10 Reasons Why Jacks or Better is the Best Video Poker Game to Play

10 Reasons Why Jacks or Better is the Best Video Poker Game to Play

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American casino guide. In this video
Linda Boyd who is the author the video
poker edge gives
details on the top 10 reasons why jacks
or better
is the best video poker game to play. And
here’s linda boyd. One of the best games
that you’re gonna find in the casino
is video poker and one of the best games
that you’ll find
of the video poker games is a game
called Jacks or Better
And there are ten excellent reasons why
you would choose
the game called Jacks or Better. The
the ten good reasons is game
availability it does you no good to learn
how to play a video poker game
then you arrive at the casino and you
can’t find the game that you selected to
so availability is critical
virtually every single casino that
offers video poker
will offer some version of Jacks or Better
my favorite version because it has the
expected return (called e.r.) is a game
9/6 jacks or better. You can find it
because everything pays the same for
winning hands with two
exceptions. The first exception in Jacks or
is the full hous. 9/6
pays 9 times each coin bet for a full
and six times each coin bet for a flush
so you want to play that as opposed to
one that pays
8 for a full house and five for a flush
called 8/5. Keep in mind there are other
versions available in the casino
but you may not want to play them due to
the expected return
So availability is the first good reason
to select Jacks or Better
Reason number two is something called
variance and the variance is also called
the risk factor in the game so the risk
relates to how long your bankroll with
the money you brought
the casino will last. Jacks or Better has a
low variance
something that’s a good thing for players
If you’re playing 9/6
Jacks or Better variance is
approximately 19.51
compared to say double double bonus
9/6 double double bonus has a variance
of 41.98 and and that’s
twice the risk to your bankroll. If you want
to hang on to your bankroll
variance or volatility is extremely
important and that is number two. The
third good reason for choosing
Jacks or Better is promotional equity.
Promotional equity
relates to how many entries you’ll get into
a drawing. The more
tickets you have the more entry tickets
that you have the better your odds are
of winning the coveted prize so you want
equity or an increased number of drawing
Since the variance is low as described
in reason number two
you’ll be able to play longer on the
given bankroll
casinos determine how many entry tickets
by something called
coin in which is the amount of money
you run through the gaming device. You
will run through
approximately twice as much money on a
given bankroll
say a hundred dollars with jacks or
better than you will
on a high-risk game like double double
bonus. Thus,
you increase the number of tickets you have
and I call that
your promo equity. The fourth good reason
to select Jacks or Better play is
increased comps.
We all want to have increased comps which is
giving you free food or free show tickets
or anything the casino maybe offering
you will get double on a given bankroll
than you will for high-risk game
like double-double bonus that I’ve been
using in the other examples
So if you take say a hundred dollars
with you to play in the casino
you might get twenty dollars in comps if
you choose Jacks or Better
whereas you would only have ten dollars in
the odds are if you chose high-risk game
like double-double
bonus. The more coin in, the higher your
will be. Reason number five
that you would select Jacks or better is
more cash.
There are two kinds of cash that you can
the first is called bounce-back cash
that comes to you in the mail and it’s to
entice you
to come to the casino you’ll get more
bounce back cash
by increasing the amount of coin in that
you have
on a given bankroll and also second
kinda cash
is of course the slot club points
you cash in your slot club points if you
have double the number of points
by choosing a low risk game like Jacks
or Better
you will get double the amount of cash back when you go to collect your slot Club
Reason number six is something
relatively new we find in casinos today
they now give cards indicating levels
They’ll have low roller, medium level
and a high roller sometime they’ll have even
levels. For you the player it’s best to
have the highest level possible
because there’s more perks Associated with
the higher
levels. By increasing the coin in you run
through a machine
you will increase the likelihood
of rising to a higher level slot club
thus, you’ll increase your perks and
Reason number seven is longer sessions
nothing worse than going to a casino
with a group friends
and you’re there until the group decides
to leave all of a sudden
you have run out of bankroll. By playing a
low volatility game
that pays more for frequent hands
like two pair Jacks or Better is the
you’ll be able to last longer the same
thing is true
if you choose to go on vacation and you
want to get in at least three
to four hours of slot play or video poker
you’re gonna last longer with a game like Jacks
or Better
than something that runs through your
bankroll real quickly like double double
or any video poker game that only
even money for two pair, a frequent hand.
Keep in mind Jacks or Better returns
double your wager
for two pair, a frequent hand. Reason number eight
is Jacks or Better has an easy strategy
because it’s very intuitive. By that
I mean most people are inclined when dealt two pair
to hold both pairs and that’s exactly
what you should do
with any version Jacks or Better. However,
some games
you do not hold two pair for example if
you’re playing
double double bonus and you’re dealt two pair
one pair aces the correct strategy
is the whole the pair aces so it’s more
complicated to learn the strategy for
like 10/7 double bonus or even
9/6 for any version of double double bonus
once you’ve learned the basic or key plays
for Jacks or
better you’ll be able to play any kind
of format involving the games of jacks
or better. The number nine recent that jacks or better is a good choice for players
is it’s a core game when you look at
the place that have
a selection of games that you can play
Let me explain that sometimes you can
a multi-hand game like three play or five
play and so on
just to make the game a bit more
exciting. Jacks or Better
is one of the core games you can select
from. The same is true for games like
multi-strike, spin poker, quick quads
and there’s a number of formats you can
select from
Reason number ten that you would want to
choose Jacks or Better as your game of
is it’s frequently found in a
progressive version
sometimes you want to play 9/6 Jacks or
of course it’s the best version but it
simply isn’t
available in the casino so the next best
would be an 8/5 progressive Many games
are simply
not found in progressive form very often
For example deuces wild games are
infrequently found in
progressives and when you do find them
they’re bad
versions. Not so with jacks or better
so if you can’t find the 9/6 jacks or
you’re very likely to find an 8/5
progressive version
a good thing for you, the player. So there you have it
ten good reasons for choosing to play
Jacks or Better
as your video poker game choice if I had to
the most significant of these ten
it would be the variance or the risk
because derived from the variance or
risk factor
are several other advantages like the
and increased number of promo tickets,
amount of cash that you earn, higher
levels and that sort of thing
So Jacks or Better is a wonderful game
for players
and its easy to learn with the most
important and sigificant
factor that makes it such a great game
the variance. Low variance, good game.
If you wanna learn more about me are my
work I have a book
it’s called the video poker edge it’s published by Square One
out of New York I also write for three
Arizona player, southern gaming, and
Midwest gaming and travel
I have an article in this year’s
American casino guide
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55 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Jacks or Better is the Best Video Poker Game to Play”

