$4,382,515 PRIZE POOL at the WSOP COLOSSUS!

$4,382,515 PRIZE POOL at the WSOP COLOSSUS!

what’s up guys Jeff Boski here on this
segment of Boski’s Best I’m gonna
discuss the most important meal of the
day breakfast
my go-to breakfast is bacon and eggs
usually with a side of avocado maybe
some salsa coffee with cream and sugar
but overall bacon and eggs is the staple
it’s got the fat it’s got the protein
it’s got everything you need don’t go
cheap on your eggs I know you’re tempted
to buy the $2 dozen at your local
supermarket go to Whole Foods go to
Trader Joe’s go to sprouts and get
organic free-range eggs even if they’re
five to eight dollars per dozen it’s
worth every penny
these eggs will not only give you better
nourishment it’s ethical treatment of
the chickens it will give you better
decision-making skills throughout the
day and give you less health problems
throughout your life it will pay for
what’s eggs without bacon this is the
best bacon uncured Black Forest bacon
I’ve tried over 10 different Bacon’s and
I always come back to this one it is the
best debate me in the chat let me know
your favorite bacon and why I should try
it but believe me it has somewhat of a
sweet maple taste to it the way to cook
bacon is you bake it shocker I know set
your oven for 375 degrees in 20 minutes
put it in a pan with aluminum foil in 20
minutes later you got perfectly crispy
cooked bacon no fatty chewy bacon here
crispy delicious almost burnt bacon is
the way to go
bacon and eggs every morning and that is
the bow skis best breakfast the World
Series of Poker Colossus event so $400
buy-in this year with I believe 40,000
this one’s gonna be big multiple flights
I think unlimited reentry’s I already
pre read so we’re showing up a little
late they invited us off just a few
hundred chips it’s gonna be another long
day at the Rio even if we bust we’re
gonna reenter these huge field
tournaments are too good a valley to
pass up I know it might seem like I’m
just burning money since I never cash
and never go deep but it’s all about
that effort
I’ve gone on streaks of 30-plus
tournaments online when I did in cash
and that’s over you know like a thirty
thousand tournament sample-sized cashing
doesn’t really matter in the long run
it’s all about that deep run that final
table at top three that’s our goal
table draws pretty good we do have a
repeat customer in the ten seat from
previous tournament I thought he was a
big NIT because he has a rubber band
holding his glasses together but he
seems to be some sort of European reg an
actual rubber band folks bad read but I
know what I’m dealing with now we also
have a thirty two six-year-old crazy
asian woman who has 12 axed opened and
other various gambling activities were
hoping to stack her
at 200 400 blinds I’m an early middle
position with King Jack offsuit the
table is pretty soft so let’s play a pot
I make it a thousand to go and I get two
calls behind me in the blinds call we’re
five ways to a flop the flop comes King
eight seven rainbow checks to me and I
think we got a bet for value here
not too much beats us maybe pocket
sevens pocket eights eight seven suited
King Queen King ace king is gonna over
three bet so I bet 5500 guy and I left
calls another player calls and the big
blind calls not the action I wanted
what are we ahead of here a tax some bad
Kings ten nine type of hand the turn is
a six completing a ten nine and a few
two pairs I check it to the guy in my
left you bets 15,000 he gets called
other guy folds and we put in the fold
can’t imagine we’re ahead here guy and
my left ends up having ten nine off for
the nuts dodged a bullet
with wines at 400 800 800 action folds
the middle position new guy at the table
with 120 K he opens to 3x 2400 pulls us
in the small blind we have ace five of
diamonds the new pocket aces a great
candidate to three bet and called for
bet we make it eight thousand to go
voids back to him and he shoves all in
in about two seconds I snap fold and he
chose pocket queens with blinds at five
hundred one thousand European male opens
the two thousand early middle position
gets flatted behind we’re in the big
blind with pocket nines 17 blinds I
think it’s a pretty easy squeeze spot we
shove all in original RAZR snap folds
second guy wants a count I tell him it’s
seventeen thousand he doesn’t believe me
he wants their dealer to count it’s
seventeen thousand he eventually puts in
the call-in shows Queen Jack offsuit he
somehow knew it was a race and we have
you like that
you know
16:07 with blinds at 600 1200 I’m in
