3 Basketball Moves BEST For Crunch Time!! (HIT THE GAME WINNERS)

3 Basketball Moves BEST For Crunch Time!! (HIT THE GAME WINNERS)

– Game on the line,
coach called a time out,
you go to the huddle and he
makes a play for you to score,
five seconds left.
He says, “Hey, I’m gonna
put the ball in your hands.
“Make something happen.”
What do you do?
Do you have a go-to move that you go to?
If not, don’t worry,
because in today’s video,
we’re gonna be showing you
three go-to moves that work.
Game on the line, it
doesn’t take a lot of time
to get these moves off,
but they’re going to help you
create space for your shot
so that you can be the
hero in crunch time,
so that you can hit
that game-winning shot.
Without further ado, let’s
get straight into it.
(dramatic bang)
Hey, what’s up y’all?
It’s Coach Rock here, the official trainer
for I Love Basketball TV,
and today’s video, like I said,
I’m gonna be showing you three moves
that you can use in crunch time.
Not only am I gonna show you these moves,
but I’m also gonna show you drills
to help you master these moves
because, you know, it’s
cool if I show you the move,
but if you can’t actually
do it in crunch time,
then there’s no sense in
even trying to learn it.
So again, I’m gonna show you
the steps to these moves.
I’m gonna show you two moves.
Coach Josh is gonna show you
one of his favorite moves
so that way, you get
kind of a different type
of playing style, because
we both play differently,
we both have moves that we like to teach.
But you’re gonna get
the best of both worlds
that you can use when you get
in these game-time situations.
Now the key when you get
into these moves is that
in crunch time, you don’t
have a lot of time, right?
You only have five, six seconds.
The clock is gonna be ticking down.
It could be three.
It could be two.
It could be seven.
You don’t really know until
you’re in that moment.
But the best thing with these moves is
they only take a second or two to use
so that way, if you have seven seconds,
you could set it up maybe a little,
clock ticking down, wait
for that time to attack.
Or when it’s game on
the line, two seconds,
you could just catch, boom,
go right into one of
these moves and score.
So the key with these moves is that
they have to be able to
create space quickly, right?
Because that’s what you
need to get your shot off.
You need space.
So all these moves that I’m
getting ready to show you
are gonna help you create space
and use to knock down game-winning shots.
Now, of course, these
moves don’t have to be used
only in game time situations.
Once you master these
moves, you can pull them out
at any time and you’ll be
able to dominate defenders.
But let’s get straight into the moves.
First move I’m gonna show you,
first move is a simple side step.
Now you’ve probably seen
James Harden do this move.
He does it off of the dribble
and off of the triple threat.
Now Coach Q showed you this
move in a video earlier,
a few days, a few weeks ago.
With the James Harden,
it’s a quick side step
where he sweeps, boom, and
gets to the side quick.
Now that’s a great move,
especially off the triple threat.
But you can utilize this
move off the dribble.
A lot of times, in game time
situations, game on the line,
you’re coming up the
court, you’re dribbling,
you’ve gotta have something you can go to.
One of my favorite ones is boom,
to quickly get that separation.
Now the best thing is
you can read the defender
and you could side step
or you could step back.
So you can either come here, step back,
or you’re here, and you’re sidestepping.
So this is my move number one, alright?
This quick side step.
So just trying to show you the footwork.
You have it here.
You can do it off either hand.
Here, boom.
So you kinda leave it hanging.
And that’s the cool thing
because you can do counters
off this move easy.
You can go here and blow by for the hezzy
and that’s what makes
this move so dynamic.
I can go here, cross
so the defenders gotta
be, “What’s he gonna do?
“What’s he gonna do?”
But when I need that quick separation,
I’m going boom and get it that quick.
Here, you’ve got the ball,
whatever side you’re stepping to,
you want the ball on that hand.
So in this move, if I’m going left,
I want the ball in my left hand.
When the ball hits the ground
and is kinda in my hands,
that’s when I’m stepping.
So I’m here,
boom, then I’m stepping.
Same if it’s in the right hand.
Stepping with the opposite foot
so I should have added that.
So I’m here, left hand,
stepping to the left,
but stepping with my right foot.
Now stepping back.
You can go here.
You can step back.
Damian Lillard does a version of this move
in crunch time where it’s
like that.
But those type of moves,
any move like this
that can create separation quickly,
is gonna help you create
space for your shot.
Now the next move I’m
gonna do in crunch time,
I’ve broken down this move on our channel
plenty of times, different
variations of it.
The reason why is because it is probably
the most effective or if not
one of the most effective moves
to do in basketball.
It’s why every elite scorer,
every superstar in the NBA,
from LeBron, James Harden, Steph Curry,
everybody, James Harden of course,
they do this move
and that is the step back.
So this is a little different
than the other move I did
which was kind of a side step.
And even in the step
back, it was like that.
This move is you’re attacking hard
and then you’re stepping back.
So, one, you have to be kinda known
as somebody that can beat your defender
’cause if you can’t beat your defender,
he’s not gonna react to this step back.
