$2/$5 No Limit Poker at The Venetian

$2/$5 No Limit Poker at The Venetian

bend each the Reno borders
see what
hello you’re Jeff Bendis oh hey what’s
up Ben oh you’re right yeah yeah
well as you might know I am in town and
I’m trying to figure out what the heck
I’m doing in then but my plan is to play
some to five at the Venetian which is
where I’m at now and well I figured you
should come on down here and join me
what do you think oh yeah Venetian to
five sounds good I’ll see you there all
right sounds good man I have a friend
that’s a two five regular you might know
him as ex-felon learns poker from the
YouTube poker tube video check it out in
the description below Michael hey hell
of a guy long time buddy I hit him up
and he says sure let’s play a little to
five I need some motivation I say it’s
fate you got to go with your gut as long
as you don’t have a bad feeling he’s got
to be a roll with him so he’s gonna join
us at the Venetian very soon
it’s 8:45 on a Thursday night we’re on
the strip vlogger from out of town is in
town and he wants to gamble play a
little to five No Limit at the Venetian
not one to argue so I’ll meet up with
them and see if we can have a good time
win some money maybe have a little
dinner afterwards five to five games
currently running
protip call the poker room 30 minutes to
an hour ahead of time to put your name
on the list and you’re going to wait a
lot less longer pro tip of the day with
blinds at two dollars five dollars is my
second hand at my table I had to wait
about 10 minutes to get a seat but
that’s okay don’t have any reads on the
table I’m under the gun plus one seven
handed with East three of spades raise
it up to twenty dollars only the big
blind calls Asian male sunglasses and
hat unknown age flop comes ten six three
two hearts one club we had bottom pair
he checks this flop dusted his range
very well but we’re gonna rub it over
pair and just try to bring the pot here
through about thirty dollars he puts him
to call you could have a ten you could
have a flush draw it could have a
variety of straight drives the turn is
an off suit for four clubs actually
bringing the backdoor flush draw not too
worried about that he checks I
definitely could check here but then I’d
really been lost on rivers I could be
blocked off in my hand with his missed
flush draw I miss straight draws left
hands so I want to make them making a
mistake and charge his drawers and maybe
get him to fold a six a mid pair and
maybe even a week ten I’ve got 75
dollars he thinks about it and puts in
the call the river is the king of spades
if you were bluffing with ace king we
got there but I don’t think we need to
Bluff we have reverse blockers to all
it’s straight and flush draws he checks
I don’t see a reason to turn our hand
into a block we have showdown value
against all of his miss draws we check
behind and he shows king nine of clubs
floated me on the flop out of position
turn the back door flush draw and river
top hair nice answer
with blinds at $2 $5 or 7 handed my
stack is now
$290 due to a few unfortunate hands I’ve
not reloaded but I got money in my
pocket I’m gonna feel all this new table
I just got moved to with action under
the Gunn Asian male makes it 20 out of
the gun plus one calls 20 on a gun plus
two calls 20 and we’re in the effective
cut off with East King off suit I
thinking about making a hundred which I
probably should do within my relative
staff size so I have a pot size bet left
if I get one caller but I’m scared money
and I have ace king and I just want to
take it down three and get zero rate so
I make it 120
accent folds around past the under the
gone past the under the gun plus one and
the over caller thinks about it and puts
in the call all right I’m just gonna
probably jam any flop the flop comes
East Jack deuce rainbow maybe flush draw
doesn’t matter he checks I shove all in
for one hundred and seventy dollars he
asked for an exact count he’s got a
tough decision he hums he Haws and he
eventually puts in the call feeling
pretty good at bout top top here the
turn is an innocuous seven and the river
is a deuce I asked who has to show first
even though I had no dam all I have to
show first since he called mal in and he
doesn’t want to show I don’t want to
show just so hopefully he shows first
dealer doesn’t want to tell me who shows
first someone at the table eventually
says yeah you gotta show first bro
I probably show my Ace King and he shows
pocket sevens nice call three nice call
on the flop he must have put me exactly
I’m king queen sometimes you got to put
your man on a hand or turn to set either
way congratulations to you Asian male
age 30 to 55 your gamble paid off
and we’re now stuck five hundred dollars
it’s nice
under the gun with pocket fives I make
it 20 get two callers big blind makes it
120 I fold seven handed I’m under the
gun I raised it to 20 with ace-queen
a viewer of the vlog who’s been very
friendly in the small blind makes it 120
I ask movie has pocket jacks if so I’ll
gamble with him for my last 300 he says
no jacks I assume I’m beat I fold
face-up and he claims he had Kings I
yes a few more hands go this way and we
win one or two minut pots Knights not
going well but I’m having a lot of good
at small talk with my friend Ben my
buddy Michael hey who I invited to this
wonderful casino this already has a
qualifying high hand a queen-high
straight flush if it holds in the next
30 minutes he’s going to win $1,000
let’s get a hold
Chuck much cheaper Big Bend each rack
and stacking rare occurence there

