101 Facts About Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

101 Facts About Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

should be recording now yes okay good
eating his mother factors my name is Sam
and today I’m going to be talking to you
all about the action-packed crime-filled
lark that is grand theft auto san
andreas the game is packed full of
shootouts car chases and extremely
obscure references to British pop
culture due to Rockstar North being
headquartered in an abra so do try and
keep up non brits but what is the reward
for achieving 100% completion in the
why did an inaccessible San Andreas mini
game caused so much controversy and once
a next GTA coming out come on Rockstar
we’ve been waiting for ages
two out of three those questions are
going to be answered so arm yourself
with an entirely uncharitable array of
weapons heal gunshot wounds by eating
fast food and somehow end up with more
hair after getting a haircut as we count
through 101 facts about grand theft auto
san andreas number one grand theft auto
san andreas is a rootin tootin gun
slinging gangbanging drug mule and
action-adventure video game developed by
Rockstar North and published by Rockstar
Games it was released on the 26th of
October all the way back in 2004 for the
PlayStation 2 and a few months later for
the Xbox on the 7th of June 2005 I feel
number 2 turnin traces the seventh title
in the Grand Theft Auto series the first
to be released since 2002 grand theft
auto vice city yes this was back when
you only had to wait two years for GTA
games to get sequels pal times have
number two ah owing to the game’s
immense popularity san Andreas has been
ported to more platforms and services
than any other GTA game where there is a
fiscal tier school what the young people
call they download platforms other than
PlayStation 2 and Xbox for which San
Andreas is available include PlayStation
3 and for Xbox 360 monk soft Windows OSX
Xbox Live PlayStation Network iOS
Android Windows Phone and fire OS number
four the game’s main story follows Carl
CJ Johnson who returns home to Los
Santos from Liberty City following the
drive-by murder of his mother only to
find his old friends and family in chaos
over the course of the game players
control CJ as he attempts to
re-establish his old gang and uncover
the truth about the death of his mother
all while being framed for murder by
corrupt cops don’t you just hate it when
and 3d gets in the way of a good day
number five san andreas was originally
planned to feature multiple playable
protagonist s– but this was not
implemented due to technical limitations
at the time this feature was included in
a NATO Los Santos throw in Grand Theft
Auto 5 in which players can inhibit the
virtual bodies of three protagonists
Michael Trevor and Franklin number six
several elements within the plot are
based on multiple real-life events that
occurred in the history of Los Angeles
such of the 1980s crack epidemic the
bloody feud between the bloods Crips and
Hispanic street gangs the LAPD rampart
scandal and the LA riots of 1992 it
really is edutainment
number seven one of the most significant
images on the game with the 1991 hood
drama classic boys in the hood starring
Cuba Gooding jr. Ice Cube Laurence
Fishburne and Morris chestnuts the game
is set in 1992 a year after the release
of the film and Bros streets not too
dissimilar to the street on which the
main three characters in the film grew
up on number eight as the title suggests
the game is set in San Andreas a
fictional US states based on California
and Nevada which I believe are non
fictional San Andreas consists of three
metropolitan cities los santos based on
los angeles san fierro based on san
francisco and last venturous based on
las vegas number nine san Andreas is
named after the fault line that runs
through almost the entire length of
californiaís like a scary facial scar
and a vaguely offensive foreign villain
in a Hollywood film anyway california’s
enormous crack is reflected in the game
as a large bolt line that can be seen
running under water here sandy arrows
bay area number 10 grand theft auto san
andreas is widely considered to be one
of the most significant titles in the
sixth generation of video gaming if not
one of the greatest video games ever
made upon release it received critical
acclaim based on its story gameplay
music and general badassery the game
ultimately became the best-selling video
game of 2004 and by 2011 had sold over
twenty-seven point five million copies
in fact san andreas remains the
best-selling PlayStation 2 game of all
time number eleven my doing in order to
realistically produce the musical
environments of the games main
characters Rockstar earnest at the help
of the unfortunately named rapper and
record producer Dee
boo like Winnie the Pooh during a
meeting Pooh called up rapper Yung Mele
without turning him he was on
speakerphone save us effectively
auditioning for rocks our bigwigs
without knowing it despite having no
acting experience whatsoever Rockstar
hired Mele is the voice of one of
gaming’s most iconic lead characters
