1. Jesser I have a great idea for a video. So if you want to hear it message me or something. It’s for 2k MyTeam.

  2. TD I love your videos, you should get either the pink diamond De’Aaron Fox, or diamond Chinese New Year Tracy McGrady or pink diamond hall of fame Tmac

  3. Jester isn’t right. Whenever you play against Mopi you play tight defense and put him in the post.
    When you playing everybody else you don’t do that at all.

  4. Jesse you Won’t Believe me I pulled a galaxy in 2Kmt Central how if look where is Finals Warriors raptors Click that and the pack are op Not joking

  5. Wrong Westbrook? It’s fine but you need to buy this like small statue-ish of him and it will have a code for him.

  6. Can any of y’all dunk beside Chris

    Chris yes
    Jesser maybe
    Cash problably
    Mopi nnnnnnnneeeeevvveeeeerrrr
    Me 5”6”foot 12 years old vert 27 max vert 32 inch y’all can’t beet that boooiii

  7. I think the reason he lost is that the opponent he had the name blue devils and the duke blue devils are the best college basketball team ever

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