4 Insane Loopholes & The People Who Found Them ft. Kevin | Ear Biscuits

4 Insane Loopholes & The People Who Found Them ft. Kevin | Ear Biscuits

(rhythmic music) – Welcome to Ear Biscuits, I’m Link. – And I’m Rhett. This week at the round
table of dim lighting, we once again have Kevin,
who we have commissioned, kommissioned with a K, not
really, commissioned with a C– – He’s gone out into the world. It’s Kevin that starts with a K. – [Rhett] Yeah, right. – You ever seen Kevin spelled with a C? – Yeah, “seven.” That’s what they call it
when you spell it with a C. You know there’s a dude
out there, Kevin with a C. “Kevin with a C, at the end.” – At the end? – Kevinc. (both chuckle) Kevince. – How can I Kevince
you that that name is– – That’s not a bad name. It’s Vince and Kevin
put together, Kevince. – Sounds like convince,
so I’m not convinced. – No, it’s Kevince. – So he went out into the
wide world, and you know what? He’s back today– – Well, the world wide web. – To bring us the most fantastic stories of humans who have– – Period, that’s it, that’s
the new theme for Ear Biscuits, the most fantastic stories of humans. – No, Rhett, these
humans, more specifically, have been masterful gamers of systems. They have found loopholes
to take full advantage and improve their lives,
sometime, I believe, in ultra dramatic ways. – Ultra dramatic. – So he’s gonna take us through. He’s gonna take us on multiple journeys of gaming the system. – Yes, it’s a good conversation. It inspired me, raises
some moral questions. You’re gonna love it. Now we wanna let you know
that this Saturday, June 24th, we are going to be on the main stage, the arena stage at VidCon. – So if you’re going, you should be there, and you should see us
because we’re gonna record the 100th Ear Biscuit live on the stage. And if you can’t be there, just wait. We’ll give it to you. It’ll come straight to
your ears in due time. – Yeah, I mean, we are doing
some others things at VidCon, but that you’ve had to, I don’t know, there’s others ways to
get into those things. You probably already know whether or not you’re attending them. But this is one that everyone can go to. So come to that, 11 a.m., this Saturday. – Unless you’re not a VidCon,
then you can’t come to it, and then you’ll listen to it
later, that’s all I’m saying. – Yeah, yeah, you can get access to it. – But first, in talking
about gaming systems– – Gaming systems. – We actually use the term a lot when we’re talked about
our job over the year. – To clarify, gaming the
system, not gaming systems, really, ’cause that’s like consoles– – That’s true. – Which we know very little about. – But we talk about ’em all the time. – Yeah. – I mean, we’ve been around
through a lot of ’em. – Yeah. – Atari, Sega. – We were there for Atari, right. – I was there for Atari, the Nintendah. The Nindah-Sega Genesis.
– Been there for a lot of ’em. – But yeah. – But gaming the system,
taking advantage of something. And this is something that– – And that system for us is YouTube. – Right, and it’s interesting because we, sometimes you kinda try
to explain to someone from traditional media about
how what we do is different, and the way that I’ve explained
it, just one aspect of it, I’d be like, it’s like a
person who makes a movie. When Wes Anderson, I assume, when Wes Anderson makes a movie, I’m assuming that he spends
a good amount of time thinking about the poster, or what’s gonna go on the poster, maybe. He may not think about it at all. – I would not be surprised if he didn’t. But beyond that, like anything else
beyond marketing, like– – But if you go back 15 years, 10 years when Blockbuster Video existed and you went into the physical store and you made decisions about
what DVD you were gonna pick up and it’s based on the
DVD cover, it’s like– – He probably gave input into that. – It’s like a director
being almost as concerned about the content of the movie, I mean, almost as concerned
about the DVD cover as they are the content of the movie because that’s the decision point. So I’m making the point that
we think about the thumbnail. – You’re making an
analogy to the thumbnail. But before we get back to
thumbnails, I’ll add to that, but what Wes Anderson doesn’t do is he doesn’t start thinking about what theaters are gonna show this. And then when people exit the theater, how are they gonna be
able to give feedback? Is there a way they can like give their feedback in a comment box? – And what can I do with my movie in the way that I put it
out there that would get more people to talk about
it or care about it? – Oo, oo, oo, I can come on the screen at the end of the movie,
Wes Anderson has never said. – Thanks for watching my movie. If you would like to
watch more of my movies, you can go to the local
Blockbuster and click on, that’s the way we think about things. – Well, it’s not just how
we think about things. We think about what we’re creating. – You have to. – But then we also have
to think about the system within which it’s being distributed because, I mean, the
system distributes it, but it only distributes it as well as you can work the system. – Right. – So you can’t just be an artist, but you also have to be, it feels like being an engineer, like studying and deciphering
how YouTube works. – Well, and also being a
salesman of your own product. – Oh, well, yep. – Right, which we have to do. And I think that– – So there’s the marketing,
there’s the functionality, there’s the–
– And I think for two reasons I don’t like it, number one, it feels icky to have to convince people, when you say like, comment,
and subscribe or whatever, it feels a little icky
because you’re having to say I’m telling you to like something that you could otherwise
just make a decision whether or not you like it, right? So that feels a little bit weird. – But yet we’ve gotten to
a place where we say it every single episode of
Good Mythical Morning. Thank you for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. You know what time it is. – But, yeah, we’ll get
back to how we apply it, but the second reason I don’t like it is because it requires an unexpectedly high amount of energy and thought that
goes into how you’re thinking about packaging the videos that we create, as opposed to spending all that time on just thinking about
the videos that we create. You have to think about all the– – Everything else that is not the thing. – Yeah, the things around it. – How do you get the thing? What do you do with the thing? What makes you decide
to click on the thing? Because, to be clear, I mean, liking and commenting on a video feeds in in ways that we’ve
only guessed over the years and it’s changed month by
month how the algorithm, how the machine of YouTube inhumanely discriminates– – Inhumanely? – Yeah, there’s no human. If there’s no human–
– I’m not sure if that’s correct use of the term, but I think I understand what you mean. – (chuckles) It’s not.
