25 Upcoming PC Strategy Games in 2020 & 2021 ► New RTS, Turn-based, 4X & Real-time Tactics!

25 Upcoming PC Strategy Games in 2020 & 2021 ► New RTS, Turn-based, 4X & Real-time Tactics!

The Golden Age of strategy games from two decades ago might be tough to live up to, but we have some contenders fast approaching. Hello, my name is GamerZakh and welcome to my 25 Upcoming PC strategy games in – 2020 and 2021 lists. Now the games in this video focus on real-time – strategies and 4X’s (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate) just so you know what we’re getting into, and we also have a dozen bonus games at the end. So be sure to watch all the way through so you don’t miss the kind of strategic – experience you’re aiming for. If you appreciate what you see here – please do like, subscribe, and share the video with other strategy fans, as it really does help keep this channel and these videos marching along. Alright now let’s get started Beginning with historical 4X’s it’s, “HUMANKIND” by Amplitude Studios. After a bizarre reveal trailer of a caveman playing synth music on a space station. This is actually a game that looks like Civilization. Historical 4X turn-based strategy where you can rewrite history, – by building sprawling cities, defining values, and conquering lands. A lot of the description is about creating your own unique – civilisation by mixing cultures. So this seems to be less tied to fixed existing Civs, and more free in terms of your own identity – throughout a game. Boasting practically limitless outcomes. Obviously, the big question here is what’s this like compared to Civilization 5 and 6. Will it be different enough or is it going to be basically a reskin? This has been a tricky balance for 4X games like this in the past, many dying out and being forgotten. We’ll have to wait until 2020 to see if HUMANKIND will be able to truly stand the test of time. In a similar vein we have, “BOC: Birth of Civilization” by Code::Arts. A historical turn-based 4X game featuring a realistic world, as an actual planet. Tactical components of military along with climate simulation. Set from the Ice Age to the fall of the Western Roman Empire. You’ll be playing through the ages on hexagonal tiles, and your civilisation will progress in a nonlinear fashion. Obviously, this is a game inspired by the Civilization series as well and I get – the feeling that many game developers are looking to make their own version to compete – recently. Probably because there is an audience that aren’t quite as happy with Civilization 6. But either way it’s unclear something like this – which does look a bit unpolished at the moment to be honest. Will it be able to knock Civ off its pedestal? Developing for a 2020 early access release BOC: Birth of Civilization could be another Civ-like – strategy game that might be for you. And then we have, “Knights of Honor II: Sovereign” by Black Sea Games. A game teased for a year, – and I mentioned this in last year’s list. Many have been awaiting official confirmation of a new Knights of Honor game. Choose your kingdom, wrestle control of Europe, manage provinces, raise armies, engage in diplomacy, and there’s a touch of – espionage too in this real-time grand strategy. 16 years after the original game. This one is promising a new take on the genre, with a living world, and it’s accessible by not being too confusing or complex. But that does risk it lacking depth, but also will be great for those new to grand strategies. It looks wonderful at first glance and the real-time world – is something I first saw with Lords of the Realm III. Where if you take control of a battle the overworld continues to run. So your attention becomes an important resource. With much anticipation, the release window is set for 2020 and we can hope Knights of Honor II: Sovereign – can actually live up to all the grand expectations. Another year another Total War game, and this time we have, “Total War Saga: TROY” by Creative Assembly. Set in the Bronze Age Mediterranean during the 20 year Trojan War. You can expect what Total War is all about. In a setting inspired by Homer’s Iliad, grand turn-based empire – management, and large-scale real-time battles. Ok, we’ve seen a lot of Total War games come and go these few years ups and downs. So it’s hard to say whether this is going to be a good one or not. Arena shut down, and Britannia wasn’t all that well received with mixed reviews on Steam, but people liked Three Kingdoms. So maybe it’s now on an upward trend? The theme alone might carry it for you. Lots of people like Troy and Greece as a setting. So if you’re interested then keep your eyes set on – Total War Saga: TROY, and try to figure out if you want to get into this one or not. Next up, we’ve got, “Crusader Kings III” by Paradox Development Studio. A new generation of monarchy is on the way in this grand strategy game with some role-playing elements. Shape your dynasty by choosing lifestyles that suit personalities, build a mighty kingdom through war and politics, and – experience weird dramatic history, as stories, characters, and plots develop through the generations. It’s