11 Awesome Video Games Nobody Played

11 Awesome Video Games Nobody Played

There’s nothing more exciting than a sleeper
hit–a video game that defies everyone’s expectations
and sells like hotcakes. On the other hand,
there are plenty of legitimately great games
that just gather dust on the store shelves.
Let’s pour one out for these games that were
awesome, but just didn’t sell like gangbusters.
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning was a game that
should’ve done well. The game’s world and
story were crafted by fantasy writer R.A.
Salvatore, and the art design was courtesy
of Todd McFarlane himself. Amalur featured
a huge world with plenty of quests, providing
over 200 hours of gameplay.
Unfortunately, those 200 hours went unplayed.
The game sat on store shelves and only sold
1.2 million copies by the 90-day mark of its
release. This might sound like an alright
number, but it’s considered a failure since
it needed to sell 3 million copies to break
even. Not too long after, the game’s developer,
38 Studios, filed for bankruptcy not long
after Amalur’s release, killing any chance
at a follow-up.
Grim Fandango is a cult classic that was published
by LucasArts, back when LucasArts was, y’know,
still a thing. It was the very first adventure
game published by the company to use 3D graphics
on pre-rendered backgrounds, giving the game
a really unique look. With a film noir feel,
Grim Fandango made Manny Calavera one of the
more unique video game characters in the medium’s
But even after winning critical acclaim and
praise for its design and direction, Grim
Fandango is considered a commercial failure,
having moved about half a million copies in
worldwide sales. Fortunately it found new
life later on. In 2015, it was remastered
and rereleased for PlayStation 4, PlayStation
Vita, PC, Mac, Linux, and even Android and
EarthBound is a legend among gamers, considered
by some as one of the best ever made. But
most people didn’t actually play it when it
was released in the ’90s. Known in Japan as
Mother 2, some collectors will pay almost
anything to get their hands on a physical
copy of the Super Nintendo cartridge. That’s
crazy, since the game only sold about 140,000
units in the United States, about half of
what it sold in Japan in 1994. Some blame
its lousy showing on bad marketing. Others
point to its cartoony graphics, which gamers
at the time didn’t see as much of a selling
point. But EarthBound became more popular
as the years went on and actually spawned
a sequel that was released in Japan in 2006,
and a Wii Virtual Console port that came out
in 2013.
Beyond Good & Evil, developed by French gaming
auteur Michel Ancel, is the definition of
a cult classic. It received great reviews
and was critically acclaimed for its excellent
graphics, storytelling, and unique cast. But
it suffered poor sales during its original
release in 2003. Some attribute its terrible
sales to bad marketing and the fact that it
was released at a time when the market was
oversaturated with big titles that overshadowed
it. A remastered version was released in 2011
for the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live
Arcade, so you can play it now in glorious
HD. Meanwhile, even though a sequel was announced
in 2008, the game has yet to materialize as
of the making of this video…eight years
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars for the portable
Nintendo DS hearkened back to the Grand Theft
Auto games of old. Players controlled Huang
Lee in a top-down style adventure in his quest
to cause mayhem with the Triads of Liberty
City. Despite being part of one of the most
successful franchises in gaming, Chinatown
Wars sold under 90,000 units in its first
two weeks in America, making it a commercial
dud despite its amazing gameplay. Maybe it
was the fact that, at the time, the Nintendo
DS was mainly thought to be a mostly kid-friendly
platform. And, really, pretty much any Grand
Theft Auto game is anything but “kid-friendly.”
If you had a Sega Dreamcast, you probably
played Jet Grind Radio. The big problem? Most
people didn’t have a Sega Dreamcast. It’s
too bad; with cel-shaded graphics, the game
let players rollerblade through the city while
performing tricks and spraying graffiti tags
on as many surfaces as possible. With enough
practice, you could skate around the city
flawlessly, with a level of grace and style
that most gamers could only dream of in real
life. Despite its low sales, Jet Grind Radio
did spawn a sequel and a few HD remakes. At
the very least, the Dreamcast classic managed
to tag the hearts of players around the world.
Okami for the PlayStation 2 is a major artistic
success to its diehard fans. But its sales
figures reveal it to be a definitive commercial
flop. Okami followed the adventures of the
sun goddess, Amaterasu, in a beautiful, cel-shaded
world based on Japanese folklore and mythology.
With gameplay inspired by The Legend of Zelda,
it was a hit with reviewers. Meanwhile, it
sold 200,000 copies in North America in 2006,
and only 66,000 units in Japan that same year.
Even after being re-released on the Wii and
the PlayStation 3, Okami had trouble finding
an audience. Its sales were so bad, in fact,
that it literally set a world record. It was
named “the least commercially successful winner
of a game of the year award” by Guinness in
2010. That’s probably not a great blurb to
put on the front of your game box.
Dark Cloud blended role-playing with city-building,
a blend of gameplay styles that reviewers
loved. Even still, it performed poorly when
it was launched on the PlayStation 2 in Japan
back in December 2000. Fortunately, the game
did much better after being released to Western
audiences. And it might still find more fans
going forward, since Dark Cloud was released
on the PlayStation Network for PlayStation
4 in December 2015.
Why didn’t Max Payne 2 sell well? The first
game was enough of a hit to warrant a sequel,
and the second installment earned great reviews.
But whatever the reason, Max Payne 2: The
Fall of Max Payne sold terribly. It might
as well have been called Max Payne 2: The
Fall of Take-Two Interactive’s Earning Forecasts.
The poor performance at retail might have
made the process of getting Max Payne 3 a
greenlight. Fortunately, the third game in
the series managed to right the ship, selling
four million copies in its first year.
There are few games as pretty and as addictive
as Valkyria Chronicles for the PlayStation
3. This strategy role-playing game had great
visuals, memorable characters, and a wartime
backdrop that hooked players. Its sketchbook-style
aesthetic brought a classic, old-world feel
to the world, which was loosely based on pre-World
War II Europe. Despite its positive reviews,
Valkyria Chronicles didn’t have stellar sales
numbers. It saw a sales boost after a price
cut, but it was never considered a commercial
success. Luckily, its PC port sold very well
on Steam, moving about 650,000 copies within
its first five months.
Ryo Hazuki continued his search for revenge
in Shenmue II, a Sega game released for the
Dreamcast in 2001. The game took place in
China, meaning players would get to explore
a denser, more urban environment. Shenmue
II got stellar reviews…but like lots of
other Dreamcast games, sales didn’t reflect
its positive reception. Two years after it
was released, it had only moved a paltry 100,000
copies. A lucky hit, Shenmue II was not. Then
again, nearly 70,000 dedicated fans pledged
over $6.3 million to Kickstarter to make Shenmue
III a reality. That made the project the most
funded video game in Kickstarter history as
of 2015. Will that be enough to help the franchise
come back for good? Time will tell…
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100 thoughts on “11 Awesome Video Games Nobody Played”