– Inhumanly? – Yeah, unhumanly serves up my video, your video, our video– – Our videos. – Or somebody else’s videos. So we try to game the system
by gently prompting you– – Gently. – To comment, to engage because engagement has to be part of the algorithm. – And it’s a part of the
job that I don’t really like because I like the work
to just stand on its own. But because of the
environment that we’re in and because we actually have control over all those variables, it puts us in a position
where we necessarily have to be willing to “game the system” in order to be successful. However, I do think that
there are lines that we draw. We’ve never really talked about this. It’s sort of an instinct thing. But I think that, okay– – You wanna talk about thumbnails? – Yeah, so the first ever way
that you could game the system is back before you could
upload custom thumbnails and YouTube would just take– – It would give you three choices. – Three options, and one of ’em was right in the middle of the
video, like the center frame. – Yeah, people figured that
out, where the frames where, at least the middle one. – And so people would come up
with a really great thumbnail that may or may not
have been representative of the video that you were clicking on, and they would insert
a flash frame in there that almost subliminally would come up and you would barely see it, but then they could select that frame and then use that to sell the video. – And they’d be really mad
when it got off by a frame. – Right. – And so then there’s this
weird shot of like boobs, we never did this, that
shows up in your video, yet it wasn’t the thumbnail, and you didn’t find out until it went up. You weren’t gonna then
take the video down. – Yeah, there’s a boobs frame but didn’t even get to take
advantage of a boobs thumbnail. – But you get that
subliminal message, which– – Yeah, get a little
boos, unexpected boobs. Who’s gonna complain about that? – I’m sure people will. – But we decided that we, wait, I think we–
– We never– – Did we ever do that? – I don’t think we ever once did that. But then once they said, okay, we’ll let you create a custom thumbnail and, of course, risk all the
ways that you can exploit that, and then, of course,
people did exploit it. But then we start playing the game and find where our line
is to where it’s like, well, we’re gonna game the system but only to a certain extent. But there’s certain people
who like, I’m an artist. My thumbnails aren’t gonna draw people in. They’re just gonna look cool. I’m not gonna put a
thumbnail on this at all. Like, there’s people that I respect who make cool or funny
videos back in the day who would never manipulate
a thumbnail at all. – And I’ve always envied those people. There’s a part of me that’s like that’s the pure way to do it, and when I look at the
thumbnails that we put on everything that we do now– – Because, by definition,
it’s manipulative. – Yeah, when I look at the thumbnails– – So Saint Fah-sik-ee. – That are on everything that we do, I get an icky feeling sometimes, not because we’re misleading. I mean, okay, there have been times where we’ve been misleading, sure, but it’s never completely unrelated to what the subject matter is. In other words, we want to draw you in with a sensationalized thumbnail, but then when you click on it, we want the video that you get to, the thumbnail was representative of that. We’re very careful about that. – Yeah, ’cause it’ll bite
you in the butt later. – But people go even further than that. So pretty much every YouTuber
is manipulating thumbnails, some more than others. There’s a line kinda figured out. But other things people do
are subscriber giveaways. We’ve never done that. That felt like creating a lottery system amongst your subscribers. – Don’t describe for the content. Describe to win something. – Describe? – Did I say describe? – Twice, subscribe. – I’m a little tired. – (chuckles) Don’t
describe to the content. Describe to win. – I coulda gotten away
with it the first time. – I don’t even know how I feel about that. We haven’t done it, I
don’t plan on doing it, again, because every step towards that is something that I don’t feel good about. I just want what we do
to stand on its own, but we’re in a world where
there’s not a marketing engine behind the work that you do besides anything that you do yourself. – It’s a lot of work. I mean, looking at the thumbnails
on Good Mythical Morning, if something’s not reaching
certain milestones, then we have conversations
about changing the thumbnails. – That’s part of our system. Part of our system is looking at things, and titles, we didn’t
even talk about titles. But if it could just a world where it was Good Mythical
Morning Episode 1200 or Ear Biscuits Episode 100, then you’re clicking on it
because you just want it. But that’s not how people think. People are making a decision about, well, I wanna know what
it is that I’m clicking on because I don’t watch all your videos. There’s a minority of people
who actually watch everything regardless of what it is, and then the vast majority of people make a decision every single day to say I’m going to click on this video and I have to be compelled to do it. – Yeah, as opposed to other videos because it’s in a sea of other choices that they’re constantly
making, and everyone else– – I see this getting much
larger by the minute. – Yeah, that competition, so to speak, they’re manipulating their
photos and their titles. – And not to go on a tangent, but it is very much relevant, to the way that news works now. And this is one of the
reasons that we’ve had a huge just fallout with fake news. It’s a result of the clickbait culture, and it’s actually affecting the way that we consume information
because we’re like, I’m not going to think
anything’s important unless you dress it up in a way that makes me think it’s important. And it causes people to being to do things to game the system. – And then all that
matters is if it sells. It doesn’t matter if it’s true. – If they got you to the page, they won. If they get you to the page, they win. – The advertiser wins,
which means they win. So the litmus test is not how well written or how true is this, but
it’s how many people saw it, how many people saw the ad next to it or over it or before it. Now for us, I mean, it’s our livelihood for people to support our
sponsors or to be exposed to ads in conjunction with what we’re doing, but our goal is to get you
to watch the thing obviously. But when you’re like relaying news, I mean, I guess for a journalist, if they’re a reputable journalist, they want it to be the
source that you go to. – Well, and it’s a tough situation because there’s a part
of me that would just say if I knew that there were
enough people out there who would just say, I am going to pay for your guys’ content, and then there’s no sponsorship at all, it’s just you guys do exactly what you do, and I’m just gonna pay for it, there would be a purity to that. But then there would be
a whole lot of people who are not in a position to pay but are in a position to
withstand or experience, tolerate advertising. – Right, there would be a
lot of Mythical Beasts– – That wouldn’t ever get to see the show. – Yeah, we wouldn’t be able to reach. – Much less, people who’ve
never even seen the show are like I’m not gonna pay
for an unknown product. – Right, be exposed to. – So the advertiser model
is absolutely necessary, and it’s gonna continue, which, again, we’re going
on a tangent on a tangent, but which is one of the reasons that I’ve always just been completely, I think one of the most
hypocritical things you can do is watch YouTube with Adblock on because you’re making the
decision to enjoy the content but you’re also simultaneously
making the decision to not support the creators. And maybe if you’re got Adblock on and then you pay people’s Patreon
if they have those things. But I think for it to be a pure decision, you would have to have Adblock on and only watch people who
you are then supporting through some sort of other means, which, in our case, we don’t
have that means for support. It’s all advertising based. – You can also our Made
by Mythical product lines. – Yeah, okay, okay, but again– – But that ain’t gonna cut it. – That’s not a one to one thing because the advertisers
who are basically financing the platform of something like YouTube I think in some way they should be, that’s how the creators
are making a living. They should be rewarded in that way. – So we’re gonna talk to Kevin about not this type of industry related and YouTube related gaming of systems but how other humans have done it to alarming and amazing
and, at certain points, unbelievable success in a second. But first, we do wanna show
some love to our sponsors and clarify that we do really appreciate the fact that we have
sponsors of Ear Biscuits and ads wherever we choose to place ads around all of our content
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to get your summerware. – And you know what? Now let’s bring Kevin in, and let’s make this rest of this Biscuit. (rhythmic music) – Kevin, you’re back. – Hi, guys, I’m back. – Don’t act surprised, we
asked him to come back. – You know what I did? After we commissioned him for
a second trip around the world to collect information,
’cause that’s how this works, I was like, now I’m gonna
intentionally forget it so it’ll be a surprise when he shows up. That’s why I said, “Kevin, you’re back.” – What a surprise, Kevin. Only thing I’m surprised about is after all that talk about khakis you’re still not wearing khakis. How much do we have to drop a hint? – I thought about it. I own no khaki. – You thought about– – You own no kahki? – Zero. – Not even pants? – Not even pants. – Actually, I don’t have
khaki pants anymore either. Like, that was like something
my mom made me have. – I have a pair– – I just don’t have ’em,
I’m not attacking you. – I mean, I think I got
one thing that’s khaki, but it’s not khakis,
they got the big crotch, the drop crotch, that doesn’t count. – So what you got for us today? Do you have teaser? – I do have a teaser. – All right, hit it. – I’m gonna talk to you guys about people who have
gamed the system, okay? I’m gonna give a few
stories, great stories, and in these stories, we’re
gonna be talking about pudding. – Oh, I like that.
– Check. – Airline miles. – Got those.
– Eh, airlines. – Don’t worry, it’s good. We’ll be talking about
malfunctioning ATM machines. – Never had that happen.