a Paradox game so we could expect what they usually do. Which is to have a ton of DLC for the game over the years, I mean Crusader Kings II has a whopping – 65 items in its biggest bundle. But so far it’s looking promising, and it is a more human approach to a grand strategy. Something that will appeal to a slightly different type of gamer. Plotting for a 2020 release date, we can start ruling our Kingdom and creating a legacy in Crusader Kings III soon. Now we’re going a bit fantasy, starting with, “Songs of Conquest” by Lavapotion. Inspired by the old Heroes of Might and Magic. This is an old-school turn-based 4X game with classic adventure strategy. The first thing that stands out is the phenomenal pixel art style, that is also kind of 3D. So for fans of that aesthetic, you’ll at least love looking at this one. Important to remember that art alone doesn’t make a good game, but there will be kingdom building, army raising, exploration, magic loot, and monsters. Along with 4 different factions to play. There will be a level editor for the community to make their own maps, and at least local multiplayer will be available at the start. But the aim is to open up full multiplayer down the line. Marking down late 2020 as the release window. You can keep listening to Songs of Conquest until then, to see how it develops. Next up, we’ve got, “Trollskog” by Andreas Carlson set in a forested fantasy world. This is a game about building up a village and expanding into the unknown – environment around you. An open-world RTS with city-builder elements, economic engine building, and tactical battles. You’ll be securing resources, completing quests, and engaging in diplomacy. The graphical style has detailed textures but is blocky. Something I know some people have issues with, but overall it still looks decent. It entered early access in the second half of 2019, and looking at a full release for Q2 2020. So if you find yourself wanting to explore more of Trollskog. Look up some gameplay and see if you want to begin now or wait for release. And then for a weird one with, “TFM: The First Men” by Gathering Tree. This is one that’s a bit hard to explain. You build a base/colony as you harvest nearby resources and breed new generations of people that inherit traits. There are five different tech trees that unlock more buildings and professions, which allow you to explore more of the world get through, – obstacles, and fight in tactical combat. It’s kind of like Knights and Merchants plus Don’t Starve, and the art style is a mix of cartoony and painted. Everything is super rough at the time of making this video though. So absolutely everything is subject to change, and nothing is really pinned down. Having played a bit of it – I can see the potential, and it can be fun. But it might be hard to explain the game to people who would even enjoy playing it. Because it’s kind of a bit of a lot of things. Hopefully, TFM: The First Men – manages to settle down and figure out more of what it is over the next year, and we can see what it’s trying to be. As it should be getting some kind of 2020 release. And now for something completely different it’s, “Touch Type Tale” by Pumpernickle Studio. Typing…as a means to control a realtime strategy game. An odd choice of controls, but reports are that it’s actually way better than you would expect. Barbarians are at the gates and the throne is empty. This game has a story rich campaign and online competitive multiplayer. Designed to satisfy RTS veterans and newcomers to the genre. The typing controls could just be a stroke of genius to get a fresh strategic experience. But I can see some just won’t like it. It could be real clunky if they don’t get it right too. Beta’s took place in 2019 and they’re now looking to set a 2020 release date. So if you enjoyed Typing of the Dead, or other typing games. Then you might want to give Touch Type Tale a try. And then we have, “A Year Of Rain” by Daedalic Entertainment. A desolate realm kept in flux by constant battle. Choose a faction, team up with another, and battle in 2v2 matches. Looking to be a competitive co-op RTS, so far – this one looks like it has a lot of potential to meet the needs of classic RTS fans, while keeping things fresh. But it’s always hard to call it – so early with games like these. One issue is, as an ongoing competitive multiplayer game. It will need a monetisation model to keep development going, and nothing has been confirmed on how they’re going to do that right now. Meant to enter early access in late 2019. We should be seeing a more complete version through 2020, and as with any game trying to be an eSport. We’ll see A Year Of Rain find a notable success or slowly fade away. Going underground we have, “Empires of the Undergrowth” by Slug Disco Studios. A combination of Dungeon Keeper and Sim Ant, this game is reminiscent of the old – Empires of the Ants game, and has a lot going for it. Colony management with different ant species, – resource collecting, and defending against outside bugs and rival ants. This has a lot of personality too with the voice acting and – music that make a mark. The