Hello my loves!! Slot Traveler in Spanish today! I really love ya guys!

Thank you for asking for another episode in Spanish!
With the “Lucky’s” sign behind us let’s see if we can get that LUCK
We have a $120 to play with today!
Let’s start with Platinum Quick Hits!

The max bet is $1.50 and if we HIT we hit really good!

We start max bet and as usual we will travel!

If you do not follow our friends Windy City Frenzy, please follow them and their series Quick Hits Tuesday!

We need 3 bonus symbols to move forward into the bonus round!

$5 for 7’s!
C’mon BONUS!!
Thank you for watching us today and if it’s the first time you are catching us
Let us know where you are from in the comments

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Cmon Bonus!
Can that bonus finally show up 🙂
At $1.50 a spin
One of those 7’s missed one for a proper 5 of a kind
1 Quick Hit missing
Based on the number of quick hits on screen determines your progressive

The Top Prize is based on the Platinum Quick Hit Symbol

If you follow us in Spanish, please check out our friend EduCasino
He’s from Argentina and has a great channel!

Let’s get that 20 games to get that 3x multiplier!

I’m not a great picker 🙂
Let’s get that WILD!

20!! Cmon!

Where was that 20?!

7 Games 2x! Let’s do it!

Find my friend EduCasino, he doesn’t speak much but he has great hits!

4 QH!!

10x, at least we got the games 🙂

Now it’s time to Travel 🙂

We continue witi The Great Inca
To my Peruvian friend a big hello!
and much Love!!
It is a 2 cent game
Let;s bet 150 credits $3 bet
Let’s keep that bet, at least until $100

Do it!!!
Of course it lands on the next spin

Cmon Free Games!!

$3 free games!
On this game we get a special prize
For each bonus symbol

C’mon let’s get a good bonus!

The bonus symbol during the free games will award a prize

We only have 1, so let’s make it a good one
c’mon 2500 credits=$50 🙂

Keep going
Keep on going!
so it’s $1.50 each bonus symbol!

As usual I am at Lone Butte casino in Arizona
We want those bonus symbols
Here we get 150 credits, $3

Aruze makes this game
I do not play them often, but trying new things for you guys

Remember 2 cent game, so that’s a hefty $1 lol

We need those bonus symbols!

Very low on bonus symbols this free games is…
Last spin!

$3 spin

I do not want to say that’s trash, but it’s trash!

A 3x bonus?!
At least we have our starting point, so you know
I’ll play another $10 to see if we get redemption
Maybe it surprises us
Maybe another “chance”

Bet change to x3 and we travel on $110

$101 remanining, ok not worth it, let’s Travel
That Inca game was so bad!

$1.60 bet and let’s hope for that BONUS!!

We will not be on this game for too long as we are looking for those free spins!

We need need at least 2 Orchids to get the Free Games

C’mon bonus!
Please do not mortify us White Orchid 🙂

in $80 we Travel

That’s a good one.. (Really SlotTraveler?)

If this is the first time you are watching me, yes we are in Spanish today!

The ONLY Bilingual Slot Channel on YouTube
If you are not subscribed, please take the time to subscribe!
Remember Thumbs up!

Thanks & Let’s Travel! But 1 more!
One more (I like this 1 more business)

$80 is our stopping point

Let’s hope our next selection is better… wait for it…
Tough game is this Great Eagle
WE got faith!
Help me out! Put your finger next to mne
Our bet will be $2.50
C’mon really put your finger close to mine
Don’t pause the video!!
Give the video a like and let’s spin!
We shall stay for another $20 and we need 3 chiefs for the bonus

Let’s get that multiplier Eagle!

Another wolf there would have been nice
I forgot the translation of wolf to spanish lol

Last Spin!

Let’s Travel!
So Far 2 free games
2 slots failed so 50/50
So why not some whales of cash!

There are the progressives
We are betting max at $2.50
we will go down to $40

3 times that line hit, no 1
Another 5 of a kind win!

hopefully here our money lasts longer! 🙂
5 whales for a GRAND!!
That’s the bonus symbol!!