– Best kind. – Fancy restaurants, private jets. Kanye West will make a slight
appearance in this podcast. – As he always does. – These are a few of my favorite things. – He’s gonna be calling in? – He won’t be calling in, but I’ll be calling him in momentarily. United Nations Outer Space Treaty, you ever heard of this? – Sounds fake. – It’s not. The Galactic Government, and the richest man in the solar system. – Oh, snap. – That’s right. – And a crow. – No crows, I’m sorry. – You gotta work in a crow. Can you? – I probably could when
we get to the last– – It’s either khakis or a crow. What are you gonna do? – The crow. – Yes. – I promise to work in a crow. – I’ll get the crow in there. We’re gonna jump right off the bat with a guy named David Phillips. – Is there personal application for us either with David Phillips or
just with any of these cases? – Yes. – ‘Cause you’re presenting multiple cases. – Yes. – There’s personal application for us. – I think in particular the last story. – Oh, yeah. I think with all of ’em
it will help us game the systems of our lives. – Yeah, you don’t wanna fast
forward to the last story. Any piece of information can
be applicable to your life. – Yeah, and just to explain a little, gaming the system means somebody, it’s like they don’t cheat the system. They figure out a loophole cleverly to make it work for themselves. – Yeah. – Yeah, it’s clever. We’re gonna hear some clever stories here. – Totally defensible. – Yes. – Technically legal. – Yes. It’s a fine line though. – Do you think that’s why
people listen to this podcast, for lessons, for morals? – I’m trying to figure
out why I’m listening. – Oh, well, that’s because– – I trust you.
– This is what we do, man. It’s your job. – And you got me here, man.
– But I’m engaged. I care about this ’cause
it’s gonna make me a better gamer of systems.
– You’re engaged? Well, you should let Christy know. (Rhett fake laughs) – Who is this guy? – This guy, David Phillips,
you’re gonna like this guy ’cause I like this guy. He’s known as The Pudding Guy. – Yeah. – Remember I teased pudding earlier? – No Bill Cosby jokes, Link. – Yeah, don’t talk about Bill Cosby. We’ll talk about David. He was a civil engineer at UC Davis, okay. Now he’s the kind of guy that
likes to read the fine print, and he’s also really
good at counting cards. He said he would’ve been
a professional card player had it not been for the
cigarette smoke in casinos. – Good numbers guy. Civil engineer likes pudding, okay. – Well, we’ll get to the pudding. Okay, in 1999, there was a
Healthy Choice promotion. And you know Healthy Choice products? – [Rhett] Yeah. – They have frozen meals
and all kinds of stuff. – So they’re kinda like Weight
Watchers, but they’re not. They’re just a healthy
choice for everybody. You don’t have to lose weight. – Exactly. Here is their promotion in 1999. Every 10 bar codes of their product would get you 500 airline miles. So you buy 10 products,
you cut out the bar codes, you send it in, you get 500 airline miles. – They had an airline? Healthy Choice Airlines. – They were tied in with an airline. – What makes it a healthy choice? – Biodegradable planes. – There was a early bird stipulation that if you send it in the
first month, you’d get double. – [Rhett] Oh, gosh. – Okay, so here’s what David did. David scoured all the local
supermarkets in the area. – Made a lot of healthy choices. – He made a lot of healthy choices looking for Healthy Choice products. He found a discount grocery chain. I don’t know the name of
it, but he found a chain. – Probably Piggly Wiggly. – Piggly Wiggly, yes. – Like a Aldi. – He noticed that on pudding they had individual
bar codes on every cup. – Hold on, so you can make
a healthy choice in pudding. – Apparently, you can. I mean, Healthy Choice says you can. – I don’t know about that. I made the healthy choice
to stop eating pudding a long time ago. Didn’t know I had an option. – I just make the excellent choice to eat pudding indiscriminately. – You still got pudding at the house? – No, but I never turn it
down when someone offers it. – When was the last time
they offered you pudding on something that wasn’t our show? They, being the people who offer pudding. – That’s a really good question. – Now I’m sad ’cause
the answer’s not often. – I’ll get you some. – Well, he didn’t eat the pudding, but I’ll tell you what he did with it. He went to every store in this chain and bought every last cup, which you can imagine he’s
walking through the stores with grocery carts full of pudding. People are looking at him kinda weird. You know what his excuse was? – Nuh-uh. – It’s 1999. His excuse was Y2K. (all laugh) – Gotta have that pudding. – Hey, man, makes sense. – Yeah, individual, long expiration. – Yeah, it lasts for a long time. – We filled a whole refrigerator with pudding one time, remember that? – Yeah, we did, for the What Your
Refrigerator Says About You. – But it was butterscotch flavored so you didn’t eat any of it. – I know I didn’t, I didn’t like– – I don’t like butterscotch either. I think he got mostly chocolate, but, I mean, he probably got
whatever was on the shelves. So what he did next was, he realized he had this big daunting task. He got over 12,000 cups of pudding. – Good gosh. – Whoa. – He had to get the
bar codes off every one and he had a month to do it ’cause he wanted to get in on
that early bird stipulation. So he asked his wife and children to help him cut these bar codes off. – Well, that’s what you have those for. – Yeah, right, help on the
farm or help with the codes. – UPC cuttage. – So he realized early in
that it was gonna taken them a lot longer than a
month to get this done. So cleverly, David went
to a Salvation Army, a local one, and he
asked the people there, he said, “I’ve got all this pudding. “If you donate volunteers to
cut off all the bar codes, “I’ll give you all the
pudding,” and they did it. And here’s the cool thing. – They did it? – They did it, they
said, “Sure, we’ll do it. “We’ll take the pudding.” They got people to help ’em do it. – But when you cut the bar code off, I thought it exposed the pudding. – No, no, it’s on the thing
that holds ’em all together. It’s on the cardboard that
holds the pudding together. It’s not on the pudding cups. They’re not for individual resale. – That’s weird that
there would be six UPCs on one of those then and not
the individual container. But it is what it is. – It’s a Piggly Wiggly, you know. – Salvation Army got involved. – So then he was able to, because it was a big donation, he was able to write that off on his taxes at the end of the year,
so he got $800 bucks back for making this choice. – That’s another loophole. – He spent $3,000 bucks on the pudding, so in reality, $2,200
bucks on the pudding. Doesn’t seem like a lot, but he was able to get it done in a month, send it in, and he also
had some cans of soup. Like, he did this before the pudding, before he got in on the good game, and they were like 90 cents a can. So all in all, he sent
in all of his bar codes and got back 1,280,000 frequent
flier miles from doing this. – One million. – One million, this was– – One point almost three million. – Yes, they said in
dollar value, it’s about, at the time, I guess, $150,000. – 150,000. – $150,000. – So after he did this, it automatically gave him lifelong access to the American, oh, it
was American Airlines. – Yes. – American Airlines Advantage Gold Club, I guess is what it’s called. – ‘Cause if you get like a
million miles or whatever, you automatically become– – He was a high roller, man. – High roller, all kinds of perks for life for him and his family when they traveled. – He got into that door that you don’t notice at the airports. – The cockpit door? – No, not to the plane, in the airport. – Yeah, it’s like the one at Disneyland. – The secret access to the lounge door that you don’t notice
until your friend tells you if you get this credit card along with me, we can go into these
together, and then he spends the next 20 minutes–
– You’re talkin’ about me. – Trying to talk me into
getting the card along with him so we can cavort in these
like crystal encased– – Well, they’re not that
nice, I’ve been in there. But they do have bathrooms
that have closeted commodes. – Nice, you need that in
the airport sometimes. – That’s worth any amount of money. – You could sleep in there. – But I got a beef with American Airlines. I had a Twitter beef with them. – Really? – I had like a three or
four tweet back and forth with American Airlines. – Did it involve pudding? – A couple months ago. – What was it about? – It was about the shape of the seats and how my wife and I
coming back from Mexico got onto the plane and noticed that, she was like, why is
my head so far forward? I was like, well, why is
my head so far forward? Like, I can’t lean back. This is super uncomfortable. I started looking around and
everybody looked uncomfortable. I was like I’m 6’7”, you’re 5’3”, we’re both uncomfortable, something’s gotta be done about this. – And you’re opposite
ends of the spectrum. – I was like, if we’re both uncomfortable, is it somebody who’s a
Goldilocks right in the middle that feels good? I don’t know, everybody
looks uncomfortable. I tweeted to them about how
they needed to do something about their seat design,
and they tweeted back at me, and they asked for like design direction. – They wanted you to redesign it? – And I panicked a little bit
and I said hamburger button. – You went comedic. – I think I may have
said cheeseburger button. And they were like,
okay, we’ll work on it, and I was like, well, first,
let’s work on the other thing, and then I kinda backed off a little bit. Anyway, I still think they gotta fix that. – Did you hear that Alex tweeted at Delta? Did he tell you this story? – I saw his tweet. – I don’t wanna go off
too much on a tangent, but he was going to his brother’s wedding and his dad booked the
wrong flight for him, and so he was like, and then he looked and they were sold out to get there. So he tweeted at Delta– – [Link] I’m gonna miss
my brother’s wedding? – [Kevin] Yeah. – [Link] Help? – [Kevin] Yeah, and other
people tweeted it for him, and they wrote him, gave
him a number to call, he called it, and they hooked him up. – Yes!
