2019 Favorites

Hi folks today’s video is going to be all about our favorite things in 2019
My favorite thing about 2019 is that it’s over
Here is a rough he was a little bit of a rough year, but now there was a lot of really good stuff in it
So, I guess maybe no particular order
What’s one of the first things that was great or your favorite from the last year?
Definitely joining the Mercs of mischief
Getting to play Kithri and just meeting all of those folks
Avalon Knights. Yeah, all of that kind of stuff. Yeah, definitely look for them
And yeah getting to play Baptiste in the poison paradise game
which was I was only supposed to be a part of that game for like
Three episodes and now I’m a regular member and it’s an indefinitely running game
Yeah, and it’s really fun. Yeah, it’s been a great game as well as just having a regular weekly game. Oh
yeah, and it you know, and it’s I
Think I think that you know getting to run with like Kevin and Sarah and less and Hannah and Skye
Like it’s as close as I’ve been able to get with an online game
To feeling like sitting around the table. Yeah, and I’ve gotten to play with a lot of really awesome people
That’s that’s not say anything bad about any of the other groups
But it’s just the banter and the fun and it’s a game that focuses at least paradise. We focus on roleplay. Yeah
Definitely focuses on role as well
ya know Avalon Knights
Mercenaries of mischief too many warlocks and poison paradise. Absolutely check that out. Yeah, that’s got to be at the top. Sure
I don’t know if favorite is the right but definitely like one of the most impactful things and I do love it from
2019 is
My special
My laser
ya know I have really really bad vision and um like so bad that I couldn’t even wear contacts for the last
Two years almost a year, if not two years. My astigmatism was so bad
And so I finally got you know laser corrective surgery
Boy, I don’t really remember the week of recovery
Yeah, getting my eyes done. You looked like the dude or thick Thor? Yeah, sure
That’s that’s fair. I remember that I learned how to build like a
throne of pillows and
So that I didn’t have to actively keep my eyes closed I would just walk around with like a bandana tied around my eyes
So I felt I felt like I was getting ready for like a kung fu training montage
but instead I was just getting ready for more tramadol and
Like vaguely listening to books on tape
Yeah. Yeah getting my eyes done is up there for me as well as I just kind of said it
Um I got into audible this year
you know, I’ve really I’ve always loved reading and
Kind of am jealous of how many novels you get through all the time and I just don’t feel like I have I don’t have
The time and when I have the time to read I want to be doing something else
So I got into books on tape and I sprang for an audible
subscription and
Listening to the books on tape, I’ve gone through five Warhammer novels. I’m on my third
Expanse novel. Thank you so much for tabletop loop for tabletop loop
they gave me the first one for free and I love that book series now, I’ve
Seen the first episode of the TV series. I love it
You know, I’ve got a I’ve got a book on tape that helps me fall asleep. I’ve got something
I’ve got a weekly Dutch language news that they listen to on the drive to work
So yeah audible and I started listening to it while I was getting my eyes done
Yeah, that that’s out there for me as well. Mm-hmm
Yeah on the subscription and I finally sprang for getting a Spotify
Like subscription and that has definitely made a big impact because it’s allowed me to listen to a lot more
Artists than I had been so it’s expanded a lot of my music taste
I love the like daily mix thing
Getting to be like hey
Here’s a bunch of stuff that I already listened to and a couple of new things
Sprinkled in as well as I had been using it before subscribing
For game music there are a couple places on there that I would pull up or soundtracks
Stuff like that when we were running our in-person
Game just to have some like fun background music to help set the mood. Yeah, and just because you’ve got it
I’ve been exposed to more music, you know, Tessa violet, which I tended to like the the hits that would come out
But I’ve listened to a lot of her stuff because you’ve been listening to it
Yeah, and I like I like Spotify as well some of the artists that I liked
I never expected to like because they were suggested for me a lil. Yachty and X X X X 10cm
Are like artists that I I would have never picked up their stuff
Because it’s not the type of hip-hop I like but I actually do like them and so Spotify
Yeah, I’ll steal that one and co-opt it a little bit what else?
Wrapped up the home game
my favorite thing was
Getting like coming to the end of the story and kind of wrapping it up nicely and kind of feeling that sense of like
accomplishment and
yeah, that was a nice like feeling like I
Finished out something instead of it
Just peter out was really when you made your first map
Because of that and then did all of math member which was really great
Yeah, and and like really couldn’t act for it. Yeah
Let’s see. What else is there?
