10 Things Casinos Don’t Want You To Know

10 Things Casinos Don’t Want You To Know

• How do casinos trick you into feeling
like you’re winning, even when you’re
How do they get your money out of you even
if you don’t gamble?
From psychological tricks to behind-the-scenes
technology, here are 10 things casinos would
prefer you never think about.
10 – No clocks or sunlight
• It’s a pretty simple equation – the
more time you spend in a casino, the more
money you spend.
• Casino games take your time as much as
your money.
Like binging a great show on Netflix, you
can lose a whole day and not even notice.
That’s what the casinos want.
• There’s a psychology behind keeping
you isolated from the outside world.
Seeing a clock will remind you that you’ve
spent 5 hours at the casino.
Looking out the window and seeing that it’s
dark will spur you to leave.
• And if you leave, you are no longer spending
money there.
9 –Stealing Dealers
• The bad news is, dealers have been caught
The good news is, they’re stealing from
the casino, not from the players.
• The most common method of theft is simply
stealing chips.
One woman stuffed 3 thousand dollars worth
of chips in her bra – six chips at 500 dollars
And she did it on an elevator, under video
• Another dealer at a UK casino had a false
pocket where we would slide chips that went
all the way down into his socks.
Then he would go out on a smoke break and
give the chips to an accomplice who would
exchange them for cash.
8 –Scent Science
• Almost nothing that you see in a casino
is by accident.
• The height of the ceilings, the position
of the lights, the smell on the floor.
• Everything.
• But the scent science of casinos isn’t
as simple as you think.
Scent is strongly tied to memory and emotion,
so it isn’t as simple as just drawing people
in with the scent of popcorn or freshly-baked
• Scents are blended and pumped into the
ventilation systems to reflect the location
of the casino.
Then they are focus-tested to see which scents
tend to drive more spending and gambling.
• Even your sense of smell is being psychologically
7 –Labyrinth Design
• Much like grocery stores, casinos are
laid out in a very deliberate sort of way
to get you to wander through them and spend
money in places you wouldn’t normally.
• Unlike grocery stores, casinos are not
laid out to let you know where everything
They’re labyrinth-like mazes of flashing
lights and confusion.
• You’re not likely to get LOST in a casino,
If you really want to get out, it’s easy
enough to do.
• But in the meantime, if you’re just
wandering around on the floor, you’re much
more likely to run into a shiny wall of something
new than the exit.
6 –Tables are a better bet
• Slot machines have the biggest payouts
of any game on the casino floor.
Put a dollar in, win a million, right?
• And on top of that, they’re also the
most visually attractive.
Why do you think that is?
• In addition to having the worst odds of
any game on the floor, they are also the game
in which you have the least control.
• You simply start the machine, and the
outcome is predetermined.
At table games like blackjack, you can at
least make decisions that affect the outcome
5 –Always Watching
• In a large-scale casino like the Bellagio,
there are probably about 2 thousand cameras
on in the casino at all times, with roughly
50 monitors displaying the footage on demand.
• Obviously, a few security personnel can’t
watch all 2 thousand cameras at once.
But the footage is kept and archived, so if
there is any evidence of cheating or theft,
they can reference the footage.
4 – Near wins
• Near-wins are a deceptively strong weapon.
To a gambler’s brain, an “almost win”
provides almost the same rush as an actual
win… even though it’s a loss.
• In other words, if a slot machine comes
up with two 7’s instead of three, what it
basically tells your brain is, “Hey, we
almost won, just need to play a little more
to win big!”
• In reality, those near-wins are programmed
into most slot machines to keep people playing…
because a near-win is still a loss, and loss
still means losing money.
3 –Can’t Cheat the House
• Casinos are on the forefront of security.
They watch everything from every angle.
• The simple act of counting cards?
They’ve seen that a billion times.
• There are people coming in and trying
to defraud casinos with disguises and false
identities, so they’ve invested in facial
recognition technology.
They’re constantly covering all the angles.
• If you think you’re going to walk in
and outsmart the house, think again.
They’ve probably already busted someone
else trying to do the same thing.
2 –Draining the non-gambler.
• Casinos aren’t just places where you
play gambling games.
They’re huge entertainment hubs, with hotels,
restaurants, bars, and even live entertainment.
• If you’re spending time at a casino,
they’re going to find ways to separate you
from your money.
• Hidden fees and marked-up services are
two of the most popular ways to do it – and
while that’s true of all hotels to an extent,
hotel casinos are among the worst offenders.
1 –The Psychology of Chips
• If you’ve learned anything from this,
it’s that casinos will use any dirty, subtle,
psychological tricks they can to lift your
money off of you.
• The use of chips is one of the most insidious.
• We all know what money feels like, right?
It’s metal coins, or paper bills, or plastic
But casino chips?
Chips don’t feel like money.
• Their purpose is to DISGUISE the value
of money.
That’s why a one-dollar chip is the same
size and weight as a 25 thousand-dollar chip.
• You might think twice about putting a
stack of hundred-dollar bills on the table
for a bet.
But one little, innocent chip?
That doesn’t seem like much at all – even
though it’s the same amount.
• Furthermore, to
leave the casino, you have to cash out.
And that means you have to take your chips
into the casino and cash them out… walking
by countless other temptations on the way.

