3 Watches Every Man Should Have – Dress, Chronograph, Diving, Sport – IWC, Rolex, Omega, Nomos

(classical music) – Hi, I’m Ashley Weston. I’m a celebrity menswear stylist. This video is part of my Men’s
Essential Accessory series to see the other, other. (laughs) To see the other articles
and videos in this series, check out the link in
the video description. So today is a very special day because this is the last video in my Men’s Essential Accessory series and on top of that, this
is probably the most requested video I’ve gotten
since putting out videos. Today, I’m gonna talk to
you all about watches. Watches are one of the
few pieces of jewelry that a man can wear that
is universally acceptable. Other jewelry like rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets are all
gonna have their detractors, myself included. So for that reason alone, you
should definitely own a watch and also from a practical perspective, a watch is really great for
telling the date and time, although that’s not really
a selling point anymore since we all carry smartphones, but still very handy. Just like I discussed way, way back in the intro to this series, there’s something amazing about owning a finely crafted piece of history and engineering perfection. So, whether you’re a watch guy or not, any self-respecting man
should own a watch or two. Since the beginning of this series, well actually way, way before this series, I’ve been asked the
same couple of questions regarding watches so let’s just get those out of the way before I get into the
watches you should own. First, what type of watch should you wear with your outfit? This is really simple. It basically breaks down
into two categories. The first is if you’re wearing a suit, then you should definitely
wear a dress watch. That’s a dress watch with a leather or other hide strap. Never, never, never please, never wear a sport watch with a suit, so that’s a diving or
chronograph sport watch. That’s with a metal band like I have here. It drives me insane when I see a man wearing a suit with a sport watch. It just reeks of an amateur. If you’re wearing a suit make
sure to wear a dress watch. If you’re wearing a business
casual or a casual outfit, then I highly recommend
going with a sport watch with either a metal band or switching out the
strap for materials like rubber or leather, whatever you like. So there’s definitely some scenarios where you can wear your dress watch, it’s just gonna be dependent on how dressy your casual outfit is. If you’re wearing a nice
fitted black t-shirt with your dark wash jeans, then a dress watch is
perfectly acceptable. But if you’re wearing
like flip flops and shorts then that’s gonna look really out of place and that’s where you
should definitely wear a sport watch for sure. The second question I get asked a lot is how do I match my watch to my outfit? All you have to do is remember, if you’re wearing a suit with black dress shoes and a black belt, then go with a dress
watch with a black strap. If you’re wearing a suit
with brown dress shoes and a brown belt then you wanna go with a dress watch with a brown strap. And if you’re wearing
anything outside of a suit even if you’re wearing dress shoes, you can pretty much wear
whatever watch you would like. There’s only a couple things
you got to remember though if you’re wearing say boots or dress shoes and you wanna wear your dress watch, just make sure the strap
matches the color of your shoes. If you’re gonna wear a
metal braceleted sport watch then obviously it doesn’t matter. So the third and final question
I get asked all the time is how many watches should I own? Typically, you want to
own two to three watches. I mean, you can certainly get
away with owning one watch which I’ll get into in a minute. If you have two to three
different types of watches that will get you through
every possible situation you find yourself in. So let’s get into the
watches you should own. If there’s one watch that
every man needs to have then it is a dress watch
with a black leather strap, a silver case with a white dial. This watch will get you through the majority of the scenarios
you’ll find yourself in. If you’re only gonna have one watch, make sure to grab a brown
leather strap as well so that you could swap out this strap for the brown one if you’re
wearing brown dress shoes or brown boots. Definitely recommend
checking out my article because I have a link in there
that will take you to a site that sells the most
amazing high quality straps for a really nice price point. Let me get into the reasons why I’m recommending this type of watch with these very specific features. Reason why I recommend silver is because it’ll match all the
hardware in your outfit so your, the belt buckle,
cufflinks, tie bar, the silver will match it perfectly. If you go with gold or a black case, it’s just not gonna match as many outfits as a silver case would. Now in terms of the size of the case, so I’m a little new
school in the sense that I don’t mind a slightly thicker case like this IWC that I have here. For the most part, you wanna
keep it as thin as possible and you want it to