number 12 nepotistic lee jung Mele is
the cousin of Sean Fantino who voiced
franklin clinton in the 2013 GTA title
GTA 5 what’s an obvious non coincidence
number 13 funnily enough Rockstar Games
denied claims that rhymes made by rapper
50 cent that they had asked him to voice
CJ mr. cent stated he turned down the
role because if he were to ever voice a
character in a video game
it would be as himself again though
Rockstar denies this is true so it may
not be true in fact it’s probably not
true it’s at that last bit because there
are those 50 cent games butcher I mean
they look at palling don’t they number
14 officer frank Tenpenny is skillfully
voiced by megastar actor samuel
l.jackson the baddest mother fluffer in
the mother fluffin world jackson faces
performance on real-life disgraced crash
officer Rafael Perez a corrupt cop at
the heart of the LAPD rampart scandal
which implicated dozens of such offices
in various crimes including police
brutality planting evidence stealing and
dealing drugs perjury and even bank
robbery he was a bit of a Wally
basically number 15 Wil Wheaton got his
role as West Coast talk radio news
reporter Richard burns after being
interviewed by Laszlo Jones who writes
much of the radio station dialogue for
the GTA games and appears as a
fictionalized narcissistic version of
himself Wheaton revealed he was a huge
fan of Jones to work on the games so he
wrote the small role of Richard burns
specifically but Wheaton number 16 when
CJ picks up a suitcase in the opening
cutscene a sticker pairing the Rockstar
logo can be clearly seen on the side
that’s reference 1 by the way prepare
yourselves for a metric DJ poll load
more number 17 interestingly Grove
Street families was not the original
name of CJ’s crew and were initially
going to be known as the Grove Street
Alliance or the orange grove families
there’s actually evidence for this in
the game itself as Rockstar did not
remove all the references to the earlier
original names for instance some
graffiti in the game promote orange
grove families and players can get CJ
and up a back tattoo that reads orange
grove number 18 hidden game vault
in addition to 11 radio stations
available in the game that was
originally going to be at least one more
entitled dopa licious FM not much is
known about the station as it was
removed early in the development of the
game but billboards advertising
donations of em can be seen throughout
Los Santos going by the name though that
station likely played hip-hop or R&B yeh
stereotypes number 19 the character of
Lance Rider Wilson is modern art of the
late rapper eazy-e a founding member of
the new legendary gangster rap group NWA
music from both ACM f’ing a and NWA is
included in the game soundtrack number
additionally CJ’s brother Shawn sweet
Johnson bears considerable resemblance
to Ice Cube and Ice Cube songs are
played on the in-game hip-hop radio
station Radio Los Santos number 21
Geoffrey oh jee loke cross was created
as a parody of rapper Ja Rule both
rappers have the same first name
Geoffrey and loads willingness to steal
material from rapper Mad Dog mirrors
accusations that jar also material from
frequent collaborator DMX number 22
incidentally Mad Dog is voiced by rapper
and record executive
ice-t not to be confused with the cube
from earlier an icon within the hip-hop
industry known for his controversial
song cop killer
incidentally killing cops is something
you can actually do in San Andreas what
a coincidence
number 23 not only that there’s a random
NPC pedestrian in the game who strongly
resembles Cuba Gooding jr. Derek Turing
boys in the hood Trey Stiles
the plucky paired wears almost exactly
the same clothing of styles and even
sports the same haircut number 24
another pedestrian strongly resembles
tupac shakur character bishop from the
1992 american crime film juice the
paired even has the same diagonally
shamed passing in his hair so it clearly
wasn’t accidental
it’s almost as if the craters
intentionally included characters from
films that they like in the game number
25 there’s also a female breast during
the game who appears regularly that
looks a whole lot like the seductive
Katherine from Mel the character Sharon
Stone played in Basic Instinct number 26
the suspiciously clued up hippie
character known as the truth was
influenced by peter fonda character
wired from the 1969 American independent
road drama film Easy Rider
this is particularly interesting as the
truth is actually voiced by Peter Fonda
number 27 however many people also
considered the character to be based on
Willie Nelson given their similar
appearance and the fact that truth owns
a sizable marijuana farmer number 28
impressively there are over 200 vehicles
in the game that can be driven around
manoeuvred parked or launched off ramps
into a crowd of unwitting ballers who’ve
been creeping on your turf yo so what so
number 29 GTA san andreas results with
the very first GTA game to depict
vehicles with circular steering wheels
in previous games like GTA 3 and vice
city vehicles head pentagonal steering
wheels because computers hate curves
apparently number 30 grand theft auto
