraft — Biological Warfare
It’s not often than an in-game incident attracts the attention of the CDC, but if any game
could, it would be World of Warcraft. After Blizzard introduced Hakkar the Soulflayer,
a boss for the 20-man raid Zul’Gurub, players quickly lamented the Corrupted Blood spell. Not only could it drop HP to zero extraordinarily
quickly, but it could spread to anyone nearby. It’s no surprise then than Hunters realized
they could dismiss their pets and carry the disease with them…out of the raid. Soon, players were spreading the Corrupted
Blood plague into major cities, completely wiping out population centers with speeds
that made the Bubonic Plague sit back and pout with jealousy. Pokemon Red/Blue — Missingo
Ah, Pokemon. The game that defined so many childhoods and
launched the worldwide phenomena we know and love today. When Pokemon Red and Blue were released, the
cartridges weren’t capable of storing a huge amount of data. After all was said and done, there were 256
potential slots for Pokemon, of which only 151 were used. Missingo is short for “missing number,” and
was the error code thrown out by the game when it didn’t know what Pokemon should appear. Missingo could be a variety of different,
weird-looking sprites, but was far better known for the side effect: producing a near-infinite
amount of whatever the sixth item in your inventory is. Hello, Rare Candies. The Sims — Demon Babies
The Sims is an incredibly popular franchise, especially among gamers who prefer a more
laid-back style of gameplay that doesn’t involve guns. But it may involve an exorcism here and there. A strange glitch has appeared, which gives
certain player’s babies the look of children that need to be bathed in holy water. Distended limbs, bulging eyes, grotesque fingernails,
you name it — these babies are freaky. The cause of the glitch isn’t fully known,
although it’s suspected that it stems from people playing on computers that aren’t quite
up to the task of running The Sims. Civilization — Nuclear Ghandicaust
Perhaps the most famous glitch of all time comes from Civilization. Veteran players will remember how Ghandi,
a peace-loving character, would suddenly turn psychotic and being nuking the planet. None of that was intention. The leaders in Civilization were given ‘aggression
ratings’ to match their real-world counterparts. To no one’s surprise, Ghandi’s aggression
rating was the lowest it could be: one. But Ghandi would always try to win through
Diplomacy, which resulted in his aggression rating being lowered by two points. Since computer code doesn’t go into the negatives,
this looped it back around to a rating of 255. In the span of a single turn, the peace-loving
Ghandi would lose every shred of sanity and begin dropping atom bombs from orbit like
it was going out of style. And it was. Because Ghandi killed everything. Space Invaders — Increasing Difficulty
Almost every gamer alive knows of Space Invaders and the way it increased it’s difficulty — by
making the aliens move quickly the less there were on screen. The only problem is…they’re supposed to
move at the same speed. Tomohiro Nishikado, the developer of the game,
spent a full year building the hardware required to run it. Even then, the hardware struggled to keep
up. As you kill the enemies, the hardware is able
to render the graphics more quickly, resulting in one of the best-known difficulty sliders
today. Race N’Chase — Psychotic Cops
Long before Grand Theft Auto, a small studio called DMA Design produced a game called Race
N Chase. There were two major problems. Play testers thought it sucked, and the game
could barely run without crashing. More and more updates were put in place to
stabilize the code, but all of these updates had one major consequence: they made the police
AI in the game completely insane. Rather than drive like normal people, the
police would ram players and try to crash them. The play testers loved this accidental mechanic,
and the studio ran with it. While Race N Chase was never released by that
name, it was released later — as Grand Theft Auto. And DMA Design is now known as Rockstar. An accidental glitch created one of the most
popular game franchises of all time. Skyrim — Bucket Head
It’s almost cheating to put a Bethesda title on a list of glitches. There are so many strange events that happen
in open-world games, especially those the size of Skyrim, but one in particular stands
out. Skyrim lets players move items around, perhaps
for the purpose of decoration. One player decided to pick up a bucket and
put it on a shopkeeper’s head, and then quickly realized the shopkeeper was completely blind. It’s thievery made easy. Just find a bucket, drop it upside down on
someone’s head, and cue up Yakety Sax while you clean out all of their worldly possessions. Super Smash Bro. Brawl — Pikaman
Dedicated Smash Bros. players got a bit bored of the base game and decided to change out
character movesets. After all, who wouldn’t want to play as Pikachu
with Ganondorf’s moves? Totally innocent, right? Wrong. As players quickly discovered, some changes
should never be made. Swapping Pikachu’s moves for Ganondorf’s resulted
in human transmutation-levels of crimes against humanity. Because the game expected limbs to be in a
certain position certain techniques, the character skins were stretched out, resulting in what
players dubbed Pikaman — an abomination of all Pikachu’s cuteness, and proof that true
evil exists in the world. Video games, right? Glitches are inevitable, but sometimes they
lead the enough hilarity to make up for the occasional inconvenience. If you have any glitch stories you’d like
to share, comment below! Don’t forget to subscribe to CBR for all of
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  1. The sims glitch is caused by installing mods and those mods corrupt some of the files example it corrupts the file that gives the baby the shape

