10 tips on how to win more football bets

10 tips on how to win more football bets

Hello and welcome to bettingexpert. In
this video I’m gonna present our top 10
tips to help you become better at betting
on football. Now all of the information
here is taken from the betting expert
Academy, which you can enroll in for free.
But let’s get straight into it with our
tip number 1: And that is to only bet
when you see value in the market. Now we’ve done other videos on how to
actually identify value bets and what
they are, but essentially if you can bet
on an outcome that you predict is more
likely to happen than what the
bookmakers odds suggest, then you’re
going to profit more in the long run.
Now tip number 2: It’s a bet better on
football, is to always be prepared to
learn more. Now you might be an expert on
the Premier League and all the stats
behind it, so that you might know how
often José Mourinho size keep clean
sheets against the top 6 in the table, or
how many minutes it takes for Sergio Agüero
on average to score a goal, but
if you don’t know the nuances and the
intricacies of betting markets, then you
might struggle to profit on the long run.
So be humble and don’t be afraid to
learn new things if you want to profit
more on your football bets. So tip number
3 is to stick with the league that you
know most about. So for instance, if you
were a Premier League expert it doesn’t
make much sense to switch over to the
Danish second division and balance a
team there, if for instance there’s a
break in the Premier League action, that’s
probably not the best strategy moving
forward so always stick with what you
know. And that leads us nicely into tip
4: Which is to stick with the markets you
know most about as well. So you might be an expert on the 1×2 market or Asian
handicaps, doesn’t make much sense to
then look at last goalscorer market, or
10 minute throwing lines, or something
like that, if you have an edge in those
particular market.
So tip number five is to apply sound
money management so this is something
that we do talk about a lot here on
bettingexpert and in the bettingexpert
Academy, responsible gambling and being
with your bankroll is key to be able to
profit long term. And tip number six is
to keep a record of every single bet you
place. This is actually going to help you
keep a more sound at bankroll management
strategy, because you’ll have a record of
every single bet you place you can also
learn new things as well so you can
identify trends in your winning bets or
potentially spot on mistakes, so you
don’t repeat them in the long term as
long as you’re keeping a consistent
record of your bets. It just so happens,
we’re going to help you out with this as
well, with a free spreadsheet you can
download from the bettingexpert Academy,
the link is below the vide. Tip number
seven is to assess performance potential
accurately. So you’ll hear a lot about
form of a team, whether or not they’ve
won the last couple of matches might be
seen as a good thing, but when it comes
to football betting you’re gonna need to
look beyond that to assess the
performance potential accurately. So
things like are there any injuries in
and the squad, are there suspensions as
well, those could play a factor if key
players are missing, or even the
replacements that come in to replace
those players if they’re not firing that
can really humper your team’s chances of
winning. There are other factors as well
to look at such as fixture congestion, so
if it’s like over the Christmas period
in the Premier League where there are
lots of fixtures one after the other,
that could play a big role and have a
big impact on whether or not a team will
perform at their best. Other things as
well like the style clash, so whether
there was a team like Leicester were
when they won the Premier League very
much a counter-attacking side where they
come up against a team that really does
play well against the counter-attack
they have quick defenders, they can stop
that in its tracks.
Then as are another really important
factor to take note of now. Tip number
8 is to exploit biases in the market
by betting against the crowd. Now what I
mean by this is once you’ve identified a
value bet,
it’s really a good idea to commit to
that regardless of what the market is
suggesting. So the example of this is
that most casual punters will actually
look at potentially short priced home
favorites to win where you might have
identified value in the away with so
actually you’re increasing your value in
that case by avoiding what the crowds
are doing by looking at those short
price favorites. Now tip number nine is
to follow some football tips that
experts so it just so happens here on
betting X but we do have a pool of
profitable tips as our experts when it
comes to football betting now you might
have looked around online and noticed
there are other tipsters out there that
potentially charge for their tips as
well or every tip on betting expert is
free but also with those other tipsters
that do charge their tips you might not
have a reliable track record of their
profit and loss, where as on bettingexpert
well our tipsters are competing for cash
prizes, based on whether or not their
tips are successful. So we do keep a
record of every single tip posted to the
website and as I said before it’s
completely free for you to go and read
them and follow the advice. And our last
tip, tip number 10 the bet better on
football is to have multiple betting
accounts. Now this makes a lot of sense
when you are looking at those value bets
and basically making the most of the
odds out there so the website like smartbets
will help you compare the odds of a
range of different bookmakers and as
long as you’ve got a count to each one,
then you’ll be able to use the best odds
possible on your body bets. So that’s it
they’re our top ten tips for betting
smarter on football. Thanks a lot for
watching. I’lle be back soon with more videos
but for now always a gamble responsibly

35 thoughts on “10 tips on how to win more football bets”

  1. I do it very differently. I stick a few quid on when a team is massively likely to win. Only get a tiny profit (say a quid a time) but it's only for a bit of fun and those quids add up over a season. Of course my way is no good for making serious money.

  2. I ipload my footbal bets for free in my channel and have managed to win some thousands. I keep doing it for free and bets are shown before hand.

  3. Why No tipsters said all matches are fixed…? However your tips very good and honest but i wont subscribe if u not frankly said all soccers are fixed!

  4. Subscribe comment if you'd like to be part of a live stream challenge where we all start with £10 throughout the day I'll stream and we can try beat the bookies?

  5. i look for non famous leagues .ie.the dutch 2nd and 3rd tier divisions.lots of goals and usally bet over 2.5 or both team to score.dutch league is on a friday night and usally 8 teams and often over 40 to 50 goals in all 8 games.

  6. Sometimes in pool fixtures,it is always likely the same fixture that will let you lose,example Lyon vs Stratabourg, they did again ,they lost at home, problaly the 3rd time they did it ,although I did not bet,but if I did,likely I wud went for Lyon and have it wrong, soccer pools are hard

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  8. Beginning of this video I was like what else am I to learn in betting. In the end I had a lot to write home about. Fantastic video Fam.

  9. I'm thinking of doing the double tonight AZ in Holland and Roma in Italy pays over even money I think, I might go 500 big bet tonight baby

  10. When you go through historic data enough and give layers of thinking, about the 3rd or 4th layer you will start noticing patterns that gives you 50% win rate consistently. The rest is just money management strategy.

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