TDCSH Today we bring you a selection of 10 games
to make and play with your family or friends.
All made with recycled materials and easy
to get.
challenge your friends exciting games
Just download the free templates
from our website tedigocomosehace.com
links have everything you need in the
video description
At number 1 we bring the board game
Mario Kart.
This is an original adaptation TDCSH team has made the popular racing game Nintendo
thanks to its modular structure
This game lets you create different tracks
can thus play each time a circuit
or increase the difficulty of these
in the game like the original Nintendo
You can fight your opponents
getting letters from item to launch your
attacks or leave traps for others
also we will find narrowings
on track
various obstacles and traps, lines
check Point
speed enhancers and much more
the first to cross the finish line wins
the race
You have the link to the tutorial and everything you need
for this game in the video description
This is the best Youtuber
An original board game team TDCSH
based on YouTube.
In this fun game you have to become
at best youtuber to win.
Post your videos, get likes and letters
that will make you have more subscribers
Partner collects the money and spend it for
buy equipment and improve your videos
or to buy cars, houses, boats …
(Ahem) and good for what you want.
download templates and instructions
the link description
where you also have the link to the tutorial
where we teach how to do
Have fun making this game made entirely
recycled materials
and become the best youtuber.
At number 3 we present our game
table football
An original adaptation of equipment TDCSH
soccer game for mobile devices
BUILD YOUR soccer field
Learn step by step how to make this stadium
which play the most fun games and
use tactics and lineups to get
score a goal while the opposing
Choose the colors of your favorite team and
riding competitions with friends
download this game and table and arm them following
steps tutorial
You have all the necessary links in the
video description
Number 4 we bring the board game
Of Minecraft
An original adaptation of equipment TDCSH
Construction of the popular video game and survival
This is a game that we recommend
even if you do not like the game we are adapting
In this game we are in a world
open by which we can move freely
to achieve our goals
we also have to fight creatures
to survive
and even against other players to defend
or things get hold inventories
download the templates to form the board
and the link parts of the description
spend a fun time arming players
and creatures
they attack us when we try to collect
the items we need to complete
our adventure
the game will have inventories
store the objects we go getting
objects that we must protect for others
Players are not done with them
We will also have a system to
trade and buy what you need in exchange for gems
All this and much more, make
this great adventure board game of survival
Very funny you should try
with your friends
You have the link to the video where we show
step by step to build this game in description
Also the download links for templates
and manual
Power play cards for more
Have fun with your friends playing this
game where the punishment is receiving electric shocks
Play your cards right to try not receive
downloads and be the one to press the button
Learn step by step how to play
cards and machine taps
all in a box that you can take anywhere
You can download the templates on the link
you also have the link to the tutorial where
We explain how to assemble it all
using only recycled materials
Calambrazo is an original adaptation of
famous card game UNO
to which we have added an extra thrill
machine incorporating touches
and as nobody likes receiving electric shocks
items become
in fun battles to see who takes
more touches
She puts everything in the box and take it to any
to electrocute your friends where
you best
At number 6 we have our board game
set in the universe of Clash of Clans
2 to 4 players will face on
wherein the first to reach the end wins
the match
on our way we will have to accumulate elixir
and gold to buy cards and move boxes
These cards use them to attack
and defend against other players
This is a very simple game and do
you will enjoy a good time with your friends
to have it just have to download the
templates by clicking the link description
and follow the video where we explain
as I build it
like other games also available
a manual to explain how to play
and how to use different cards to get
defeat your opponents
and reach the final to be crowned winner
Whether you’re a fan of Clash of Clans like
do not
we recommend you try this fun system
game created by the team I say as is done for you
The next game you want to show
It is our shooting game or shooting game
set in the universe of Royale Clash
a fun game made with recycled materials
where you have to knock down barbarians
with the arrow keys on your arquera
as in other games you have links
templates in description
Also the video where you can see Mount
Step by Step
this game you can play by yourself or with more
Play with a friend to see who opens the
Chest other and their reward stays or
competes with others for 2 chests.
You can also put your rules to play
the way you like
Aim and shoot down your target
Have fun putting together the pieces that allow you to
and practice your aim by shooting the barbarians
to open the chest reward
This game is the brainchild of the team
of tdcsh, set in the universe of Royale Clash
Number 8 will have a who’s who
also known as guess who
the game where you have to hit the character
asking questions to your opponent
weapon your own game using materials
together with recycled craft materials
download form templates and cards
with the faces of the characters
This game is an adaptation of the original
you can do at home
Remember that you can see the video of how
I do accessed from the links in the description
The next game that we propose is connects four or four in a row
this time set in the universe of STAR WARS
Choose your side and start the battle
download templates and this connects weapon
four made entirely from recycled materials
in the description also you find the video to learn how to do
this game is super simple to make
and you can always have it handy to challenge
whoever is a game
adds this adaptation of known connects
four to your games handmade
have fun
And last number 10
we bring you a classic gaming
makes this simple and original chess made
recycled materials
following in the footsteps of the video you have
left in the description you can mount the
board and pieces that will form our
chess board
This is a very easy and quick manualidad
make sure to please all lovers of this great game
and if you do not already know you waiting for
learn, you’re missing one of the best
board games ever invented.
And here the video today
Remember that you can download templates
to do any of these games
from our website tedigocomosehace.com
do not forget to leave your like if you liked
and see you at the next

100 thoughts on “10 JUEGOS de MESA para HACER y JUGAR con AMIGOS | MANUALIDADES RECICLAJE | DIY Te Digo Cómo”

  1. Fabuloso!! Cada vídeo es mejor, nadie quería jugar conmigo porque hago juegos sàdicos, pero su juego de acalambrazos se lleva la medalla de oro!! 😀

  2. En el minuto 6:54 dise si ves esto dale LIKE y contesta a esta pregunta: que juego de mesa quieres que sea el proximo?

  3. Realmente son unos capos…he llegado a este video por accidente, pero de lo mejor, juegos muy utiles, soy docente de una escuela rural en donde la tecnología es muy escasa y se me ocurrió enseñarles a los niños a hacer estos juegos. El que mas me encanta es el de Clash of clans, ese lo juego en mi celular desde hace 2 años y me emociona poderlo tener ahora en físico. muchas gracias por sus valiosos aportes. Me super suscribo

  4. Gracias por los juegos 😉
    Me gustó mucho el de Minecraft para jugar con mis hermanos y amigos.
    Ya lo descargué ,le daré like 🙂
    Si es que tengo alguna duda… aún se puede preguntar en los links de el manual?

  5. UY el de maicraf me gusta y class of clan OWO gracias , justo me intereso esto del rol pley, a veces me sguat jugar en equipo pero cuando estoy solo ek ajedres nos sirve asi que un juego de aventura de 1 jugador tambiene sta bien.

  6. no tienen uno sencillo de avanzar casillas y con trampas durante el camino? y la meta sera llegar a la casilla 100

  7. El link para las plantillas no me funciona, me manda a una página nada que ver 😖😭, y yo que quería hacer y jugar el de Mario 😥

  8. alguien me podría compartir el link para bajar el juego de mario kart…..en la descripción del vídeo no la veo

  9. No había tenido el placer de ver sus videos,,lo que hacen es genial y muy bonito,, compartir sus creaciones los hace buenas y geniales personas,,sigan así gracias. PD: no sé como puede haber más de 400 idiotas que ponen que no les gusta,,cuál es su sustento,,aparte de sentirse ofuscados por no ser creativos y su único aliciente es tirar para abajo a otros.

  10. eh al principio dijiste FACIL DE conseguir y despues dijeste que hay que descargar plantilla no ten inpresora 🙁

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