195 Lottery Scratch Off Tickets From Nevada Arcade Channel & Yoshi

hey, guys, and gals nevada our cave viewers hey has anybody, ever looked at the pictures of the girls that leave, these comments on this channel We have several that are absolutely Stunning, and i’m not going to tell you what state they’re from but yep, they have their pictures on their profiles you guys go back and look at some of those comments first of all everybody should be commenting because We have a magic number we’re looking to get to on comments, and we haven’t reached it yet but, when we do? It’s gonna, be an instant giveaway so You, guys are only helping your own cause By commenting and we appreciate each and every one we have our daily people and we have our people? we see on the weekends and we have those beautiful females Alright i get a 10 here for a winner and we’ve got the, whole purpose to reduce i am running out of Patience with, these, triple jackpots Then i had a winner and i had a winner and money forwards this week either Horrible alright 7:26 and a 34 There’s 7 finally a winner shouldn’t say finally Alright 7. 26 and 34 i’m so shocked here i got off my game 26 another winner 34 is another winner 33 is not 9 it’s not so, we got three winners here guys now this is a $2 ticket please do not do to us what i think you have the possibilities to do, well No it could have been worse Alright 26 is our second winner, oh it’s getting worse ah Three dollars, oh, my, gosh, file our ticket more than we’ve got that’s our first win First winning triple jackpot so we got five, bucks back and i think we’ve scratched, they’ll see how You got three left, we scratched seven twenty one dollars worth and we got back? Five so hey it’s a start We got to start somewhere we got to money for words this Video we’re, gonna do a Snowflake game in the middle there all right again, no winner on this one – fx come on td vi q and a g Neither one you’re kiddin innovation ease hp Sure like to see one of these multipliers cb m, why Know, why all right our ends we know how. Important our ends are? mmm letter i Spelled a winner spell the word first one in several several tickets All right you you yes lucky East, well did we have another 100? The letdown, when it comes when it comes to z alright, biggie, oh man, well How, many did we scratch? How, many did we scratch to get a ticket up to you how, many, we had ten of them and we have? We have four left so we scratched six to get a ticket, oh? But, we have one more guys no i take it back, we scratch five of them, we have one more money forwards after this thirteen snowflake unveil there’s one – Come on baby be nice put us in the cache Three, well we’re in the ticket we know what that’s like for? one cash, five bucks, five dollars Well at least we’re getting, some consistent learners so we got five and five Thirteen now this one here could pull us out of the hole all right money for words we’re asking for a little help jb jb no, jay ivy speaking of our ends ivy Well three is right in our own a hard time finding the video aren’t, we? Wz i think i saw, w yeah two of them o? Nsz, what a, bonus that’ll be the one, we spell those on you watch? C and a, why? See you know, why, we can’t spell either one of them find you there are there we go see and a y? mp Little stubborn, these letters kl there’s a goodie letter you Need, a bunch of goodies in a rose or we need g last one we’ll have help, don’t think so i Don’t think so alright Not so good on money for words but What did we finally get oh, my, gosh, we got a ticket hey, three wins Still count in the morning paper as a win in the w column so guys for now, we appreciate you being here you Want to be a part of our little scratch group Comment down there and we’ll get you included guys for now nevada arcade

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