single-player campaign has a lot of progression and your colony can be min/max to your liking. Amount of content is a bit of a concern though, as it might be a case of it being good, but not having enough of it. And of course ants aren’t for everyone, but there is a free demo that you can check out on Steam. Basically, if you like Dungeon Keeper and “ants”, then check out Empires of the Undergrowth. Next up, we’ve got “Moduwar” by Biohex Games. Here’s one game that we discovered last year, and it’s still an odd one calling itself a modular RTS. You control an alien creature that can grow different organs and acts as your base. Splitting and reattaching to adapt on the go is part of it too. So you can adjust your own play style. Same with your unit where you can have a floating behemoth, or a swarm of smaller entities. Planning to have a story-driven single-player campaign involving human exploiters and competitive multiplayer. This isn’t going to be the type of game for everyone, but might be interesting to keep an eye, or eyes on. Attempting to enter early access on Steam by the end of 2019, Moduwar is trying to reach full growth by 2020. We now have a few games inspired by Master of Orion, and the first one is “Astra Exodus” by Atomic Kaiser. Following in the footsteps of the old Master of Orion II. This is a retro styled single-player turn-based 4X strategy game. Set with a multiple-choice narrative through a campaign. Combat is real-time tactics in a top-down view in space and on the ground design your own spaceships. There’s a semi-randomised research grid for replayability, various alien factions are available, and the sandbox mode for free play will be a thing too. Visually, there is a bit of a cartoony aspect to it, – which might turn some of you away and having more recently played Master of Orion too myself, – this game has a lot to live up to. Modern capabilities are a focus though. So if the community rallies to Astra Exodus, this might have a bright future. Continuing the theme it’s, “Dominus Galaxia” by StarChart-Interactive. A 4X strategy game set in space with a focus on making strategic – decisions more important while minimising micro and busy work. It has turn-based gameplay on hexes, – slider based settings for controlling your empire with ease, a detailed ship designer, – options for fighting against different types of AI, a semi-random tech tree, diplomacy, and more. And it has to be said that there’s only local multiplayer with hot seat, as networked multiplayer was a Kickstarter goal a bit out of reach. There’s already a free demo that you can check out on Steam, which also helped to the Kickstarter hit a small humble base goal of CA$20,000. So it is a smaller production, but is working towards a – 2021 release. We can never be sure if those funds are going to be enough to get this game to the finish line. But you can check out Dominus Galaxia right now, and we’ll keep its development in mind for the next two years. Then we have, “Eons of War” by Vasinov Games. Subtitling itself a fast-paced grand strategy game set in space. Here you take control of an advanced civilization in an ever-changing galaxy. You’ll be collecting star energy, mining asteroids, and expanding a population and economy by building energy spheres, – harvesters, and ring worlds. You can face off against AI in single-player, or join other players in custom multiplayer arenas. This is one trying to achieve fast paced battles without tedious micromanagement, which of course isn’t gonna be for everyone, – but it could be for you. This is looking colorful, quirky, and hopefully it’s quality too. The plan is to release in 2020, so Eons of War isn’t too far off and we’ll see if it can actually deliver. Still doing space 4X’s its, “Age of Space” by PodPal Games. Evolve from obscurity into a galactic superpower. Combining real time economic gameplay with tactical combat. You’re a mercenary who works for clients in a universe going through a war of liberation and you can choose sides. Squad scale RTS is an element here, which is the thing that’s meant to make this stand out. Plus there’s supposed to be a single-player campaign and co-op modes. Now, this has a “when it’s done” release date. So it’s unclear how much progress I’ll make over the next year, with some luck Age of Space will become playable, – sooner rather than later and we can get a better idea of how it’s shaping up. Next we’ve got, “Pax Nova” by Grey Wolf Entertainment. You know how this section of the list has been going so, – yes this is a sci-fi turn-based 4X set in space and here you lead your faction to their fates in a rivalry between three races. Explore worlds, build cities, expand your influence, and fight battles in space along with – down on planets. It’s another one with a mix of space and planetside gameplay, and it’s kind of the thing that’s setting this one apart, and it – also has customisable ships, quests, and a randomised tech tree along with unique victory conditions. It’s been in early access in 2019 with mixed reviews, which isn’t very reassuring plus – this was meant to release by late 2019. But some things took a little