– No! – [Kevin] Yes. – Mythical Beasts helped Alex get to his brother’s frickin’ wedding? – [Kevin] Yes, he made it. – I didn’t hear this story. That’s awesome. – It was a lot longer, I
gave you the short version. I should’ve let him tell
you, but, sorry, Alex. – We don’t talk to Alex anymore. – Yeah, I don’t either anymore. – Yeah, it’s all an act. – Alex is great, he’s great to talk to. – Okay, 1.2 something. – Yeah, 1.2 something million. So since then– – Which, first of all– – Is a lot of miles. – So 130,000 minus the
2,200, I’m doing math here. – 150,000. – 150, you’re not doing the math well. – I mean, he’s at like
147, $148,000 profit unless he paid his wife and kids or the volunteers at the, which he didn’t. – They’re volunteers. – They got paid in pudding. – Dude made bank, and he got
the hook up at the lounge. And he got free flights. – Yes, free flights. Not only that, he’s continued– – Well, the free flights was
the equivalent of the money. – Yeah, but since then,
he always keeps an eye out for frequent flier, ’cause
apparently these people get obsessed with frequent fliers. There’s like a whole cult for it. And he kept an eye out
for other promotions, and he’s capitalized,
I think he earns more because he’s gold status. Anyways, the dude– – Yeah, compound effect. – Yes, right now they said he
has over four million miles in various accounts. He’s flown to over 20 countries,
taken numerous vacations, and he never has to pay
for a flight ever again the rest of his life. – Wow, so the moral of the story is you make a healthy choice,
even if it’s for pudding, you could be a high roller. – And you know what? There’s no questioning to this one. This guy should be celebrated. Good for you, Chris, Jim? Bobby? – Jim, Bobby Jim. David Phillips. – David, Bobby, Chris,
whatever, common name. – This next guy– – Takes a lot of work though. That’s a lot of leg work. – It is. Now we can celebrate that guy. I don’t know if we
could celebrate this guy ’cause he wasn’t as clever as David. He was more lucky. So let me tell about Dan– – That’s part of it. – It is part of it.
– Part of life. – Sometimes you fall through the loophole. – You do, he did, this guy fell through. – Especially if it’s a manhole. – Yes, Dan Saunder, this
guy is from Australia. He was living in a small
town called Wangaratta, or something like that. At the time, this is
2011, he’s 29 years old, he’s a barman, which I learned
is Australian for bartender. (Rhett laughs) – Wild guess. – It’s sexist though, sexist. They need to change it down there. – They should change it down there. – Okay, he’s out drinking
with his friends one night. He goes to the ATM
because he’s low on funds. He opens up his account. – Tipping some stubbies. – Yes. Is that what it was? – That’s slang. – Yeah. – He goes to withdraw money. Dude only has $3 in his savings account. – What a jerk. – Yeah, he goes into his credit card to transfer money into his savings, which I didn’t know you could do. – Cash advance, they call that. – Yeah, that’s what he did. – [Link] That’s trouble. – You basically have to pay interest on borrowing against your credit card. It’s a horrible idea.
– Don’t do it, kids. – I’ve never done it. I thought it was an Australian
thing, but I learned. So he sent of $200 bucks
into his savings account, and when he did it, it said
the transaction was canceled, but the $200 bucks showed
up in his savings account, and he couldn’t see his
balance for his credit card, so he thought, oh, it worked. So he went, hung out with
his friends some more. He made a second trip back
to the ATM later that night and did another $200
bucks, and it worked again. – It said declined, but
then the money showed up. – Yeah, it said it was
some type of malfunction, but the money still showed up. It shouldn’t’ve gone over, but it did. And so the night carried on. This dude, he was a bartender,
he made $700 bucks a week. So he made a third trip
back to the ATM that night, and he maxed it to the 2,000
to see if it would work, and it went through. Put the money in his wallet, went home, woke up the next day, he
thought he had been dreaming. Opens up his wallet, and sure enough there’s the $2,000 bucks.
