Disclaimer: THIS VIDEO IS MADE FOR FUN ONLY! 15 TYPES OF FREE FIRE PLAYER playing Free Fire everyday practicing with the teams everyday everytime, they join tournaments guarantee become the champions. becoming the 1st or 2nd or 3rd. what a real professional player! Pro Player (who never reads the tournament details) whoa! another new tournaments! but i need to ask the details first. where is the tournament? what is the prizes? where to play? is it solo? duo? or squad? can i change my nickname during the tournament? the tournament banner is already mentioning all the details, though. (PRO) PLAYER THAT IS NOT LUCKY playing Free Fire everyday, always practicing with the teams. have joined all the tournaments. the result? they always got 1st, 2nd, or 3rd…. but from the bottom. in every tournament always become the first one to be knocked and eliminated 🙁 but at least, we try! THE RICH ONE got new updates? buy all the new things! diamond royale? sure thing to spin! new skins? weapon skins? sure thing to buy all! not sure if gonna use them, but just buy them all! new character? can buy it using gold? naaah! just buy it with diamonds! CASUAL PLAYER WITH NO BURDEN eh, why you guys knocked? ohh, it’s okay.. it;s okay.. whoa, i also died. it’s okay.. just play another match. i think we already lost like 400 points in rank? but, it’s okay. haven’t got into bronze, so it’s okay. PLAYER WHO ALWAYS ASK FOR FREE GIFTS WHOA! got new skins in game?! sis, give me some diamonds! give me skins! give me weapon skins! gift, gift, gift! give me characters! give me smartphones! give me motorcycle! give me bicycle! YOUNG PLAYER BUT VERY GOOD IN THE GAMEPLAY i am 9 years old. i have played free fire since open beta. yes, i am in Master in Rank. hey, got enemy there! nooo! please don’t die! i’ll revive you! wait! i’ll 1v4 yep! i got them all! calm down, i’ll carry you all! FAD PLAYER yeay, i got to play with my friends today. whoa, there is oil barrel!~ i’ll just shoot it while my friends are looting beside it! (((friends are knocked))) no, i won’t revive you! HAHA~ just loot any weapon and try to kill the enemy! (((just got USP))) got 1 squad there! go faster, go faster! ((all knocked)) ((apologizing because of not having enough weapons)) (((player who always do the “last hit” thingy to get the bounty))) (((looting always comes first. reviving friends become second))) ALWAYS BE LOYAL TO FRIENDS just go! don’t try to revive me! no! i won’t ever leave you! and both of them died, ….uselessly. FREE FIRE SUPERHEROES game with no doors? war with a cat? game with a very bad graphic? pay to win? CHILL! (((#$^#@%@#[email protected]# defending the game))) DIE HARD PLAYER (LIVE TO PLAY FF, DIE TO PLAY FF) friends: are you sure you don’t want to play another new games? of course not! you already knew me! i’m not gonna play another games! gonna play Free Fire morning until dawn everyday! thank you for watching from the start until the end. this video is made for fun purpose only. mention below in the comment section which type are you! i’ll read all of your comments! and probably i’ll make the second part of this episode if you like it! sorry if the video is in the very low quality since I made it in rush i made this during midnight, so yeah.. i also made this with a very limited budget, like almost zero-budget, perhaps. so, i hope in the next video, i’ll get the better quality and contents! if you do like this kind of video, please do like, comment, share, and subscribe! thanks for watching! keep the spirit in your life! bye!


  1. Kalau main ff squad sama temen sekolah di marahi muluh bukan soal noob nya gw gw selalau ambil lootingan temen gw saat kill

  2. Bingung mau komen ala Karena disuruh komen y komen lah,, lagian kalo komen gk bakal di baca apalagi di bales

  3. Aku tipe player yg setia Loh..dan ngga pro2 amat sih ..karena yg di bawah kita sdh pasti banyak hehehe..dan diatasnya kita jg banyak yg bagus bagus player nya.

  4. Kalo player iseng mah banyak yg tahu …youtuber dia..siapa lagi kalo bukan bang Kemas tapi pake z ya karena kalo pake Es dingin ….

  5. Player yang nggak suka sama teman bagus skin aja sedangkan skill nggak ada sama player nggak suka di ajak bar bar

  6. Kak xyera minta diamond sumpah nanti video kakak aku like semua demi tuhan
    Ini IDKu kak:298702789
    Pleas aku vans kakak

  7. Si NAY 37 video selama 1 tahun viewers 27 juta lebih Nah… Xera 123 video selama 2 tahun viewers 7 juta lebih… Xera the best laaa 😂😂😂

  8. 5:13 suka kesel anjir klo ada yg ngambil peta harta karun sendiri ngelempiasinnya ikutin pas muncul gua ambil semua h3h3

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