10 WORST Sounds to HEAR in Video Games | Chaos

10 WORST Sounds to HEAR in Video Games | Chaos

Quick tell me one sound that you dread hearing in videogames there are
tons of unique sounds in games usually representing different characters or attacks
But there are those certain sounds and games that no one ever wants to hear because it usually means death is right around the corner
What is up guys Jimmy here welcome to chaos top tens today?
We’re gonna be taking a look at and counting down 10 of the worst
Sounds to hear in video games these are those sounds where if you heard the sound?
It’s probably already too late
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Kicking off the list is probably one of the scariest enemy sound effects in recent years, that’s right at number 10
We have clickers in The Last of Us (Who’s hyped for TLOU 2?)
The Last of Us launched in 2013 is widely regarded as one of the greatest game ever made
And you play as Joel a man trying his best to take care of a young girl named Ellie’s they venture through a post-apocalyptic
World and they escaped the wrath of hostile survivors and clickers, which are these strange zombie-like creatures that wastes
No time in killing you if you’re spotted due to how terrifying and powerful the clickers
Are you want to do everything in your power?
You can to stay as far away from them as possible when you do
Finally hear when you’re gonna hear it that unsettling sound that they make
You just you’re screwed you have there ought to fin them off or turn around and booked it out of there as quick as you
Can and
number nine
footsteps in five nights at Freddy’s
And this is a popular indie horror series that started back in 2014 you played as a nighttime security guard in a family pizzeria
that resembled well at Chucky Cheese or Showbiz Pizza if you remember those and
You quickly find out that the job is much more dangerous than it seems is the various
animatronic animals start roaming around the building and actually trying to kill you we
Know that your piercing sound that the creature makes when they catch you
But if you ask me the sound of them running is far worse to hear now sure the death sound makes you jump and it
Gives you a game over
But that’s not really anything you can do about that once it happens the footsteps however on the other hand are extremely unsettling
Especially if they’re running towards you because you know that if you don’t close everything
Immediately you are about to be royally screwed
At number eight we have the spotted sound and Metal Gear Solid
This is one of the most famous sound effects in videogame history and has been used in countless
Parodies and YouTube videos in other settings this sound effect could be pretty funny and exciting
But and Metal Gear Solid this sound is terrifying you’re sneaking around
Do you think you’ve made it by everyone when all of a sudden that dreaded sound breaks that silence?
It immediately sends you into panic mode of all the things to hear in a stealth game
This is probably easily
it’s easily the worst one if you ask me let me know how you react when you get spotted in Metal Gear Solid a
Number seven we have the homerun bat sound in Super Smash Bros
Now Super Smash Bros is an awesome series bringing a more casual twist to the fighting game genre and most all the sound effects used
In the smash games are either pulled from other Nintendo games are just simple combat sounds like punches and kicks
But there is one sound that is present all the smash games
And it’s reserved for only the strongest hits in the game
that sound is commonly known as the homerun bat sound as it’s the sound that the bat item makes when it connects with someone but
It also plays when Jigglypuff lands her rest attack and when Ness connects with her forward
Smash attack normally in Smash if you can’t hit with a strong attack
You can still make your way back to the stage, but if you get hit by a move that triggers this sound effect
There’s almost no chance of survival as it’s reserved for only some of the strongest moves in the game
So if this sound effect comes it’s pretty much ripped for you
At number 6. We have the announcer glitch that’s right a glitch in Call of Duty World War 2
bumps been planted on our Ramo Safari
There is a glitch that first popped up a few weeks ago in the newest Call of Duty game and for those watching this
It’s it’s pretty damn funny, but for those who actually experienced it
It scares the living crap out of you for whatever reason in the war mode in Call of Duty World War two there’s a chance
That the game announcer gets super loud for certain call-outs and when I say super loud. I mean super loud
I don’t know how this glitch came to be or how it hasn’t been fixed yet
But it was
Definitely deserving of being on this list because if you’re playing with a nice headset on and you’re trying to sound whore when this announcers
Start screaming at you
you’re not gonna hear anything for a few seconds except for him in you could literally call this a
Jump-scare glitch that is in Call of Duty
at number five
Boom, that’s right boom in Gears of War
The Gears of War series it was known
To supply some pretty terrifying and badass lines for the locust enemies you have the ther ons and hiss at you when they attack you
Have the rom who is one of the coolest video game voices ever so on so forth but
Probably the scariest one to hear is when a Boomer
shouts boom right before he attacks and this sound is pretty helpful to hear because it gives you a little heads-up before they fire a
Shot at you but if you do not immediately react or start diving away when you hear the sound you’re gonna die
Almost immediately, and if you’ve already in the middle of a fight
Or you’re in an area that doesn’t have a whole lot of space to move and you hear the infamous boom you’re completely screwed
It’s done. You’re dead one shot kill the Boomer has put you out of existence
At number four the witch screams and left for dead much like yours award
The enemy’s a left4dead usually have some kind of audio cue to give the player a little bit of a heads-up before they rip you
But there’s one sound effect that is terrifying no matter what the situation is and that’s the scream of the witch
When you first encounter a witch you’ll hear her crying by herself giving you fair warning to keep your distance and don’t frighten her however
If you fail to do that the witch will start screaming and charge at you and almost it
Doesn’t help that the witch is one of the hardest enemies to kill in the game anyway
Often taking you down faster than you can actually react a little tip for you guys when it comes to the witch
and if you’ve never played left4dead, it’s it’s really simple avoid the witches at all cost period
Number three this is more generalized, but I think it should be in here gunshots in battle royale games
And it’s pretty universal pretty much every battler again fortnight h1z1 pubsey. You name it it doesn’t matter
What game you’re playing because if you start hearing gunshots in your direction?
Specifically sniper shots you will immediately start to panic nothing is worse than when you’re sitting tight in your little hideout
And you peek out to see what’s happening or if there’s anyone coming all of a sudden you start hearing gunshots
Behind you and bullets whizzing by I think it’s not even the gunshot
It’s the whizz that gets you usually gun shots aren’t a bad thing here in action games and even in Battle Royale games
You’re not going to worry too much about gunshots if you expect them
But when you don’t expect to hear gunfire, and it starts coming you immediately start to panic and this is a way
We truly like when I’m playing with tmartn or Hollow or Joker or hambo, and we’re just we’re all on edge
We’re ready, and one of us will fire a sniper right by the other guy’s head, and yeah
They usually end up jumping at number 2 we have the headcrabs in half-life 2 easily
Easily one of the creepiest enemies in video game history the headcrabs are well
They’re what they they’re headcrabs
That’s what they are they never fail to give you goosebumps when you don’t see them coming these creatures are terrifying
They attack people and attach themselves to bodies in order to control them and use them for vessels of
attack now the headcrab sound is a lot like the
facehuggers in Alien if you guys are familiar with that with their own signature shrieks and squeals
And it’s amazing to me that this game came out more than 13 years ago
and it can still manage to creeped us out every time we hear those sounds that is
That’s the that’s just that’s showing that it was a really really solid game
Finally today and our number one spot
craziest creepiest worst sounds dr. Salvador’s chainsaw in resident evil 4
And it’s the dreaded dr
salvador from one of the greatest horror games ever made
released back in 2005
Resident Evil 4 has you playing a special agent Leon Kennedy who sets out to save the president’s daughter who was caught by an evil
Cult filled with strange zombie-like creatures perhaps the most terrifying of them all is the chainsaw wielding bag wearing
Salvador nothing is
scarier when roaming around in Resident Evil 4 than to hear that chainsaw start to rev up and you turn around and you see the
Doc charging you with the one-hit-kill weapon of his and this any chainsaw
I mean if you’ve ever seen the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies you would agree with me on those as well
But this one I remember this one personally I went through this entire game
I beat this entire game in some of the hardest spots where this dude
Coming at me with the chainsaw because if he hits you once you are dead and there you have it my friends
Those are ten of the worst sounds to hear in video games. Those are sounds that if you hear. It’s probably game over
I want to know in the comments section
What are some of the worst sounds to you guys that you know what you actually I can add one to this list just off
The top of my head the AED I believe in
Or bouncing betty probably the OEE D in Call of Duty you guys let me know some for you
There’s a playlist below as always if you guys want to check out all the other top tens and and to make sure you turn
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I put a brand new one up every single night at 8 o’clock Central Standard Time
Thank you for watching, and I’ll see you tomorrow night for a new one

