1v1 Basketball Challenge (EMBARRASSING PUNISHMENT!!)

1v1 Basketball Challenge (EMBARRASSING PUNISHMENT!!)

Game seven, 1v1 real quick
Loser has to do a challenge, now we’re
not doing no normal ass challenge.
gonna be running around, butt, ass naked
so he’s gonna be running around butt ass
naked cuz he’s losing, I’m not losing today
he gotta run around over there.
not trying to make this intro Mad long,
Lets get this Game Started!
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show me the sauce show me the sauce show
me the sauce bro
Oh easy bucket
“Im ass and i normally dont win”
(there’s absolutely nobody here)
*Turns Camera*
*Woof Woof*
So look I gotta run around this big ass parking lot
with no clothes on (no homo)
Man Wtf This Dude doing in my video
Yo Im mad tired
F this door…
can you put your
shirt on too??
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