Hello everybody!
My name is Markiplier, and welcome back to 3 sCaRy games. We’re starting off with a game called ” Ode To Moon “
O- vvshdnjvshdb
ODE, To A Moon. A moon, not Ode To Moon, Ode To A Moon.
I don’t know what it’s about. Like most of these horror games, but it seemed really stylized. What I love about games
Is that, those that present themselves,
Really nicely in terms of their style and their way of storytelling, like what they are, and… and all of the
Initial documentations seemed to be pretty cool, the screenshots they had. Oh, it’s beautiful! Ode To Moon!
Mmm, I’m sure this won’t turn dark and sinister. A game by color fiction,
I don’t know if color fiction’s any other games, but I’m sure this will be good. With music by hello meteor, nice.
Manhattan you say,
1986 you say, October you say, what day in October? Oh,
It’s been pouring all night. 12 a.m. Oooh
I need to unpack later. Still midnight, oh
Cool! I should quit at some point. Yeah, yeah, yeah, eventually
Not right now though,
You have a laptop in 1986? Notes from yesterday’s meeting. Take 425 train to Ashfield,
Document the eclipse from a scenic vantage point, the old farview castle might be a good spot,
Interview for selectmen about the history behind Ashfield’s Ode To A Moon festival. And this year’s concurrence with the eclipse
All right, ooh
Oh boy. So what are we doing exactly? And why is my eyeballs all….
VCR like? Everything half boxed and there you are,
So you unbox the booze first,
What? This minimal bathroom is minimally functional. Um, I have a question about what just happened,
Glad I washed these before leaving. Leaving whEn?! I diDn’T lEaVe aNYwHerE! I just went to the bathroom! Nope. Late as I am,
There’s no time for a nap. Love having a view and tons of sun, last place was a dungeon.
Oh god, the door’s open
That wasn’t open the whole time, was it? What the hell- oh my gOd. OH, oH, Oh
hEY! Oh gOd
I hate that, ah!
eEeUUugH! That just made my skin crawl!
Sounds like some trypophobia crap. I don’t know why, but last night I was browsing the subreddit, r/trypophobia
I- it just like, it messed me up. Like, I was not- oh- What was it? What was what?
What? wha-
What do you mean what was that?
Was there something that I missed?! Or are you talking about the thing in the hallway that just happened?!
Cuz that was weird too, that was very weird. Okay, cool. Oh! I guess we’re done here! wHOa!
Great. gOoDY! Oh, HEY BUDS! YOU DON’T WANT TO BE IN THIS TRAIN?! Haha! The party train’s over here! You guys are missing out,
I got like booze, I got cigarettes, I’m loaded up and ready to go! You don’t want to come in here? Please? Anybody?
Hey you guys over there, you guys want to join me? I feel very Train to Busan at the moment……
Oh. I must be close,
Oh ok. Right….
Ashfield Connecticut, 9:00 p.m. All right. Well, thanks for waiting for me, train here. Anybody else want to hop off here?
This is where the party’s at! Can’t you tell? The crickets are getting at it 😉
This is so cool because, the
Stylization makes me COMPLETELY look over the, the low-res style of the game, like, like
everything’s polygonal, like everything is like, very rectangular, but it doesn’t matter to me right now when I’m-
Wha?! whOa!
I- Wha-
What??! All right! I apologize, hang on here a second, I was just on the train,
Can I even get back on the train? Hold on a minute, this isn’t my party guys,
I just feel like I made a wrong stop somewhere,
Right. Okay those- uh
Purple mountain majesty over there. All right cool. This is great. Love this. Love that, love this,
Yeah, all this is real good.
Thank you, glad I experienced whatever that was. Here I go!
Nice, whatever that was. Dust, or snow, or something. Real pretty,
Real pretty. Greeaat….
Wha-? Was that train saying goodbye, or was that a car coming down this road? I’m- very confused for a second. Gosh,
That was scary! hagEeZumS
I was frightened!
Eh… oh?
Hey, what’s up cutie? How are you doing? How you doing? Is it getting dark here? Wait, what happened? It got real dark. Okay, what?!
What is it about this house that makes it go so dark? Uh
What is happening? What is happening? What’s with the moon? What does the Ode To A Moon mean?
wHaT Do You mEaN oDe tO a mOOn?!