92 thoughts on “10 WORST Sounds to HEAR in Video Games | Chaos”

  1. Once, i was playing L4D2. In Hard Rain, i jumped off of a platform and landed right in front of a witch, i literally jumped of my chair my friends were playing with me and they were laughing haha.

  2. Headcrabs does not deal very much damage, actually they deal very little amounts of damage soo… Headcrabs are almost not even dangerous!

  3. Fnaf three and two's noise when an animatronic comes near the office and when Freddy walks up to you when you have no power and he just finished his song thing

  4. U forgot…


    Footsteps in Fortnite

    Ghost leviathan, Reaper leviathan and Sea dragon leviathan roars in Subnautica

  5. The scariest sound I’ve ever heard was my mom walking into my room with a friken belt slapping my but

  6. that moment in Portal 2 when you are walking through the parts of the game when you are outside of the test chambers and you here "there you are"

  7. I wanna disagree on the Boomer yelling "boom" I'd tear em down, but I prefer hearing a chainsaw revving

  8. I'll fix your 3rd number:
    Sniper shots at you in battle royal games

    Since if I hear gunshots I'm charging

  9. The one sound that is scariest for me and a LOT of other people is that crying 8 year old it meant death for your ears

  10. I dread hearing gunfire in every game I play unless I can see who's causing it and where it's coming from

  11. When your flanking in any game, movement not caused by you is always terrifying, like in war thunder, especially when your driving a light tank, walking behind or next to you in cod or battlefield, etc.

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