70 thoughts on “$2/$5 No Limit Poker at The Venetian”

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  2. I want to see if I can take 100 on 1/2 to a rack then jump to 2/5 and make a grand lol. Stay tuned folks lol 100 to 1k trick when we come back. Magic grinders.com lol

  3. Q-high str8 flush sweat for 20 minutes??? That's like Doug Polk flopping quads and screaming: HOOOOOOOOLD!!!!! HOOOOOOLD!!! HOOOOOOLD!!!! I'd bet my clit that your friend cashed $1000 😉

  4. Damn, wtf with 77? "Nice hand, sir" and by "Nice hand", I mean, lucky catch and by "sir", I mean, moron. Good vlog, gotta keep it real by showing a loss once in a while.

  5. Bro I just lost 600 and my desire to gamble on cards. Played perfect, got screwed…….again. Pro tip of the day. Give up. F%=÷

  6. Nice vlog Jeff! I'm probably out of the loop but wanted to ask…what was up with your last vlog?? Sounds like your VENTING over something that went down????

  7. That was tough with A3, I used to get in trouble with those in Cash Games until I stopped playing them😂 I get the same results too. They keep calling me and running me over 😝

    The AK was tough. As if the Table was gunning for you and seeing a fish by keeping on calling your Flop bets. Those are the ones you want to play against for 8 hours so you can make them pay 💪🏿

    We’ll get them in the long run😉

  8. Great Vlog Jeff…love me some Deach! Great to see two of my faves get in a session. Was waiting for him to crack up during the Asian male comment.

  9. Your friend has the same death stare as the bad guy in the old Supermen movies who would destroy things with his eyes lmao at first I thought he was in on the joke straight Boski deadpan style but now I'm not sure 🤔 😂

  10. Omg he doesn't crack a smile at your "nice call" with the sevens or the Asian male of undetermined age comment!!! This sidekick is channeling his inner Boski and I'm in tears 😂

  11. Ok seriously is he in on the gig?!?! I haven't laughed soo hard in weeks!

    Everyone pls watch the sidekicks eyes when you say you are ready to gamble 300 w jacks! 😂 😂 His pupils dialate subconsciously!! This is too damn funny!

  12. Ah, love/hate with the Venetian. Poker players say they hate what Adelson stands for. People say the new tables are uncomfortable. The $1000 promotion for a straight flush is OKAY 👌 !!! 😂

  13. I keep looking for your luck to turn around, and you get these massive chip porn shots for us. But, those perfect floats (sarcasm) are killing you (me too). Youre the hardest working man in Vegas. Good Luck! …because you cant beat the morons out there. Everyone goes to Bally's for easy cash games. Try it.

  14. Can't help but wonder if the stakes were higher if you would have taken down the pot with the 77 dude…. a buddy of mine banned himself from a poker room in AZ because he was so fed up with people just playing craps at the poker tables. He moved on to higher stakes and a lot more common sense play prevailed.

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  16. Why didn’t you show your AK after you went all-in and the board ran out AJ272? You said you knew it was your turn to show…I never understood why people don’t show their hand in that situation, and maybe you have a good reason and can let me know why people do that. Thanks!

  17. When I was a kid I knew a dude who basically spent all his waking moments in juvee. He had penchant for stealing motorcycles and getting caught. It got so bad they transferred him to a hardcore juvenile work camp called Joplin located in Trabuco Canyon. The dude got a job installing carpet later on and got married a few times. He killed himself man about twenty years ago. My mom knew his mom and she said he called and wished her goodbye before the overdose killed him. That was nice of him.

  18. One small suggestion. When you talk over a hand, I think it's better that you just show your hand and your opponent's hands (your cards will be faced up and theirs are faced down). If you want to include a face in the video then, at most, just show your face, but not your friend's face please. I've seen this a few times now where you included the other guy's face in the video, and he'd sit there like a robot. I imagine it must be really awkward for him during that time. BTW, you are the only vlogger that does this (in comparison to Neeme, Owen, Vibes, Jaman, etc.).

  19. Was in Vegas December 20-23. Sunday played $2/5 at Encore. Bought in @ Minimum $200, played 5 hands- First was $5 call then fold to raise. Got Q,K raised to $25 with 3 callers. Flop all low cards they check to me i bluffed for $60, they all fold. Won $70 and left to the $100 Baccarat tables.

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