2019 Infiniti Q50 Red Sport 400: FULL REVIEW + DRIVE | The Red Hot and Blazing Fast Q50!

2019 Infiniti Q50 Red Sport 400: FULL REVIEW + DRIVE | The Red Hot and Blazing Fast Q50!

What’s going on YouTube Now most people realize that the best sellers in the class are the 3-series and c-class but they often don’t recognize that the q50 is right in the mix as a Matter of fact so far this year. The q50 is actually outselling the 3-series, which is certainly no small feat That’s why we’re spending the day at infiniti of Lexington with this top-of-the-line q50 red sport finished in the gorgeous dynamic Sunstone paint, of course if you’re in the market for any new Infiniti Be sure to stop by their brand new dealership or visit them via their website, which we provided a link to in the video description So with all that said let’s see why the q50 has consistently been at the top of the sales charts You So getting started with the exterior design Infiniti has done a good job of keeping things fresh Just last year, they refreshed the front design so that the sport trams now look distinct from the standard models That means the sport and this red sport come with an extra crease around the grille and the extra black elements along the bottom All models, however come with these aggressive full LED headlights But unlike the q50 coupe, the turn signal is located down next to the LED fog lights Now as far as the rest of the styling it also carries on the aggressive theme with really nice Proportions at the side and then an athletic rear design Here on the red sport specifically most of the styling is the same as the other trims, but we do have special satin exhaust finishers As Far as the taillights. They were updated last year with the LED paint brush Look that infiniti is known for and you can’t add either body coloured black or carbon fiber spoilers if you want So overall, the q50 is still an attention-grabbing sports sedan with styling that shows it means business Especially here on the red sport Now of course since the red sport is the top-end model it comes with these unique 19-inch graphite finished owls they are the largest wheels in the lineup besides for the regular sport, which has a different 19-inch our Additionally the red brake callipers our red sport exclusive Coming up to the mirrors the red sports have a distinct black finish and They still have heating power adjustment blind spot monitoring and auto dimming so long as you get the sensory package As Far as the rest of the safety systems 2019 does add automatic forward emergency braking as standard equipment across the board and then the rest of your systems are located in two packages What is known as the pro assist package is standard on the red sport and that includes rear auto braking and the 360 camera? However, we also have the pro active package which adds the more advanced stuff like intelligent cruise control with full speed range active lane control blind spot intervention and high-beam assist Finally ending at the fuel tank it is a pretty large 20 gallon one good for a range of 440 miles with both rear and all-wheel drive and As expected it does require premium fuel But anyways, that’s it for the exterior, so now let’s see these several 2019 updates on the inside So every q50 does come standard with infinities intelligent entry system and you will also find standard remote start on the file Now to get inside the vehicle, of course it is very simple you’ve got a sensor behind the door handle So all you have to do is grab it All right, so checking out the cabin of the 2019 Infiniti q50 As you can tell the main component rejas not changed from the refresh last year. However, there are a few updates as you dig around Now as far as colors and materials when you choose the red sport, you’re always going to get this quilted semi-aniline leather However, as you can see one of the 2019 updates is we now have the gallery white color option in addition to the traditional graphite color option Now turning over here to the door trim it is very nicely finished as you can see you’ve got leather over pretty much the entire thing including the armrest as well as this patterned leather above it and Then all this is real aluminum with two different finishes Of course all four of your windows are one touch automatic And you will find two person memory seating when you go for the sensory package Now coming down here to the seats themselves they are 8 way power adjusting with to a lumbar However, we also have the power adjusting bolsters, which is this button as well as a manual flight extension And then as far as the seat itself, it is beautiful Like I said, this is semi-aniline leather Which is the nicest grade of leather and then I really really like the quilted design here on the bolsters. It looks very nice So like I already mentioned the q50 was updated just last year So the design and material updates from that carry over this year So that means you do continue to have a soft touch dashboard But you now have the stitching detail here as well as here that was added last year Of course You do have real aluminum trim which covers Almost this entire Center area and you will also find a nice leather trim through here with some more color contrast stitching And all in all the materials are very nice and everything fits together exceptionally well Now, of course as you expect you do have standard push-button start And when you press it, you’ll see the Infinity in touch System fire up here of the bottom screen is seven inches and then you also have a top screen which is eight inches Now as far as red sports are concerned the gauges are pretty much the same as in the standard q50 models So you still have a simple and classy design with a large 5-inch multi-function display in the middle Now you can just cycle through various different things using the buttons on the