longer than expected. But it was probably worth it by the looks of things as the game got both visual and – gameplay improvements, and now Pax Nova should be finally releasing by early 2020. If you’re interested in some MMO with your strategy. We’ve got a couple and one is, “Outscape” by IDA Games. This one is a real time strategy MMO set in space, which sounds like a massive undertaking. Seek out planets to colonise, use resources to build ships, and defend your worlds in a – persistently running universe, that has millions of planets – where all players are in the same server. If you’re not an MMO fan you can have a private game with friends – which is a nice option. It’s been going through beta at the end of 2019 and there’s no specific release date. But I’d expected to be able to release within a year since it’s in version – 0.9 already, and they seem to be pretty confident on delivering. Those strategy MMO success stories are a rarity. So I’d be a little cautious getting into it anyway. Outscape calls itself – the world’s first space strategy MMO, but this next game is trying to compete so you let me know what you think of that. That game is, “Starborne: Sovereign Space” by Solid Clouds. Staying in space with another MMO RTS. This is one that we’ve been watching for a while, and it’s gotten a lot of attention over the last year or so. Play alongside – thousands of players in the same universe as you grow your empire and conquer galaxies. Collect resources, build stations, raise fleets, launch raids, and cover missions, and colonise planets. Choosing from six distinct specialisations to cater to your play style. It’s officially in Alpha which could mean a lot of things nowadays. But basically it’s playable and free so you can easily have a closer inspection yourself and decide if it’s good or not. If you think it might be your thing give Starborne: Sovereign Space a go. Coming back down from space – we have, “War Selection” by Glyph Worlds. Pseudo history from the Stone Age to Modern Day. This is an RTS with Armageddon mode and 62 players in a single multiplayer match, which sounds a bit crazy. But it’s got some interesting notes. Going through eight historical eras, you’ll be defining your civilisation on the go and customising your options while trying to keep up with the rest. Overall, it seems intriguing, but a little rough and maybe lacking in refinement. Alternative history RTS can end up pretty bland as we’ve seen many trailers. But the flexibility as you progress through the ages and having many dozens of players in a single match – might be enough to set this apart and carve a niche for itself on the strategic landscape. It’s in early access now on Steam at the end of 2019, and it will get a full release soon as the storyline campaign is completed. So have a look now if you think you might be interested and check back later if War Selection is not quite there yet for you. Going back in history once again its, “Lords & Peasants” by Inverted Cat Games. What used to look really unfinished a year ago. This seems to be building up to something that might be pretty decent. This is a medieval RTS where you start out as a lord of a small village and, – develop it into a prospering city with the expected raising of armies and conquering of opponents. There are plans for single and multiplayer modes with up to 16 players in a match on procedurally generated maps, along with mod support. It’s looking a lot better than the last time we listed this so hopefully once everything is put together it’s actually fun to play There’s no fixed release date though. So it’s kind of a “guess that it’ll become playable within the next two years”, but if development continues at the current pace – I don’t see why Lords & Peasants won’t be able to get at least an early access release by 2021. Going to the Far East we have, “Stronghold: Warlords” by Firefly Studios. For the first time Stronghold takes on an entirely new setting in East Asia. You can expect what the series is known for. Fortress building, military engagements, and economic management. But this time it’s said to be more inspired by earlier games with a stronger focus on economics. There’s also a new warlord mechanic, which is kind of a diplomacy system. When the game was revealed – the art style took some people by surprise. It’s understandably a bit of a shock and might not be to everyone’s tastes. But personally I don’t think it’s that bad and it has a kind of Battle Realms charm to it. What’s really important is whether or not it’s a good game, which Firefly has had its ups and downs over the years. So let’s hope Stronghold: Warlords is not just new, but also has some solid gameplay. Then we’ve got “The Settlers” by Blue Byte. We’ve had The Settlers: History Collection for a while now. Which was a nice blast from the past, and now we have a new game on the way. It’s the latest main title in the series and a big question is whether it’s going to be more like the – originals, or the newer ones where both styles have their fans. Originally intending to release in 2019 towards the end of the year there was no real news or gameplay reveals. So