Can’t see a thing, huh? That’s too bad, I guess. It’s too darn bad. Oh well, what can you do? *snap* Shucks,
What was that? Wait,
Okay, I guess I should be more concerned about this ethereal forest in front of me than the voices
I’m hearing to my left….. and right. Well, it’s pretty, in a terrifying way. Why am I just tramping through this swamp?
This seems like a bad idea,
Where’s the hotel? Uh, I would like to get out of the forest, please. Can someone please show me a way? Oh, there we go!
Good, thank you.
for the light,
Very helpful. I heard that was a festival around here, could someone show me to the keg?
I can do a mean keg stand, if you know what I mean. Means I stand on the keg with my hands… or my feet,
Whatever you guys want, I’ll do
I’ll do anything, for a drink. Meanwhile in the houses around they’re like ” Mommy, “
” Why is that crazy man tramping through the woods talking about a keg?! ” ” I don’t know, just leave him alone!”
” Don’t look at him! ” Like the crazed key maniac, “Where’s the blacksmith?”
” Where’s the blacksmith? ” Oh
Okay, all right. Ah.
Yes, this is where I wanted to be
Ascending Mount Olympus to meet the gods, this is what I was hoping for. All right, you know what? I’m not gonna question it
Hey, up these stairs I go,
I can smell some booze up here, is this where the party’s at?
Good god, what is this place?
Weird. All right, cool. Abandoned castle. Oh, that’s right! I was going to a castle! I remember now,
I was headed to this castle to observe the moon, and the festival. I’ve got everything I need…. with me. Whoa
Okay, that’s cool. That’s so cool!
They’ve done so much with what they have!
This is so cool! Hi moon. I’m just, I’m really thoroughly impressed by this and-
Discerned. Ooh, hi. Is this my birthday cake? Oh, moon! Hi. How you doing? Woooow
That is pretty impressive,

Wait a mInUtE
What you guys put in that keg?! What is-?!
This is amazing?!
And horrifying, wait, the- the things got a-? WHAT IS THAT?! UGH! WhY DoEs iT hAve a TEnTaCle?!
Oh! Why does the moon have tentacles?! Oh, wait a minute, hang on. I’ve got more questions about the world around me,
Why are rocks flapping like pieces of cloth? Oh, bo- oh, you wanna, oh you getting jiggly
I’m sorry, what the hell? Oh, oh, oh
Oh god, ugh!
God, this is- this makes me uncomfortable,
Everything about this is just- is really uncomfortable. It’s just so opposite to what nature should be, but it’s done in such a really
Well done wa-
okay, okay, alright,
well that’s….
that’s bizzarre, that’s…. that’s really weird….
It’s like I’m wandering through
In the wrong dimension, and I can’t perceive it, so everything is just kind of… floating around itself
That’s so weird. This is one of the most surreal experiences I’ve ever had. Okay, that’s where I was,
Okay, so there’s got to be a way to go,
Around here… I just gotta find my way through the
I’m sorry? I just gotta find my way through the bizarre geometry of this place,
All right, uuuhhhhh
weird weiRD wEIRD WEIRD
It’s all weird. It’s all weird. It’s horrifying and weird. Weirdly horrifying. Okay. It’s a drop off….
Ah, it’s so wrong. Oh, it’s shaking. Okay, we’re shaking and shimmying. We’re shaking now! Okay, we’re done. Okay good,
Oh my god. Oh my god. What the hell?
Am I just looping back and forth? But the sky’s changing! I swear!
I’m just going through the same place, but everything’s morphing and changing colors
What? Um, pardon me?
Okay, oh
Oh no. Oh, I feel bad. Oh, I don’t feel good. I don’t feel good about this. Am I in hell?!
I think I might be in hell. Oh, I might be in hell. Oh, that doesn’t look good
Did I go the wrong way? I think I might have gone the wrong way. No, I-I-I don’t know. I
Might have jumped over something- oh, I see. Oh, I see. Oh I see. Oh I SEE. OH, YEAH!
Yeah, okay
Yeah, I’ll ascend this staircase!
To the moon! Oh, my, god.
I’ve never seen anything like this, ever,
This is-
Completely new! I can’t see!
I hope I’m staying on the path! Oh- Well, there I go, okay,
I’m so- wow.
What the hell?
Oh, well, okay, what up? What’s up-up, you know what? Yeah, I don’t… I changed my mind

Hi, OHkay

UH…. I have no idea.
I have, no idea.