san andreas was the first and so far
only game in the series to include a
number of role-playing elements such as
the main carriages need to eat in order
to survive or the ability to work out in
order to gain strength
I remember the literal minutes I spent
in the gym getting cj2 shredded as
possible it was tough but I did for the
work in number 31
not including utterances from the radio
or random NPCs the f-word and its
derivatives are used in tenantry as a
heartwarming 365 days that’s one for
every day of the year number 32 in the
top right corner of the game’s cover
there is a street sign with individual
indicators of both Grove Street and Glen
Park suggesting the two streets
intersect however in the actual game the
streets are in two completely different
parts of the city I mean honestly I
haven’t felt this betrayed since I was
kicked out of the Jennifer Lawrence fan
club that I created because apparently
was being fanatical it’s a fan club
Ronald you’re meant to be fanatical oh
sorry that’s bringing up a lot of stuff
number 33 when players achieve 100%
completion in San Andreas
they are rewarded with a lump sum of
$1,000,000 in game infinite ammo double
Frank for any vehicle CJ drives wave
enough to say it a Hydra fighter jets in
real life no just kidding in game which
appears on the roof of sweets house and
a rhino tank by the bridge going above
Ganton and the rich get richer
number 34 as you may or may not know
Germany’s extremely touchy about
violence in video games far more than
most other Western nations as such san
andreas had to go through a teeny tiny
itsy-bitsy amount of censorship for
instance in the Deutsch version of the
game head shots do not remove the
victim’s head and people do not drop
money after being killed where’s the fun
in that
boring number 35 aside from all the
stealing fighting shooting and
miscellaneous extreme criminality that
continue to intense busybody killjoys of
this very day possibly the most
controversial aspects of san andreas is
hot coffee a salacious mini game in
which players control a fully realized
love encounter with one of CJ’s various
girlfriends though it was cut before
release and is normally inaccessible the
highly shall we say explicit mini game
was left in the game’s code and in 2005
someone created a mod that was very not
inaccessible braid for teenagers who
were hot under the collar but bad for
Rockstar number 36 as a result of the
hot coffee mod to the Entertainment
Software Rating board changed the rating
of San Andreas from mature to adults
only an effective ban is pretty much
will retailers refused to sell games
with an AO calcification as major stores
like Target and Best Buy began to pull
the game from the shelves Rockstar
recalled all copies of the game and
released a second edition with the
polygonal hump fest expunged from the
code the game was even banned in
Australia before the hanky-panky this
version was shipped out plastic
Australia number 37 the license plate on
sweets car is Grove 4l this stands for
grow for life in reference to a strongly
held personal agent to his family and
friends which he no doubt plans are
maintained to the rest of his natural
life number 38
Big Smoke slices fight on the other hand
should say I’m a big fat traitor
oh sorry spoilers for the game by the
way we should have played it by now it’s
been over 10 years what it actually says
it’s a tutti mfk an abbreviated
reference to a line that appears in
several hip hop songs by groups like NWA
in Cypress Hill that line is aid of the
mother factoring K except without the
fact a bit and boy to saying that make
me feel like a gangster gangster as pack
number 39 interestingly the license
plate on ryders car reads Sherm and
throughout the game CJ continually calls
Ryder Sharma
supposedly Sherm is a half tobacco half
marijuana cigarette dipped in pcp or
even embalming fluid
hardcore not good hardcore but still
hardcore number forty not Santos would
you see Joe’s hometown and the city in
which the game begins it’s also home to
various well-known Los Angeles landmarks
including the Watts Towers the Capitol
Tower and even the Hollywood sign your
go to sign read buying the word in the
game number forty one inside the Los
Santos graveyard in Vine woods there’s a
crypt which the player can enter inside
you’ll find a chair a television set and
some old pizza boxes which is likely a
reference to spike from the late 90s in
any naughty supernatural drama
television sensation Buffy the Vampire
the meaning of life
various billboards around Los Santos has
shown advertising true grime Street
cleanup in mockery of the games
competitor true crime streets of LA the
creators of which poke fun at rock star
with in-game signs advertising a company
known as jockstraps the fictional
company has a logo featuring a similar
font and star as well as a rousing image
of a gentleman wearing a pink chalk
strap tonight for number 43 there’s a
gift shop in East Beach Los Santos
called hoot get us regalos that despite
being entirely inaccessible own
inconsequential of the storyline is
notable owing to the fact that it’s a
sign featuring various fictional