actually just complement your wrist size. If you have a average to smaller wrist, then I always recommend going
with a sub 40 millimeter so usually between a 38
to 40 millimeter case. But if you have a wider wrist, you can go above a 40 to
like a 42 or a 44 millimeter. As for the white dial, I recommend white because it’ll go with any outfit that you could possibly throw at it. If you go with a black,
navy, gray or skeleton dial, it just can tend to look sporty or gaudy but I mean you can
certainly have those colors. Just those are secondary watches which can look great but
they’re very specific. So, only get those after you get a watch with a white dial. Now with the black leather strap, you can also go with
other leather alternatives like ostrich, alligator, whatever you want but just make sure you don’t
go with a rubber or NATO strap because remember your dress watch, you generally wear that with a suit and it just looks so (bleeps) when you’re wearing a really
casual strap with your suit. A lot of style bloggers definitely wear colorful watch straps with their suits and I just think that for
their photos it’s fine, it looks fine but in real life when people are looking at you, it’s just gonna look so
(bleeps) and very amateur. So, please avoid that. That’s why you want a black strap and also a brown strap if you’re
wearing brown dress shoes. One last note about your strap, I really dislike contrasting stitching just like I do on my wallets. Get a strap that has the stitching, the color of the stitching
matching the color of your strap. You can certainly have
those later down the road but you just don’t start there. As for sub dials and complications, I’m pretty new school in that I don’t think a dress watch needs to have the cleanest dial like this one. I think that a few
complications is all right but just keep it at two to three max. As for the second watch you should own, it’s basically identical
to the dress watch with the black leather strap except now it’ll have a brown strap and still though a silver
case with a white dial. In this situation you
can actually get away with going with a gold case but I still recommend going with silver. With your leather strap, just make sure again you don’t
have contrasting stitching. Now we get to go over
the exact dress watches you should own based on your budget. For dress watches with
a black leather strap, there are a ton of options out there ranging from $100,000 to a $100. For high end watches, I’m a huge fan of A. Lange & Sohne, JLC but definitely pound for
pound, dollar for dollar, I absolutely love this
IWC Portuguese Automatic. Everything about this watch to me is just done to perfection. It has a slightly larger
case that really stands out and I love the red in the power reserve as well as the blue numbers and tans. If you haven’t seen this watch in person, you absolutely need to. This comes in a brown leather
strap version as well. All the watches I’ll be talking about come in either a black and/or
brown leather strap version and if they don’t sell
that then the manufacturer probably sells the brown and/or black additional straps separately. And if they don’t then
you can actually visit my favorite strap site which
is linked in my article that sells awesome straps at
a really great price point so check that out. If the IWC is out of your price range, then definitely check
out this Omega De Ville. Love this watch because it has a slightly smaller and thinner case so if you have a smaller wrist, this watch is really great for you. Now, this watch comes in a couple different versions and sizes so check out my article linked
in the video description. Next up, I’ve got these
two watches by Nomos. I’ve got their Metro Neomatik
and their classic Tengente. These are very good watches
for the price point. The movement is absolutely fantastic and they’re really unique looking but classic at the same time. Next up, I’ve got these
watches by Junghans. So this one here is the
Max Bill Chronoscope and I have this one here, that is the Max Bill Automatic. These have a great simple design but they still look really unique as well. For a great budget-friendly watch and one that comes with
a brown leather strap, I have this Tissot Visodate. This hits all the points
that we’ve been talking about and I really love the
dark brown leather strap. Next up I have something
similar to the Tissot, it’s the Orient Bambino and it’s even more budget-friendly. And lastly, I have this watch by Mondaine. I really like this
because it’s super unique but I still think it’s
perfectly acceptable as a dress watch. So if you’re really looking for something a little outside of the norm, this is a really great watch and it comes in a variety of sizes. Without making this video 10 hours long, I decided to showcase these but I definitely have
other recommendations which you can find in my article which is linked in the video description. The third and final watch you should own is a sport watch, but more specifically a
chronograph or a diving watch. Before we go into the
exact watch you should own, I wanna go into the details you should definitely