  1. I wonder if anyone knows of a website or resource that tracks casinos which have the 9/6 version of video poker that video poker players look for. Also … it would be nice to know the expected payback using optimal strategies. How does it stack up from an overall long term payback?

  2. You can go to vpfree2(dot)com to see a list of video poker paytables available at different casinos throughout the U.S. The site relies on volunteers to post the information, so it isn't always 100% accurate, but it's pretty good, and it's free!

  3. Except now all Harrah's properties in Las Vegas have drastically increased the coin-in requirement of Jacks or Better from $10 to $25 to earn one tier credit. A big blow to video poker players. Let the executives at Caesar's Palace, Paris, Bally's, Planet Hollywood and elsewhere know what you think. This will likely spread to the rest of the country.

  4. I very rarely play that game becuase it is usually offered with bad pay tables. If you can find the game wih good pay tables, it's a good game to play because the Super Times adds extra value (about .25%) to the overall payback percentage. The bad part is that it also increases the volatility of the game.

  5. Thank you Steve. I've been playing double double bonus on 3/5/10 hand IGT slants with a good bankroll and have found that it's more profitable with more action than a single hand play machine : )

  6. Borgata has an 8/6 on Super Times, which is great when compared to the other AC casinos and especially the Philadelphia Casinos which literally have 6/5 versions. So if you like Super Times like I do it at Borg.

  7. Yes, I am 1 of those volunteers (monitor's) and vpfree2 is (usually) always looking for new/more monitor's. If you happen to see incorrect information about a game/casino vpfree2 welcomes your comments and updates.

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    This guy has a lot of videos, and every video is EXACTLY the same when they are talking about VIDEO POKER. And the best part is, it`s all bullshit. You can`t win a lot of money at video poker, either you will lose a bit of money, or win a bit, that`s why people prefer SLOTS so either you lose a lot of money, or you hit the jackpot, so easy is it.

  9. Playing any slot is about financial return not comps or playing longer.This womans a casino employee,,,,isn't it obvious?

  10. I live in Modesto CA and I have been to all the local casinos  NONE of them have a jacks or better video poker machine with 9/6  The best ive found is a 8/5  is this ok to play? 

  11. can an Expert player make a living at this  by playing perfectly all the time over a period of time    or  is this just a Hobby and we win some we loose some. and never really get ahead at it over time?  Just wondering if one can become an Expert at this and make  a living at it. I think not  but Im asking you.  Thanks for any info you can give me.  JKW

  12. How is a 9/6-Jacks-or-Better machine the better game when a full-pay Deuces Wild is 100.76%? The optimal strategy is even easier to learn…

  13. Actually, because of the high relative return and low variance, most casinos require you to play twice as much for the same amount of point that they give to slot players who have a way higher negative return. So, she is not correct that you get more slot points.

  14. I have been using Winpoker 6 for practice on JoB a Bonus Poker. One thing I cannot figure out is when you have hand containing Ace, King, Jack mixed suite. How come it always recommended to discard the Ace? Why not the Jack instead? 

  15. I was playing JOB today and the woman behind me got a Royal Flush, looked at her payout and she only bet one credit instead of max.  So instead of a 4000 credits she only got 250….lesson to be learned ALWAYS play max!