characters from pop culture
these include Disney characters like
Mickey and Minnie Mouse as well as Ash
Ketchum Pikachu and squirtle from
Pokemon this is a touch anachronistic
though is the events of San Andreas are
set in 1992 when Pokemon wasn’t created
until 1996 ha egg on your face
rock star or should I say drop straps
number 44 there’s a rather strange set
of statutes located in the atrium in
eastern Commerce Los Santos that are
totally worth a visit if you happen to
be in the area known by some as the
statues of Luna T the sculptures depict
a central figure who is CERN polishing
the rifle
Joey say the remaining statues are
positioned around him are covering their
eyes and disgust because they’re prudes
who don’t know how to party number 45
there’s a vol painting that can be seen
inside the ten green bottles bar in a
Santos that depict a Cerberus guard from
rockstars uber controversial horror game
manhunt the game is dripping in gore and
ultraviolence and sent joyless moralists
on an anti video game rampage that
lasted months before they finally calmed
their collective bosoms
six no the Tiki theater is a strip club
located in East Los Santos that is based
on the real-life tiki theater a seedy
adults-only theater in Los Angeles
additionally the large Tiki statue that
adorns the outside of the building
resembles the hidden package Tiki
statues from grand theft auto vice city
number 47 on the back wall of the
underground impound lot in Los Santos
you can sometimes encounter two police
officers interrogating a pedestrian and
by interrogating I of course mean one
cop beating the crap out of a pedestrian
while the other one stands guard holding
a handgun this is likely a reference to
the Rodney King beatings that smart the
1992 LA riots which are also referenced
in the game number 48 bizarrely photos
of the Jackson 5 can be seen inside
Rita’s hair facial studio the barber
shop and Idol would to which Ryder takes
you at the start of the game maybe they
were regulars number 49 if the player
fails the running dog mission while CJ’s
fat level is over 50% Big Smoke will
call TJ afterwards to suggest that he
goes to the gym and lose some weight
as CJ points out that’s a bit rich
coming from him giving it to Mike
himself is um how to put it
rubenesque number 50 when CJ inches to
crack ten during the mission cleaning
the hood there’s a shortcut scene in
which a background baller can be seen
getting a downstairs kiss dot there are
so many parts of this game but I can’t
talk about number 51 the music you hear
when doing the car bounce challenge with
Caesar is actually from an episode at
the sci-fi adventure TV show Buck Rogers
in the 25th century the song in question
is – I told Odyssey and appears in the
episode space rockers which first aired
on the 21st of February 1980 and
featured a futurist band called
Andromeda which was secretly using a
hypnotic signal to drive lessness
berserk that’s a reference certainly
number 52 as mentioned earlier at one
point in the game specifically in the
mission entitled Mad Dog crimes
oh jee loke enlist CJ just think inside
the home of ruff a mad dog and steal his
rhyme book during the robbery one of the
guards is playing a computer game and
can be heard exclaiming Tanner you suck
this is a slide a gat the main character
from the driver game is one of GTA’s
pitiful rivals number 53 there is a
persistent and as yet unproven myth that
the ghost of CJ’s mother Beverly Johnson
can sometimes be seen walking around the
Johnson home however this pedestrian in
Los Santos messengerís who looks very
to Beverly’s photo which must be
somewhat distressing to see chasing
multiple versions of his murdered mother
walking around his neighborhood at all
hours number 54 in the small town of
Montgomery located in red county north
of a Santos there is a fenced area
behind the inside track betting shop
with bio waste signs on it
inside this chain-link enclosure is a
grungy looking well which many believe
is linked to the nearby bio engineering
business suggesting that the
organization illegally dumped its
biohazardous waste down the well like
all good capitalists number 55 one of
the few proven myths within the game is
that of the so called the ghost graffiti
which consists of the words families for
life scrawled in bold Rafi T lettering
on the wall beside the mausoleum in
Vinewood cemetery the E and the s and
the word families and the e at the end
of the word life are written to resemble
the letter six and when viewed together
the letters appeared to read six six six
which I’m sure you’re aware is in fact
the number of the beast bizarrely the
graffiti is only visible at night
between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. have you seen
the ghost graffiti in turn Tresor
enviable life let us know in our YouTube
hole upper-class number 56
there are several locations in the game
where random pedestrians can be seen
apparently committing suicide one such
site is an area of grass near the
intersection in Flint County where
random members appear to be holding a
camera the individual in question will
take a few photos and calmly walk into