steering wheel Including these settings for all your different safety systems Now coming back to the steering wheel of course it is nice leather wrapped And on this specific model. We also have the direct adaptive steering system, which we’ll talk about a little later in the video As far as your buttons here These are for your traditional audio and phone controls as well as for the top screen with this one I mean you you also have adaptive cruise control as well as some safety system shortcuts Up top you’ll find rain sensing wipers as standard equipment And one of our 2019 changes are these paddle shifters They do remain real metal. But this year we have a dark finish versus a light finish that it had last year And then looking at the wheel itself it is power adjusting on every red sport and we also do have standard heating Now moving on to interior storage the q50 does pretty good for a compact sports sedan So starting out with your center console here As you can see this is pretty deep and it’s also very nicely Finished with a felt lining on the sides as well as the bottom Inside you’ll find a 12-volt outlet two USB ports and an aux jack We’re front of that obviously you’ve got your two cupholders and then up in the front you can open this up and you’ve got a small little Tray that you can fit something tiny in as well as another 12 volt outlet Now infinity has kept with a traditional shifter versus an electronic one that some of the rivals have gone to So it’s very simple to operate all you have to do is just pull back for drive and Then bump over here to the left to shift manually right here or via the paddle shifters, which I already pointed out Additionally when we head into her first On the red sport you have the standard around view monitor So as you can see, you’ve got both your traditional view with guidance lines as well as your 360 view You can click this button right here to change different views so you can see your curve side you know to not scrape the rims and whatnot and Also the mirrors do till downwind and reverse to help you see the parking lines better Now back behind the shifter you’ll notice this nice metal toggle and this is for your drive modes So you just flick this and as you can see, you’ve got a quite an assortment So you’ve got eco snow standard sport the red sport also has a Sport Plus and then you also have a personal mode Where you can store your own custom configuration And then right here is your infinity drive mode or excuse me infinity controller here This is used for the top screen Whereas this bottom screen is a touch screen, but we’ll go on to that a little later in the video All right now the next stop up the console here is our audio system So since this model comes equipped with the optional sensory package We have the 16 speaker Bose performance sound series. So let’s go ahead and take a sample As you would expect sound quality is phenomenal and also really love the look of the speaker grilles But anyways As far as the climate controls you do have a dual zone automatic setup And as you can see, all of your controls are kind of located here on both sides of the screen So you’ve got your temperature controls for the driver on this side and your fan speeds and then this side has a few extra Controls as well as the passenger temperature controls and everything is located physically here so you don’t have to use a display or anything But you can’t press this button to make some adjustments right here if you’d rather do that You will also notice we have standard heated seats, but there is not the option for seat ventilation Anyways that premature brings us up here to our infinity in touch system. So let’s go ahead and take a quick look So like I already mentioned this system is made up of two different screens You got a top screen, which is kind of recessed a little bit That’s 8 inches and then you’ve got this bottom screen which is more conveniently placed and it is a touch screen and both of them Are touchscreen however the top one you can control with this knob as well So we’ll start out up at the top. This is your standard navigation system And this is the default thing that’s going to be pulled up here on the top display However, it’s not the only thing that the system can do you can press the menu and the top screen can do a lot of the same things as the bottom screen so you can Go to things like your audio Now unlike some other two screen systems that we may have seen like in the Acuras with the Acura link system the two Screens basically work together for different functions. So you notice down here You’ve got this is where you actually input the navigation things which go up to the top display Now as far as other things down here, you’ll notice you’ve got your phone. You can go into your phone book down here as well As you can see scrolling is pretty responsive You also have text message support as well Hopping over to the next page you’ll notice the drive mode selector This is where you can customize and make that custom mode that I pointed out earlier with the drive modes Now this car does come with the app garage That’s where you can go and download different little applications for various things for instance like here on this red sport We have a driving performance app So once this pulls up you’ll see there’s like various cool gauges that you can look at. So you’ve got your mpg fuel flow As well as you can see the steering angle g-forces, so it’s pretty neat Um, however, you will notice that we are missing Android auto and apple carplay No word if Infiniti is going to add these at a later date, but as an al it does not have them But anyways, that’s pretty much the main gist of the Infiniti and touched However, we do have a dedicated tech help video available For those of you who want to learn more a link to that video is provided in the description now