Hi, do you remember me? My name is jacksepticeye! I might not have uploaded videos for a while But I’m back And I forget how to do any of this.. What was my intro again? (wha-poosh sound) Top of… the bros… to you Markipliers? I don’t know I have an intro that I haven’t done in a while So cut me some slack But we’re back With some lots of games in one video! Emm… Because it’s fun to do. I found a bunch of games that I wanted to play And this one is going to be Animal-themed Or Creature themed Or I don’t know And also I’m in a new set up. Uhh Like I said before This is going to be a bit weird My microphone doesn’t even have a stand. It’s sitting in a shoe There’s one light Emmm… Something in here is making a god-awful noise. Ah! Oh wait, it’s me… But we’re gonna record some games And we’re hopefully gonna show off What these developers have been making This first game is called ‘Antbassador’ So I’m guessing I’m an ambassador to ants I don’t think it’s actually that complicated But as I say everything’s animal-themed Keep it in your head Emm Right. What is ‘Antbassador?’ (proper accent)
‘The Antbassador’ has ‘come to Antopia-‘ He reads at a fourth-grade level and he cannot keep up ‘Our fate lies in his hand. If he plays it well, he could bring our worlds together.’ Wait, I’m a finger Oh God Oh Nelly oh Okay Gus a tall stranger you don’t say gasp you feel gasps, oh I can actually just took this hello It’s all control with the mouse. Please squish any of them be hilarious. Are you guys with this? But my mine crate is stuck. It’s the sequel to minecraft Minecraft’ Fiber you see well maybe if you actually tried you’re sitting on your ass over here with your Adorable summer hat. Look at all the ends of the background that are working Gotta work for your food people. You can’t just sit around and suck your own dick. All right What else can we do? You can flip a switch Hale and Placid, er, I take indicates switching ceremony and open the door Santo p.m Please Okay, opposable thumbs away. Actually, it’s a finger. Ah There’s more than one gate Haha, this is treacherous. Oh god, this is this is painful. Actually. How do I get me? funny wait, I Can’t give the finger to go in like that. Come on It’s like playing Fucking I Am Bread or it’s like playing Hand Simulator or something, It frustrates me This clicking did a thing all along. I Didn’t know that Has YouTube been much quieter for the week that I was gone I think so grab this grab the thing just get get under it. Yes Uh-huh. It’s like picking boogers. He’s tanked at the right one. Which finger do I use left hand right hunt? I don’t know Yeah, baby, I light there is no ceremony. I’m a ladybug blessed be the queen Oh Some ants go and die tonight And all I did was broke the gate anyway a fine entrance though you shan’t be able to make a second Aha, we’ll take that. I got my pot leaf Where’s my hat? What is my job? I kind of know without it Really? You need your hat to figure out what job you have? Oh! I killed him!! I didn’t know I could do that.This makes this so much better Death to ants! I used to have a hat one time and then I realized hey I don’t want to wear that every fucking time, I upload, so let’s get rid of it. And then I did Agh- I didn’t do anything this time. You all saw it ok!? He ran into that on his own. All right I prefer A Bugs Life to ants anyway. Scuse’ me (x2) get this fucking thing off me! kiss my finger Kiss it. It’s my finger Kiss the finger kiss the finger who feeds you kiss it Oh no!! Woe betide the Sun my fire. Okay. I did not get to read that. Okay, okay. I- I need to I need to keep my hand in the air My word these soldiers have become a terrible row. Someone should knock their hats off. Oh Oh no.. AUAUGH! (Jack screams) God, I put it through his head! This is what happens when your hand is the size of a town! I’m gigantic! Woohoo hoo! Precision Did that not count?.. Does your hat not count as off The worst part is that the hand drops on its own *Seán heavily breathes* Precision like a surgeon like a surgeon Oh, I’m a doctor of death curing our patients of breath, okay? I can do this. Fu-ah Tipple a hipple. There’s one hat okay once more… Once more. Easy easy, precision, PRECISION Yes, that’s how you put together your Legos, okay, excuse me right come through here we go. I just break the wall anyway This castle is in an UNACCEPTABLE condition! *Adventure Time reference* UNACCEPTABLE! I’m Jack I yell at things for no reason. Well met Antmassador, word of your good deeds has reached my antenna Okay, I’m just going to sit here. *reads off of speech bubble* ‘This era of peace was hard fought. I am ready mother! Ready to get your- okay? Here we go. Easy easy easy easy easy Yes! “I oppose this union!” No! Anastasia I can’t read this fast enough! The destruction this “Antbassador”has wrought upon our people it has haunted me for years Antonio you were born last week. *Seán laughs* A DUEL IS IT!? HAVE AT THEE! Okay, this is my moves! Do I Really have to fight you you don’t you know Hurray! I’m the strongest! “Our peace has indeed been sealed by blood” Now let us greet Antopia as the new royal family. Hear ye, hear ye I proclaim a Doctrine ation upon the land. Oh I didn’t actually get to do it, well hear Ye hear ye ants suck kill them all and move on with your life. Speaking of which lets move onto the next game. This game, as you can no doubt surmise with your beautiful eye balls, is called shark simulator, and it looked really fun It looked a lot more fun than this picture, this looks ghastly… I don’t need the options. Ooh, do we need the patch notes? Fix costume shop. I’m already bored. Oh, this is fantastic [Starts making JAWS theme]