But what it was lacking in substance, it made up in
Sssstyle! That was-
So weird! That was so weird! Everything about that was weird!
But it happened! I-
That’s crazy… So anyway, moving on, this is face man. Hi, wow, ooh boy
This is face man 3d. You, you creepy. This is a pac-man horror game,
Now, there’s been another pac-man horror game, actually a couple I think. Be careful, your flashlight attracts. Left mouse button to place bread crumbs,
Be careful, pac-man will consume the bread crumbs if he finds them and then they will lead him to you. Oh.
Try to find the exit, good luck. Oh!
Oh god. Oh no. Oh, oh, is that accurate?
Is that actually accurate to where I am? Oh no. Okay, at least this gives me a compass. So… Oh, oh god,
What? Is that? Is that true? Oh, oh. Oh shit, uh
Wait, no, I’m headed west! Oh god, this is wrong. Oh god. Oh no. Oh, I’m- I’m doomed.
Eeee, oochie
Okay, at least it’s not randomly generated. Okay, if this is West, if I’m facing West right now, facing that way,
So I’m against that one…. Oh, no, I’m in.. Where am I? I have no idea where I am. Uh, I’m gonna go though,
Okay, all I need to know. Okay, I’m going south?
Oohhh handy. Okay, so there’s multiple different things
Um, if I had time to look at that map, I would analyze it and actually plot out the, the course. I’m use-
I’m usually good with uh, I’m good with directions. I need to get back to a map.
I just shat out a crumb. Oh no… What’s with the trail of blood? oHAH! OKAY! ALRIGHT!
oW! Okay,
Rude, number one. Wow, alright. So, uhhhhh the correct path tracing from the end…..
Looks like it’s along that long wall. So I just need to get to there. Okay, so I was close,
I just need to take the alternate path there. That makes sense. Okay, I think I know the way. All right, that’s not good
Oh, that’s not good. Okay, I can still make it
I can still make it, if I go this way,
Okay, whoo-wee, whoo-wee, oh shit! Where- you kidding me
Okay, it’s fine,
He’s not gonna find me, if I don’t move. I’m having a tough time reading exactly where it’s saying I am?
This goes this way. Okay, that’s back at the beginning. So this is the correct way to go. Oh shit.
What do I do?! Oh god, oh god. Okay. Don’t run out of stamina,
Oh god, oh no. Oh no, don’t find me
d o n ‘ t f i n d m e

hO ThAT’S How CloSe HE goT
oH tHat’S hOw cLosE hE gOt
Okay, I think it’s on the other side of this wall,
Which means that it can’t really reach me ’cause I don’t think that there’s any solid connecting path,
But what I have to do is I have to double back. OOH! OH FUCK, OKAY! I HAVE TO RUN, FIRST OFF,
I have to run! Okay,
I have to run, but just because I have to double back around the other way,
Come up an…. an ulterior path to get back up to…
Okay, I ran out of stamina. Okay, uh, I am NOT where I thought I was going. Wait, what the hell?
How did I get over here? I’m thinking that that map’s lying, I don’t think this map is actually built the way it says
It’s built
Okay. Yeah, that’s a dead end. Okay
Okay, that’s a dead end. Okay, it’s a series of dead ends over here. Okay, those are those two dead ends, I see okay. Ah
Okay, so it is accurate. Okay, we’re getting closer to the center
Ah, okay, cool. Center.
Uh oh…. Oh, oH, OH, OH, OH OH OH OWWW! Uh oh! I might be doomed, I might be doomed, I might be doomed.
As I see on the map where it is. So he’s going the way that I need to go,
That’s the thing. So he knows where that is, I just got to follow that path.
Okay, I’m gonna go for it. If I just gun it now, I can get around where he is
OH! I CANNOT! I CANNOT! I CANNOT! OH nono, I’m gonna run out of stamina.
No, no, no! Oh well-
That is really weird,
Oh, I hate that. Oh, I hate that.
Oh shit. Oh no, no, no, no. No, you didn’t see nothing.
Nothing nothing
Yeah, I hate that breathing. So this is the central corridor. I need to go this way,
This is the way I need to go.
It’s- it’s literally going the way that I need to go. Oh hello light. Why is there a light there?
That’s not the way I need to go, I need to go this way. Okay, I think I might be home free.
I might be home free.
I think I’m home free,
No! I’m wrong, ah crap! There’s one more hallway over from this. Ugh, where did I make it? Oh, was it this one?