Let’s see if we bonus before $70

Changed my mind… $60 🙂
Last Spin!

So close!! Let’s keep trying it up to $50
More Money!!

Only 1 5 OAK
Now I am really stopping at $70

Time for 3 kings!

Max bet is $1.25

We are looking for 3 tigers 🙂

C’mon Free Games!!
I’d really like the green lion!
Free games increase at max bet and 80 is the max!
It’s been quite some time since I’ve played this one

I think that was a purple lion that didn’t turn

All free games are pretty hight

One more…

It left that green up there for a change lol
And the free games keep increasing
Looks like the Red Lion Games were won
Prior to me getting to this slot

I called it a dragon… a Lion!
It’s a lion not a dragon
At $1.25 max bet is very appealing
Let’s stay here until $50
Not much volatility in this game

However we always like to get a good a mount of free games
Darn red hid!
I really enjoy the Red lion games
As he turns wild during free games
and he covers the center reels. Have you played this game?

If you have played this game before leave me a comment, do you like it?
$50 is out stopping point!

C’mon free games!

C’mon GREEN!!

The chalice pay nice!

We are still alive and she doesn’t want us to go!

They keep increasing!
The purple increased to 20!

The green is at max, 80 games

Cheers! This is a long episode!
Thanks for sticking with us!

Cmon Lions!

We travel at $50
Where are they hiding!?
Last Spin!
Let’s Travel!
I found 30 cent tito lol!

Maybe they will bring us luck!
Let’s play the $50 here
Well… you know me…
3 little devils gives us the free games!

Maybe we travel at $25

C’mon free games!
Triple, Triple, Triple win 🙂
Thank you for staying with us on this journey!

Do it!!

I even closed my eyes 😉

Give me 3 triples and we good 🙂

Well, we ran thru $50
so Let’s travel!
I really tried to get a big win
But we still have a chance, not giving up!
We still have $50 so Ihave a surprise
My friend Liz!I think you requested this game
If you want me to play a specific game
Leave it in the comments!

C’mon babies!

Such a long episode and no big wins yet 🙁

Free games, cmon!!
Free games!!
I was expecting more 🙁

We keep on traveling at $50

Let’s increase that bet!

C’mon babies!

Our neighbor got the games 🙂

Those babies could have been a lot nicer

I doubt that envelope will land

We tried it, one last game!
Stay with me!
We end it on Sweet Skulls! from Gimmie Games

$2.40 bet! Let’s do this ladies!

Someone always asks, “are you using your card?” Not today

It was a long gambling day so I decided not to use it
Do you always use your card?

If you frequent your local my suggestion is be smart

Use your players card based on your bankroll
Let me know what you think in the comments!

Her we making $ now!

What a long episode, cmon free games!

Let’s increase that bet for free games!

This may be our last spin and we travel…

I don’t want to keep you guys much longer
So let’s play until $120 which was our starting point!

I don’t think that needs translating 😉

Aww seriously!
Thank you so much for joining us today!

We may have not had that bog win, but we got a lot of play!


  1. Gracias 😊 Amigo Por El Español Un Gran Saludos BENDICIONES yo té sigo Ases como 6 or 7 meses después de Diciembre 😎🇺🇸🇸🇻

  2. Oye ! Que Bueno Manny ! ¡Tù Español es muy rapido para me. That's the extent of my San Fernando Valley Spanish .

  3. Gracias Amigo ! muchas gracias,siempre a tu lado !We miss the old Sat.videos….My Italian and Spanish skills like the change up….Your kansas City friends,Tony and Judy

  4. Thank you for the shoutout on Quick hits! 👍🏽. That inferno slot 🔥 we are keeping our eyes open to find that one. That lion slot we can never get the bonus on. Congratulations on skulls! 😎🚀

  5. Hey Manny! We all speak 'Slot', right? You should do a video speaking Spanish but do a Russian accent! Challenge accepted?

