221  Lottery Scratch Off Tickets From Nevada Arcade Channel & Yoshi

221 Lottery Scratch Off Tickets From Nevada Arcade Channel & Yoshi

Hey greetings fellow youtubers Do it a little differently this time we might start scratching? Packets, and I don’t mean full packets. I mean like ten of the same kind of ticket. We’re gonna do a mystery crossword But we’re gonna scratch our Emeralds and we’re gonna scratch three of them, but if we get a winner when we get a winner We’re gonna move on to the mystery crossword and then go back, so let’s see if we can’t scare up a winner here Scare up that green ten On one of these first three Emerald tens Nothing yeah pretty elusive on these lately But when we catch up and they give us the big prize we’ll all be happy All right Second Emerald ten No 50 bucks for us yet Well some green symbols, that’s good if we can find the 10 all right. There’s a winner dollar signs Another couple wouldn’t be bad or a multiplier All right one winner so far You know what we’re gonna do We’re gonna move on to mr. Crosswords And we’re gonna scratch our last Emerald tens and then we’re gonna divulge the winners Why not? There’s no rules here all right? Now. This is the card I got to move up and down because you know why? All right, well this has really got a lot of curl to it Fortunately sometimes on the end of the rolls they tell me all right the letter D Metal evade All right nothing in the bonus words That’s it for D. All right next one out is an H Hungry got it start Well, 1h, let’s do it this way so we can see a little better Touch Boy fit for each alright next one out is a tea Format as a letter Except that Two Vertebrae first time we’ve had that word Alright next puzzle tea Rats and teeth okay next one is an ex Don’t remember an ex Oh Remember it because I didn’t see it alright. Next is Kay Like this should be more than that Let’s just see if we get one Boy 1k on the top one on the bottom All right, we have a nice. Oh boy neither one of the bonus words you have a knee though It’s alright. We’ll still take it Okayyyy be good to us down here, too Not quite as good on the bottom, but not bad All right, let’s get a little help in our bonus words here. There’s a you for hungry Executive – is there an action here you have the red 2x, okay you All right, let’s hope the letter P. Nothing in the bonus words Boy where do they find these words and give us something like a P, and there is not a P in sight One in tape and nap Wow one P had to miss one J Alright bonus words are really lacking. I don’t know if there’s a J in this puzzle either Moving on Let’s hope that’s our only to mrs. Is the J and P Okay, there’s an M Format Metal name lots ends as there usually is Okay, halfway double you believe there’s a couple Oh Wait You know there was a couple exactly – she hungry Think there might be one or two Well there’s two We need a big splash here, okay, and then it’s a good one. I did see a lot of ends Was a G. We missed Okay anymore ends There’s a P. We missed You notice how I flip you guys in the missus All right letter O Alright overlook his three O’s not to be overlooked Mm broom Okay, I can see where they’re gonna need that a as well That second bonus, we’re caught up with the first one, but still no no winter he hit No F up top And just the one all right I Weren’t in good shape now One tune Still need the a and the e though all in the L The synod E3 eyes okay, we’ll have a word outfit We win this ticket we’re gonna buy Yoshi a new outfit a new flight suit For this drone okay be you believe there’s a couple of ease Anybody still anticipating what our win was and emerald tens and on One two three B’s MonaVie all right Wow Coming up everywhere we spell the event and outlook Still need another one at least for a ticket here Well we’ve got three left I am Cautiously optimistic here alright a why is a good one? If I can scratch it All right letter Y I know we’ve got a few All right be good to us down here this one Cinna D. If we have a see You have a Z here all right to left I think B All right, we’ve got another we have a word up top obey But the bottom puzzle only have two words up top obey and Bend Two words on each puzzle that might be a first for us outfit and event obey And Bend Hmm, maybe we could get can’t get three on each one because that would be a ticket hmm. This is interesting all right last Num less letter is an L So we did not spell our Either bonus word okay, two L’s up here no three L’s Three L’s and still no help There’s a V We missed boy RAC Up top, that’s all we’re missing our AC we had the e right But still no help two words up top, but we better hope we get a word here Tell us it isn’t so We have a W yes All right, there’s no There’s no s There’s no a there’s no R With that already crippled us how can they give us two words? Top and bottom Hmm we may have to double check this guy’s obey bend And then down here, we’ve got outfit And event Hmm Well, just in case. We’ll double check in case we missed something 1x. I would be suspicious of that Yeah, we would have one okay, so no are we know that darn a hmm – and – that’s a little spirits, I’m almost thinking I’m missing a third firmware, but we will take a peek okay, so we have this emerald tins With the dollar sign that’s the window we’re going to uncover that in a minute just soon as we find another winner here all right fast 15 Negative Come on emerald We feel deserving in your Emerald now, maybe the one I skipped over worth a million bucks The Emerald Sheldon eyes what’s a chin all right guys let’s hope after all this Anticipation it’s something more than a ticket Yeah, yeah these are hard tickets It wasn’t for that dream. Oh we had a dream All right guys. We didn’t do so bad. We got our money back there ten bucks We gotta think of five bucks there, and we got our money back here There’s $20 sitting there could have been $0 so anyways guys, we got a lot more emerald tens waiting for us, and I just think one of those got that emerald symbol, so Hang with us we appreciate you being here and for now Yoshio nine, Nevada arcade out

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