5 plays! How to referee basketball. Referee rebounding. #5playfridays

5 plays! How to referee basketball. Referee rebounding. #5playfridays

hey everybody it’s Friday there’s five
plays stick around hello again it’s Greg with abetterofficial.com where we craft video to help basketball officials get better and
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support we’ve received and as always you can get us a cup of coffee at abetterofficial.com/coffee hey let’s look at plays! so on this play it’s important to look
at context we are in first half actions second period close contested ballgame
best player for red 32 picking up his third foul in the first half we know all
this rebounding action player in white goes straight up even backing a little
bit red moves under him this is clear and knocks him off balance causing him
to go to the ground okay this is a play that needs a whistle
it’s a walk under by red 32 and we know it’s his third foul okay we’re gonna put
the foul on red 32 we’re gonna go in line this is a playoff game of course so
we know the coach is going to be hot right this is just part of the game it’s
an emotional game so it’s important here not to address the coach immediately in
this animated state okay stay on the floor reporting here could have gone
even further onto the floor that if he wants to make a case make it something
personal etc with his with being upset it’s going
to be obvious to everybody we expect to sub we get a sub now we’re gonna engage
the engage the coach here sure he convinced he can ask a question he can
make a statement but we’re moving on you you so we have a transition play defender
definitely has his hands up could go A to B that’s the leads call and then
we’ve got rebounding action we have teammates competing for the same
ball the smaller player ends up underneath the taller player subsequent
rebounding action again white 15 appears to push his teammate in the back
rebounding action white 15 pushes white 13 in the back but gains the rebound with the purple player here arm draped
over his neck here player then goes up we’re putting this foul on the rebound
itself not on the subsequent shot a more patient whistle here could have rewarded
him with two free throws the accurate call is non-shooting foul a more patient
whistle we could have had a shooting foul there’s nothing than we here more than
over the back over the back on rebounding plays just a great example
larger player taller player rebounding action jumps straight up is actually
yielding just they’re just being taller by reaching over completely legal and
then makes a nice play batting it out to our teammate so look at the position of
the crew for rebounding action leads in great shape trail backing out Center in great
position we’d want to see better engagement from the trail here instead
of backing out it’s not backing out to bail bottom line we’re from the outside
officials on rebounding action we want active engagement right not drifting and
bailing but rather actively seeking fouls hooks holds grabs etc Lester gets the alley-oop slant as this
one stolen away from him and then he is gonna foul his Oakland Tech was trying
to run with the basketball here so that’s a good-looking actually all right
40 white seems to watch NBA action thinks he’s allowed to commit this foul
because his teammate was between him in the basket or somesuch avoiding the clear path foul ruling but
in and in high school basketball obviously this is an intentional foul
okay if we look at the rule under the definition of an intentional foul
contact that neutralizes an opponent’s obvious advantageous position the foul
from behind without playing the ball an intentional foul by rule cut-and-dried
never an issue to review our intentional foul mechanics right come up early and
indicate intentional foul designate the spot of the resulting throw-in after the
free-throws identify the shooter it’s going to be blue 24 then we’re gonna go
table side to report NFHS mechanics you three person
annex Center is responsible for the middle pack of players from the top of
the arc at one end to the top of the arc at the other end if this was a backcourt play possibly
the center’s going to get that but this is the center’s matchup here 100% once
it goes in the backcourt trail can pick that up and we need to look for the next
next action right ball comes here so Center accepts this play in the
frontcourt in a high C position right it doesn’t run away from it toward the free
throw line this is a play that needs attention right obviously the
double-team just want to get an open look on the play if this ball was
immediately swung away then we’d remove resume our our tracked down to home
position first Center and Center has a foul here
so takeaways on the play first of all as Center in transition know what you are
officiating know which players you are officiating when the ball comes into
your primary as it does here except the play and get an angle on the play in
this case as a high C in transition so that you can officiate the play so this is a player who plays in
Colorado just phenomenal athleticism on the girls side her name is Fran Bali B I
believe rambly be just another reminder that during our games things can happen
that are spectacular bands go crazy it’s so much fun and it’s such an important
part of officiating high school basketball is the excitement the drama
and the feats of athleticism that we get to see on a night in night out basis
just tremendous hats off to Fran for pushing the envelope in terms of what
possible on the girls side its Greg with abetterofficial.com thanks for
sticking around to the end of the video we’ll see you in the very next one all
right take care

5 thoughts on “5 plays! How to referee basketball. Referee rebounding. #5playfridays”

  1. I dont see a foul in the last play, personally. The offense tries to split 2 defenders and the defedont seem to extend a leg or cause the contact, what little there was and kinda seemed like a flop looking for a call. IMO

  2. @Lorenzo, the offensive player pump fakes and the defender jumps. Offenses proceeds by with his his head and shoulders past the defender. At that point, the defender no longer has LGP and is responsible for any illegal contact. The trip causes the dribbler to fall and thus a foul needs to be called.

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