  16. this lasy has no idea what she is talking about, promo equity? lol she musta made that term up and saying the bankroll will last at jacks or better longer than other video poker is totally false. each machine has a payback % if the payback % is the same as double double bonus then your chances of winning are the same. if you want to earn conmp points faster then video poker is better than regular slots only because the paytable on video poker payback % is set higher than regular slots. it has nothing to do what game you play. please don't go by a so called expert telling you that the sky is bluer in vegas is bluer than the sky in arizona. its the same sky no matter where you are. and the slots are still slots there is no risk factor or risk factor from one video slot machine to the next that has the same payback %

  17. I play a fair amount of video poker at Indian Casinos in Southern California.
    I do my fair share of research as well.
    9/6 Jacks or Better (JoB) is my game of preference for several reasons.
    If played optimally, the Expected Value is 99.54% and the volatility is low (meaning you don't hit large jackpot wins and you don't experience long droughts) compared to other games such as double-double bonus (DDB). It also is the easiest strategy to master or at least become proficient as you do not have to deal with flush and/or straight penalties affecting your strategy.  Please note that strategies differ for each video poker game as well as each pay schedule and with progressive jackpot games can even change based on the magnitude of the Royal Flush jackpot. In addition, I make sure I take advantage of point multiplier days in which the casino offers double or more than normal points during excepted periods of time.  This allows me to accumulate points while earning comps for food, percentage discounts throughout the casino, free hotel nights and special giveaways.  My overall win/loss is a little better than even, however, I have access to 3 free nights a month at two different casinos and over $300 in free play at those two casinos along with lesser amounts at other casinos where I play less.  I also receive free food bonuses each month and more during my birthday month.  Each and all of these opportunities are what brings the 9/6 JoB game over the 100% threshold.  The American Casino Guide is a fantastic resource for me.  There book and the associated coupons are outstanding.  I used their $10 freeplay coupon at El Cortez in Las Vegas in 2014 along with some research at VPFree2 and landed a royal flush on a quarter machine for $1000.  People do win at Video Poker.  You can also find additional information on VP, why & how to approach the game objectively in Bob Dancer's video poker column at Las Vegas Advisor.  ACG & LVA know what they are talking about.  Just because your experience differs, doesn't change the number of cards in the deck and the probability of drawing the cards you need or the cards you don't.  Remember each hand is independent of the previous, and the statistics will even out over a several hundred thousand hands….. Good Luck, hope you hit the Royal!

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  21. how do i determine the variance for a given machine. the payout charts are for seeing whether it is 9-6 vs 8-5 but what can i look at to see how high the variance for a given game/variant is? thank you this is a great video. Linda Boyd is a very smart person.

  22. when you go to a casino…don't go thinking you're making a living at it,set a budget that you know you may lose…and don't go over it…..know when to cash out even if you think you have a streak going…don't become a degenerate gambler just going to have a good time…..!!

  23. thats funny I have seen jacks or better where the full house was was 9 and the flush was six but everything else was completely different from what is shown here for example at I believe it was at Plainridge Park in Massachusetts where they had even money on jacks or better 2 pair and 3 of a kind but an 80 coin payout for four of a kind.

  24. I just take $200 , and play for 3 hours. most of the time, I get +$50, and that's fine with me.

  25. What is the house edge if you bet the 1x (Where royal flush pays 250) instead of 5x (where royal flush pays 4000)

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    There is a sign on each machine informing you of this.
    My advice, Don’t play Slots
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    Slots are for Suckers

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  28. My casino only pays even money on both jacks or better and on 2 pair. Is it better to keep the 2 pair drawing only one card or hold the jacks or better pair and drop the low pair hoping for 3 of a kind or 4 of a kind drawing 3 cards instead of 1?

  29. If you can break even at any version of jacks or better (all the bonus games are), then tens or better is for you. Why? A pair of tens has value now. So you have more pairs, two pairs, 3 of a kind, straight and flushes happening. More winning hands. A whopping amount. Inch forward with tens, and get the phone app because it plays from a penny up past a hundred per chip!! Glhf!

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    I've played regular slots (Aristocrat only) with a very successful result due to knowing the algorithm that the machines use and knowing that there is a special "code" that can be seen that will tell a prelude that the machine is about to payout a jackpot within about 60-100 spins. This strategy and method netted me 20k in monthly profits. For me, that is my Professional money. So, what's the most that has been reliably (on a regular monthly basis) won on video slots?

  32. Jack or better is the worst game to play because even though 2 pair is frequent you still have cold runs. With 9/6 or 8/5 break even happens frequently what a bore no implied odd's for big payout and the cycle for quads is the same as a few other games. My best strategy to use is always speculation,but it involves multiple games 9/6, bonus deluxe and double bonus. It's the same reason you play max credits in order to get max pay based on the full amount,Deluxe pays 400 for 4 of a kind in deluxe wouldn't you rather hit that vs 125. Switching back to jacks or better for that +2 pair in the speculative cycle on 7.6 hands gives you ample opportunity to benefit from that payout multiple times while only hitting it occasionally on Deluxe and accepting break-even as just that. The other hands are still positive ev like flush,full house and straights and one neat trick is to find a game that pays 50 for full house with it's 99.6 hand cycle you can speculate in that range and if your lucky you hit and most likely it's just kings and zero loss for that speculation. If you not mixing it up your stuck in the game 9/6 is a stale game with no implied odds and as she said your just breaking even and getting comps.

  33. i always play jacks or better its easy and trying to work my way up to Raimondo club with comps will see what happens

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