I guess it’s maybe minor boring one of my favorite things
2019 is I got a full-time job for the first time in my [bleep]
Life, but like I’m made like I did it. I finally did. I’ve always wanted to be a professor
I’ve been adjunct in which has some good stuff about it and a lot of crappy stuff about it
For eight and a half nine years. Yeah. I probably got a full-time teaching position and I love it
it’s challenging and I’m having to make a lot of adjustments but
Like I’m just a professor
Which is great
And getting paid a decent wage and having benefits
Americans so that means I can actually see a doctor is a pretty nice change
So yeah. Yeah getting a full-time job is definitely maybe that’s the top of my favorites list for 2019
yeah, so last Christmas we got gave you my
We got a switch we got a switch
Plate, yeah
Yeah the holidays and I really enjoyed breath of the wild. That was the game
That kind of was the like I want to get a switch so that I can play this
I mean gorgeous gorgeous game
I love the game made them in the world that like because you went a different route than I went
Oh, we did we played the game completely differently. Yeah, and I still you know, haven’t like played it to a hundred percent completion
I think I’m like 95% of when I do
I beat the game on accident like I didn’t realize I was going into the Gannon site and I was like
Oh, you might want to leave the room because apparently I’m doing this now
But that was a really great game
Stardew valley is a great sort of it is the british baking show of video games
like it’s just wholesome and good and everyone’s nice to each other and
Paul Hollywood’s hair is ridiculous even in stardew valley
Ya know like that’s yeah, I would put the switch on there for sure
I think Oh all in 2019 like the growth that we’ve had in the channel
we’ve got to say that like, of course we have to say that from getting to meet so many people the
collaborations we’ve done
We mentioned that with Knights of Avalon at Avalon Knights, but also with Pixels
you know just the cabinets and cocktails series is an absolute blast and like
Bob has become a genuine friend. Not just a
Co-worker and like when I go into the bar for lunch or something like I feel like staff
in a good way and it’s and it’s really nice and just
Getting to play all of the games and hanging hanging out with all of them and learning all of the bartender tricks
Yeah, our relationship with Pixels has been really great this year. Mm-hmm a couple months ago. I got back into cooking
Which was something I hadn’t been doing for years and years because yeah
I was I was a househusband which I loved doing
Like that’s a that’s a real job, and I cooked most of the time but I can’t do that anymore. Yeah, and I
we used hellofresh kind of for a couple weeks to kind of help kick-start like
Because I realized it was like I went to the grocery store as like I can make like three things
Yeah, but I don’t want to just have these three meals all the time, right? Yeah
Otherwise, yeah would have been inch would have been enchiladas tacos
It would’ve been enchiladas and tacos, that’s all which I
Know know
so that’s been a really great like getting back into cooking and kind of that like getting home and
the like self-care aspect of the like I’m gonna
Get home
Put some music on or listen to a game or something like that and I’m gonna spend 30 minutes
cooking a nice dinner for myself
That’s not gonna be crappy fast food or a frozen dinner
And just kind of that’s been nice and feeling like I’m yeah
Expanding my cooking
Repertoire and some days like crappy fast food or whatnot or ordering a pizza
Which we definitely still do like that’s not that’s not bad if that’s what you’ve got to be able to do
But it’s been nice like coming home to you cooking is really cool. I’ve never been on that side of it
for our entire relation
But you also like you’ve always been a really good Baker and I think you’ve discovered that you’re also a really good cook. Mm-hmm
I just need a recipe. Yeah. Yeah, and so that’s that’s where nice
I think definitely one of the best things of our 20-19 was this year’s Gen Con?
Not only do. We love Gen Con every year but this year we got to go with Tucker again
Yeah, which Tucker introduced us to Gen Con and so he got to come with us again, and it was
Absolutely. Fantastic to have him there. We also got to run games at Gen Con with MAMS and
That was really fun
we were yeah that game master badge was what is like the most like I got GI like I teared up not only when it
Picked it up, but like when I would just see it. I’m a crier
Yeah, and your games P like I heard people talking about your crash pandas in the hallway
Getting to run tales from the loop
We got to see all of the demigods folks. Yeah, Joey
Everybody this year’s Gen Con in a way felt like like coming home
There was a comfort we knew the space as well as we got to meet up with so many friends
Yeah, it was just like this is this is like our camp that we go to every year
Four days of fun ya know. It’s neat like even though it’s only the downtown area it always feels like oh we’re back
Oh, we’re from Indy. Don’t worry about it. We can help you out
Unless you need to go six blocks away and then we can’t help at all
Yeah, I mean laser eyeballs running games new friend
Audio books music. Yeah, there’s a lot there’s a lot that’s been really great. So
Maybe I’m not just glad that the years over. Maybe I’m glad for how good of a year a new job
How good of a year it’s actually been
So what are some of the things that were really great for your 20 19?
I’d love to hear we’d love to hear about it in the comments below a big thanks to all of our patrons and especially to
Bryce if you want to support our channel
You can head over to our patreon page and check out the perks of being a patron one of our upcoming videos
We’ll be talking about what we’re looking forward to in
2020 the year of advantage
The next couple of weeks are the holiday season, so we’re probably only going to put out one or two videos
If you’re spending some of your holiday times watching our Channel, that’s amazing. Thank you so much
Check out some of the past videos make some comments. We still read those share them with somebody
but also hopefully you’re getting
Able to spend some time with friends and family and the family of your choosing and we’re gonna come back real strong next year
And we will see you then. All right, so until next time I’m Dawn and I’m Ryan and we’re Roll 4 Initiative
Okay, I’m ready to film
But you gotta sit down, babe
We’re not both in the shot
I’m in the shot
Hi folks on this episode. We’re gonna talk about

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