*100% WORKING* GTA 5 ONLINE $20,000,000 SOLO  MONEY GLITCH! (Unlimited Money) INSIDE TRACK GLITCH!!!


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low with no requirements and then you
can do this right now as we speak right
now this made 20k and only spent 200
chips now I’m gonna show you him with
chips I got over 500k chips and I only
had 44,000 he was in my livestream yes I
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for the S bus I’m gonna go explain for
his boss now what you want to do is go
ahead and just this might take long then
the ps4 method blitz this for the sbox
method this one this one right here you
won’t spend no coins at all no chips no
nothing you just spent ten thousand
right now but you will not actually lose
it unless you win okay so you spent ten
thousand and if you win that race you go
ahead and make that money you don’t have
to do nothing at all just go ahead Matt
it’s bit and then bet on one or two or
you want to go ahead risk it all and go
ahead bet on four or five and then you
really want to risk it big and you know
high risk high reward risk it on six you
have a very odd chance of winning but if
you win you will win over 300 some K in
the first run right on the first race
it’s already three on some cake now go
ahead switch out outfit so you can go
ahead get that orange loading circle on
the bottom of your screen so your game
can save now say if you lost you spent
10,000 just now you lost the race right
when you lose the race go ahead push the
button on your controller and SBUs and
close the application on
eta now when you do that go ahead just
open it right back up go to a public
session go to invite only session it
doesn’t really matter to go back to a
session and make sure you have your
spawn location set to the penthouse and
the casino so it can be a faster way
when you spawn into the game and come
back to the GTA online you’ll spawn
right inside the casino and you want to
worry about coming all the way back to
the casino and just wasting plenty of
time but this foot is but it’s like the
fastest way for you can do it right now
this is the working around talking about
go ahead again bet on a horse
Matt’s payout so basically 10k on the
chips and then just click pay some place
bit when you place a bit you have to do
nothing I know holding a button you know
holding a person down deep at nothing
score this do it match 10,000 and then
if you win the race you get 20k 30k 40k
50k even 60 K and even 7ek all the pins
on a horse in the multiplied when they
do have to pay out so say they have the
times two times three or times four if
you win so as you see right there I’ve
barely lost that one so what I lost on
new day lost I just closed my GTA app
open it back up and pressed it on my
controller to go ahead and load it into
a public session or in GTA now another
thing for the ps4 method I know if you
here for the ps4 it’s not patched it’s a
workaround for that all you have to do
is use your touchpad and what I mean by
that in my livestream only how to do for
the touchpad is I’m having my I have
showed it in my last video if you’re
watching this video how to do the ps4
method so if you want go ahead watch
that video go ahead and click the link
in the description or it’s not in the
description go ahead click the card it
will pop up someone somewhere around
on the top of your screen and that will
be at the end of the video or the in
screen when I a ps4 method
and using the touchpad when you only use
only just a touchpad you’re hovering
over the right arrow and you holding
down the the basically the touchpad and
do not let go at all you slide down at
the same time when you holding the
touchpad down and go to place bit and
just hold it throughout the whole site
of race you’ll get the max pail with
only 200 chips now if I posted via right
now my goal of right like at this you
watching this field right now check and
see if I’m live and streaming right now
because I will be on ps4 and I might be
do live streaming making millions making
thousands solo with no requirements I
don’t have nothing on that account for
the ps4 or more in level 15 so you want
to see how I’m making so much money
level 15 and making millions and coming
from nothing
it’s a millionaire and go ahead and stay
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y’all and show you how to glitch myself
while I’m doing it live on YouTube so as
you can see here save you won the game
again with the horse race all you have
to do it make sure you go to your style
switch up outfit and just get that
orange loading circle on the bottom of
your screen and when you get that go
back into the horse race this is for the
Xbox now go back to the horse race and
go ahead and bet again save you loss go
ahead close the app open it back up and
come back into the casino if you win
just keep getting up changing your
outfits and that’s it
basically that’s all you have to do
that’s the workaround for it if you want
SBUs solo no requirements
sorry excuse me on this burger but
anybody can do this
so add me on xbox if you not added if I
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a money glitch for you to get rich it’s
a boy cat nation and I’m out see you in
my next video hope you all have a good

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  1. Subscribe. Leave a like. Turn on Post Notifications (all)! Hope you all have a good day and enjoy the video I have a solo $1,700,000 every 5 mins coming up 🔥💰🙏🏽 So stay tune for more. #Notigang where you at?

  2. What type of fucking workaround is this u legit have to log out and wait like 2 or 3 minutes every single time u lose

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