– Two grand. – Yeah. He shoulda stopped there probably. Ethically speaking, he
shoulda stopped there. – Ethically speaking, he
shoulda done more than stop. – Now let me ask the
question, speaking of ethics, so now on the surface of
this, I wouldn’t do it because I wouldn’t even had
to get to the moral question because I would be like, you don’t get away with this kinda stuff. There’s computers in
there, there’s a camera. You’re gonna be caught. So just don’t be stupid. But let me pose the question. If you knew that unequivocally you would not be caught for it,
when would you have stopped? And, and, and would you have
reported the initial $200? Just moral question. – I feel like I mighta
gone as far as he went. (Rhett laughs) – Really? – Yeah, maybe, man. – I mean, what’s my
Jean Valjean situation? I mean, am I– – You’re a man that has
$3 in his savings account. – I’m a man that’s got
$3 in my savings account? – Yeah, yeah. – But I’m yucking it up with
my buddies for the brewskies. I’m judging him now, but I am
him, so I’m judging myself. – Yeah, you gotta be him
to be in this situation. – He’s down and out, man. Three bucks, all he needs is a
little time with his friends, a little more time. – Given these circumstances,
I would’ve never done it, no, ’cause I would’ve been too scared. But I know like when I
got my first ATM card and I went to an ATM
machine to withdraw money, I remember having a fantasy of like, man, that’d be cool if I could
just keep on taking money out and it never declines, my account. That’s what he got to live out. – Right, but it wasn’t a dream. I think the thing is about
the ethical side of this thing is that there are really
no decisions that are made in an ethical vacuum, right? So my question is probably even, it’s an impossible scenario. – But the question you posed is the answer I gave in Buddy System, which I can’t quite remember,
which is something like, just because somebody
doesn’t see you does it, can’t say it, just because
somebody didn’t see you do it doesn’t mean that it’s
okay that you did it. – Yeah, that’s called integrity, Link. – It’s called integrity. And don’t trap me with a hypothetical. – Pure integrity is actually
an impossible situation because really you’re
always dealing in a world of real consequences. – Right, point taken,
so just steal the money. That’s what Rhett’s saying. – Let me tell you what this guy did ’cause this guy had some fun. – Oh my goodness, he maxed it out. He had $2,500 bucks. – Yeah, he was sitting pretty. He kept going back. Okay, so after a first
week, maybe a little longer, he got $20,000 bucks in his account. – Oh gosh, oh. – Was it his account or was it a particular
ATM that was screwing up? – No, it was a big ATM out there. I think they call them NAB, I think is it, but it’s a big one out there. – But not a physical location, all of ’em. – Any of ’em, anywhere he went. As long as they had this
ATM which took his card, it was a malfunction. – And it couldn’t be the only person that was benefiting from this. – Right, other people
could’ve done it too. But he was the one that
figured it out accidentally. – The only one. – The only one. Okay, so what he did then
next was he started gambling, right, as you would do. – Might as well. He’s already made a lot of good decisions. – Well, he’s already been real lucky. You know if you’re lucky a
little, you get lucky more. – He was gambling. They have a gambling system there. It’s like a machine you
can gamble on horses. And he was doing it in his own bar. And he was doing it in amounts of money that people around in this small town– – Red flags. – Yes, red flags were going up. So he got fired from his job, and I think it was because they thought he was into something shady and they were worried
about causing some trouble at their establishment,
so they let him go. His girlfriend caught wind of this, and she dumped him via text message. – His luck is turning. – His luck is turning. So he says as this is all happening now, he’s out of a job and out of a girlfriend, he wrote, “On one hand,
you’ve lost your girlfriend, “lost your job, but on the other hand, “hey, you’ve got unlimited funds. “Let’s smash it up for a bit. “Let’s sort things out.” (all chuckle) This is what he says. – Let’s sort things out.
– That’s perspective. – So he continues his withdraws every day. – Now if you told me that he literally started smashing things
up, I’d believe you at this point with this guy,
but I think it was a euphemism. – Well, I’ll tell you what he did. He started going to all
the fanciest restaurants he can go to. – Alone. – No, he was going with escorts. – Okay. – Escorts, hmm. – Can’t go alone.
– Can’t go alone. – Need to be escorted. – Yeah, gotta be safe. You gotta be safe, you gotta be safe. That’s what escorts are, kids. – Yes, he was going places
in private jets on vacation. – Oh gosh. – Him and that pudding guy. – Him and that pudding guy
in the fanciest hotel rooms he could buy. He said, this is a quote
just to give you an idea where he was at. “I’ve never felt more alive “than when I was charging
on my credit card. “With the NAB card, I could
be anyone I wanted to be, “go anywhere I wanted to go, do anything “as long as I had the
card in my back pocket. “I felt like a king. “I felt like a rock star. “Probably looked like a
fat, white Kanye West, “but you felt like you were Kanye West.” – Is that when Kanye West is showing up? Was that it? – That was the Kanye West. – You mentioned him. – Hey, you gotta have a good tease, man. – You didn’t say the white
Kanye West was gonna show up– – You gotta have a good tease. – In an analogy. – Teases are supposed to be misleading, just not too misleading because we gotta have
the teases always work. – That quote that you just read of him– – Makes no sense. – No, I think it would
be a perfect commercial for the NAB bank. – The NAB, now you’re calling it NAB. – Read the part that could be a– – When you wanna feel
like a white Kanye West? – No, before that. Yeah, yeah, that, it could be. – “I’ve never felt more alive “than when I was charging
on my credit card. “With the NAB card, I could
be anyone I wanted to be”– – “With the NAB, I could
be anyone I wanted to be,” including a white Kanye West. – I like that, I like that. – Be white Kanye West with the NAB card. – Somebody needs to do a
bold campaign like that. – They shoulda done it, man. So he went back to
Melbourne where he’s from ’cause he was getting a little bit of heat in that current town. When he met new friends
and he had all this money, he would tell people he
was either a poker player or a surgeon or an investment banker. So he had all these aliases. And then there was even a point– – Those are occupations, Kevin. Those aren’t aliases. – Yeah, there was even a point– – What’s your name? Surgeon. – Yeah, sorry. There was a point he actually figured out another way to hack the ATM. – [Link] Dang. – Yeah, I couldn’t wrap
my brain around this one, but it was something
about a trick the ATM, he could double his money by transferring money from the ATMs credit
account option to his Mastercard, even though he only had one credit card. He explained it in his interview, and I didn’t really fully
understand it, but it was– – I’m surprised that no
one else is able to– – Somebody else had to be doing this. – Yeah, it’s possible, do what he did. – Yeah, and, well, maybe what
we’re talking about there is he had a way of
transferring the balance to a different card and then you could go and use that card, yeah,
ping against that card. So that’s even more effective because now you’re not carrying
around a bunch of cash. You’re just using a credit card and paying off the balance
with this crazy ATM trick. – I believe that’s exactly what it was. – Free money, man. – Free money coming out the machines, free money that totaled the amount in four and a half months of $1.6 million. – Dang. – He was just swimming in stuff. – He was alive, man. – The beauty of that is you
don’t have to convert it to flier miles. – Well, he was spending it like a white Kanye West frequency. – What is a white, that’s so racist, what does that even mean? I don’t even wanna– – I don’t know. – What does it even mean? – I just threw it out there. – Well, he is white and– – Okay, he’s white. – And he thought Kanye, he felt like he was living
a lifestyle like Kanye West. – Yeah, yeah, but just white. – But just white, yeah. – Okay, he is white, so it’s not racist. – Yeah, okay, he started feeling guilty. After $1.6 million, he
started feeling guilty. It caught up with him. He went an saw a psychologist, and after seeing a psychologist, he stopped making the transfers and then he eventually reported himself. So his conscience caught up with him. The bank told him that the police, there was an investigation going on. It took three and a half years before they finally charged
him, but they did charge him. So for three and a half years– – So they knew something was going on because they keep track and they know we’ve lost
$1.6 million somehow, okay. – Took ’em three and a half
years to figure it out, but they did. He got sentenced to,
there was 111 offenses relating to fraud and theft, sentenced to one year in prison, and when he got out, he had 18
months of community service, and then he had to pay