  2. skyrim will always be the glitchiest game i ever saw. the same mammoth falling from the sky, repeatedly? check. pushing a citizen into a wall, and he goes through it and suffocates? (and get bounty for it) check.

    and, best of all, sprinting into a door while holding a bulky item in front would allow you to go through the door, allowing you to access areas you shouldnt yet

  3. Skyrim's restoration potion glitch makes the bucket glitch look like a 10% off coupon to Burger King. If you get the order of actions right with the restoration potion glitch, you can make any apparel or weapon as powerful in enchantment or damage to the power in the millions. You can make these things so powerful that the game just isn't fun anymore because literally nothing can stop you. Or, if you just it sparingly, you can have fun with it. Like killing a giant by punching it in the dick, because you've given a simple leather glove a damage rating of 59845372346847592487. You can enchant apparel to give enhancement to all destruction spells to the rating of 89843249283758759 and suddenly a fireball will kill.. well, anything.

  4. Okay… umm… I remember beating the campaign of Call of Duty Black Ops 1 and when I got to the mission where Hudson gets you out of the chair. At the part where you come to after he punches to the game glitched and he was holding a golden AK47 and wearing his shades while standing guard. This happened for a second until he went back to normal.

  5. Glitch that made game better?

    I have one
    Creeper is a coding glitch on a pig
    Now its called the creeper!

    It made minecraft worst…
    It always kill mr on survival…

  6. On the Sega Master System, I played Space Harrier and beat the game… not 3D though> by the end of the game the difficulty sliders were so incongruously fast >the only way to move was in a diamond formation from one midpoint to the very next. It was so fast, you developed tunnel vision, and couldn't even see who you were shooting or the final boss at all. When the end screen came you had all of 3 or 4 seconds to read the story reprise and then it was credits. I realy think difficulty sliders was epitomized by another game on the same system called My Hero. That character had only one move~ the jumping/landing kick. It was like space invaders combined with metal gear sort of. While the cuteness of the game was attractive, after round 5 or so the speed of rushing attackers was blinding and utterly impossible to anyone. I kept hoping it would ease off after a round but to no avail. I used to read Game Pro back then, but I dont think anyone knew about the difficulty sliders as an imperative that needed adjusting. Still, it was enough to trigger the coffee tea or Sega! Catch phrase…

  7. I played PAC-MAN and when I tried to eat a ghost while it was flashing It turned back and killed me and than all the ghost where red and had lime eyes

  8. My favorite glitch in Minecraft is if your in a multiplayer world, and two peopletake an item from a chest at the same time, it duplicates!

  9. 2:01 … "Better" … https://www.dictionary.com
    Disliked. Griefing is fucking horrible, and the fact that you lead with a glitch that let players grief entire safezones at once is just disgusting.

  10. This happened while I was play a game on my tablet i had killed.a zombie with my shotgun it glitches out and it went me flying though the air and I think I broke the border and I never hit ground after 10 minutes i was sad because I had a big house but I had to delete that character and it started everything games is WithStandZ

  11. On my ps2 when I was playing tomb raiders legends I was on a ledge and I somehow fell off even though it wasn’t even steep…and yes..There were bad guys on the bottom and also I died of fall damage and spawned at a old check point

  12. Minecraft
    Placing a redstone block on iron block and piston underneath
    Remove iron block and piston is still powered despite not being connected to the source

  13. Seven days to die was the worst game I ever played it was glitching so bad that deers and zombies was falling out of the sky😂😂😂 even floating

  14. My favourite glitch is from the no internet dino
    So what you have to do is start the game and go into the typing screen at the same time and Boom the dino flies for a bit me and my friends were Laughing our eyes out.

  15. try to find glitches in this games…..Games:Bombsquad,Minecraft,Roblox,Crossfire)or try to find to them scary hidden things

  16. Halo 2 super jump was annoying I was about to kill the opponent and he did the jump and fucking rocketed me

  17. Once in my sims, when the newborn was growing into a toddler, the toddler spawned and the newborn body was floating in the air

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