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  1. #1 don't fucking play the damn slots

    I've been to the casino once and I asked why the dealer was giving good tips and helping me and my buddy win (playing 3 card poker), and then she said that we make enough money from those and pointed to the slots rofl

    I've always known that slots were bad and nothing but RNG but damn did that cement my opinion on them

    Also near wins is a loss, period, if you bet a million dollars and almost won, you still lost a million fucking dollars

  2. Hi Planet Dolan, I've been a subscriber to your YouTube channel for about 3 years now. I really enjoy watching your videos. I have 2 chronic lower back pain conditions, Lumbar Spinal Stenosis and Degenerative Disc Disease and Osteoarthritis in both of my knees and in my hips. I can't sleep most nights because of my chronic pain so I binge watch your videos. Binge watching your videos helps me get through the sleepless nights and helps me forget about my pain. Thank you for making your videos, I really appreciate it, your long time fan from Grimsby, Ontario Canada.

  3. I'm glad I never been in a casinos, after seeing all the tricks they do, I could of lose my ass, as soon I step in the casino and come out in 10 minute flat broke.

  4. Haven't been back to Vegas since 2010. Tight machines, Resort Fees, and now Parking Fees. Are you kidding me? I play lottery scratch off games in Florida. That's the same thing as a slot machine. Usually 1 in 3 is a winner. That's why Vegas is going under, people staying home playing scratch off games from the local grocery store.

  5. When friends have insisted on going to a casino for an activity I publicly empty my pockets into the hands of the nearest homeless person. Betting on a chance I can help a person smile for a bit rather than grins from a big company. Then I just enjoy my friends having fun as a supportive friend.
    In the last 40yrs I’ve watched casinos open on tribal lands, but the challenges faced by Indians on those lands don’t improve and instead sometimes worsen (adding gambling addictions). Too often it feels like the poor people have been hoodwinked; I can’t buy into that kind of operation.

  6. I still dont get why counting cards is illegal its using a strategy to help you win and its not like its an easy thing to do in first place. I dont see it as cheating its using your brain and strategy

  7. Isn't dangerous to tell everybody about this, since you know, casinos don't want to people to know their secrets

  8. As a Casino employee, I was surprised how many of these facts were wrong. Then again you're obviously talking about big Vegas casino's, and not small town ones like where I work.

  9. Casinos; Basically adult versions of Chuck E. Cheese’s except you don’t win as much and people smoake

  10. I don't like casinos. The music is usually too loud. Tons of cigarette/cigar smoke/smell. The games are boring af. No real point.

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  12. I'm happy I saw this :3 I am going to Vegas in 2 months and now I will be more aware if/when I visit a casino.

  13. Actually, in most casinos, Checques (chips are only used on roulette tables) valued at $1,000 and higher are slightly larger. However, chips on the roulette table can be of any value determined by the dealer/floor. They mark the value on the side of the wheel.

  14. I mean, the part about having control with lottery machines isn't TOTALLY true… Once you've chosen the lottery machine then your in for the ride until you eventually leave it and that's it… Although you still have control over which specific machine you choose to play on and that could mean the difference of losing horribly or winning the jackpot…

    That's for better or worse depending on how good you are at actually playing the card games and such.

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    If you really want to go into gambling, why not at the stock market.

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  21. I've only been in a casino once. My boyfriend gave me $20. I turned it into $700 somehow and didn't play a single game after that.

  22. No clocks in a casino? Yup!
    Gotta say, though, bottled water in casinos are usually free (unless you're some kind of stickler who insists on Voss Artisan or something). If someone gets really drunk, they need water to sober up, after all.

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  25. Actually, every casino i have ever been in, all chips $500 and up are larger than the lower denomination chips. This is so they can be more easily seen by camers and staff.

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