back $250,000 compensation to the bank. – Man, so he stole a million. He only went to prison
for a year, and then– – Yeah. – Well, okay, in his defense, this is the kind of thing
that he did not go to the ATM saying I’m going to scam this ATM. It was an error on the part of the bank that led to an opportunity
that he then took advantage of. So I can see how the sentence
would be somehow lenient. It’s not like stealing
$1.6 million premeditated. It’s like somebody leaves
a French fry behind. – A million dollar French fry. – A million dollar French
fry, and you’re like, I’m hungry, I’m gonna eat it. – If you go to a store and you give ’em a large bill and they give you back
a whole lot more money than you ever paid, they
give you the change wrong. – That’s happened to me, and
I have always given it back. But I have gotten the extra cheeseburger. I’ve gotten like an extra
cheeseburger in my combo– – Yeah, well, if you give that back, they’re gonna throw it away, and I hate it when that happens. I hate it when that happens
when I give something back that I didn’t want. – You hate it when you
get an extra cheeseburger? – No, let me finish. The thing that I had is
when I give something back that I don’t even like and then I see ’em throw that in the trash can. I was like, man, I probably
coulda liked part of it. Give me the thing that I
like that I meant to order, but also let me keep
the thing I didn’t order so I can eat the parts of
it that I bet I could like. – Like when you say I didn’t
order the mashed potatoes but they’re there, especially when they take your
whole plate that has your, no, don’t take my whole plate, man. – Just let me eat these
taters that I didn’t order, but give me the thing I ordered. – Yeah, what are you gonna
do with these taters? – Give me some free taters for your error. – Well, the last thing this guy said that I read about was it was
never about the actual money. It was just about the journey. – I believe that. – I kinda believe it too. – He just wanted the thrill? – He just wanted the thrill. It was about the money too. – Yeah, I think it was about the money based on the way he spent it. – Okay, I got two more for you, and I really wanna get to the last one, but I’m gonna give you
this third one here. It’s a little bit shorter, but
I think you’ll like this one. – Yeah, don’t hold back. – I’m not gonna hold back. So this is a guy named Brian Bauman, and he’s the owner of
a bar called The Rock. This is in Maplewood, Minnesota. And The Rock is a hard
rock, heavy metal bar. – Mm, that’s great. – My kinda place. – All the leather and black t-shirts. – Loud music, and fried food. – Leather pants, black t-shirts. – So in 2007, 2008, Minnesota introduced a new state ban on smoking in restaurants and other night spots. I think a lot of states did this. – Yeah, that started
what year did you say? – 2007. – [Rhett] Yeah, right. – It was earlier in North Carolina. – Was it? – Which is surprising, don’t you think? – I don’t know the date, honestly. I don’t know, but, I mean, 10 years ago, that feels right to me, I don’t know. – So he had to have all of
his customers stop smoking, and it resulted in a 30%
decline in revenue for him, so it was bad business for him. Good health, but bad business. So he read the fine print,
just like our first fellow, and in the ban, there
was one rare exception to smoking indoors, and it was smoking in theatrical productions was allowed. – Right, ’cause you gotta
have your actors smoke. – If you’re onstage and
you’re playing a smoker, smoker gotta smoke, yo. – Yes, exactly, so what Brian did was– – [Link] What, he made a, what– – He created theater night at the bar. – Every night is theater night. – Y’all acting, right? Everybody’s acting. – That’s exactly what it was. He literally called his patrons
actors on theater night. – They’re acting like
they’re in a metal bar. – Yes, but they were playing
themselves before October 1st, which is when the ban
took place back then. So he said– – They didn’t even have to
act like somebody different. – No, you gotta be yourselves. His play was called Before the Ban. That’s what the production was called. – And it never stopped.
– It never stopped. – It was an ongoing production. Listen, I gotta give this guy some credit. I gotta give this guy some credit ’cause, first of all, I’ll
just come out and say it. I don’t know what I think
about the smoking ban, I don’t know, from a legal standpoint. – What do you think about smoking? – Oh, yeah, I think smoking is stupid. You’re not necessarily
stupid if you smoke, but I think the choice to
smoke is a stupid choice. Obviously, you shouldn’t
smoke, I don’t smoke, I don’t promote smoking. But if somebody who
owns a restaurant says, at my restaurant, I’m
gonna make the choice that if you want to
come in here and smoke, then shouldn’t that restaurant owner have the ability to make that choice? Because then if I don’t like
smoking like most people, then I just don’t go to that restaurant. If there’s a bunch of people
who want to get together and smoke in a bar, then
shouldn’t they just, if it’s not impacting anybody else outside of the people
who made that decision, can’t they just make the
decision to go in there and be stupid if they want to? Do we really need to tell people you can’t go to a place where they smoke? Really? – I agree with you on this one. – I think there is an element
of protecting the public if you have a place
that’s not 100% smoking. Like, they had non-smoking sections, and the public was endangered
through second hand smoke. So that’s what clouds– – Well, the public should
just make the decision to not go to that restaurant, and then people would be like, okay, more people want me to not offer smoking. But shouldn’t there be some enclaves where people who really insist
on smoking can go and smoke? I mean, it’s gonna be the minority. It’s gonna be just a few, right? – Well, it started a trend, and there was like 30
other bars that did this. – Right. – Just to put a capper on
this, it’s just not that, my response is, well, the analogy is like how Chipotle treats their
chickens and their porks and their cows, pigs. – No, I don’t, okay. – Like, okay, then there’d
be more restaurants that are making things
in like a humane way if that’s what you care about or in a ways that’s better for you. It’s like, well, the market forces don’t, they’re not that effective. – I’m just saying I believe that the best
way to combat problems is with the truth, and the truth is smoking is bad for you,
causes lung cancer. It increases all kinds of illnesses. It’s horrible for you,
and you shouldn’t do it. – But that means putting
a cigarette warning, like one of those horrible
cigarette warnings that covers the whole
door to every smoking bar. – A cigarette warning, sure, that’s fine. But you can also go in there,
oh, smells like smoke in here, I’m leaving because I
don’t believe in smoking and I don’t support places
that smoke, I’m just saying. – Where do you put the truth? You gotta put it on the product. – Let the people make the decision. – Well, it was good business for him because it brought his revenue back up. – The thing I like about what he did was that it was creative and it was fun, and everyone’s acting like,
hey, guess who I am today? I’m me from a few months ago. – Yeah, exactly. They had like a curtain on the front door that said like stage door entrance and they had a thing that said props and underneath the props was ashtrays. (all laugh) And so it spread around,
a bunch of bars did it. It became a pretty popular thing, but the state cracked down on it, and they said that you
can’t exploit this loophole. We’ll fine you for $10,000
if you’re doing this. They kept on anyways, but then as soon as a
few of the bar owners had to go to court and they’d lose, pretty much it shut right down. – ‘Cause the other thing I’ll say is if that’s the law, which it was, then this obviously is not sustainable. This is obviously not consistent
with the spirit of the law, which is people not smoking
inside of restaurants. We can’t just say it’s a play ’cause then I could be like, well, it’s illegal to murder people, but you know what, you can
murder people in movies. You know. – Yeah, I don’t wanna go
to a bar where I could die. – Well, sadly, that bar
went out of business, so that was the end for The Rock. – Yeah, and many bars like it. Now those people are just staying at home listening to heavy metal music smoking. – Saving money. – Yeah. – Okay, now we’re gonna go on to the last and my favorite story. This is about a man named Dennis Hope who claims to be the richest
man in the solar system. He’s also known as the Moon Man. You guys are gonna love this. I have to check so many
times, is this really real? So many times, I couldn’t believe it. – You went to Snopes. – I went to Snopes, I
went everywhere, man. – The richest man in the universe? – The richest man in the solar system. – The solar system’s still pretty big. – It is big, and here’s why. Okay, as far as he’s
concerned, Dennis Hope, he owns most of it. – Hmm, okay. – And they explain why. In the early 1980s, Dennis was
unemployed for about a year, and he thought he’d be
a good property owner and he’d make a good
living in real estate. So he looked out his window and he saw what looked like a pretty
big piece of property that nobody owned, which was the moon. – The moon.