no, I need scarier music than this look at the listen to the music [Ukulele music intensifies] I’m a shark up Jason Mraz if I leave him he just floats around in a circle He’s dead, that’s how you them, you just pretend you’re dead And then you can eat everybody’s ass. Oh my god I’m upside down. First attack, get out of the water Okay, I can’t get out of the water. All I can do is freaking break-dancing it. I’m the greatest shark, look at me go! Holy crap. Whoa…
[Stunned silence] [Stunned silence] Just ate the shit out of that lady. Oh this shark eats some serious ass. All right, excuse me. I’m fish out of water. You know, this is not my my usual place [Jack sating nom repeatedly before going into laughter] [Jack sating nom repeatedly before going into laughter] Oh no. Its the Pol- Its the Fuzz, its the Five O Kill em, Kill em all Can’t have them stop my Sharks Capades. This is fun! Do I have a health bar? Ahh, I just saw it and then I died Press any button to restart [Smacks keyboard with force] I pressed every button. Did it still restart? Oh man I start all the way back out here? [Continues making JAWS theme] Flop Flop Flop Flop Flop Flop Flop Flop Oh it saved my people from last time I have 11 people out of 50 killed, Ooo neat Excuse me Sirs Or Madames. Do you know the Sharks have four dicks? (They have 2) No, okay. I sank that I am the iceberg that sank the Titanic Okay, let me get back into Shore. At least it saved my people I’m a fifth, I’m over a fifth of the way there I know, I know I not only yell and swear and play video games, but I also do math Come here. You’re wearing socks with sandals. I can’t allow that Okay, she’s just gonna drown herself Weapons store? Buy some weapons have become a true War machine [Stunned silence as he reads what he can buy] I could buy a sword as a shark? Maybe a flail- a laser sword. It’s called a lightsaber. Okay, stop being so afraid of George Lucas and just say what it is I need I need more money Pacific Rim 3 [Sings Pacific Rim theme] [Sings Splish Splash by Bobby Darin] Okay, I need to- it’s hard, Okay? I have a big tail, a giant mouth, I have more teeth than sense. I should be allowed to be the be- Oo cinema Do you think they’re showing JAWS in there? No need, jaws are outside. Hello, Oo look at that wonderful ass Oo girl, you’ve been working out Did you see that girl did Instagram model lady? Who was I don’t take pictures with sharks recently and then they caught the picture right and when the shark bit into her arm That’s crazy Don’t mess the Sharks They they own the ocean that’s their place. You don’t see a shark coming onto land tried to take pictures of zero Are we pretty cool though? No None the shark of Marie de Marci one more what happens if I when I kill all 50? Ah It was nice How about you and me go get dinner? Wait the big sword. Oh shit. I Realize that I thought I was doing. Oh All the way back out an ocean oh This music’s nice again When you stay out here What shoots me when I’m in the ocean right quite a big sword. I got it. What’s on my tail? Oh But I mean Credit where credit’s due. All right, they called it a big sword That’s a big motherfuckin sword, you know, damn. I’m just a shark in Hollywood trying to make it I want to be the next Richard Gere Hate a shark look about him. Haha Who’s the dog lover? Dude, this is America. Oh my god Did somebody eat the framerate I seem to be missing it? Okay. Well, you’re all gonna get it. Y’all gonna get it. Oh, I got boo Cher Ten-four, oh, yeah, baby. I know you could fly you don’t sure could fly I Mean if they can that’s scary shit. Come come here you monster. All right got him Fuck off Are you so interested in me? Anyway, I’m not a donut. Oh Look at quick escape. Yeah springboard that tail. Okay, almost done almost done. Yes white 50 Okay, so you were gonna get me to do it yet find the harpoon hint port Their food the speed amigo Holy banana hammock. Oh Shoot me. Oh Jesus nice to be back recording I Missed this cuz whenever I record it’s like I said it before it’s like a little safe space It’s where I feel like I’m a good version of myself Because I just I like video games and I like dicking around video games give me a lot of energy they get me wrong time away from it was nice to time away from the things you love is also good, but Something about getting back into it after a period of time. That’s really good. Wait a minute I Could do that all along and I didn’t oh I was so young So foolish Chris, Puna you spin me right round baby right round, but that that’s a poon if I’m poon All right. I’m not dog shit up. You call me dumb for I Mean, yeah, I get it. Oh Yes, this game is incredible now, we know where the Batman music was