25 Worst PC Games of the last 10 years

25 Worst PC Games of the last 10 years

25. A Game Of Thrones: Genesis This is not a direct tie-in to HBO’s fantasy
epic. In fact, it’s a terrible RTS adaptation
of George R.R. Martin’s work of art. The timeline runs 1000 years throughout the
history of Westeros but be warned, the characters and atmosphere aren’t the same compared
to the stuff we’ve known. Even the Steam reviews are calling it an utter
waste of time, so if you’re a fan of the series and RTS games, move on. It has a PlayScore of 5.07 24. Painkiller: Resurrection The worst Painkiller game in all of existence. Play as a dead man coming back to life after
a horrific C4 explosion that left him on a state of purgatory. That’s all you need to know about it since
the game is riddled with progression breaking bugs and technical let downs. Common complaints include abnormal framerates,
unresponsive physics and a shitload of unnecessary story issues. It has a PlayScore of 5.00 23. The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Just when we thought we can finally find out
the origin stories of our favorite Dixon Brothers. This videogame adaptation of AMC’s popular
zombie series should stay dead. It’s infected with the same problems like
most of these games have: Terrible first person gameplay, silly narrative and missions that
feel brain dead than the walkers. It’s packed with fillers after fillers,
making you feel sad for Merle and Daryl. It has a PlayScore of 4.96 22. Sword Of The Stars II: Lords Of Winter A science fiction strategy game that ultimately
led the fans of the original to a wallowing disappointment. Although it featured great add ons and new
powerful races, it was bogged down by its unintuitive UI, gamebreaking bugs and terrible
AI. For a game with such promise, it was totally
squandered due to its unpolished mechanics. Such a shame. If you want to get a good dose of SOTS, we
recommend you play the first game. It has a PlayScore of 4.96 21. Aliens: Colonial Marines Thank god Alien: Isolation came after this
unmitigated disaster. Gearbox Entertainment’s take on Ridley Scott’s
science fiction horror. The Xeno infestation runs rampant throughout
the vastness of space. Storywise, it’s a mess. As part of the Alien canon, it shows no connection
to the movies at all. It strays away too far from their signature
survival elements on space. It’s a disappointing Alien entry that belongs
to a deserted planet somewhere. It has a PlayScore of 4.95 20. War Of The Roses A promising hack and slash game, Fatshark’s
medieval game was inspired by the same historic moment that happened during 15th Century England. It was widely respected but its apparent shutdown
way back February 2017 caused the community to give up and it lost its entire playerbase
ever since. May it rest in peace.This game has a PlayScore
of 4.88 19. DARK Picture Dishonored with an actual dishonor,
that would be DARK. This stealth-action game takes you to the
shoes of a vampire with unpolished fangs and mediocre content. It literally and figuratively sucks due to
its bad animations, broken physics and unresponsive stealth controls for a stealth game. Can you imagine that? Aside from that, it’s terrible voice acting
and forgettable characters make it unworthy of your time. It’s an abomination. It receives a PlayScore of 4.85 18. Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight Back then, Command and Conquer was the best. Amassing your troops and leading them to the
field of battle was so glorifying. Match them up with your favorite heroes and
you’re on a roll. Unfortunately, EA’s touch made the game
so un-strategic it lost all its key elements for a C&C game. Upon its release, it was the ultimate disappointment
of its career and it disappointed so many fans. Talk about ruining your childhood. It has a PlayScore of 4.80 17. Gettysburg: Armored Warfare Another game that no longer exists on the
Steam database. Its cause of death is probably caused by the
games utter disappointment. For an RTS game, it lacks the qualities of
similar games like Creative Assembly’s Total War series. It’s unpolished, repetitive and it really
doesn’t last that long. It’s such a shame since it offers a very
interesting setting where past meets future. It has a PlayScore of 4.76 16. Postal III While it really looks fun to play, Postal
III is garbage. It retains the same quality trash from their
predecessors with no absolute regard to gameplay and story. It’s like stepping inside the mind of a
psychotic person if they were to develop a videogame idea. It’s a black comedy game, and its widespread
popularity due to the streamers made the game available to new audiences. You don’t have to take this game seriously. It has a PlayScore of 4.74 15. Alone In The Dark: Illumination Has there ever been a decent Lovecraftian
game? Folks at Atari failed to escape its double-edged
undertow. Illumination is the sixth and possibly the
worst entry of all the Alone in the Dark games. It’s broken, glitchy and totally not worth
your time even with its Co-Op mode. It’s like a bad version of Left for Dead
and Killing Floor. For a horror game, it has its few essential
scares, but it’s buried beneath its numerous issues. It has a PlayScore of 4.48 14. Deus Ex: The Fall It’s hard to believe that Eidos made a terrible
Deus Ex game. For its mobile counterpart, it’s doing well. But in its PC version, it was marred with
technical issues such as the lack of a jump button, inability to remap controls and many
more UI nightmares. It was a wasted opportunity to maximize the
power of the PC, calling it one of the worst PC ports ever made. It has a PlayScore of 4.40 13. Cities XXL Before the acclaimed Cities Skylines came
out, we had Cities XXL. It was a bigger architectural version of the
previous Cities XL game, but with one more X. Other than some much needed performance boosts
and an enhanced UI, it didn’t really improve much on the already underwhelming previous
title to justify its expensive price tag. If anything, it only seemed to make it worse,
with even more performance issues that begged to be fixed. If only it was released as a free patch. It has a PlayScore of 4.36. 12. Deep Black: Reloaded Awww man. This Third-Person Shooter borrows elements