  1. Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning shouldn't be here. There's a difference between games noone played and games many played but were still a comercial failure. It did sell really well for a new IP but the guy who run the studio was an idiot who had never done this before and spent far too much money on silly things like houses for the devs etc. If he had managed the studio finances better then it would have had a sequel.

  2. I'm not sure why Okami sold so poorly; I found it lots of fun. The only part I didn't really like was having to use the controller to "draw" the symbols the celestial brush needed could get pretty frustrating at times. The DS version of the game removed that frustration since I could use the stylus to draw.

  3. Started playing KOA a few days ago on PC. As a fan of the first couple Fable games, I can't believe I missed this when it released.

  4. Awesome Video Games Nobody Played "unfortunately the game sat on store shelves and only sold 1.2 million copies"only 1.2 million copies and no one played it what they couldn't install it?….you are so fucking stupid its insulting to be a member of same species as you.

  5. Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning 3 different completes 🙂 awesome game … almost as good as Fable (story wise)

  6. Every copy I bought of KoA had a game progression glitch. I never got to complete it. I wish someone would re-release it.

  7. I beat Amalur to 100% It's not awesome, it's not even fun. It's awfully boring game with totally dead world. I played on Hard without armor at all and even that didn't give a slight of challenge. This game is not awesome. Absolutely.

