41 Things To Do While Waiting For The Drill

41 Things To Do While Waiting For The Drill

Robbing a bank can be an exciting experience.
And it’s a great way to earn some extra cash.
Everyone has their favourite part, whether
it’s shouting at the civilians or
bagging up the money.
However, everyone can agree
that the bane of every heisters life is waiting
around for the drill to finish.
Luckily, there are a few things you and your
friends can do to pass the time.
You could: search for all the Gage courier packages
Or pick up all the loose cash
Open some doors and let some fresh air in
And take all the money from the ATMs
Shatter all the windows
Break all the monitors
Destroy all the files
This decor is terrible
No more coffee for you
Everyone knows hitting the drill makes it go faster
Hmm, what does this button do?
Show your appreciation for art
And try your hand at juggling
Find some planks
and board up the windows
But what about that indoor-outdoor flow?
Find the highest point and take a leap of faith
Have a fist-fight with Hoxton
Get yourself in a sticky situation
Practice your parkour skills
then smash all the car windows
Have a go at skeet shooting
Too easy? Increase the difficulty by adding
a zipline.
Help the drill fixer along with a friendly
How about a harmless game of tag?
Help up your weaker teammates
Let the civilians in on the fun and hold a
friendly race
Racing not your thing? Why not see who can
get the furthest?
Show a civilian an explosive time
Or up the ante and let everyone join in
Give a gift to the blood gods
Someone has to clean up this mess
Play a game of catch – with yourself…
…or a partner
Then use your aiming abilities to make a new
addition to the bank sign
Unleash your inner artist
Or shoot some hoops
Show off your pyrotechnic skills and put on a display at the back of the bank
Don’t make the same mistake twice
Take out the cameras
and dispose of the evidence
There a clearly plenty of ways to amuse yourself
at the bank
but if none of these things seem interesting enough
you could…
just do the mission loud.
This has been Small Oil, and thank you for

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  1. Instructions unclear, I'm stuck in Russia while 5,785,744 American euros in debt. I've had to rob 58 banks to get out of debt and I've joined 5 cults while being a fat transsexual gay prostitute. Please update instructions.

  2. My favourite past time is getting 4 players with maxed out trip mines and getting them all on a single window. Get all hostages and all body bags below the window and then shoot it.

  3. "Robbing a bank can be an exciting experience"

    "Yes yes yes! I got my mask on and everything! I can't wait!"

  4. I thought this was going to be funny… I'm going back to waiting for the drill.

    What to do while waiting for the drill: Listen to Payday's Pimped Out Gettaway.

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    47. Download drill speed hacks, when the drill is almost finished

  6. The only thing i do while the drill is working(sometimes it does work)is that i try to survive in the fucking storm of cops while im running around for ammo.

  7. I watched this vid awhile back, but only now I realise that it connets 2 stages of Hoxton: "Dont act dumb" and "Did ya miss me ya wankers?"

  8. The recent one I did I used only crossbows since I pulled a shit load of money from a high difficulty meth cook out. I should of used my double barrel but what ever

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