15 Cases of Lucky People Finding a Fortune!

15 Cases of Lucky People Finding a Fortune!

15 Cases of Lucky People Finding a Fortune
Randy Guijarro- He bought a photo of legendary
outlaw, Billy the Kid in a thrift shop.
The 130 year old photo was taken in 1878 is
highly valuable, as it is one of two known
photos to exist.
He paid $2 for the portrait and it sold in
auction for $2.3 million dollars.
Randy and his wife are avid collectors, but
they never thought in a million years that
they would stumble upon something so rare.
The photograph was uncovered in Fresno, and
it shows Billy the Kid surrounded by several
members of his gang playing a game of croquet.
It is the only second authenticated picture
of the outlaw.
Bob Kitts- He was pretty shocked when discovered
$182,000 of Depression-era money tucked away
in a bathroom wall.
Hired as a contractor, he was pulling apart
the walls of an 83 year old home in Lake Erie.
He found two green metal lockboxes hanging
from a wire.
Two white envelopes with the address for “P
Dunne News Agency” were inside the box.
After telling the homeowner of his discovery,
a legal battle started between him and the
homeowner about how to settle the findings.
Eventually, the address was traced and the
money was rightfully given back to the family’s
Laurie Rimon- She was vacationing in Israel,
when she made an astonishing discovery hiking
in the mountains.
The find was a rare coin, considered to be
one in a million.
The coin was minted under Roman Emperor Trajan
in the year A.D. 107.
One side of the coin had an image of Augustus,
who the founder of Rome.
The other side had symbols of the Roman legions.
Laurie was pretty shocked and speechless when
she learned about the coin’s value and history.
The coin was believed to be buried for at
least 2,000 years.
Lakeisha Williams- She discovered an envelope
totaling up to $10,500 cash in the most unlikely
place – Goodwill.
She was employed there and was sorting through
donations, when she came across the envelope.
Instead of taking home the cash, she turned
it over to her manager instead.
The money was put into a holding account until
the rightful owner can verify it belongs to
If it goes unclaimed, then she could receive
ten percent of it.
Jason Hyatt- This three year old struck it
big time!
He uncovered a 16th century gold pendant after
he was given a metal detector.
The pendant was used to hold religious relics.
The Virgin Mary holding a cross is inscribed
on the front, while the back shows five bleeding
There are only three other known reliquaries
to exist.
His parent’s are shocked and pretty excited
of their son’s discovery.
They have decided that proceeds of the sale
will be shared with James and the landowner.
His dad calls the extraordinary find “beginner’s
Laura Stouffer- After thrifting in a junk
shop, she spotted a painting named “Shepherd’s
Call,” of a border collie uncovering a lamb
in the snow.
She recognized this as a unique piece of artwork
since the original was created between 1850
and 1870.
As retired antique dealer, she was much more
overjoyed when she discovered a rare poster
from a 1930’s film classic “All Quiet
on the Western Front” on the back of the
The poster was still in good shape, maintaining
bright colors and illustrations.
There are a few staple holes but nonetheless
it’s in amazing condition.
Mary Hannaby- She came across this special
find while out on her regular walks with her
son Mark.
They enjoyed bringing along their metal detector
in hopes of finding small valuables.
The treasure was a religious artifact with
the image of the Holy Trinity.
It had been buried four inches below the ground,
and is believed to be at least more than 500
years old.
It has been dated back to the 15th century.
It worth at least $324,612.
She says she’s never uncovered anything
like this and has spent at least seven years
walking around looking for anything.
Raymond MacCausland- Nicknamed Buzzy, he turned
in heaps of cash to authorities after someone
left a backpack in cab.
It belonged to a homeless man who just received
an inheritance of $187,000 dollars.
The good samaritan went on a search to help
locate the man but was unsuccessful, until
police found him and were able to verify that
it belonged to him.
Police hailed him as honest, stating his actions
represented high standards.
When police asked the man if he would like
to reward Buzzy for his action, all he gave
him was a measly $100 bill.
What would you have done?
Jeff Bidelman- He was helping a family clean
out a vacated home, when he found piles of
old coins with an estimated value of $20,000.
The previous owners died and the house had
been abandoned for decades.
There was speculation that the previous owners
threw their money down a hole in the wall,
but it was only thought of as just a rumor.
Jeff is the owner of a shop called “Rare
Collectibles,” and he said that some of
the coins were minted as early as 1793.
The coins are worth at least $8,500 and can
go as high as $100,000!
Teri Horton- The retired truck driver bought
a painting from a thrift shop as a gift for
her coworker.
Her coworker ended up returning the artwork
back to her, and Teri decided to sell it at
a garage sell.
A customer then told her that the painting
looked like it was made by Jackson Pollock.
She tried to get it verified but it has yet
to be confirmed to be authentic.
A documentary called “Who the F*** is Jackson
Pollock” follows Terri and her quest to
get the painting confirmed.
If it is proven to be one of Pollock’s artwork,
she could get an estimated $5 million dollars.
David Gonzalez- He was remodeling an empty
home when he came across a valuable comic
book that was secretly hidden inside a wall.
The comic book was Action Comic #1 in which
Superman made his first appearance.
It was found alongside with a few newspapers
that were being used as insulation.
He decided to post it on on a comic book auction
site and the price had already skyrocketed
to $100,000.
The final sale price will be split between
him and paying the auctioneer fees.
Bernice Gallego- She was already an avid fan
of accumulating antiques.
Somewhere in the midst of her collection was
a rare baseball card of the first professional
baseball team in the United States.
It was dated from 1869 and she was about to
put on auction for only $10 until her friend
The portrait was of the Red Stockings baseball
They won 65 games and have gone undefeated.
The card is estimated to be at least $100,000.
Josh Ferrin- Just few hours after he closed
the deal on his new house, he was shocked
to find rolls of money stashed away in a secret
compartment of his home.
After counting the cash, it totaled up to
be $45,000.
As a family man, he knew he could use the
money, but he decided to track down the former
He knew it was the right thing to do, and
it was a moment to teach his kids about honesty.
The previous owner, Arnold Bangerter saved
up all the cash in the past ten years for
his six kids.
Josh says even though he didn’t keep the
money, he still feels lucky finding it.
Billy Ray Harris- Sarah Darling was giving
homeless man, Billy Ray Harris spare change
when she accidently dropped her ring in his
It wasn’t until three days later, Sarah
realized she lost her ring and ran back to
find him.
When she asked if he still had it, he put
the ring back on her finger.
She was so touched by his kindness and honesty,
that she and her husband started a fundraiser
for him.
As news of the kind act spread, they were
able to collect more than $190,000!
Now Billy Ray Harris has a house and owns
a car.
He says he feels like a real human and hopes
to start a house painting company too.
Michael Sparks- He was visiting a thrift shop
in Nashville and purchased salt and pepper
shakers, a candle holder and a print of the
Declaration of Independence.
After doing some research, he learned he had
bought one of only 200 official copies of
the document.
John Quincy Adams had commissioned the Declaration
of Independence in 1820, and only 35 had been
intact of the 200 copies that were produced.
Michael had the 36th copy.
After a year of having it authenticated and
carefully preserved, it went up for bidding.
He originally bought it for $2.48 and reached
a final sale price of $477,650!
However the candleholder and season shakers
were valueless.

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