the water and promptly drown
photographers what will they do next
number 57
the gaso station in Dilawar has a label
that reads max payne bulletproof glass
an obvious reference and great pun to
the max payne video game series Rockstar
developed the most recent installment of
the Max Payne saga Max Payne 3 in 2012
coincidence probably not
number 15 8 there’s an area in red
county that’s called north rock in the
game but on the physical map included
with it the location is called North
Star rock particularly brainy viewers
will have already figured out the
rearranging the syllables in this name
healed Rockstar North the game’s Apple
mentioned create whores number 59
there’s a grave at the drive thru
confessions church in Palomino Creek red
county belonging to a fellow over the
name of Scott Wilson according to the
inscription on his gravestone Wilson was
a corporal in the US Army and won a
medal of honor during the Korean War
this is a slightly morbid reference to
the real Scott Wilson a rocks
North employee who worked on the
countryside portion during the games
development number six attained the
title of the mission body harvest in
which the truth has CJ still a combine
harvester is likely a reference to body
harvest a game released in 1998 by
Rockstar North back when they were known
as DMA design number 61 speaking about
DMA that abbreviation can be seen on the
outside the Hydra fighter jet as a
nostalgic nod to the days before
rockstar north number 62 in the towns of
blueberry and Montgomery in red county
there are a number of stores called
locals only
a nice little reference to the local
shop for local people in the creepy yet
hilarious BBC comedy the League of
Gentlemen number 63 for years since the
game’s release rumors have circulated
that Bigfoot can be found lurking in and
around the forested areas of San Andreas
evidence of the mythical ape-man
constituted by blurry unreliable images
or footage of games that have obviously
been modded despite the fact that
Rockstar co-founder Terry Donovan has
stated there is no such in-game
Sasquatch a small number of players
continue to insist that there is just
like with the real Bigfoot
you’re not real big but you know what I
mean Nintendo 64 however Bigfoot very
much did make an appearance in Red Dead
Redemption undead nightmare the zombie
horror expansion to rockstars Wild West
masterpiece Red Dead Redemption in fact
if you kill in skinned Bigfoot in undead
nightmare you are awarded with an
achievement entitled six years in the
in reference to undead nightmare being
released six years to the day after san
andreas number 65 interestingly the city
of San Fierro shows numerous signs of
having recently experienced an
earthquake various radio reports confirm
that a quake had recently taken place
and there are several collapsed and
damaged buildings in the city that speak
of the quake strength number 66
there is a street in San Fierro that is
based on the world-famous Lombard Street
in San Francisco known for its extremely
curvy snake like shape the name of the
street in San Fierro however is the
windy windy windy windy streets because
of course this number 67 the rail bridge
from San Fierro known as the Kincaid
bridge is modeled on the fourth rail
bridge that spans the Firth of Forth a
few miles west of Edinburgh where
Rockstar north is based Kincaid is also
the name of a Highland Scottish clan
it’s a super Scottish bridge basically
it’s a wonder it isn’t tartan
number 68 Gantt bridge is a large
suspension bridge clearly modeled on San
Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge which is
misleadingly neither golden nor
reminiscent of a gate anyway this is
another feature that cements amphiaraus
connection to San Francisco which is
where mrs. Doubtfire has set no reason
for me to mention that in this fact it’s
just a really good movie in fact I might
watch it tonight over my supper of
delicious tasty facts there is a sign
near Gantt brief that reveals all
technical specifications about it
including not only its height and length
but also the size and polygon count
you’ll be glad to know that Gantt bridge
takes up a staggering 1.27 megabytes of
disk space whoa number 70 initially
there is a large sign of top guns Bruce
that reads there are no Easter eggs up
here go away which in itself is an
easter egg oh no a paradox the fabric of
space-time is tearing itself asunder
poor old dog
number 71 there’s a store that can be
found in the hippie implements district
of hash green queens in san fierro that
appears to sell some sort of organic
produce the name of the store is hippie
shopper a coins obscure reference to the
very British shop chain happy shopper
the logo is even very similar to bust
instead of featuring a blonde haired
woman shows a man with a hippie bandanna
number 72 the first two san fierro
missions are you going to san fierro and
wear flowers in your hair are references
to the 1967 Scott McKenzie song entitled
San Francisco be sure to wear flowers in
your hair solid reference guys ten are
10 number 73 there’s a graveyard in hash
Bri known as the opposition memorial
