12 unexpected times Shawn Michaels hit Sweet Chin Music

12 unexpected times Shawn Michaels hit Sweet Chin Music

Shawn landing on his feet.
>>My God in heaven.
My God in heaven.
That sweet chin music!
It is academic.
>>How’d he kick his head off.
>>We don’t know what controversy.
>>What do you mean we
don’t know controversy?
Are you kidding me?
We don’t know.
>>I don’t believe this.
You Buddy, what’s your name?
>>See, I just kicked Stan.
>>Calm down Shawn.
>>Don’t tell me to cam down,
nobody tells me and
I don’t know controversy,
you got to be kiding me [INAUDIBLE]
>>A double you can’t see me.
>>Five knuckle shuffle from John Cena.
>>He’s gone!
Sweet chin music on
John Cena outta nowhere!
Where did that come from?
>>Shawn, you’re fired.
Mr. McMahon has fired
Shawn Michaels as Commissioner.
>>That was great!
Look, he took it like a man!
>>Sweet Chin Music!
with Sweet Sweet Chin Music to Mr.
Shawn has knocked out the owner of
the World Wrestling Federation.
Sweet Chin Music, Shawn Michaels.
>>I told you King,
I told you, I called it!
>>Look at the look on Cena’s face!
>>People’s elbow coming up here, King.
Most electrifying move in
sports entertainment today.
>>Here it comes, it’s on-
>>What the hell.
Shawn Michaels just super kicked the Rock.
>>My God, what did we just see?
>>That garbage can placed right on,
it’s the chin.
>>My God.
>>[SOUND] For the love of God!
In midair,
Michaels got sweet chinned music.
>>Razor is taller.
>>A kick and Razor goes down.
>>Yeah, let bygones be bygones.
>>Oh!ì What the.
>>Shawn Michales devestating kick,
taking down the five hundered pounder.
>>Talk about family values.
You would like to hit me but
you dont have the insides to do it.
>>You can play on our team
any day of the week.
So I started to think to myself.
>>Michaels just superkicked
Booker T’s head off!
>>What the hell?
>>Good grief!
>>I thought to myself,
well, you’re the problem!
Ladies and gentlemen, the Rockers.
>>Told you, told you.
You see,
one without the other isn’t any good.
He knew was gonna do that.
I just knew he was gonna do that.
>>My God.
Right through the glass
window in the barbershop.

100 thoughts on “12 unexpected times Shawn Michaels hit Sweet Chin Music”

  1. I remember back in the 90’s my mom would buy pizza on Friday and my brothers and friends would all watch wrestling together. And play with our action figures. God every passing day I wish I could do it all over again

  2. 2:22 big show deliberately pushing his face first to receive sweet chin music. WWE Then Now Forever always Fake.

  3. That one he put in Booker T was my favorite. The most intensely ruthless one was the one on Shelton Benjamin.

  4. I missed the good old days of wrestling when the storylines, the commentators and the capacity crowd are far more entertaining to watch.

  5. The one on Shelton Benjamin was so great. The fact that it was a great match just adds to the emphasis of SCM from the top rope.

  6. Shawn was the reason many people used to watch and enjoy wrestling and after his retirement he became the reason many people (including me) stopped watching wwe. A real legend and for me the best to have ever stepped on the ring PERIOD

  7. That Shelton Benjamin/Shawn Michaels match is still one of my favorites. Would have loved to see them work together more.

  8. Its only now watching these as an adult and not a 10 year old kid u hardcore see how fake and lame wrestling is like yikes.

  9. lol, at first Triple H tries so hard to calm Shawn down and then he just laughs about him kicking everyone he comes across 😀

  10. На 1 минуте так будет со всеми начальниками😎😎😎😎

  11. U know that guy called Stan
    Well he was a wrestler now a days in nxt and 2o5 live
    And his theme goes like “10”

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