from popular cover-based action games like Mass Effect and Gears Of War. But apparently, just like the others on this
list, it’s utter garbage. Most players can’t even play the game due
to its startup issues. It crashes from time to time. For those who miraculously made it to the
main menu, expect this game to blackout after 10 minutes. It’s literally unplayable and it receives
a PlayScore of 4.34 11. Infestation: Survivor Stories Originally named “War Z” in its first
release, it was later changed because of trademark issues with the movie “World War Z”. This… god-awful-infested zombie game has
the necessary formulas for players to engage in a post-apocalyptic survival world. However, the amount of developer mistakes
and a bad usage of microtransaction features makes this game not worth the bite. It has a PlayScore of 4.10 10. X: Rebirth Powered by the words, “Trade, Fight, Build,
Think.”, this sixth entry to the popular X franchise may have the mechanics, but lacks
proper execution. This space-trading encompasses frustrating
controls, terrible dialogue, taxing buying and selling, and so much more! Making it unworthy of exploration. Despite its hate, the game is applauded for
its amazing visuals. Then again, That’s all there is. It’s a voyage not worth treading. It has a PlayScore of 4.29 9. Stronghold 3 Firefly Studios real-time strategy was a wellspring
of potential. Set 10 years after the original story, it
had some good moments. But for a game that boasts a balanced economic
simulator, it’s a little hard to manange. The workers are always going at a snail’s
pace, and for a building game, the maps are often constricting. That, is if you ever get to that part, with
a tutorial that seems to leave you out of the most basic base-building methods. It’s a sour disappointment, and it has a PlayScore
of 4.26. 8. RollerCoaster Tycoon World Atari’s fourth installment of their theme
park construction and management series, it took its players on a metaphorical rollercoaster
ride but it was anything but good. Taking its roots from way back in the late
90s, nobody expected it to bomb this badly. Reportedly rushed out to digital shelves,
TyCoon World took us into theme park of disaster, with awkard placement mechanics, slow loading
screens, and, yes, a whole lotta bugs. Might as well bring the crowds to Planet Coaster. RollerCoaster Tycoon World receives a PlayScore
of 4.15. 7. Rambo: The Video Game Rambo hasn’t only conquered the perilous jungles
of Vietnam, but he also seemed to dominate every one of our worst game lists, from the
PS3, Xbox 360, and now, the PC. Take on the shoes of John Rambo as he explores
the oriental forestry in Teyon’s failure of an shooter. Other than the fact arcade rail shooting has
been out of fashion for a few decades now, it also has some recycled voice acting, and
deplorable models that would offend any fan of peak Sylvester Stallone. It has a PlayScore of 4.11. 6. Ride to Hell: Retribution One of the biggest contenders for the worst
game contest. It’s The Room of videogames, it’s so bad it’s
almost good, and it’s a game to recommend if only to watch it crash and burn. Explore the lives of plains bikers in the
60s, and take a dive into videogame oblivion with its infinite number tears, bugs, and
glitches. Then again, there’s also the dumpster audio,
disposable characters, broken gameplay, and the ruefully awkward clothed sex scenes. It’s so cringeworthy, it’s almost worth playing. It has a PlayScore of 4.1. 5. Sacred 3 This action-adventure RPG provides an isometric
taste similar to the Diablo franchise. However, the overused button-clicking is not
enough for players to feel engaged. Its boring and linear style deludes players
into thinking they’re playing a game with a lot of cool loot to collect. Sadly, it’s not.With only four characters
to choose from, and a limited set of customizations, it fell short of expectations. Playing it alone is tedious enough but with
friends, maybe the hack and slash elements will turn out well. It gets a PlayScore of 3.99 4. Takedown: Red Sabre This first-person tactical shooter is a black
mark in the history of all kickstarter campaigns. It started off as a promising venture, being
touted as a spiritual successor to Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six and the beloved Swat series. What the backers got, however, was an unfinished
disaster riddled with bugs, glitches, weak multiplayer offerings, and broken AI. As realistic as the game was, it couldn’t
hold a finger to its technical mishaps. We’re better off forgetting this one. It has a PlayScore of 3.97. 3. Raven’s Cry TopWare’s pirate themed action adventure is
everything you loved about Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag…turned into an unrecognizable
monster of its former self. Well, that’s a bit much, considering their
naval battles were actually pretty enjoyable (Then again, they could mess everything up
and we’d still eat it up BECAUSE DAMMIT THE PIRATE LIFE IS FOR ME!) Sail off into a storm of bad voice acting,
game-breaking crashes, and general mediocrity. It’s time to get the captain on the plank!
it receives a PlayScore of 3.87. 2. Umbrella Corps While a little surprising for one of Japan’s
premiere videogame studios, it’s not the first time CapCom took a dip in the pool of terrible
choices. But, this second attempt at breaking into
the online shooter market definitely takes the cake. As a multiplayer tactical shooter based on
the Resident Evil universe, it wasn’t the poster boy for original ideas. But with no real plot, unbalanced matches,
clunky controls, and a community that’s more dead than the zombies it boasts–there’s just
no rising back from that. It has a PlayScore of 3.77. 1. And the worst game on the PC is FlatOut 3:
Chaos & Destruction That’s right. Team6’s 3rd installment of their Flatout series
is still the definitive experience in video game notoriety. Released in 2011, no game in more than 5 years
has since managed to dethrone the racing kings of sleaze. With their subtitle prophesizing their demise,
FlatOut 3 was a great mess of shoddy physics, awful controls, and unbearable AI that it’s
hard to find any sort of redeeming feature. A landmark case of so bad, it’s not even funny. It receives a PlayScore of 2.64.