as expected it was delayed into 2020. Hopefully we’ll see more of the new Settlers game as we get into the new year, and you’ll be able to decide whether the game – takes a direction that you love or not . Though let’s be honest, there’s no choice of gameplay style, that would make everyone happy. Going a bit more modern it’s, “Panzer Corps 2” by Flashback Games. The first Panzer Corps was a spiritual successor to Panzer General, and with Fantasy General II releasing in later 2019. We’ve had some opportunity to get back into this style of strategic gameplay. If you’ve been wanting a more realistic setting like World War 2 though. Then this should be more up your alley. Aiming to bring the series to a whole new level of refinement. You can expect a ton of content like over a thousand types of units, a branching campaign of over 60 scenarios, – co-op and multiplayer modes, and a comprehensive editor for user made scenarios. They’re going through the final stages of development at the end of 2019 so we can expect an early – 2020 release for Panzer Corps 2, unless something goes right and we get it early, or wrong and we get it late. Finally, we have, “Iron Harvest” by King Art. One of the most anticipated RTS’s in development. This is a diesel punk – themed game, inspired by the alternate reality of the 1920+ Universe set just after the end of the Great War. Claiming to be the real-time strategy that fans actually want. They’re trying to deliver on that promise by making a game filled with character, – extensive story based campaigns, and classic RTS gameplay with co-op and competitive multiplayer. It sounds like everything that a strategy game fan wants nowadays, and it’s looking good working up to a September 2020 release date. I always have to caution about games turning out not so well, and you know it might be delayed. But overall Iron Harvest is looking like it could be one of the best releases we’ve had in a while. Just hoping it really does deliver everything it’s saying it’ll be. Alright, now for 12 bonus games. But remember if you made it this far you probably enjoyed your time here, and it would be greatly – appreciated if you could like, subscribe, share this video, and ring that bell, as it really does help keep this channel running. Also if you really like me, – you can support more directly by using the Humble Bundle referral link, perusing my gaming merch store where I design my own products, – or checking out the Patreon, all linked down below along with the discord community, twitch livestreams, and social media accounts where I create even more – content like drawings, photos, and written articles. Now, for some bonus games that are on the horizon. We have “Age of Empires 4”. Which we know is on the way, – but with Age of Empires 3: Definitive Edition needing to come first, this might be a while. Then we have, “Homeworld 3” that was announced. The announcement came with a Fig crowdfunding campaign though. Which did raise some eyebrows since it is being published by Gearbox? But the campaign was more about – including the community in the development rather than raising money. Though they did raise a considerable amount of money too. There’s “Edge of Chaos”, which is waiting for a Kickstarter campaign to run. “Gates Of a Ruined Empire”, a pre-alpha public release is being worked on, and then there’ll be a Kickstarter campaign after that. “Knight’s Province”, it’s been in development since 2013, and it’ll probably take a while longer. “Aurora Heir”, an RTS village tower-defense by a solo dev. And of course “0 A.D.”. Which has been in development for a long time, – but it’s a nice indie Age of Empires alternative. Then we have some remasters with, “Warcraft III: Reforged”. “Command & Conquer Remastered”, which we actually have some footage of now. “Skylords Reborn”, which is basically fan revived BattleForge. “Age of Empires Online”, is still going being run by fans under the name “Project Celeste”, and I mentioned the earlier “Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition” – is on the way, and there are some thoughts about an Age of Mythology: Definitive edition. It’s not confirmed but they’re thinking about it. And that’s it, 25 upcoming strategy games that should be releasing through 2020 and some into 2021 depending on their developments. Which do you think are the real fighters, and which are just targets. Also, here’s something I’d like to know from you. Do you think it’s possible to have another Golden Age of strategy games or is gaming in general – just so different compared to the past decades for it to happen? Either way if you’d like to see more strategy content. You can check out the classic and new games on the channel like Age of Empires, – Civilizations, Stronghold, and more, or all the other new games I cover in the Gamer Encounters Series. Oh, so this is only one of six main lists I make every year. So there are plenty more upcoming games, – I can show you in the other genres. Alright, that’s all for now. Thank you so much for watching, – hope you enjoyed it and found it useful, and I’ll see you in the next video. Subtitles by Katsubowl~

