48 thoughts on “20 Out Of Bounds Secrets In Video Games #5”

  1. 2:17 it's not actually a secret, it was supposed to be a way to make these objects appear from behind the door, that were supposed to be semi-transparent earlier

  2. Thanks, gonna reinstall Unreal to play it again and see if other impaled Nalis send messages to our translator…
    "brak klipu" lol, those hamy translations are killing me
    12:38 – OJ Simpson reference? Just like TV animation in DN3D

  3. 6:47 I think the elder scroll reference themself, because in TES IV Oblivion you got a quest for the mageguild where you got to go in a well find a ring.

  4. There are weird circles at the above of Nevada.

    (I know its non-related and I keep on spamming these but just please add this to the next Google map/earth eastereggs and secrets.)

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