playing I am Batman Look at me go mana sharks like this in real life. I never go in the ocean to get Okay, okay, okay, come on come home Oh Tits that’s so bad Well it I’m back bitches No, I’m not Oh, come on I don’t even know which way that I Ain’t knows where the game is any more Sucks can’t even kill myself to restart. That’s my current mood This is there I guess research yay quest complete. What do I have to do next use a health kit? I Don’t even know how to get them How do I get a health kit? Oh my god, there’s gone store I have I haven’t even scratched the surface of this game hannes store. I can paint my shark. Ah Yes Okay, well that’s not accurate I repainted my shark at the cops are still after me okay that makes no sense is this yes Okay, I’m the best okay, that was fun Okay, don’t you be rock being a shark going around town fling a big giant sword off your ass That’s amazing. But there’s a lot to that game and I’ll get back to it eventually, but now it’s time for it cats are assholes We still like them. Let’s race. It cuts our assets. I’m more of a dog person Because cats we sit down with a cat You know that it’s thinking you know what it’s looking at you and it’s like I don’t really like you And you like pet it? That’s like oh, that’s nice Okay a little too much. Okay stop And then it catches leaves or it cause at UITs narrows at you and lead where’s the dog? you can rub it in the face for an hour and it goes Do more you spin it for a day and the dog which makes tail board. I Like dogs, but cats are assholes. Let’s let’s face it. They really are play there I created this game in three days for the Ludum dare a 40 game. Jam The theme was the more you have the worse it is. Oh That’s clever. So the more cats you have the worse it is tutorial use arrows to move I’m the lady cat Take some food from the fridge to fill your cat food bowls, or they will eat you Okay, hey yo, there’s a fish Hey, everybody’s happy you should call your grandson American to help you here use the phone Where’s my fault? Oh My god call your grandson, he’s a little snot. Oh, he’s been his phone, but he’ll help Cool. Got it. Hey, nanny. Oh Hi mark Alright, what’s this? Oh no, I got a new cat. Oh Oh This is gonna be bad. I am a speedy old lady gave twenty dollars. What? Can I buy use this to avoid a heart attack? sweet Jesus a Little too real you just get your next cut immediately more cats the more the better To stands for your fish. No, I want cool stuff like another grandson Okay Okay, I guessing I can use this when the time comes Marie to have a heart attack just yet oh This money all over the place I’m getting it I’m figuring out how this game works. I’m gonna move the mouse off screen Funny I’m playing a game about cats and have to move the mouse offspring. Yes need a big poo Empty this cats are an asshole. That’s a great Extra food ball, okay, and then I can get extra fish. Nice kitty caddies Okay here sit well the football is just there I have to put the food in it oh I’ve done a bag. He’s shit in the kitchen. Oh shit in the kitchen. Okay kitchen Cats are assholes. I hate them. Hey with a fucking ball You want to see me suffer don’t you you want to see granny Mildred I Randy Miller is not gonna die. She’s gonna live so she’s a hundred eighty thousand years old. Oops. OOP money Oh time management is heard Okay free french fries stretch There we go. Okay. Why are you guys pissing everywhere? Can I hurt another grandson upgrade fridge capacity? I see the fridge capacity first Nice And then we do fish okay, I’m on my way I’m on my way kitty cats. Okay, no one’s gonna know Kate Denis Denis look after yourself. Alright There you go food for everybody. Everybody’s happy we get along Okay cats hate cats, okay, you’re supposed to be able to take care of yourselves Sort of already says I’m not seeing that right now Use this to avoid heart attack Wait if they do, okay Everything’s gonna mice know the moral of the story is basically don’t get cats cuz they suck They will eat you when you die It’s good message for the kids. I think I’ll keep losing money. I don’t have enough time for this So playing with the boom Who is that play with they’re attacking me. They’re killing me. You’re killing granny They’re hungry. They want food. They would avoid it now Granny’s – oh my god, the cat’s ate me. They called me today And now they’re eating granny’s dead core with my Kratz, I’m just terrified Yes, too bad Shame. Yeah. Thanks Graham Graham fund of course. No Animal themed video no animal related games would be complete without a puppy games This one’s called pet 2 + the party and I like the alliteration of that pep up at the party party party And so it’s really good and it’s really easy to say it’s something you should be talking to history But it’s not really Murray know what this game is about other than petting pups at a party. So Your guess is as good as oh god What that’s not a pulp. That’s a man Ok, pet pet those puppies at the furnace part in my pad. Okay. I’m a little drunk I’ve had a few one too many chasers. Ok What where’s the pop at the party? I’m sorry, my bad. I clicked by accident. It’s in here I’m not seeing any pop at the