It might be this way. Yeah, that makes sense
Okay, where is this?
Pardon me?
Are you leading me to the path? I think it is…. wait… hang on, let’s see, where is this?
Yes, this is where I need to be. Okay, then this is the right path. This is the path.
Yes, this is the path! Okay, I knew there was one around here! Okay, good. Hey,
Take that, face man! Hahahaha!
That was actually pretty good. That was well made, I liked that a lot. The mechanics worked, the ambiance worked, face man was terrible,
I liked that! That was pretty good,
All right, so this one’s called-
Impressive. I like the trend lately of making retro style things,
but then
stylizing it, very nice. Be warned that this experience is not intended for anyone suffering from
heart conditions or other health related risks that may be triggered by feelings of terror.
Matt Reeves… oHHHHH!!
oh, presents, EEEAAAHHH!
Alright, okay. You’re hyping this up a lot. You better like, deliver cuz this needs to be….
Now that’s pretty good, I love the style
the style’s good!
The style’s good! I like the style! You got style!
Nemeses ahhhhh
Alright. Oh, I like the style. Okay, I like that
That might be one of the best intros I’ve ever seen, so that’s
Pretty good. It’s pretty good. But this is just a demo, just an alpha, just a demo,
If all of the budget was blown on the title screen, then I’m not gonna be impressed. But right now I am impressed. Ooh boy
Uh-huh. Well,
Alright, guess I’m in a bedroom?
Guess I’m real slow. I guess I’m going normal walking pace. You should get out more,
You’re not my mom! What kind of desk is that? What do I do with that desk? Nothing? Here’s my fapping chair,
weird. So click to interact apparently?
Can I leave? No, why would I want to leave? I got everything I want right here
Yeah, that’s the good stuff. That’s what I want to see. Hurts my eyes, ah!
That really hurts my eyes, why does it hurt my eyes so much?
Well then, that’s… creepy. I like the particulates floating in the light, but uh……
Why is that a thing? So am I just supposed to find things to interact? What about pure darkness?
Very spooky
So, why did I do that? Ooh, there we go. What is that?
I can’t read it, I turned out the lights. All right hang on I gotta find it- where’s that light switch? Uh,
Ah shit. Um…
There we go. Okay, that’ll help me get to this one. Aha
Last night I had a terrible nightmare. I wake up in the strangest place,
It was like….. a giant bouncy house.. city
Was where lots of towers and really high walls. His face was horribly…..
Dispersed his… okay, well. I had a nightmare. Big whoop, boohoo.
Oh! Oh, wait! WHAT? WOAH,
What?! I’m sorry, what happened?? Hey, hol-hold on a second…..

All right….
Okay, good, I guess I’ll just walk right towards the exit then.
Nothing confusing about this, seems fun!
This place is cool.
I could do some back flips in here! Could sprain my ankle, break my back,
Snap my neck in Twain
Do whatever I want in here.
I don’t like that,
Alright, cool. Don’t ask me why I just turned my head to kiss that block, it just seemed like something worth kissing, so….. That is
The most disconcerting drone I’ve ever heard in my life
Alright, you’re just gonna keep going aren’t you?
Okay. Alright,
Hi! Hey, how you doing? Is that you Nemesusie? Do I see something in there?
Am I- am I crazy or am I seeing something? Is that you? Alright, you have fun! Okay, take care now, I’ll see you around.
Okay. What am I looking at there?
Oh wow,
Ah, this is so creepy. Oh my god,
This might be one of the more creepy things I’ve ever seen in my life
Or fun, ’cause it seems like a nice fun Playhouse. I don’t know how they built this section, it doesn’t seem to be stacked of
boxes anymore
seems to be
Turning into something made of flesh, which is really….. weird and disturbing to think about, but how could that be true?
That- That’s bizarre…
Yeah, that’s probably not what’s happening. Oh, okay, ah we’re back. Yeah, hey.
All right!
Whoa, well, that’s uh….
That’s something all right. I have a body! Oh that’s good to know. Okay
Was there a reason for me to come up here? Is it just to see this? ‘Cause that’s….. a little weird…..
I can’t click on it, so I guess I’ll just look at it real close. Okay. All right, then, what’s the deal?
What do I do? I donno?
Anyway, I’m gonna go on. Hey Nemesusie,
I must be on my way, you
Are…. lovely
Alright, you are just lovely.