– Yes. (all chuckle) – You know what? Hmm, lot a real estate up there. Lot of opportunity. – He remembered, he’d taken
a political science course in college, back in his college days. That’s all it took. – You take one, you think
you know everything. – He remembered that, remember
I mentioned to you guys the United Nations Outer Space Treaty. So this was a 1967 treaty that said no country could own the moon, but it said nothing about
individuals, so he thought– – Loophole! – There’s my loophole. So he jumped in that loophole. He wrote a letter to the United Nations saying the moon was his. He didn’t even ask for permission. – He declared it. – He declared the moon his, and he asked them, the government– – To send him a plaque. – Pretty much. He said, you need to provide
me with a legal reason why an individual could not
claim ownership of the moon, and he never heard back. That was all he needed. – Yeah. I’m with him on this. – Here’s a quote. “I sent the United Nations
a declaration of ownership “detailing my intent to
subdivide and sell the moon “and have never heard back.” – He’s gonna make subdivisions up there. – He did, man. – Called the Lunar Estates. – You’re actually not far off. There’s a loophole in the treaty. It does not apply to individuals, so he started a business
called the Lunar Embassy. (Rhett and Kevin laugh) I have to show you this website, man. He is the CEO– – Lunar Embassy. – He’s the CEO, which is
not Chief Executive Officer, it’s the Celestial Executive Officer. – Yeah, of course it is. – The President of the
Galactic Government, AKA, the Head Cheese of the Lunar Embassy. There’s a website for this, man. – [Link] Dang, boy. – So he’s still active. – He’s still active. This is gonna blow your mind. Here’s what it says when
you go to the website. – It’s a pretty good website too. – “Welcome to the computer
center of the Lunar Embassy, “the leaders in
extraterrestrial real estate “and the only company in the world “to be recognized to possess a legal basis “for selling and registering
extraterrestrial properties.” – Well, who’s he recognized
by, besides himself? – Hold on, let’s break this down. First of all, the first three words, welcome to what? – “The computer center
of the Lunar Embassy.” – Okay, the computer center. – He doesn’t understand how websites work. – I think that’s a website. How’s he supposed to know
anything about real estate if he doesn’t know what a website is? – Well, maybe that’s what
they call it on the moon. You don’t know– – The computer center. – Computer center could, website could’ve, maybe it won out, but maybe computer center
was the next best thing. Think of something better than website that’s not computer center. – I can’t, man. – Internet– – Internet spot? Computer center, man. – It gets better, guys. “If you are looking for an
extraterrestrial property, “you have come to the right place. “This really is the cheapest
real estate in the universe. “And if you think this
must be a really good joke, “please know that it is not. “For more info, go to the
what’s it all about section.” – He sells it by the
acre, what does he do? – He sells it, there’s
a buy section on this. Right here, buy now. He has moon property, Mars
property, Venus property. He’s got Mercury property. He’s got– – So he moved on to every
planet in the solar system. – [Kevin] Yes. – Now does he say he owns all
of it and he’s subdividing it? Or does he give a little
for the scientists? – He does actually. Yeah, he does give a little.
– Good for him. – Yeah, and for the computer centers. – Yeah, he has spaces
set aside just for them. – Scientist centers and then, okay. – Set aside just for those guys. – What’s the price? – Okay, so today’s price
is $24.99 for an acre. – Holy crap. – That sounds cheap. – This is like getting in on the freakin’ Old West, man.
– Ground floor. – This is like going into
Texas like 200 years ago and buying 10,000 acres
and then being a baron. We could be barons right now. – It’s pretty barren. (Rhett and Kevin chuckle) I wonder if anyone has
given this guy money. – Yeah, I mean, what’s this guy’s revenue? – I’m about to blow your
guys’ minds here in a second. – You know what, listen, okay. This dude has created an opportunity for stupid people to give him money. That is what they call business, man. (Link and Kevin laugh) That’s just another way to say business. – To date, and I think this article I read is a little bit old so it’s
probably more than this, he sold more than 600
million acres of land. – No! No, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no, no. 600 million acres? – 600 million acres of land on the moon. – But you know who’s buying? That guy with the ATM card. This can’t be real. – I’m gonna tell you
three of his customers are former presidents
of the United States, George H.W. Bush, Jimmy
Carter, and Ronald Regan. – No, okay, okay, this can’t, I, no. – [Kevin] It’s real, man. – Kevin, how do you know this is real? – I have looked up deep into this guy, and everything I’m finding of him is real. I think they made a
documentary on this guy or other people that
were related to the moon, and he talked about it. You can see it on his website. You can go to his website, buy an acre, and add it to a cart. You can add an acre of moon
to a cart on his website. – Just ’cause there’s a cart. – So when you went to
Snopes, what did they say? – Snopes comes up with another couple that was trying to do
the same thing, similar, but their story wasn’t true. This guy’s story, everything, okay, you google this guy, and it comes up on like, let me see– – Is he the one that said
it was 600 million acres? Because that means this guy’s
one of the richest people in the world. – He’s made over $9 million doing this. – Now that sounds somewhat reasonable. – But not really, but okay. That he’s made $9 million? – You’re right, now the 600 million
doesn’t make sense, acres, unless it was back to what you said about giving chunks of it away. – He may have given
people a different deal. – But when you look him up, he comes up on all kinds of articles, US News, Vice did an
article, New York Times. Like, he’s on every mainstream– – And they say the nine million figure. – Yeah, I think it was
maybe Vice I read that from, $9 million this guy has made. – What? – It’s crazy, man. – Where does he live? Which planet?