  8. wait, you think sales are the same as plays? There was a huge time periode in which pirate copies were all over the place, especally the dreamcast got hit hard by that.

  9. Singularity is my big one. So amazingly well done…and the development was hell for those guys. They still managed to make a great game that nobody gave a fuck about.

  10. Played every single one thought they were gonna have like say king artur worle from snes or stuff like that

  11. Kingdoms of Amalur is amazing, even today with mods it is better than majority of overrated triple A games.

  12. I have origin account with kingdom of amalur in it, oh my gawddd! looper really sucks with a very bad taste of gaming and even called it AWESOME?!

  13. to say that no one played them is a lie, there is always someone who plays a game even if its not as popular as some more recognized titles. There were people who bought these games so you can bet they played them. ''Games nobody played'' You guys should think before making these videos

  14. Kingdoms of Amalur wasn't awesome, it was an ok-ish action rpg and sold accordingly, the studio went bankrupt because it tryed to make an Amalur MMO at the same time and burned through a ton a money, ironically the MMO looked much more appealing but ended up cancelled. I've started it on PC near launch and dropped due to it's insane repetition but ended up finishing it when PS+ gave it for free, I could only get through it by ignoring the ton of fetch quests and ended up enjoying it a bit more.

  15. I played and loved Kingdoms of Amalur, Okami, Dark Cloud and even Dark Cloud 2, which was not on the list. So wishing for a PS4 Version of Amalur

  16. Everyone keeps saying Kindoms Of Amalur was awesome. Meh. You need the first five minutes of play to understand it's horrid. It has a few nice ideas here and there, but all in all, I arrived to the end of the game with mere will to finish it; it had lost any appeal long before that.

    No one played Okami? It may not have reached the big sale numbers, but to say that (almost) no one played it is a very wrong statement.

  17. Kingdoms of amular is shit the first couple hours is amazing but they shit all ovet their own momentum, not to mention the slap in the face game ending.

  18. I played the demo for Amalur and liked it right away! If the make it backwards compatible on Xbox, I'll definitely buy it!

  19. Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning is probably one of the best RPG games, including the two dlc's, Dead Kel and Teeth of Naros.

  20. The problem with Kingdoms of Amalur is you had to go online and sign up to at some site to play it even though it's a single player game. Nobody, I mean nobody likes a hassle.

  21. Havent played shenmue, earthbound, max payne, or valkria chronicles but everything else on this list is amazing particularly kingdoms of amalur which imo rivals oblivion and fable.

    Its sad really maybe its marketing and the titles but they are some of the best games ever made

  22. i saw valkyria chronicles on the shelf of frys electronics i didnt know anything about it. i said ima buy that. i fell in love right away. same thing with dark cloud except my cousin had rented it from hollywood video. i wanted okami when i saw it in an EGM magazine but i didnt have my ps2 anymore at the time. Jet Grind Radio was one of my first games for my dreamcast. as for the rest, i didnt play them. lol

  23. I played Max Payne 2 before Max Payne 1. That game was awesome and ran smoothly on 32MB onboard graphics. I still remember, after 15 yrs, backstabbing Vlad's voice and Mona's moans…

  24. if you haven't played CELL DAMAGE, get it. it was an amazing goofy cell shading twist and metal style game than most people never heard of. It has been re-released in HD for xbox store, not sure about ps store but one of my favorite games

  25. Weird fact: I have played almost half of the titles in the video. And I am not a gamer. I just happen to own the best game console of all time: a Sega Dreamcast.

  26. Damn I didn't even know about Jet Grind Radio but glad the had some sequels because Jet Set Radio is still one of my favorite games.

  27. I had a roommate who saw me playing Skyrim so he got motivated to go buy a game. He came home with Reckoning Kingdom of amalur. I regret not playing it myself, but for some reason I didn't trust the game case cover and the one review I checked the guy didn't like it. I didnt check the hundreds of positive reviews.

  28. I think Spec Ops: The Line should have made this list. It had a really good storyline. However it didn’t sell well, probably due to being overshadowed by other franchises (CoD, Gears of War, etc.)

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