middle position 8 handed with East 10
off I raised it up to 2500 action pulse
the small blind he shoves all in for
just over 17,000 guys have been too out
of line eventually I think better of it
in putting the fold
he shows East Jack of Diamonds we’re
playing good big full Rio badness
Colossus were here with you have reached
the voice mailbox of o Gunness with a
1200 big blind the same European opens
to 2500 the same guy flat calls this
time we’re in the small blind and we
have pocket kings thirty four thousand
five hundred ships time for a three-bed
squeeze I make it nine thousand ago big
blind folds European mail snap ships
forty thousand probably not aces other
guy folds recall and he shows Ace King
of Diamonds we have video
joining us all the way from stockholm
sweden is marco humphrey down here mama
with team raise your edge – been CB he’s
busy rebuy in the $400 events times are
with blinds at 800 1600 action folds to
a possible Korean boyband star Asian
male aged 21 to 35 he makes it 4,000
could be slightly tilted I’m in the
small blind with East Queen off suit and
sixty thousand ships good spot for a
three-bed I make it 15 thousand action
folds back to him and he leans halfway
across the table really eyeballing my
chip stack it’s very visible he keeps
throwing out random numbers as to what
it can be and I tell him it’s a visual
game he eventually fondles his chips for
a minute or so and eventually shoves all
in we have them covered the plan was the
three backhaul we were in bluff and we
call and he shows Ace King he was never
folding he was just doing a horrible
acting job let’s hit a queen
we have video
or spades
are you rooting for I get in my last two
blinds with five six suited in a
threeway and we do not have the best
hand on the river and I’m out of the
Colossus $400 one level left of the late
reg we could go home or we could
re-enter we’re back in it $400 we’re
here we got 20 blinds let’s spin it up
over 5000 people have entered I got to
be better than half of this field right
I got to have some edge maybe this will
be the time never give up
let’s get it
with blinds at 1000 2500 2500 we’re
under the gun plus 1/8 handed with Jack
9 of hearts pretty marginal but got a
play to win got to accumulate you got to
take risks we’re all and action folds to
the small blind who puts in the call big
blind folds East Queen small blind has
us covered in ace king off suit and
here’s the video and it needs luck here
ten Hertz
with blinds at two thousand four
thousand four thousand under the gun
plus one reg opens to 10 K pretty loose
extra folds to the small blind a
middle-aged Caucasian male he puts in
the call I don’t think he’s very strong
and we have East 10 off suit in the big
blind 87,000 chips
good call or we could take the
initiative give ourselves many chances
to win this pie and not be monkey in the
with our positioning so I shove all in
for 87,000 original razor folds small
blind snap calls was he trapping I don’t
know if that was his intent but he does
have a squeen of spades we’re gonna need
some help we got video
he’s Nick
with blinds at two thousand four
thousand four thousands out of the gun
limps middle position limps I’m next to
act with two red aces
and about a hundred and eighty-five
thousand ships we’re feeling good our
image is shot I already tried berating
us saying we have no technique and all
we have is one move that’s kind of what
you have when you have 10 to 20 blinds
so I make it 18,000 and nice guy next to
us who is putting out a poker movie
makes it 60,000 he’s played very tight
he made some tight folds from the blind
so I think he’s definitely as a monster
here these are the moments we’ve been
waiting for aces I love aces it folds
back to us and I shove I mean I could
call but just over a 3x all-in I think
he’s gonna call with any two here so we
just show if he’s I got us covered he
goes deep into the tank was he making a
move with a sax does he have tens and he
doesn’t know where he’s at the hell’s
going on here
he eventually folds and we take it down
we now have about 270,000 chips in the
World Series of Poker Colossus with
blinds at to 4,000 I wanted the gun with
pocket nines I’m gonna open it to 9,000
everybody folds 10 handed and the big
blind who I sucked out on with ace Queen
when he had a screen and I tase 10 he
snapped jams 95,000 chips or something I
mean doesn’t feel great I think he has
like Ace King a screen here a lot
maybe maybe eights I think he’s gonna
three bad aces or kings so eventually
put in the call we got him covered let’s