– I’m not sure. He’s got space on the
moon, that’s for sure. So he once that he sold a
country-sized plot of land, 2.6 million acres, for $250,000, and he said that the
largest property for sale is a continent sized piece of property, five million acres,
which cost $13 million. He hasn’t sold that yet,
or any of those yet. – Okay, so if you’re
got $250,000 to spend, it doesn’t mean you’re necessarily smart, but it means that you’re
not real dumb, right? – It’s one of those things
that like in the future when we’re colonizing other planets, well, let’s go past that. Once planets are colonized, then I went there to visit, and you introduced me to someone who said this is, and
what’s the guy’s name? – His name is Dennis Hope. – Dennis Hope, he’s the
guy who owns most of this. No, he’s the guy who owns a big plot on a lot of different places. It’s not all of it. But I could see how this guy would be able to finagle his way in to
whenever that does happen in the future, somehow because
of these exercises now, it does pay off, but I’m very suspicious that anything’s paid off right now. – Oh, he’ll be dead probably. – No, no, no, there’s
the cryogenic technology. – Because that’s real as well. – Here’s the Vice article. So they asked him, how much
land have you sold for? He said, well, this is the
only job I’ve had sine 1995, which is when I started
doing this full time. We’ve sold 611 million
acres of land on the moon, 325 million acres of Mars, and a combined 125 millions
on Venus and Mercury. And he also said– – You can’t live on Venus and Mercury. – I know. – You can’t live any of these places. – No, you can’t. – But Mars and the moon are
slightly better candidates. – He thinks he’s gonna prove you wrong. He’s banking on people literally who think they’re gonna prove you wrong. – But logistically, the
way it will work, right? So countries will claim, what is the status of the
moon right now in terms of, I mean, I know that we put
an American flag up there. – Well, the UN thing applies to that. Everyone agreed in the United Nations that countries can’t own it. – Yes, and there was a representative– – So the world owns it? – Yeah, a representative
from International Institute of Space Law at the United Nations, they said that United
Nations never responded because the treaty applies to both countries and its citizens, and they basically said what he’s doing is just selling them pieces of paper. – Yeah, well, definitely. – Yeah, and they didn’t
wanna give him credence with a response. Mighta been like, no, you wouldn’t. – This is like those
sovereign citizen people. – No, you won’t. – There’s a lot of ’em. You know about this? – Yeah. – They’re like, the
law doesn’t apply to me because I’m a sovereign citizen. Google sovereign citizens owned by police. You will be entertained because if you’re in
that particular country and you’re violating the law, you will still suffer the
consequences of violating the law, regardless of what your perspective is, which is what’s gonna happen to this guy. – What do you mean owned by police? – Like people doing
something, being pulled over, and the cop asks them for their
licenses and registration. They say, I don’t have
to give that to you. I’m not subject to the
laws of this country. I’m a sovereign citizen. And then basically the cops are like, well, you’re subject to
effect of this taser. – Okay. I just misunderstood what you
meant by owned by policed. – Pwn, I should’ve used pwn, but it’s 2017 so I didn’t. – You want me to find
out about sovereign lands that policeman own. – Yeah. – That’s also gonna be very
interesting for me later. – I haven’t thought about this at all. I just that like Elon
Musk is well on his way to having something on Mars, right? Which I don’t even know
how I feel about it. But I think eventually, like
a thousand years from now, whatever, it’s inevitable,
right, that there’ll be some sort of presence on– – It seems inevitable, and I will bet you a lot of bitcoin that that
guy will be one of ’em. Somehow, he’ll be on there. He’ll get in on it. – You know how he’ll be honored? Somebody who, oh, maybe
somebody who listened to this Ear Biscuit who’d
become some sort of scientist and then writes it down somewhere, that’s the only way somebody’s
gonna find out about it, somebody’s gonna, as an homage,
as an homage to this guy, he’s gonna name something after him. But that is his best hope. That is his best hope, best
possible scenario for this guy. – I think his best hope was that he’s made a lot of money now.
– Get rich, get rich now. – It’s like he tapped into the greatest gag gift of all time. If it’s true, what they’re saying, what he says he’s made
off of this, if it’s true, I mean, I kinda gotta hand it to the guy. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – $25 an acre? – Yeah. – I mean, a lot of people would buy it just to say they did it. Like, I bought you that
grove of redwood trees for your birthday, and that was legitimate to help a cause, but it was also fun. – Yeah, and I named a star after you. Remember that? – That’s right, I have a star. – That’s also pointless. – Well, I think about it
often when you bring it up. – You’re gonna visit that star one day. – So I think he might be
getting a lot of money just out of the entertainment value. – Well, my first thought when I saw it was this might be a good suggestion for one of your guys’ birthday gifts. – Right, yeah. – He did it, man. – Come October, I know
what you’re getting Rhett. You’re getting a plot on the moon. – Yeah, I mean, exactly. It’s a great gag gift. – Does he send a certificate? – He does, yeah. – Does it have gold
foil or anything on it? – I think you can put your name on there, and there is a lunar tax
for what I read also, so you pay a little more than the $24.99. – Oh yeah, he’s getting
more money for the, can I just buy a– – An acre? – A certificate? – Yeah, probably. – This is what I think is
going on with this guy. I think he’s, I’m gonna
give him a little credit. I think he’s super smart. I think he knows exactly what he’s doing, and I think he knew that people
would go along with this, even people like us who
are like this is bull crap, but we’re gonna do it
anyway ’cause it’s fun. And he was like, if I came out and say that I don’t believe this, then it’s not as cool to be a part of. If me and you were like, look
at this cool comedy idea. You can buy the moon. Nobody would do it.
– You gotta feel like the joke of you owning part
of the moon is also on him. – Right. He’s a genius, he’s a genius. – They’re all geniuses in their own. – The moon man. – You started off, well, I’m
gonna give him a little credit. Now he’s a genius. – Yeah, he’s a genius. – Dang. Did you know Rhett was
gonna name this guy genius? – It doesn’t take much, man. – I didn’t, but he did. – Well, he can’t. Rhett doesn’t have the authority
to name someone a genius. – Well, United Nations said
that countries can’t do that, but individuals can, and I did it first, so you are whatever I
name you first, genius. – And he just named me a genius. Thank you, I am a genius. This is some genius research
that went into this. I think that, always
look for the loophole. But then listen to your conscience before you jump through it. – Don’t take advantage of people. Take advantage of loopholes. They can’t feel anything. – That loop may tighten around your waist. – Uh-oh. – Or it may tighten around
your neck depending. Slim you down or snuff you out. – Or it may just stay open
forever, like a Stargate. (rhythmic music) There you have it, our Ear Biscuit with Kevin about loopholes. – [Link] We jumped
through lots of loopholes, loophole, loophole, and then
we came out the other side. – Yeah. – Full circle. – It’s got me thinking, full loophole. It’s got me thinking I should
be looking for more loopholes. You know, you just need to. – It takes work, that’s the thing. It’s like, the one that
sticks with me the most is the pudding one because– – You like pudding. – I default thought to pudding. – But you would never,
ever in a million years do something like that tedious. Even though you’re really
tedious about certain things, you would never like collect coupons. – I don’t have time to do any of that, like the coupon clipping thing. Christy had friends, I
know Jessie had friends who really got into that. – Her mom got into it. – And then they thought they
were gonna get into that way back when we first got married. – Yeah, ’cause you have
like a coupon notebook. – Like the things we used to
collect baseball cards in. That was a whole lot a work, and it fizzled out very quickly because– – Save a lot of money though. – Well, the cost of time. – Time. – The cost of time.
– Time is money, man. – Time is what you can’t buy back. – There are some people
who never get that, and they spend a lot
of time doing something to save money, not realizing that if they were putting
that energy and time into something else they may be able to make more money than they’re saving. – We wanna thank you, Mythical Beasts, for lending your time to us. And we’ll never pay it back, it’s gone. You lost all the time that
you spent listening to us, but we wanna thank you, and hopefully you did gain something. – Yeah, this is not a
one way thing, right? – Well, it could be, but I hope not. – Hopefully, you gained something. Hopefully if you’re one of those people out there right now with
a NAB card in Australia– – You got a hot tip. – You’re taking advantage
of that loophole, hopefully you will turn yourself because– – I’m sure they closed it. – You’ll go to prison just
for, how long, just a year. And live it up now, but
you gotta pay the piper. What is the word? – Don’t do it. Maybe when you get that
cul-de-sac prime location in Mars, you can do it there, live it up there. But for now, just let us
know using #EarBiscuits. What you think? Let’s make this a convo, y’all. We wanna hear from you. Review on iTunes is also helpful. – Yeah, we gotta exploit
that iTunes loophole. – That’s true. – Get the reviews, get the ratings. – Game that system. – Help us game the system. That’s what we’re about here. – All right, we’ll talk at you next week. – [Rhett] Hear this Ear
Biscuit in its entirety so you don’t miss a thing, follow the links in the
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from This is Mythical, click the video on the right. – [Link] And don’t forget to subscribe by clicking the circular icon. – [Rhett] Thanks for
being your mythical best.

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