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  1. Hope you enjoy the video! Games get announced throughout the year, so if anything for 2020 is missed I'll put it in this comment. Imperiums: Greek Wars was just announced and an indie 4X called Alliance of the Sacred Suns might interest you! Watch all the upcoming games lists in this handy playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYVqUDxY6COh7bkuJoBb1koNRX7mAX2yp I spend 60 hours making each one trying to make them the best they can be.

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  25. you forgot one of the top hipped up games sync mount and blade Warband they been working on mount and blade banner lord 2 https://store.steampowered.com/app/261550/Mount__Blade_II_Bannerlord/
    i am shocked that you would not consider putting this in there
    the devs have mentioned several times on how how modders have kept their games alive and have taken to hart to what players want and what they would like as better modding tools more complex siege battles most of what u put is crap in my eyes one 2 games i might play win it would go on sell for under $20 USD but banner lord holy F _ _ _ i would have no problem paying full price they are not owned by ea or no one they have pushed back there time for game time and time again just because it was not up to there standers they rebuilt there game engine form scratch a few times because they wanted to add a bunch of new stuff so much out there and masters of master of orion 3 was redone and came out a long time ago so win u talk about its looks like 2 that is one hell of a step back i played 1. 2. 3. and the new remake of 3 and ya its very good in my book so i am sorry i got to give this video u did a thumbs down there is a lot better games out there then what u listed

  26. "Crusader Kings" – Everyone's favorite assassination simulator.

    Great list!

    I'm a big fan of RTS.. so here's to hoping that the genre is, like Frankenstein, finally off the table again.

  27. Firefly studios, I'm sure they'll find a way to screw their game up. For a company that had such a great start with Stronghold and Stronghold crusader they sure found away to really screw everything up.

  28. I really really hope that Crusader Kings 3 will be simple and easy to play, The only reason I do not play 2 is because it is literally complicated for me, also, because the graphics did not age well.

  29. I just got a new laptop and a huge fan of AoE it's been years since I played it. Can anyone share me links to download AoE 2 or 3 for free? And really hope they are still played by players and multiplayer still works

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