The key with this move,
first let me show you the move.
If I’m going hard in a direction
and then I see the defender
is trying to beat me there,
I’m stepping back, just like that.
So again, it’s a little different
than the last move we did,
but as you can see, any step back,
any side step, is gonna be effective
in creating space quickly.
Again, you wanna master
this with both hands
’cause you don’t know, in the game,
he might be playing with
you in a certain direction.
You might catch him leaning away.
You attack,
oh and you stepping back.
So you’re going here,
you’re stepping back,
hitting the shot.
Going here,
stepping back,
creating that space.
A few keys to this move is,
Coach Josh did a great
job in breaking this down
a few weeks ago when we were going over
a variation of the step back,
but he said you wanna have your shoulder
in front of your knee
because if you’re driving to the basket,
when you’re beating somebody,
what does it look like?
Are you like this when
you’re beating somebody?
No, you’re like this when
you’re beating somebody.
So if you can simulate,
replicate this same look
into your step back, you’re really going
to catch the defender leaning
and you’re gonna be able
to create that space,
that separation that you need.
Coach Josh, can you come here real quick?
I wanna just show you guys the best place
to attack the step back is
if you can attack the
defender’s front foot.
So if they’re playing you
straight up like Coach Josh was,
then you can pretty much do it either way.
But the reason I like to do
it attacking the front foot
is because when I’m
attacking that front foot,
Coach Josh has to open.
As soon as he opens, I can step back.
It’s so hard for him to recover from that
and still wanna stop me.
Now let’s say I attack where he’s open.
So Coach Josh, just play me a direction.
So let’s say I’m attacking
this way and I step back,
it’s much easier for him to recover.
So that’s why you want to
try to attack that front foot
in real game situations
so that you can step back
when he’s opening up
so it’s more difficult
for him to recover.
– So when we’re talking game on the line,
last second shot, I’m always trying to get
the highest percentage.
So when Coach Rock asked
me, “Hey, what would you do
“for your last second shot?”,
my favorite thing to do
is double moves.
If you see in the NBA, a
lot of guys do double moves.
Now I know a lot of you guys,
you love playing with the ball.
You hit ’em with one move, bam.
You might even have ’em bite,
but you didn’t make a go-to move to score.
So he bit and then you’re coming back.
You try one more move.
That’s not gonna work, at
least in this scenario.
I like the high percentage shot
’cause that’s what you want.
You want the shot that’s gonna go in,
that’s the highest percentage for you.
And for me, it’s a quick one-two move,
real punch-punch.
It keeps the defender moving.
He doesn’t have time to get set,
to get back aggressive, to read you.
But what I’m doing is,
obviously you’re setting him up, right?
You know, five, seven seconds left,
you don’t have too much time.
But my go-to move here is
I’m gonna go between the
legs and when I hesitate,
I’m gonna look like I’m trying to blow by.
So it looks like a
between the legs blow by
which is too simple of a move.
He’s gonna be all over you.
You might have help come in,
especially because it’s
a last-second shot,
so that help D is gonna be there.
So this is when I like
to change directions
and stop on the dime.
That’s why I’m doing a double move
’cause there’s so much going on.
So I’m gonna go between the legs,
hesitation right into a cross.
So now you’ve got the defender moving.
The defender’s over here.
He bit there and now I
hit him with the cross
and he really thinks I’m
going directly at the rim.
That’s why you gotta do this aggressively.
You can’t chill on it ’cause
it’s a last-second shot,
it counts.
So again, one-two is between the legs,
hesitation, into a cross.
Now the last thing I’m gonna do,
I’m not gonna cross and
just throw up any old shot.
I’m not gonna cross and
still try to drive in.
Again, you have help defense there.
So for me, especially knowing
that the help defense is ready,
they’re on cue, they’re not
trying to give up any layups.
I’m gonna pull up for this mid-range shot.
It’s gonna be high percentage.
Your defender’s too worried
about not letting you
get that layup because you’re
so aggressive in the drive
so that’s where it comes in.
So it’s gonna be a quick one-two.
So between the legs, hezzy, cross,
right into a jump shot.
Right there.
Like I say, again, it’s a double move,
one-two real quick.
Once you stop on the dime,
either one, the defender
wasn’t ready for you
to pull up that jump shot
so he’s not even gonna
try and block it.
And secondly, if he does try and block it,
he’s out of position because
you had him moving so much.
He’s not ready, he’s not
prepared to contest that shot.
– Now really quick, this video’s
already getting kinda long,
so I’m gonna leave you with one good drill
you could do today.
Again, it’s not rocket science.
A lot of players think you gotta
have these confusing drills
or these really intricate
drills to be able to improve
your game.
My favorite thing to do is
just kinda pretend in my head,
real game situation, I’m
at the top of the key.
What can I do to beat my man?
And then that’s where
you’re going to utilize
some of these moves.
(light music)
I have a free program that
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Until next time, I’ll see you then.

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