10 Worst PC Games

10 Worst PC Games

Whatoplay Presents The Top 10 Worst PC Games
Of All Time
On the Tenth Spot lies Stronghold 3
Don’t get me wrong, the game had some good
moments. This real-time strategy game boasts
a balanced economic simulator but is overpopulated
with serious bugs and inconsistent frame rates..
The game gives out the worst tutorial sequence
ever. You are literally being left-out with
the most essential base-building methods.
Shame, this game has so much passion in it
but it’s really, really, really riddled with
un-playability factors.
A PlayScore of 4.45
Ninth Place goes to Cities XXL
Before the acclaimed Cities Skylines came
out, it had Cities XXL. A bigger architectural
version of the previous Cities XL game, but
who would’ve thought it would suck in such
a way?
This city-building sequel is constructed with
so much performance issues that it makes the
game less buildable. It looks unfinished and
uninspired. Even the UI is disorganized!
It receives a PlayScore of 4.43
Eighth belongs to Raven’s Cry
This game is so bad it got removed from Steam
and became unpurchasable. Raven’s Cry is an
open-world action adventure about a pirate–
do you really even want to bother? Think of
it as a bad Assassin’s Creed Black Flag rip-off.
The game is criticized for almost every aspect
in it.
Bad voice acting, game-breaking crashes and
un-steerable controls for a pirate game. It’s
mutiny, It’s practically mutiny.
A PlayScore of 4.21
Seventh Place is X: Rebirth
This sixth entry to the popular X franchise
may have the mechanics, but lacks proper execution.
This space-trading encompasses frustrating
controls, terrible dialogue, taxing buying
and selling, and so much more! Making it unworthy
of exploration.
Despite its hate, the game is applauded for
its amazing visuals. Then again, That’s all
there is. It’s a voyage not worth treading.
A PlayScore of 4.14
And Sixth is Infestation: Survivor Stories
Originally named “War Z” in its first release,
it was later changed because of trademark
issues with the movie ‘World War Z’
This… god-awful-infested zombie game has
the necessary formulas for players to engage
in a post-apocalyptic survival world.
However, the amount of developer mistakes
and a bad usage of microtransaction features
makes this game not worth the bite.
A PlayScore of 4.10
Number Five goes to Sacred 3
This action-adventure RPG provides an isometric
taste similar to the Diablo franchise. However,
the overused button-clicking is not enough
for players to feel engaged.
Its boring and linear style deludes players
into thinking they’re playing a game with
cool items to be dropped. It’s not. It’s limited
customization options and only 4 players to
choose from makes this game… bad. Playing
it alone is tedious enough but with friends,
maybe the hack and slash elements will turn
out well.
Sacred 3 gets a PlayScore of 4.02
And Fourth is Takedown: Red Sabre
Oh, my god. If you think Rogue Warrior was
bad, then take a good hard look at this game.
Was once ‘considered’ to be a spiritual successor
to Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six and SWAT series,
this game was that promising. It was expected
to be a realistic shooter, but is baffled
by its broken A.I., lack of multiplayer options,
missing voice-chat and broken menus. It was
released in such an unfinished state that
developers should’ve taken this one down instead.
It gets a playscore of 3.94
Third is Rambo: The Videogame
Of course! Here it is again! From being one
of the worst in our PS3 and Xbox 360 list,
Rambo makes the cut in to PC as well.
Need I say it all over again? Recycled voice
acting, stupid rail-shooting mechanic and
a terribly, terribly ugly Rambo 3D model,
makes you feel like you’re playing this in
This horrifying game adaptation gets a PlayScore
of 3.86
Second Place goes to Ride To Hell: Retribution
Oh, you were expecting this game would top
the list? You’re wrong. So what could possibly
be the worst game to ever defeat the worst
game in PlayStation and Xbox?
Ugh, please don’t let me talk about this game
all over again. If you look at the gameplay
footage, you can immediately say that this
game does not create a sense of retribution
on itself. Bad gunplay, offensive portrayal
of women, persistent bugs, and is it me or
does their voice acting sound like they recorded
this in a dumpster?
A PlayScore of 3.18
And the worst PC Game of all time is FlatOut
3: Chaos and Destruction
Boom! Here it is. Even the title speaks for
itself. Released in 2011, this action racing
game is unlike any other FlatOut series…
because it’s an abomination.
For a game that relies heavily on collision
physics, this game has no such thing at all.
The unbearable A.I., and FOR A RACING GAME
BAD CONTROLS are an insult to the entire gaming
It is the worst of the franchise, and is FlatOut’s
Even game critics mentioned that the game
title is just an understatement on how bad
this game really is.
A PlayScore of

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  1. Why can't we live in a magical world where it's illegal to release unfinished or bug ridden games. Illegal with a penalty to the company responsible. And by the way I felt insulted as a PC gamer that the piece of shit that was Arkham Knight wasn't on here even if it didn't score as low as some. A mention would be nice #fuckwarnerbros #fuckubisoftanduplay #fuckwindows10store

  2. for me if you had a good enough pc, postal 3 was decent, well not up to the standards of the original, the source engine really felt right at home combat wise, and the graphics were okay for the time. overall I wouldnt say it should be that far down bad pc game wise

  3. but what about bad PC port legends such as GTAIV,AC UNITY,Batman Arkham Knight,etc how did you forgot these legends

  4. @whatoplay SLOW DOWN! you guys fly through these videos. I find myself having to rewind and pause often. what the rush? take your time.

  5. Message from Dick Marcinko:"Fuck piss goddamn shit! Where the fuck is Rouge Warrior, motherfuckers? Jesus fucking Christ!"

  6. There are worse games than those. What about Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing or Extreme Paintbrawl or Ethnic Cleansing?

  7. There is a game that i know of that used a poser program from the 90s to make the cutscenes and the game came out a few years ago (sadly i cant remember the name)

  8. It's a bit of a cop out, having to add Rambo: The Video Game and Ride to Hell on the list if you already talked about them enough the past couple of times over. You could've easily chose some equally horrible PC games instead.

  9. whatoplay, Whats Your Thoughts And The PlayScores For These 2 PC Games Such as Legendary ( A.K.A Legendary The Box ), And The Zoo Race

  10. Worst pc games for me (2018-2019):
    +Every Team6's games
    +Every Incagold's games
    +Big Rigs
    +Fallout 76
    +Maluch Racer [franchises] (Worst Polish racing game ever)
    Dishonorable mentions: Games from your top 10.

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