$250,000 Lottery Ticket Challenge!!! *DO NOT TRY*

$250,000 Lottery Ticket Challenge!!! *DO NOT TRY*

Let’s see that
I’m not showing you
I don’t know if I did
What’s up, my beautiful mar mars and welcome back before I start this video make sure you hit that Bell icon
Smash that Bell icon! Today we’re doing the hundred and fifty dollar lottery scratcher challenge
This cost $6000 Oh my gosh. Wait, okay. This is more like it. Look at this large ****. Oh my goodness.
I can wear all of these. I do not condone gambling
I don’t gamble ever and this technically is gambling and I am older than 21,
so I’m allowed to do this. If you guys ever wonder what everyone was always doing I’m wondering the same thing as you that’s why
today I decided to do this. So today, we’re gonna see if I can win, or I just wasted a bunch of money
Oh my goodness, alright, so today
I bought a lot of them look at all this, oh my goodness, and I have this crazy one here
It’s called set for life. Literally. You’ll just be set for life. If you win this one have this one for lotteria
Yeah, I have no idea how to play any of these these look kind of complicated
What is this you can win up to five hundred thousand dollars in this?
I don’t even know what I would do if I had this kind of money. Oh my gosh. I have this lucky quarter right here
My favorite head side tails all right guess this should just start on this big one
There’s thirty of these so I’m gonna start scratching wait. Let me read on how to win this really class, California black went up to
250,000 match any of your numbers to the five winning numbers and win that prize I guess it’s up the match numbers on the top
Okay, I’ve never done this before so here. We go first one five numbers on the top here
Here are the winning numbers right we got 44
27:13 36 okay, and that is the number nine okay, so I guess it just starts scratching basically
If I get a number and it matches I guess that’s how I win. This is exciting except
I don’t understand what’s going on really, okay, so
None of these numbers match, so I’m supposed to look for a 44 is there 44 here okay, is there 27?
No, is there a 13. No. There’s a 15 336. No there 9. No. There’s an 8. That’s my loss come on baby come on
Oh, I think I might have won something no wait. That’s that’s 43 and that’s it’s 44 dang it
I just want to win one thing. I’m only on the second one, but let’s see number 9
There’s no always at number 8. All right. We’re good. This is not number 28 out of 30 right. fuuuuckkkkkkk guys.
I want something guys. I finally won something wait and have to show you give me a second guys
I won right here number 13. I got a free ticket all right
I’ll save that one so I can get my free ticket
You know just kisses the actual winning ticket that I’m gonna get there’s gonna be a whole giant pile of black here
And oh my god, this is 36 this is 35 so it makes you feel like oh, I almost had it I almost won
I think that’s why it’s a dick thing, and this is why gambling is bad guys look. It’s look. I almost won $100
I didn’t win anything so it makes me feel like oh if I just buy one more I can win
I think I’m gonna be scratch it out for the rest of my life after this video
It’s like the Taco Bell video actually. I lied. I want to eat more Taco Bell, but I feel for scratchers
I don’t think I could ever do this again, and I’m only on like number 4
This is just so much work look at all of this. I got a deal yeah
I should have bought way less come on. I don’t want anything. Yeah, okay, like 42 there’s no 42 38. There’s no 38:23
There’s no 23 21. There’s no 21 darn it okay. Next one next one next one
Oh, we gotta grab these now. This is making me sweat
This is like an arm workout there has to be a faster way to do this guys. I want something
I think I’d rather just go earn my money. This is so hard 38. I do over 38 ten dollars
Do you look they make you want to buy more of this look at the 29 is a
$250,000 and they gave me 28 in my head, I’m like I won’t go buy more these
People nope didn’t win anything on this one there
Nope no winner again guys you still have a crap-ton to go oh
I couldn’t win $10,000 right there. I was one number off though Thanks lottery people Oh
1623 38 yeah
I don’t think these are possible 25. What did I win? I want something guys oh?
My god guys, I won
Six dollars oh look I almost won
$250,000 if only I had a number eight instead of a number seven look at was more have to go okay
we oh my gosh I
Won one I’m so excited I think I got a number guys guess how much it was $5.00. Yeah, oh look
I almost won $1,000 right there oh
I wanted to condone this ticket guys you’re making it back in town, but if I would have just had 23
I don’t want more. Yeah, if I would have
23,000 one eternity later, I got this new thing you know better than a coin
Oh, yeah, they always make you feel like you’re gonna win 39 is almost close to 37
So I almost won $500 29 is close to this $1,000. I got a good feeling about this car guys
I got 22 24 13 16 25 here we go ah
I had dyslexia because I’m looking at this backwards if that 31 said 13, okay
Let’s check it out 22 of course this one’s 21. Oh of course that one’s 14
I’m not gonna be satisfied guys if I win 10,000 supporting
Wait ah I guess yeah
There’s been a lot of scratching today. I’m going back to this quarter because I feel like it’s more accurate
I won seven and seven in here. I basically won six dollars to Taco Bell. This is a workout guys guys