that consists of three terraces for 72
greats in total every single one of
these graves is entitled the word to
r.i.p opposition 1997 to 2004 this is a
deliberate and brazen middle finger to
compete in games like true crime and
driver because at rockstar north
pettiness is paramount number 74 in
zeros RC shop in san fierro there are
action figures depicting characters from
GTA by city and manhunt which can be
found on the shelves characters include
tommy vercetti leather face and the
terrifying naked psychopath exceed
number 25 one of the most infamous
missions in the game was entitled supply
lies in which CJ uses a remote control
plane fitted with machine gun to
eliminate zeros competition the mission
is famed for its difficulty as it tasks
players with gunning down moving target
in a wobbly RC plane with an avid
Wendling fuel supply even zeros voice
actor comedian David Cross spoke about
how much he hated the mission saying in
an interview that it was impossible and
that his own voice was the most annoying
voice you could imagine accompanying
that number 76 another mission with zero
entitled air raid has CJ use a mini gun
to shoot RC planes out of the sky which
have been sent by 0-2 unseen rival
Barkley to destroy his precious rooftop
transmitters during the skirmish hero
encourages CJ by saying great kid don’t
get cocky this is an obvious reference
to the same line spoken by one Han Solo
in Star Wars Episode four a new hope
number 77 not only that after the
mission zero makes a botched attempt to
reference Winston Churchill’s famous
line we will fight them on the beaches
and one point saying we will fight them
on the beach
well rooftops number 78
there are numerous very amateur
references to the number 69 in the game
I mean who would do that the most
notable of these is area 69 a parody of
the conspiracy leading government to
research facility area 51 other 69
references include san fierro spare 69
and not to San Francisco’s tourist area
pier 3 and the San Fierro 69 is a
football team based on San Francisco’s
49ers what’s the significance of this
number I hear you rhetorically ask it’s
a slang term for when you get someone
at the same time number 79 close to area
69 is a dry lakebed called groom lake
this is a reference to the real broom
Blake a salt-flat that lies next to area
they didn’t even change the name for
this reference bold move number 80 when
CJ breaks into area 69 during the black
project mission a crowbar can be seen on
a table in a lab this is a cheeky ref to
half-life as to crowbars to sings your
weapon a protagonist Gordon Freeman
number 81 if you take the time to
journey outer el castillo del diablo in
bone county northwest of arrow 69 and
southwest with the bird of meadows
aircraft graveyard you’ll be greeted by
the cheery sight of a mass grave
constituted by large hole containing six
body bags
a bobcat truck and shovel can also be
found next to the pit suggesting the
people who created this very cheery
reminder of man’s inhumanity to man may
have fled after being interrupted
number 82 there’s a rock formation that
can be found in el castillo del diablo
bone county
that’s affectionately known as rock the
rocky outcrop features a tall central
tower accompanied by two large boulders
at the base and yes it’s not clever but
very funny
number 83 there’s a map that can be
found in two locations there lil probe
in and Mike Torinos ranch which features
markings purported to reveal the
locations of UFO sightings in the state
of San Andreas the map itself is
actually the beta map for the game as it
contains several small differences to
how San Andreas actually ended up for
instance the map plots a small island in
the San Fierro Bay most likely of
reference to the island Alcatraz famous
for the former maximum security federal
prison number 84
mr. trenchcoat is the name given to a
particular peculiar pedestrian he’s
unique to certain areas in Sierra rubato
and bone County
he wears an American flag connect a
chief a black cowboy halt and as the
name suggests a long trench coat he
clearly believes he’s been abducted by
aliens as he can be heard making a
number of paranoid statements such as
the aliens are coming and can’t let them
take me again number 85 man II also
referred to mr. trenchcoat as the
Undertaker owing to a theory he’s
actually a serial killer the unsettling
pedestrian has been linked to various
creepy rundown houses which apparently
contained bloodstains and dismembered
body parts number 86 in the video poker
games you can omnipotent Li for CJ to
play in the casinos
that’s from tourists some of the face
cards feature characters from the
previous two games
these include Yakuza boss Asuka sin
adult star extraordinaire candy suxxx
and arch mutineer Lance Vance number 87
Las Venturas Planning Department is a
municipal government building a notable
Easter egg goldmine and it’s only
accessible during the mission
architectural espionage inside players
can find an architectural model of the
colliculus Palace Casino this model
however comes with a large rockstar logo
slap-bang in the middle a feature
surprisingly not found in the actual