Moving on up you do have an auto tuning here with your three Homelink Universal remotes built into it And then you will also find a standard power moonroof as well As you can see is just your traditional size unit and you do have a twin But overall, I have to say that the cabin of the Infiniti q50 is aging very gracefully I really like just how well this cabin balances both luxury and also having a really sporty and cool design When you open up the door You will notice that both the steering wheel and the seat do move back to help you get in and out easier But anyways That’s it for all the front areas and I’ll go ahead and hand it off to Mason who will check out all the back yards So checking out the rear seat of the 2019 Infiniti q50, you will find a very competitive amount of space for its class you’ll find 35.1 inches of rear legroom and 37 and a half inches of rear headroom which just place it right on par with the Mercedes. C-class BMW 3 Series and Audi a4 Now turning over here to the door trim. It is really really nicely appointed so we do have a nicely leather wrapped armrest with red color contrast stitching as Was a quilted design above that and a padded material on the upper portion now in addition to that your window is fully automatic and Turning over to the seat itself. You have a really beautiful design It’s a very comfortable seat and it does also have the diamond quilting here in the back Now here in the center you will find these Rivest entered across all cue 50s However, you will not find your own climate controls or heated rear seats Now turning over here You do have a really nice arm rest does fold down nicely and you do have some cup holders in the end Up top you have a nice headliner and as well as an assist group and LED lighting Now behind row seating position like I said This is pretty class competitive when it comes to space so behind your seating position I have about six to seven inches of your like room and my feet can’t easily slide up under the seat Now sliding over here with the seat scooted all the way back As you would expect it is a little bit more cramped so we have about an inch or two of rear legroom But overall, I’m really impressed by this q 50s rear seat, although I do wish it had a few more features back here It’s a very comfortable and spacious space to spend time Now coming or into the trunk all you have to do is locate the button under the lid and it will open right up Now once inside you’re going to find 13 and a half cubic feet of space We’ll just place it on par with most of the rivals let the Mercedes c-class and Audi a4 Now as you can tell your seats do fold and you do also have a trunk pass-through as well Everything is finished pretty nicely back here with a nice carpeting And I do want to point out that you do have the hydraulic hinges. So it will not crush your partner Coming over to the passenger seat that to his same lovely design continues and you do also have eight-way power adjustment on this model However, you will not have the power lumbar support of the driver’s seat Now in front of the passenger, of course your materials are really nice to have this nice leather wrapped area of here with stitching going through it and Down below that you have a really good sized glove box that is felt lined Now I’ve tough you do have a nice Sun Visor as mirrors and lighting and it can also detach and extend But anyway guys that sums up all of the rear areas of this q50 So now let’s go ahead and get out on the road and see how this red sport performs Now of course the main reason you’re gonna buy a red sport q50 is because you want serious performance and indeed this car definitely delivers that Now what it does is it shares the three litre twin-turbocharged v6 with the lower trim levels However, this has some special performance upgrades That bring the power all the way up to 400 horsepower. Hence red sport 400 and 350 pound feet of torque This is the highest performance Infiniti engine you can get right now And it is part of the same engine family. We’ve shared with the GTR. So that’s where it gets that performance credit from Now as far as the other trims You do hagas that have a lower – in version of this engine as well as a turbo four-cylinder As far as the transmission, you’ve got a 7-speed automatic transmission and I was paired with either rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive and all together that’s good for a four-and-a-half second 0-60 According to Car and Driver so definitely that’s very very quick. Yes. You’re definitely right in line with the m3 40i the S4 all the competitors And then lastly for your fuel economy you have pretty decent numbers of 20-city 26 highway 22 combined with rear-wheel drive and Then if you go for the all wheel drive version, you have the same combined rating, but you lose one mpg in the city But anyways now, let’s go ahead and take this for a quick spin All right, so taking off in the Q50 red sport, you’re definitely gonna be able to tell right off the bat. This is a quick Lauer Going for the red sport really the main reason is for a zero to 60 Yeah, I mean because the 3.0 t sport has the same engine. So you’re gonna get pretty much the same sound and that type of thing But this is going to be a lot more powerful and you can definitely tell that The engine itself is pretty quiet But one of the things that a lot of people don’t realize is infinity does offer two different Factory exhaust systems that you can have installed and they’re not really all that expensive Like I said, there are factory authorized and they do make a big impact if you want more sound I heard one recently. You can actually be really quite loud if you give go for the ismo version Now rounding that corner there it makes for a good time to talk about the steering Now this car has equipped here. We’ve got the direct adaptive steering