Okay. I’m out of here.
God that droning
What the hell?
Okay, it’s the same place just look very different from this direction. I guess. Oh, purple. I love blurple
It’s a good color
Okay, that’s weird. Oh
That’s even weirder somebody cut their foot. Someone needs to go get a band-aid. Should I follow the trail?
I don’t know if I want to, but I got nothing better to do. So, I’ll follow the trail
I hope this person isn’t infected with anything ’cause there’s bad news bears for me. I’m walking barefoot here,

Hey! Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god,
Okay, I- I could fight you, I could punch the shit out of you,
Don’t think I couldn’t, I could. Oh, where am I going? Oh, I can’t see anything. Alright, this way? Okay, this way,
Yeah, this way looks good. Okay. I’m out of… I’m out of running breath. Okay. All right, okay
So you like cutting off tootsies, huh? That’s a little weird, but all right. Where am I going?
is it still behind me?
Oh, is it gone? I don’t know if I should wait around and find out. Okay,
Great. I guess everything is safe and I’m totally fine. Nothing can befall me now. All’s good in this world,
Everything…. is.. good

Real good….
uH! AH! I-
I’ll go back! I’ll go back! IIIIIII’ll go back!! Hey, buddy, buddy. Listen, buddy. Ooh, you suck. Oh you suck!
I knew that everything was fine, though.
I knew it. I knew that everything was actually fine,
You still there? Oh, you’re still there. All right. Oh, I don’t like you. Okay, all right
I’m just gonna go then. Oh, where do I go? Wait, where am I going? Okay, here,
All right, you still there? ohhhh
Yeah, oh my god, you’re still there. Okay, cool. Great. Good, good to know. Hey! Good. All right, cool
I don’t know where I’m going. Oh, wait shit. Wait, I do I have time do I have time?
I’m out of run! Oh, I’m out of sprint, oh
What is THAT????!!
Oh, where do I go? I don’t even know where I go. I don’t even know what I’m trying to do
Oh, where am I going? It’s all the same. Oh shit. Oh God Oh No, okay. All right
We’re gonna play ring around the rosey. How about that?
Hey bub! Oh, do not- Oh! Do not like you, I do not like you. Okay. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye
How do you know where I am? Okay, which way did I come from? And which way am I going? I don’t know,
Oh god, what is this?
Okay, this looks important. Oh, yes, that’s important! Is this actually an Exit or is this a lie?
What was that? Wait, what was that? At the bottom of the screen, did you see that?
There was a skull down there!
There are nightmares yet to document, a new foe each night. They are my nemeses. My nemeses.
Hi buddy,
1994 huh? Oh, okay.
Oh wow. One one eight, nine one, nine two, zero five, sixty-nine, fourteen, seventy-five eighteen nineteen? (1189192056914751819 )
Is that a thumb for a nose..?
Got your nose! Ugh. One three one eight, sixteen, fifty-five, twelve. ( 1318165512 )
Oh god, that’s some scary stories to tell in the dark shit there. Oh, this is weird
I don’t like it. I don’t like it
This teaser nemesis was created in its entirety by Matt Reeves. Come with me and become a part of this dark world
Witness its full creation from behind the curtain. Be the first step into the nightmare, you could support me for as little as one dollar
And that matters. patreon.com/MattReeves. That was pretty impressive
That was pretty impressive. Thank you for playing. Well, thank you for making it. That was really good. That was, that was very good
I liked that a lot. I like the style of it. I like the way the sound executed itself
I mean, the, at the end of the day the villain wasn’t like that threatening, ’cause it’s the same
kind of like
Slow chase that everyone experiences. The layout of the level made it seem like very easy to get lost but I still found the exit
After a while, and I think that’s got to be intentional
Like designed to funnel you to the exit eventually, and that’s pretty cool. That’s hard to do,
It’s hard to pull off. I could have easily just been spinning around in circles, or maybe I got lucky
I don’t actually know. Okay, but that is three scary games. Thank you all so much for joining me on this adventure,
We just had banger after banger after banger of good scary games. Those, were, great!
Love those a lot. So thank you everybody so much for watching,
If you’ve got more scary games that you want to see in the next episode,
Let me know down in the comments, and let me know if you want to see more of this, right down there below!
Thank you everybody so much for watching, check out the other scary games
I’ve got in the description, or suggested videos over there, and as always we’ll see you in the next video
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