building number 88 but that isn’t the
only amusing video game enjoy to be
discovered within the last winters
planning department as one area of the
building contains blueprints of stark
weathers mansion Starkweather is the
principal antagonist of manhunt and is
canonically a disgraced film producer
from the city of las some toughs
into game references neato number 89
gear there’s an area in the red sands
east district of Las Venturas where if
viewed from the correct place CJ can
stand and watch pedestrians walking off
the edge of the building and fall to
their deaths though many people insist
that this curious occurrence is a mere
glitch other steadfastly claimed it to
be a nice little reference of Rockstar
North’s legacy as they were the creators
of the original lemmings game all the
way back when they were DMA design
number 90 there’s a hotel and casino in
Las Venturas called pirates in men’s
pants an obvious and hilarious parody of
Pirates of Penzance a two-act comic
opera written by famous Victorian
theatre partnership Gilbert & Sullivan
you feel assigned to may recognise their
work from the episode of The Simpsons
where Bart tricks Sideshow Bob into
singing the entire score of the HMS
pinafore number 91 the clock in Bell
restaurants seem throughout san andreas
are an affectionate yet probably
somewhat mocking reference to the
popular American tex-mex fast-food
franchise Taco Bell
owing to the similar name and logo
however number 92 others have suggested
that the in-game chicken hucksters may
be a much deeper and fairly obscure
reference to a moment from Blackadder
goes forth the fourth series of the
popular british historical comedy Black
during the final episode entitled
goodbye II the titular character Captain
Edmund black and ER exhaust several
attempts to avoid having to go up the
top of the trenches aka almost certain
death after his final bid for survival
fails Black Adder exclaims I think the
phrase rhymes with clucking Bell
number 93 worryingly there are shooting
range targets in the game that very
clearly depict CJ wearing a black hat
while brandishing a tec-9 in each hand
that’s right
brandishing the targets can be found in
any emulation store throughout san
andreas with a shooting range
number 94 intrepid players can also find
several adult orientated objects hidden
throughout the game aside from the gimp
suit that CJ must acquire in the key to
her heart’s mission players also find a
silver thing that vibrates behind some
dumpsters in Bayside north of San Fierro
bizarrely players closer find a large
purple male organ analog in the showers
of Dylan more police how it got there I
haven’t the foggiest
the police officers probably know though
number 95 speaking of strange things
found a police stations in San Andreas
many of the police stations in Las
Venturas and San Fierro contain wanted
posters but James Earl Cash the
protagonist of yep you guessed it
manhunt number 96
most safe houses in the game contain a
wardrobe allowing you to change CJ’s
clothes so your every sartorial whim on
the right side of the room a surfboard
can be seen that bears the image of the
Washington Beach area of Vice City
number 97 on some building sites that
can be found in San Andreas such as the
one in blueberry there’s a blue sign
saying Avery construction which is
likely the property development company
owned by real estate mogul and make a
capitalist Avery Carrington from grand
theft auto vice city number 98 not only
that a neon sign that bears a
considerable like mr. Carrington can be
seen in the old Strip in Las Venturas
spoofing the Marlboro cowboy in real
life Las Vegas number 99 in the horse
racing a minigame playable inside the
inside track betting shops
one of the horses is named Hendricks jaw
this is a reference to the former Celtic
FC striker henrik larsson whose jaw
breakage saw him sidelined for a
significant period in 2003 during the
time that san andreas was in development
clearly some employees of Rockstar North
were Celtic fans
number 100 yeah oh gee there are also
horses named Scotland nil and Scotland
made in reference to the fact that the
Scottish national football team’s poor
performance and major international
competitions as they are in fact that
word all you had to do was get to number
101 see Jack
sit yourselves down guys because this
may be the most important fact in the
entire video in the 2006 film the
breakup starring Vince Vaughn and
Jennifer Aniston the main character of
the film
Gary Grabovski can be seen playing GTA
san andreas mind
no that was 101 facts about grand theft
auto san andreas isn’t your favorite in
the GTA series let me know in the
comments down below
in the mean time also let me know what
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here’s a fantastic one-on-one facts
video just for you and another one just
in case that one didn’t do it for you
see you next time guys goodbye

100 thoughts on “101 Facts About Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas”

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    But good video btw.

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