party. Oh god, there’s more party. Oh Alright, I have a minute and a half to be able to do this. Oh It’s just an never ending game. I Get closer. I saw they are FZ Yes, I pet Luna oh my god, this is the best game ever created Whatever I go out and about and I see a dog let you have to pet the dog when you’re outside But you walk around town and somebody has a dog out you have to pet that dog Of course, you should Asti Oh if you’re loud pet their dog, but at the same time I’m petting that dog. There’s gonna be miles That’s so cute I love this game Capote That’s actually a great name. Alright the dogs back this way somewhere. So I get time added on each time. I also like that I’m just walking around the party like this Is very presumptuous, you can grab any sort of body part doing this the dog is in that direction But there’s no doors leading in that direction Is there a secret door No How do we enter the pool? The puppy is at the party and I can’t pet it. Oh shit balls No I’ve got it find out Maybe Maybe I bet the dog maybe find that pop. Oh, I’m gonna fight that pop. I’m gonna give it a heck and Rob No, you bet your ass I am What’s your name emo Okay, cuz you help people through cancer. I don’t know. Okay, you’re very close by here the next room Oh, you look like gizmo oh No Missy I Miss you already. This game is softening my heart. Excuse me I don’t care about your parent who care about your alcohol and your peer pressure and your hormones and your sex Okay, all I care about is putting these freakin dogs Shit I’m coming Sandra don’t worry like Santa’s not a good name for a dog. That is not a good name for an anything. Okay How do we get to that dog How do we get to the dog It’s all going wrong One of these frickin bathrooms had a door in it again, didn’t it? Wayne owes a whole other section right here. Oh, No, I’m gonna face house it took me so long to fight the dog at the first party No, damn it, it was right here Okay, I’m going again You paid five bucks. It’s for 69 rooms I talked to four people at the party. Okay, no talking to people at the party anymore We’re just getting dogs arf arf let’s go. I Started off with a lot of time and I wasted a lot of it touching people We touched and I want to do with dogs. You keep your pizza to yourself Steve That’s not right look back here someone find out ranks Generic dog name whose house. Is this big anyway So cute Daisy I heard that your ranks or I can get a lot of time But you’re not all right, hey Dogs are three legs Ziggy? That’s nice You over here I got I got I got you Jesus dude change shirts that’s crazy. No one likes it everyone’s talking about you. Hey There’s my eggs Mulder okay. Let’s go find Scully. I have to pay more than five dogs Whoa and upstairs dog. He’s had a pool table. He can’t be on a pool table you’re a dog, Coco heckin’ lovable creature What am I started one of them but the dog was just like next door’s party sucks By the way, no one’s talking to each other. Everyone’s just staring at me waiting for me to do something I know I’m the life and soul of the party guys. I know everyone has to be friends with me I am the coolest and I know everybody in a very talkative and lovable and likable boy Screw do your own thing arf-arf? since the doll where where says the jack Well, it was downstairs again though Oh a special secret door Any stairs? Yes You’re right here now go Whoa Clifford the Big Red Dog Think Oh Hank from Detroit Like hey, thanks cute Thanks a big boy to pet one more dog and put more dogs in the last time I pet dogs and that’s a good day You want a dog? Callie oh the all the names are cute. It doesn’t matter what the dog’s name is. It’s adorable Because it’s a dog Oh My favorite Please have a good name Guess mo. Oh Yes. No, that’s it. That’s it. It’s done. It’s done. I can’t do any more I found gizmo And that was literally my favorite looking dog in the game so far all it’s name was gizmo I’m doing I can’t do any more. Oh, that’s my hair this fall alrighty, so those were our Animal-related games those are really really fun to play. Sometimes is the silliest games that are the Faunus like being a shark running around floating flipping flipper hanging around with a big giant sword on your tail and Stabbing everybody There’s it’s fun But I leave links to this in the description for all the games that I’ve played here today so you can go off and play Them for yourselves. They are free and just again thanks to everybody who Waited around and waited for me to get back in the right headspace so I could start uploading videos again it’s stuff might not seem different on the surface other like I’m still just doing Let’s Plays and all that kind of stuff but in Here everything’s a lot more positive and everything’s a lot more clear. So That’s important. But Anyway, thank you guys so much watching this episode if you liked it punch that like button , IN THE FACE!!!! LIKE A BOSS! And High Five all-round!!! *Whoopsh!! x2* But, Thank you Guys! And I will See you Dudes , IN THE NEXT VIDEO!!!~ (Outros) I’m Everywhere By Teknoaxe) – Thanks for this Watching! Smack in the entire table. Everything’s shaking

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