gamble and he shows us the bad news
which is pocket tens the board comes out
all bricks no video and we double him up
he says I got my chips back they were
just on loan from yeah yeah you got me
you got me they’re almost folded
no more late reg in the Colossus we’re
in for two bullets and we’re here with
one of the nicest guys in poker I see
them playing at the Wynn a lot say hello
to my buddy hello my name is dawn and
I’m honored to be on this video there
are really great videos I don’t have a
whole lot to say behind the scenes
exclusive what they don’t want you to
see flies at to 4,000 out of the gun
plus to a very loose player makes it
10,000 he’s already shown down Jack five
off from an open and he’s drinking
pretty heavily he’s here to gamble cut
off flat calls off a hundred K stack and
we’re in the big blind with pocket fives
you know the standard plays probably to
call here but we have both players
covered and you know fold equities the
thing pocket fives don’t play a great
post flop especially out of position
unless we specifically hit a set so
let’s try to win the pot pre or we could
get called by Ace King ace Queen it’s
hard to make a pair in the hole in No
Limit Hold’em original RAZR hates his
life in folds flattered snap calls
someone says he trapped you they’re
rooting against me we show her fives and
he shows pocket jacks
once again the board comes all bricks
and we double him up and we immediately
go on break believe I have around 60,000
remaining going to 5k big blinds and
we’re playing till the money we’re
probably gonna be here another two hours
yeah yeah really good I would give it up
a nine for sure oh nine nine ball hit
Tina shout out to Poker meals calm like
I don’t know how to use Twitter I didn’t
see it until sometime my table is like
yo Pope replied to
thanks for 5% you need to chart you want
a cell phone case so please bro
poker meals calm get your subscription
today use bonus code boesky for one free
meal so I can eat late shut up is that
real yeah
poker meals calm sandwich with my hands
I don’t to say to us it’s a great deal
for you you’re doing I need video
dude were filming it yeah he’s getting
the greatest deal ever we’re swapping 1%
but it starts first it’s 1%
lock it up alright I’m here with Chris
and I don’t know what to ask
the originator of the $100 Dennis
hundred-dollar Minden Sean what’s up
good since we have to play it so we cash
it’s gonna be a late night this
tournament started at 10:00 a.m. and
it’s around midnight
get a few shoves through move tables
immediately after paying the blinds
can’t even play my button and there’s a
way to move could have played button in
numerous hands but that’s okay we’ll run
our eight lines up at a new table the
new table everybody is tanking preflop
we’re getting close to the money but
it’s filled with a bunch of Europeans
Scottish Israeli guys the hell’s going
on it’s a $400 tournament where do these
people come from so I’m sitting there
with my eight blinds soon-to-be 6 blinds
5 minutes per hand I’m still over a
hundred from the money don’t think I can
just fold into the cash waiting for a
good spot eventually the button opens to
15,000 55 year-old Caucasian male and
the small blind thinks about it for a
while and makes it 65,000 I’m in the big
blind with 55,000 and aged 10 off suit
are we ever ahead here probably not so I
fold other guy folds and a small blind
shows me ace King suited nice hand small
blind we dodged one there luckily we’re
in the big blind with the big blind ante
right before they’re about to go up
blinds are three thousand six thousand
now out of the gun plus two just lost a
big pot had to bet fold he opens it to
fifteen thousand folds the same
Caucasian male in the small blind who
puts in the call I look down at East
five off I definitely wish I was suited
probably would have folded if the small
blind didn’t call but this creates a
great situation where I can still raise
and odds are the original raiser is
gonna ISO off his 190 case stack so I
make it 35 K to go with like 12,000
behind and according to plan
original RAZR does shove all in small
blind folds you got that dead money in
there and we’re
up against King Jack offsuit let’s hold
big double incoming here’s the video
congratulations sir and I’m out of the
Rio $400 Colossus bullet number two over
12 hours of play
another horrible day at the Rio who
would want to do this for a living I
don’t advise of it they show the glory
they don’t show the pain

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