3 Unbelievably Weird Indie Video Games (GAME)

(playful music) (speaks in foreign language) – I play video games about as
much as Link speaks Spanish. And even though I’m not
a big gamer, I still know all the popular ones, like
Mario Brothers, Zelda, and that weird boxy game, where you go mining and do the crafty stuff. – Minecraft. – No, it’s a different one. – Oh. – But there are tons of
indie games out there that even the most gamey of gamers
have probably never heard of, and today I’m gonna test Link’s knowledge on indie video games. It’s time for Guess That Indie Game or Bring Your Family Great Shame. – Is my family here? – No, but I’m gonna tell
them how well you do. – Or not do. And they’re gonna be ashamed? – Yeah, and there’s a special prize if you get three out of five of these right. You can take it home and
share it with your family. – I can? They all get a piece of it. – Exactly, question number one: – It’s like a rotisserie chicken. (laughter) – Well, you’ll see. In the brand new indie game
set to release this year, Super Meat Boy Forever,
you play as the character Meat Boy, who is married to Bandage Girl, and the two of you have
a child named Nugget. Nugget has been kidnapped
and your objective is to get him back from
the person responsible, the evil Doctor Fetus. – Ew. Real or fake, Link? Is this a real game? – It’s very intricate, – Or not? – I don’t think he would work this hard to make something up. Too many details. – Really, man, we’re always working hard! – Meat and bandages don’t go together. But in the world of random, I think that this is a legit game. – You’re right, Link, Super
Meat Boy Forever is real! There he is, we don’t know
exactly how it’s gonna be because it has yet to be released, but that’s Super Meat Boy Forever. – [Link] What’s wrong with his eye? – [Rhett] I don’t know, he
got beat up a little bit. – [Link] What’s wrong with his tooth? – [Rhett] Maybe by Doctor Fetus or whatever his name was?
– What’s wrong with his thumb? – I really hope this
doesn’t step on my game that I’m coming out with,
Super Meat Boy Occasionally. (laughter) – Oh. (laughter intensifies) – The next game taps into
one of the greatest universal human fears of all time,
Don’t (bleep) Your Pants! Released online in 2009,
it’s a survival horror game that takes place in a
single room and features a balding man standing beside
a closed door in pajamas. The objective is to use text
commands to prevent the man from defecating in his
pants, real or fake? (laughter) – Why’s he gotta be balding? – That’s just what the
game developers decided. – Is it. And he’s presented with scary
things coming out of a door? – You’re trying to help
him not (bleep) his pants. That’s all I can say. I haven’t played it. – It’s kinda like the board
game Don’t Break The Ice, but it’s in your pants. – Yes. – So this is also real. – You’re right, Link, it is real! You’re a natural, man! – [Rhett] There he is, there’s the man! – [Link] Balding. – [Rhett] Yep, balding and holding it in. – [Link] You farted lightly. Relief! – Yeah, exactly, see,
there’s all kinds of things you could be doing. Now, in related news,
Nintendo recently announced the upcoming release of Mario Shart. (laughter) – Mario Shart. – Yeah, Mario Shart. – He’s still in a cart, but
you need to do some cleaning. – Do you hate people? – Yes. – Then this game is for you! – Thank you. Get Outta Here With That Rotten Foot is a 2015 indie game all
about avoiding people. You are Arnold, a husband,
father, and office worker who happens to have a gross, rotting foot. You must complete everyday tasks, like making breakfast, doing paperwork,
and taking out the trash, but you have to avoid all human contact. The closer you get to humans,
the more points you lose, because no one wants to smell
your gross, rotting foot. – So let me get this straight,
he’s got a rotting foot? – Yeah, yeah, Arnold,
Get Outta Here With That – [together] Rotten Foot! Is the name of the game? – Yeah. – Very catchy. But not a game. Not real. – You don’t think it’s real?
– No, I don’t – You don’t thing it’s real?
– I wish it was, but it’s not. – You’re right, Link, that’s
three, you’ve already won! – Get outta here! – You’re going for the sweep now! – With that rotten fake game! – Yeah, it’s not a game, but
it is a Netflix documentary. (laughter) It’s in the documentaries
about rotting feet section. – Big, big section.
– You gotta scroll, you gotta scroll quite a ways. – I’m always recommended those. – If you love soup and also hate soup, – Yes.
– this is your game. Something Something Soup Something is an indie game released
online last year. It’s set in the year 2078 when humans have perfected teleportation technology and are using it for the exploitation of aliens to make them cheap goods. The machine teleports bowls
of food made by aliens and you have one important choice to make. Is this soup or is this not soup? And, Link, you have one choice to make, is this real or is this not real? – Sounds like a game
we would play on here. (laughs) – Yeah. – Something Something
Soup Something Something is a great title. (laughter) (sighs) – It’s real, I can feel the realness. – You’re right, Link, four for four! – Yeah, I know how these
indie gamers think. They’re all desperate. – You think that’s soup? – For players. – [Link] Not soup. – [Rhett] I don’t know,
I don’t know the rules. – [Link] There’s batteries in it and a foamy looking orange
wedge and batteries. – In 2078, I’ll be 100. If we’re still making this show, that’s when we’ll debut Something
Something Soup Something is it soup or not? So if the show’s still
around, we’ll do that. And copyright won’t even matter, because they won’t even remember. – It’ll be so far in the future. – Link you’re four for four. – I know this. – You get this one
right, I’m gonna give you the prize and I’m gonna
give you a pat on the back. – And your family will be shamed. – This next one’s for the boys. Homeboy Roy and Roy’s Boys Two. It’s Straight Up Bro Time. – Homeboy Roy and Roy’s Boys Two. – [together] It’s Straight Up Bro Time. – Was released in the app store in 2014. You’re Roy, a break dancing social reject at Central Union High School. Your goal is to recruit
members into your squad and compete in dance offs
against rival groups. If you can beat the reigning champions, The Thigh High Thugs, a trio made up of literal thigh high socks, you’ll achieve popularity
and the adoration of high school sweetheart, Danielle. Real or fake? – Danielle. – Danielle. – You blew it when you
threw Danielle in there. – Really? – Yep. Definitely fake. – Definitely? – Definitely. – Link you got the queen! – I got the queen, y’all! – You got the queen sweep! – Bring me the queen! – We call this the queen sweep, when Link sweeps it, it’s the queen sweep. – What’s up with that? You say something wrong,
then you turn it into, you can’t live with me
winning in a clean sweep. – Congratulations, Super Meat Boy. – Okay. (laughter) – You can take that home to your family! It’s fresh! – Okay. (laugher) – Everybody gets a piece,
just like you said. – I finally get every
single question right in a game, and I get a steak. – Well, we didn’t think
you were gonna win. That was my lunch, it was just over there, but now I had to think fast. – I know, family I’m coming
home, aren’t you proud? – He’s got a steak. – Thanks for liking,
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