and that Actually does not have a physical connection to the wheels, which is what’s interesting about it So it does make for a little bit of an interesting feel I say interesting not because it’s bad. I say interesting because The way it adapts, it’s one of the strongest adapting systems I’ve ever felt you know you have certain car is that they firm up or Loosen the steering depending on your speed but this has a really really strong sensation of that. The steering is incredibly light When you’re at parking lot speeds And then once you start moving things definitely firm up a lot more and it’s also highly responsive So I’m just driving around as we’ve been Barely turned the wheel more than like just a few degrees as all it ever takes to get the car going The direction you want it so it definitely has that laser fast You can see it just responds instantly and while we’re cruising down the road here. I know we had a lot of rough roads back Little ways back and I wanted to mention just how comfortable this car. Is this car? Definitely It is pretty sporty, but it definitely is very comfortable as well. The seats are amazingly comfortable And it just feels really really nicely riding in here The power is well really put a grin on your face. It’s as great power Actually quite like the sound of the engine like I said it is Pretty quiet especially compared to like the c43 Yeah that we did recently but that of course also had the active exhaust system as well But it has a cool sound you get Has been driving around it definitely is really growing on me in the way that yeah It sounds it just has like a throaty sound You know, like I said, it is really the GTR it yeah it definitely makes known that it’s it is a sporty be a Sport mode and also do some manual shifting you’ll see how this goes Wow definitely, holy this is serious serious Performance there. Yeah Definitely what’s a lot more of the sound – yeah And you know that’s a really good thing because you know if you want it in sport mode you want that exhaust note you can have that but in regular mode, I mean Going for this red sport isn’t going to give you too much of a different experience besides giving you a lot more power Also while we’re sitting here at a red light, I would like to point out that this Court does not have auto start-stop So unlike a lot of the rivals like a4 and C 43. This car does not have auto start-stop I Do also want to talk about the transmission I Actually like the way that it behaves you know, you might look at the Sticker and see seven-speed and think that it’s maybe a little behind some of the rivals and this is an older transmission But infiniti has definitely tuned it to be very responsive You’re not it does not hesitate in the slightest to downshift and it’s just quite aggressively to get you moving So I actually very much like this transmission But overall, I really enjoy the drive and the cues 50 red sport It’s a car. I’ve been wanting to drive actually for a long time and Definitely the Performance lives up to the really good looks You know you look at this car you see boy that really does look fast with the exhaust pipes and especially this That Knight name is Sunstone paint It really is fast it definitely lives up to my expectations and I think If you want a family vehicle That still has just incredibly serious performance when you decide to activate it. I think this is an excellent choice All righty And as far as the pricing goes for the 2019 Infiniti q50 red sport you are gonna find pretty competitive pricing especially when you compare it to the s 4 and C 43 AMG So for the red sport rear-wheel drive That’s going to start at fifty one thousand two hundred and fifty dollars and if you want all-wheel drive that’s going to be an additional Two thousand two fifty three thousand two hundred and fifty now as far as how this particular q50 is equipped We have pretty much every option you can add to the red sport So we have the sensory package for 2650 the proactive package for 2700 the illuminated kick plates for 485 The glowing emblem in the front for 415 as well as this beautiful paint color for 800 as was the destination charge for 995 and then all told this particular model as equipped is sixty one thousand and forty five dollars Which like I said is about as high as you can get the q50 red sport And it is worth noting that that’s pretty much a value player When you compare it to like the s4 and c43 because they’re going to run you closer to 70,000 fully loaded Well guys we’ve enjoyed watching this in-depth look at the 2019 Infiniti q50 red sport 400 Places, they look like and subscribe buttons if you haven’t already and we’ll catch you next time as this sample more of the latest automotive delicacies

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  1. This infinit q50 has to have some credit because of its sleek lines and its 400hp. It is very aggressive looking and is a very beautiful car.👍

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  5. Hi Drew and Mason, yeah this in depth review was everything 😄. 16 speaker Bose audio system and 400hp, the car is awesome for what it is.

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  9. I like the exterior & interior styling of the Q50, only things that need to be changed are the headlight and taillight design as well as the keyfob 😂.
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  10. It is important to know that the pro-active package has been discontinued for the Red Sport. You can only order it on the Silver Sport now. There are Red Sports with the package on dealer lots right now. However, there won’t be any additional Red Sports made with that particular package.

    The Silver Sport cars also come with the sensory package as standard where that is now the only option available for the Red Sport.

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