177 Set For Life Lottery Scratch Off Tickets From Nevada Arcade Yoshi

a Very pleasant good afternoon to everybody here from the noumena arcade studios and that arcade channel Yoshi Heading to the control room Let’s start with our very Not so lucky Guess what? again love to hate poker all right eight eight eight Once again, we need to beat three of a time – ships keep thinking we’re going to win another one on fast ships, but just the one Oh several months ago There are 7-1 do it Nor will it hurt ends Nor will a pair of jacks One 3/8 beter about a club on the end a red 7 is what they gave us Now we need a heart black 7 seems to be the all-purpose card when they’re drawn for a flush All right guys 3 ate was Top Billing by the dealer we didn’t have a chance we did not have a chance Let’s hope we get at least one snowflake for life Well right now we’re under the average – If you guys didn’t see we had a 100 dollar winner on Fast cash that’s the game that only you can only win Fifty or a hundred So it looks like we got two snowflakes here one – yep Anyways, we had $100 winner on fast cash pretty sweet We’ve got one of the fast spots Quick spots whatever they call them 450, and then we got 50 more In the boxes I think it was about three boxes. Maybe four totaled another 50 so that was the first time we had a hundred Several 50s, but never a 100 so we were pretty stoked about that all right kV KV we’re starting off slowly They’ll see One of my former poker player acquaintances we called her LC All right NB We are still plodding along peasy I don’t think that’s gonna improve much either Hy there Hut Where have all the letters gone a Human a J out puts us closer on the hut It’s just closer I’m dull Okay, I knew there’d be a vow there had to be Had to be a vowel, but you know what it’s the one vowel that want to help us that allows the Y’s the A was a little bit of sunlight Now that he’s gonna be too, but is it too little too late Definitely is on the word sweep and meter All right, we need help I’ll think F. Was it when either the D Needed a D this ticket owes us people All right, let’s hope we can bring it back to back winner a big winner with Struck by luck. We did have a nice winter here. We had a ten times a video or two ago and the funny thing is I said give us the ten times the next square Scratched was ten times, and it was I think right here First time we had a multiplier on this game You know all the tickets we stress. We’ve had horseshoes with a number of five or ten times I’m waiting to get one. That’s got a horseshoe on every single prize box I Don’t think there’s a win all here, no it just ten times is the biggest Come on struck by luck I know you want to get your money back. Oh there. It is last square as a winner I Was thinking this was the ticket after the big winner so? It certainly wasn’t going to give us anything again When you see that dreaded key You know what you’re getting All right, so we got five bucks back here one more ticket here our Lucky 7s as we call them Actually, this game is just called seven seven eleven All right you see the numbers which ones do we like I kind of like eleven All right nothing over thirty-six There’s a double, but they’re on 132 right next door All right one more line to go here. Hey guys if I haven’t mentioned our little scratching group. We are forming. We’re forming one So if you’re interested in getting involved and some of the winnings Just comment down there, and we will we will fill you in Hopefully we will do better for you than we did with this set of cards But we’ve got some more right behind these guys so hopefully those will be the lucky once hey if you haven’t subscribed I’ll come Time to do it Appreciate you being here guys, Nevada arcade out

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