look for in a sport watch. Your sport watch should
have the following features, so for the dial you want to
have a navy or black dial. I’d give more preference
towards a blue dial just because it goes
with a lot more outfits but just make sure it’s
more of a navy color like this Omega Speedmaster, and less like a brighter
blue which you’ll find on the 18 karat gold Rolex Submariner. So I prefer those colors over white because white just looks
really odd with a sport watch. It’s just a little too dressy so definitely go with a black or navy. Like I said before in terms of case size, you wanna make sure to take your wrist size
into consideration. If you have smaller
wrist then definitely go with something that’s
between 38 to 40 millimeters. So I have this one here,
it’s technically a 41 but I think that it wears much
smaller than it actually is. 41’s close enough to 40 where it will suit a
smaller wrist quite nicely. Now if you have an average
to larger wrist size, definitely go with something
between a 40 to 44 millimeters so I have this one here
that is a 44-millimeter. I’m just gonna do it little side by side so that you can see the difference. For your sport watch
there’s nothing better for a casual outfit than
a nice metal bracelet. Just make sure that it is
titanium or stainless steel. Now you don’t wanna go with gold or black, it just looks really cheesy and it’s not gonna go with
all your casual outfits as nicely as a silver bracelet. The beauty of a sport watch
and why I really love it is that you can actually
switch out the bracelet for a strap that’s made out
of leather, rubber, Perlon. You can really have fun with it and it’s gonna look
fantastic with your outfits especially just when you’re feeling a little bored with this watch. You can really do some
exciting new things with it by changing out the strap. The last point I wanna
make about sport watches is please whatever you do, do not wear this with a suit. Suit equals a dress watch. This is a sport watch which
equals casual outfits. Anything from a blazer
down wear a sport watch. With a suit, you gotta wear a dress watch. Now we can get into the exact
sport watches you should own. First up, I’ve got this Omega Speedmaster. It’s in titanium which
is a special edition and it has this beautiful
navy color to it. I don’t care if you are a watch guy or an aspiring watch guy, this is the ultimate chronograph. So I know there’s some people out there that are probably watching
this video saying that the Rolex Daytona is the
best chronograph out there, I 100% disagree with you. This is the best chronograph out there. This watch has been to the moon, literally has been to the moon. Couple of other chronos
that I definitely recommend which you can find in my article but for a great budget-friendly chrono, I cannot recommend
enough this Tissot watch. It is fantastic. For the price point, it is
such a great quality watch. So if you’re looking for
a watch that’s a hybrid between a chrono and a diving watch, then I have this one here by Hamilton which is really quite unique. I haven’t seen a watch quite like this that kind of has features of both styles. The other type of sport
watch you should consider is a diver’s watch. And to start talking about any other watch besides the Rolex Submariner
would be a huge mistake. If you don’t know
anything about this watch, it’s simply a classic and any self-respecting
man would have this or a similar-looking heritage
watch in his collection. So, I’ve got this one here by Hamilton. It’s actually kind of a sleeker, more modern take on a diving watch. It’s not so utilitarian-looking. It’s a navy dial that I really love and it’s just like, it’s really beautiful and just very clean-looking. It’s a great design and a
great price point as well. For a great budget-friendly option that’s more traditional in style, I’ve got this one here by Orient. It’s a great heritage watch in the vein of the Rolex Submariner and it has a really nice black face, and really just for the price point I’d highly consider this watch. For another great heritage style but budget-friendly watch
you got to consider Seiko. So there you have it. These are the best dress and sport watches that I think you should definitely own. Be sure to check out my website for an in depth article because I didn’t wanna make this
video again an hour long so I definitely have a
lot more recommendations that I put in the article
at every price point. Do me a favor please. I’d love for you to leave a comment below telling me about the watch or watches that you think every man should own. I’m just really curious and
I’d love to hear your opinion. All right, so this is the end of the Essential Accessories series. We’re finished with it,
this was the last video. I hope you enjoyed this series and if you know nothing about it, I’m gonna leave a couple links
in the video description. If you enjoyed this video,
remember give it a thumbs up. Okay, I’m done. That’s it. Thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you in the next series.

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