30 dollar ticket – NY lottery scratch card

30 dollar ticket – NY lottery scratch card

Hi everybody This is a 30 dollar lottery card It’s worth 30 dollar I’m going to introduce you This is watchers; this is my lottery card ‘Hello’ And as you can see The first prize in it is a one million a year – for life I’m not going to win and that’s why I’m doing… Just a minute …. That’s why I’m doing this Here, just mmm…. Because I know I’m not going to win I don’t know what is in this Lottery card But the chances is a much more Than any other card …. It’s like one to three but uh… To win the big price.. I’m not going to win Probably in other prices Much more Lower-prices like maybe thirty thirty-five dollars Something like that So be with me as we going to Revealed that what is benith This silver cover of this lottery card As you can see I have my numbers here and the prizes There is a very very easy check to see if I won if you scratch only the prizes and you see a
big prizes it’s clear that you’re not going to win it, OK? if you see a very lower
prices so MAYBE you get the chance to win it I know it’s sound weird… I just made it up… OMG I’ve got two “LIFE” in here and other prizes that… you know, big prizes that’s mean that I’m not going to
win so just for fun, lets scratch the number over here okay As you can see There is a “coin”. A coin is an automatic winning so I do win 50 dollars OMG, Why do I do that? okay and and to the other prizes I guess I’m not so… don’t have it, don’t have it.. …. No, no can’t do But thank you for watching and thank you for
being with me wish me good luck And I wish you good luck also. Bye!

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  1. I know that's an Irony, But I'm basicly doing it for fun, and I have alredy lost my money on the ticket – so there is othing else to loose 🙂

  2. @1998homie To lower expectations. I do it just for fun. If I'll become addicted, and the ticket cost 30 dollar, it could cause a problem…

  3. It really depends on the chances. I think that 34.12% overall winning it is very rare.
    But I am going to do something more seroius about those tickets soon. Subscribe to my channel and you will see

  4. Well, I did some research, especially on these tickets, and I'm about to uploud it right here, in about a couple of weeks..

  5. dude i banked off the $30 tix here in fl…. i wish they still had them. 🙁 now your best to buy $10 because the $20 suck!

  6. I played this ticket today 4 the first time…it was fun….expensive but fun…and I won nothing…but im still positive that someday i Will

  7. You idiot, why would you buy a $30 lottery ticket? What makes you think the government would give you $1,000,000 a year (for the rest of your life)?

  8. Why not? it's legal, and it's following all the possible rules. If a guy is a lucky gut, his luck will get him anywhere…:-)

  9. Why wouldn't you want me to wish you good luck ? When your repeating to yourself " I'm not going to win I'm not going to win "

  10. Some things mented to be jut for fun…and adrenalin, of course (1ft prize…). So I took my chances. But after the buying, it's get clearer that there is less chances that you thought it will be…

  11. Pick 3 is the best money maker on the planet my friends. If you want to join my Enhanced Law of Attraction Money Club to play.. inbox me. :)… I would spend 30.00 after a good size pick3 on a single pick 3 number. 30.00 worth of 50cent or 1.00 bets onthat is 15-16,000 in cash!

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  13. You see? I'm talking about big money here. 20M for life- that's the amount of money that I'm looking fore (although 7.5m it's also respectable).
    And another thing – you can compare the chances to win in both cards- this card is 1:2.93, I didn't saw something like that, although you have more chances to lose.

  14. The highest price scratch card we have here in the UK is £10 and they are absolutely crap most of the wins is just your money back.

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