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  1. I think kakegurui started with a strong premise but then kinda mocked it up with being a unrealistic morals game based "fighting" manga. Make no mistake, I love unrealistic scenarios, but when the cool part of the manga was how real the stakes look and the characters personalities clash, the over the top stuff they star pulling latter on kinda breaks the romance of it all, its like they just keept uping the scale till it broke and they didnt give a damn, in a bad way. My 2cents.
    Real accont is that manga with an incredibly fun idea and the deaht games are all varied, original and exciting, but for a manga that relies on people outsmarting eachother or just being charismatic, it has the most obviously plain dashboard characters and even the "smart" characters are absolute idiots and all the "outsmart / reveal" moment come from God ex machina ass pull situations

  2. Tomodachi game is an insane manga that follows the actions of a mc with 1000 IQ as he outwits everyone who participate in the game. Other than that, this manga goes through a journey filled with deception, heartbreaks, unlikely friendships. Going further through the story you learn more about the mc and the secret lives surrounding his friends. It is a must read and in my opinion a better version of Real Account. Also after the reveal of the mc secret he becomes one of my favorite manga protagonist.

  3. Eyeshield 21 is legit one of best sports series of all time and has a fucking fantastic manga. It was illustrated by Yusuke Murata. If that sounds familiar, it should because he's currently illustrating the manga for One Punch Man. In my opinion, his work in Eyeshield is far more impressive though, as he ended up doing far more with far less. It actually has a pretty substantial anime, but it does the anime thing where it ends before the manga actually ends (and in this case ends in a really terrible spot several arcs before it actually should have ended, not resolving the main struggle of the entire series) and it doesn't have a dub. So that could use some love.
    And Beet the Vandel Buster is another great one. A really good fantasy romp that got a full anime and even a sequel, but unfortunately the manga has been on indefinite haitus for over a decade now due to the illustrator's (Koji Inada) illness. I still call it in haitus and not completely dead yet because 2-3 years ago there was a stirring of activity from that camp and the manga seemingly came back, releasing two new chapters. However, it's gone dormant again and its future is unknown at this time. But like I said, there's still 12.5 volumes to enjoy, and two anime series' to watch in the meantime.

  4. So glad I'm just now looking at this because-you-spoiled-the-shit-out-of-these-titles….that became anime…why do you give out so much info?

  5. Record of Ragnarok/Shuumatsu no Walküre – its about 12 gods vs 12 humans set entirely in an arena. Don't expect some history accuracy in this manga but its a good read personally.

  6. I've been reading a lot of manga recently and the 3 manga I'm really enjoying rn is: Darwin's Game, Petals of Reincarnation, and Prison Lab. Try giving one of them a shot, I can guarantee you'll love it

  7. Gigguk you should do a video on Omnibus manga's for people who want to read alot at fewer books. (not all of us read free online)

  8. I thought he was gonna include Jojo but meh, these animes look pretty decent.
    Do an introduction to Jojo's Bizarre Adventure in a future video.

  9. What were that one or maybe those two shows shown at the very beginning of the video to represent generally under appreciated shows?

  10. I am up to date with Vinland Saga and it really is a great manga. Lv999 no Murabito is another title that you guys must read.

  11. I want a dramatic anime/manga about fishing.
    I thought of that the other day and shit, it could be really cool with the way anime is done. I picture some badass character smacking their foot down on the edge of the boat in defiance, this big ass motherfucking tuna won't defeat them!
    I don't care about fishing or anything, the Japanese just have a mesmerizing ability to make the mundane dramatic and awesome.

  12. Read anything by Mizukami Satoshi. His manga are some of my favorite of all time. He made is own "literary universe" before it was cool, with stuff like Soul Circle and Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer being absolutely fantastic. No one does compelling storytelling like Mizukami. Absolutely fantastic writing, I would one hundred percent recommend reading any of his works. He most recently helped write and direct Planet With, the mech anime, which I believe is his only televised work.

  13. That 1999 Georges Roumier Chambolle Musigny Les Amouruses is your answer isn’t it?” Quite the mouthful.

  14. Well at least I got one manga from here onto my reading list, albeit probably something I'll drop as I don't really give a fuck about wine

  15. Guess I am a man of good taste (except for the wine one, I'll have to check that out)
    I'm surprised Real Account is in this list, the art is not insanely good, and it's pretty lighthearted (considering the manga's circumstances), but I'm happy that it gets some attention!

  16. You used magic from my favorite post-apocalyptic video game ever. That fantastic and reminds me to play it again so thank you.

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