#145 Lottery Scratcher Tickets From Nevada Arcade Channel & Yoshi

#145 Lottery Scratcher Tickets From Nevada Arcade Channel & Yoshi

Hey good morning greetings guys Approaching 2000 subscribers as I Submit this video here for your approval. I hope we get approval you know she works hard in the Operators desk there in the control panel Alright, we have our coveted pure goal the money for words Love and kisses the dog now the last $10 Game we we won on emerald tens we won fifty bucks first weeks. That was the first ticket of our new batch from our little store there Okay, this one here is fast cash which boasts What does it boast oh my god first one is a winner unbelievable see that That’s a winner. We’re not going further. This is either worth 50 bucks I’m gonna show you here see This is what we’re trying to uncover uncover a little bankroll symbol to automatically win that prize now This game here can win 50 or $100 now underneath this Could be 15 there could be another one for 35 so we’re gonna go through them and it may be the only one however There may be several that add together and equal 50 or 100. That’s the only winner now. We’ve only ever hit 50 and that we’ve hit 50 about oh, I don’t know dozen times But we’ve never hit a hundred so maybe this is the day If we hit a hundred on this ticket this Video is going to turn into a free pops giveaway for the one lucky person that leaves any kind of comment Once we get 250 comments We will push the button then it says pick a winner on our new tube buddy software. Okay. There’s the second one guys I’m liking your Chances or there’s a third one now These can all be ten bucks, but it’s still gonna equal at least fifty But if we hit a hundred on this ticket. It will be the first one leave any comment, and you will be in For a free pops bobble head, so let’s start with the first one I’ll get in close here guys. So you can see this is a surprise, it’s 20 bucks Okay the next one there’s two more right here They could be 40 and 40 to equal 100 still 20 bucks this is gonna have to be a 60 it could be a 10, but let’s see Yeah, there’s a $10 guys so anyways hey 50 bucks is nothing to us off about so let’s see what? Happens on these next couple tickets. We hit some kind of a I don’t say a major winner, but we hit something good We will though that’s not the right one This I have a mind for works here, okay, let’s play this one, that’s it that’s one for the next video alright Zi Zi Alright no Z. We kinda have figured that oh oh H Any h’s That would be negative, but look what I found z kc Anybody remember a band that had something to do with KC and who put it in the comments guys KC and who and I don’t mean the who alright back to Back to basics here 1c Western, okay? Okay alright, it’s not gonna be too many emphasis Orbeez Bug has a be Alright bow please hello K. That’s about I never quite figured that out, but it is technically a vowel Alright him oh No He’ll call Ripley’s that is I believe it or not Don’t remember a J there. Oh boy. We got trouble here guys. We have those standard middle ones that are mrs. direct missus Always a couple in them as well rear now if we can get two lucky valves. We’re gonna spell rear for two times T or it was billed toy We have a little winter on the last go-around where we had that one of the blue winners All right, we spelled toy. We really could use an e course we always need an e never notice that on this ticket W/g Well there’s a vowel boy, and he what it would do for this puzzle a Know you of course no s Just one time and give us that e No n just make it one time give us daddy oh All right, it looks like we have a three-digit word spelled and That is toy, but you know what? Well I always forget. What the top prize is thirty thousand I Am told that any one of these squares Can contain that top prize all right, what will it be a Lot of ticket it is five bucks so We have something to put in the wind pile Not bad. We’ll put that with our $50 fast cash. Let’s scratch a couple of these oh I like it consecutive numbers. We’re looking for the heart symbols Right here by my dirty finger heart symbols or eleven twelve Would be 11 Little what a shitter oh it let me down Maybe this one will be better eight and twenty five One four nine both of them one off Come on hearts, there’s my eleven from last game. No good second chance pile Let’s do our year the dog, and we’ll finish it off with a pure gold our signature what I do mean signature game That is the one that we won the first glamor Thousand bucks not in this interesting Can’t get any better start because this is the top prize if I can find another eight eight eight And I’m gonna mix it up over here Hundred a Four Well it’s gonna have to be here nope Well that was a good you know. Yeah a dollar can win eight hundred eighty eight dollars. That would be in there claimer Anyways we’re gonna get to our pure. Gold our first climber and Backed it right up the next day with 500 bucks. This could back it up with a hundred Well we have two shots 104 88 I’ll take either 130 alright no good there, let’s Clean off our slate so we can back up big play here on on pure gold alright guys I Remember right the biggie all started off with a number Three but we hit the first one so let’s do this Let’s see what happens Fifteen we did not start with a winner who 45 right close Oh 24 right here 24 24 I was just gonna say I hope this you’re not one of those ones that gives us everything one off 2030 There’s my coveted number three that started off that big puzzle now this can have a winner on every line Our big ticket had every line except one Oh 40 for another winter guys file our ticket, man This is our game, and I must say this is out of the same batch This is out of the same Ream of cards at our same little store, I lost track 43 no 29 no 17 – no We did not get the multiplier 46 but This is the five times. This is the one we really like the man ship number four is know so no multiplier We do I’ve game two and four in the books so to speak 26 5 To 18 and 32 so nothing there 34 man we got a 24 and a 44 Whoo 22 that’s another double 19 Forty Number nine no single digits 23. We’ve got 21 24 And no single digit, so here’s our winners Keep in mind guys. This is a $5 ticket. Oh And I think we have a couple five-dollar winners which will take Yep, all right ten bucks on this one not a bad show guys ten bucks What do we get here? We’ve got another five. That’s fifteen, but our coveted cards Is there fast cash $50 which makes 65 dollars this video, so definitely in the win column guys hey, yeah, any channel operators if you are a scratcher channel especially even an arcade er or a Abandoned places guys sub to us, and we always sub back if for some reason it slips through And it happens just leave me a note. We definitely want to help you out. Just as much if you’ve helped us out and Any channel operators check out my link for tube, buddy. Yeah, if you join I make 5 bucks But anyways that is something that you will thank before for a lifetime it has saved me thousands of hours Where it does everything for you on the back side of your youtube channel? Automatically one click you can change your description in 600 videos in 5 minutes with one click so anyways guys It’s enough for the promotion today. We’re happy with our win finally brought in fast cash Nevada arcade out

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  1. KC & the sunshine band hehe me and my dad were just talking about them last weekend. We got to see them in concert :))

  2. I dont know if you saw my other comment on the other video but you should totally do a whole book of pure golds!!! :)))

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