  6. I love when you do your slotting live play in Spanish. I may only know a few words but I love in none the less! Great video Slot Traveler!!

  7. querido amigo hoy en mi pais celebramos el dia del amigo todos los 20 de julio de cada año ,por eso te envio mi cariño afecto porque te considero como tal, te felicito por el video cumpliste con tu palabra, sos una persona muy calida gracias y bendiciones para los seres que tanto queres

  8. Muy buena sesion! La gran parte es que no perdio dinero! Siempre es un placer ver tus videos! Gracias amigo!

  9. Thanks for sharing SlotTraveler
    And thanks for the English lines at bottom.
    Always appreciate you thinking of everyone. 😘

  10. You're just "Da Bomba" gracias.
    English/Spanish, Spanish/English, Spanglish. Great video, keep representing!

  11. I think it is wonderful that you post these Spanish videos — and even better that you supply subtitles for those of us who don't speak the language.  Maybe we'll all learn something from the experience.  Buenos juegos, Manny.

  12. ~…due to these videos, I am now able to curse at machines in Spanish. Thanks Manny!~
    (P.S. I LOL'D for real at the closing of the video…I even took a screenshot, it was so funny!)

  13. Love the Spanish content!! My mom loves watching you especially when You put a Spanish one up. You should put Spanish captions on your English videos

  14. Muy buen final amigo, a Sweet skulls no la he jugado todavía pero aquí se encuentra. Y muchas gracias por apoyo a mi canal, eres muy amable Manny!! saludos!!!👍💲🍀

  15. I used to use my card every single time but their free play and offers at my local is a damn joke, they split your free play into like 7 days out of the month and they were only giving me $5 dollars each day. I probably spend close to 2k a month there some months. Some of my friends that play significantly less than I do get 35-50 each day, it irritates me so bad lol. I just go for fun now and not worry about free play lol. If you have the game Nurses Folies or Buffet Mania or Cafe Moolah you should give them a try I've won huge on them before!! Thanks for the great video! ❤

  16. So the babies was the machine you were talking about the other day, I didn't request that one but I appreciate the shout out lol. AWW 😗Glad the skulls gave you some life. Btw, I like how you say chevere. I hope you do another Spanish session. 😊

  17. Hola, me siento bien orgullosa de escucharte en espanol. Nuestro idioma es tan bello. Arriba Puerto Rico y su gente maravillosa.

  18. +Slot Traveler – Nice set of wins on Sweet Skulls! Glad you enjoyed the game and thanks for playing and sharing 🙂

  19. GOD AND JESUSCHRIST BLESS, BLESSINGS thank you for the subtitles Amen it is good to be versatile in having a slot channel because people watch from around the World Amen enjoyed the video and the live talk yesterday thank you that they didn't use so much bad language doing the live talk Amen

  20. Hola Slot Traveler te sigo en tu pagina en Ingles pero me es mas facil escribirte en Espanol. vivo en California soy de Mexico. que maquina me recomiendas? me gusta mucho ir al casino pero no soy muy afortunada en el juego dime tus estrategias please!!!

  21. siempre uso mi tarjeta del casino porque me regalan cosas para la casa…hay amigos que me han dicho que no me recomiendan insertar la tarjeta que por que el casino controla lo que gano y lo que pierdo tu que opinas es verdad?

  22. hey |Manny loved the slot play and traveling. closed caption worked well so knew what was going on. Thanks for more fun videos.

  23. Saludos desde Puerto Rico, tienes que venir a San Juan y hacer una transmisión en los casinos como el Sheraton , La Concha , el Marriott o el Embassy Suites, todas esas máquinas nuevas que juegas ya están.Te recomiendo La Concha es un hotel de respeto.

  24. Won $260 on Fu Dao Le Sunday at Jacks Cinn Ohio. Thought I was doing great on $2.08 bet only put $40 in. Guy 2 seats from me won $92 line hit on .38 then won major of $980 on .88 cent bet. Hour later he was in seat next to him won $1100! Should've checked see if he was Russian lol.

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