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  1. www.moddb.com/acm/templargfxs-acm-overhaul Moddb Editors #3 Choice 2016 and Top 100 Mod 2016. Yeah do get Aliens: Colonial Marines play the awesome 4K experience which clearly this fool has yet to try out. Oh get the Door Welding Mod for Bug Hunt Mode you got everything for this amazing Aliens game!!!!!

  2. "Has there ever been a good Lovecraftian game". So I guess Call of Cthulhu, Eternal Darkness, Amnesia, and the original Alone in the Dark don't exist

  3. The postal series are games you play to have fun,all of them have bad ratings but people still play them just to cause mayhem

  4. 5:25 – "has their ever been a decent Lovecraftian game?" Uhhh… excuse me? How about several? Amnesia: The Dark Descent is inspired directly from a Lovecraft short story. then there's Eternal Darness, Dead Space, Bloodborne, Clive Barker's Undying, Darkest Dungeon, Penumbra, Quake, The Secret World… All of these games were Lovecraftian, and all critically well recieved, the comment "has there ever been a decent Lovecraftian game?" is reaaaaally dumb and kind of kills your credibility about gaming..

  5. Sacred 3 is actually an okay game
    the major problem is that they changed the entire tone of the game from a serious hack n slash to a saint row alike stupid comedy
    if only its not named after Sacred the game might score a 6

  6. PC seemed to retreat a lot from the design of powerful games such as Playstation 4 and Xbox 360 in the popularity of the old microsoft has become stupid to know what to enjoy in the games, but the games do not fit them into a sterile person

  7. Hey hey hey! First two FlatOuts weren't made by this garbage company. BugBear seized to make the series and went to make their new game: Wreckfest

  8. Umbrella corps is bad but good game it has good idea and it should be remastered fixed bugs and other things that make this game shit

  9. i enjoyed sacred 3… could play diablo 3 because to hell with forced always online, so that one was the nest best thing.

  10. Yeah I don’t really like these pc games either(except roller coaster tycoon world) I put that on my top 10 favorite pc games

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