I won twelve a ticket
It’s literally like the hottest room in my studio right now
And I’m scratching for days right now like I usually have fun playing with the most ridiculous things alike
This is not even fun. This is torture. What is the excitement in this? I don’t get it
I’m sorry if you guys are bored because I’m bored but
That’s their own number it is
So excited well, that’s the only exciting thing on top and so far with Daniel. Oh my god
If you’re still with me in this video right now. Thank you so much for joining me yeah, baby
See the end of the video. I’ll share my profits. If you if I somehow win like a crazy one Oh
What is that 29 I won, and oh
Wait I won fifteen dollars so far on this side. Yeah, this is the biggest baller card
I got so far 15 dollars eventually
All the dirt here, I’ve been here for days now
This is the last one come on gonna win something right the towers, that’s how life works right? Nope this one is also bust
All right, so the next one is lottery yeah, so I guess I’ll have to do is match these up this time
It’s on numbers this time. It’s like pictures. I can be very careful, and there’s also a bonus card over here, okay?
Let’s see if I want anything okay, so I guess it’s just gonna match symbol
So I got an arrow here to have a crown to have a cactus. I do have a cactus now do I have a
Barrel, I got a barrel this one is the bonnet do I have a bonnet no. I don’t have on it
I have the Rose now have the Rose dabbed umbrella. Do have the umbrella
Gonna have the bucket. I don’t have to bucket up ahead oh
Wait, I literally just need a mermaid and I can win money right now get the canoe the Scorpion
And then I do have a melon
Okay, so it says match all four symbols in a complete horizontal or vertical line
So if I would have literally had a mermaid I would have won
$3,000 all right so the world do I have the world scratch that I got the world’s at the time
You know the drum perfect the tree gotcha
Wow guys need one more to win
All right, I won $10 AHA I was doing from this card one story
Don’t give up to the fat lady sings alright the crown thing the rooster bang the hand bang bird, baby
I’ve had one every single night the pine tree yes
Oh, yes he won $5 e $5 I’m gonna take a break. Oh my gosh scratches so many guys leave my eyes
I scratch these ones they’ve also scratched all of those
Oh my gosh guys do not gamble. I’m gonna title this video that you’re not a gamble
It’s just a waste of money all waste of time three days later alright guys
This one is called money in the bank went up to
$500,000 not any of your numbers to any of the five winning numbers win. Uh-huh Oh
25:24 I almost won, $500,000. Oh my gosh. Nope didn’t win anything on this one here. We go oh
My god, I want $15. I’m just like trying to be depressed here so that if I do win it’s like a good payoff
Come on
We’re on the final Trek guys. Oh
My gosh almost won. $4 right here. Whoa guys. This is the last one. I never thought I would get here today
Oh, I won
$15 on one ticket
Wow alright guys so we’re finally on the last one I can only afford to buy one of these this one’s called set for life
You win $20,000 a month for 25 years so any chances to win match any of your numbers
There’s six winning numbers and win that prize. I’m supposed to be making positive choices right now, but
Well yes, I did not win anything
Let’s add them all up and let’s see if gambling is worth it or not so out of 150 dollars
I won one hundred and seven dollars and a few tickets all right here when I say it was worth it
No, I think that’s a huge waste of time to be back with less money. I don’t know. I’m not really a gambler
I just did this so you guys can live vicariously through me yes sir watch
I know it wasn’t that enjoyable because I said the whole time the whole time
I was like please win please win, and I was also slightly getting addicted to this oh my god
I don’t know how people did there’s some channels that all they do is – scratchers like all day long if your parents made you
Watch this video is probably an educational video on not to do with $150 because it just wastes your time
And I hope you guys enjoyed having fun living vicariously through mom are today today, I lost
$43 gambling and so I thought this is a very poor choice, but this is cool
It’s my first time ever do scratchers so I 107 but I spent 150 which says I lost $43. I’m negative $43
I’m in the black. Oh. Yeah, don’t try this at home kids, and I’ll see you guys tomorrow at 12 p.m.. For another new video

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  2. You do not do the hole card you just do the line in till you find the matching numbers then you scratch the line under it but also love your vide and it is so funny

  3. Opened one $1 ticket got a $100 dollars!! Spent about $110 dollars on tickets since than now Iโ€™m back to no money

  4. Marlin do not scratch them to hard because you can scratch the numbers off and when you try and get the money the will not accept it

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  8. If you wanna save time for those extra tickets you won, donโ€™t scratch the entire card. You only need to scratch the numbers. THEN if they match you scratch off to see what you won. Itโ€™s so much easier and is quicker.

  9. Someone unknown in my family does that like every two or three months and the California black one is my favorite

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